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Join "the Recruitment Coach" Mark Whitby as he and his guests unpack the secrets of what it takes to be a profitable and long-lived professional in the recruitment industry.

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Join "the Recruitment Coach" Mark Whitby as he and his guests unpack the secrets of what it takes to be a profitable and long-lived professional in the recruitment industry.

    How Purpose-Driven Business Models Help a Female Founder Achieve Acquisition Success, with Helen McGuire

    How Purpose-Driven Business Models Help a Female Founder Achieve Acquisition Success, with Helen McGuire

    Helen joined us three years ago to share how to attract 70% more diverse talent by leveraging DEI - diversity, equity and inclusion. This time, she returns as a special guest to share an amazing feat - the platform she co-founded, Diversely.io, has just been recently acquired. This means more sourcing and recruitment firms can now access the platform, meaning more recruiters and sourcing firms can embed DEI in their hiring process.
    What fascinates me more is Helen’s strategies and lessons learned from exiting Diversely.io. She shared strategies and things she would have done differently, which I am sure many of us will also learn from. Overall, Helen believes that the key to success is following a purpose-driven business model.
    Helen McGuire is an exited founder, author, advisor, mother, podcast host and DEI changemaker. 
    Helen is a leading figure in DEI and business strategy and is renowned for her impactful initiatives. She founded Hopscotch. work, the first women's careers platform in the Middle East and Asia, and her journey led to the creation of Diversely.io, a groundbreaking AI platform acquired by The Access Group in 2023.
    As the host of The D&Igest podcast and author of the upcoming book  'The Female Scale', Helen's expertise extends to coaching female founders and advocating for purposeful businesses globally. 
    Episode Outline and Highlights
    [02:50] Helen shares updates on Diversely.io’s acquisition by the Access Group.
    [08:54] What barriers do entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds face when starting a business?
    [13:00] Encouraging more women to take the entrepreneurial leap.
    [17:33] Walkthrough on Diversely.io’s exit process and how a purpose-driven business model made it happen.
    [30:00] Things that Helen would have done differently when undergoing acquisition.
    [38:31] Teaser on Helen’s new book, The Female Scale.
    Embedding DEI Into the Business Strategy
    Diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical in the hiring process. This is essential because it is the right thing to do and a strategic business decision that can lead to more innovative and successful organizations.
    I had Helen as a guest three years ago, and I am fascinated by her current position on championing DEI in the recruitment industry. She is a great example of an astounding business leader who advocates equity and opportunity for lesser-represented groups.  As a female founder, you will hear insightful perspectives on how underrepresentation affects certain groups and how to empower more women to launch their own businesses.
    She is about to finish a new book, The Female Scale, which will provide insights on this issue. “It's not written specifically for women, but it's written with a very female lens. You know, the challenges that you encounter as a woman setting up a business, and there are, you know, so many female-led businesses, startups, smaller businesses out there.”
    In this episode, Helen shared an astounding feat: They could exit Diversely.io, an end-to-end hiring platform that uses tech to reduce bias in businesses' hiring processes. By being acquired, she believes this platform will be more accessible to a much larger audience of sourcing and recruitment firms.
    Learnings on Being Acquired and Exit Strategies
    As a business owner, you may relate with me if you are also fascinated with stories of how exits and acquisitions work. I wanted Helen to walk me through what was involved in their acquisition process. She shared detailed stories of how it started, what was expected, and what happened. She also shared curve balls and how their expertise and networks played major roles in making the exit happen.
    In hindsight, here are some learnings that Helen shared if you ever plan to exit or scale your business:
    Be more prepared for the level of due diligence you must go through.
    Be well-organized: ensuring all relevant agreements and data sheets

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    How a $20M Biller Drives Business Development While Leading a Team, with Jennifer Meyer

    How a $20M Biller Drives Business Development While Leading a Team, with Jennifer Meyer

    Measuring your company's economic influence drives self-motivation and is a powerful tool for marketing and business development. Jennifer Meyer of Govig Executive Search joins us in this episode to give insight on using specific metrics to measure your economic impact and how you can communicate it with potential clients.
    Jen has a lifetime cash-in of $20M over her 26 years in the industry. She’s the SVP of Strategic Partnerships at Govig & Associates, where she’s at the helm of business development. She leads the overall team of 27 recruiters, actively front-facing with clients and playing a significant role in surpassing $14M in results.
    Jen’s recruitment efforts have been vital in assisting small to mid-size firms, particularly those under private equity, to double in size. Jen’s placements have contributed to an economic impact exceeding $1B.
    Episode Outline and Highlights
    [01:51] Jen’s start in the recruitment industry as a college intern.
    [10:09] Differentiating techniques in communication and business development.
    [19:06] “Speak to them in their language”
    [28:02] Training your team to apply the TSI (Targeted Sales Information) approach.
    [40:00] How to quantify your economic impact.
    [50:41] A boutique recruitment firm’s differentiators against the bigger organizations.
    [54:53] Discussion on team development strategies.
    [59:18] Jen’s take on work and life harmony.
    Quantifying the Economic Impact of Your Recruitment Business
    Measuring your company’s economic impact can be significantly beneficial for at least two reasons. The first one is self-motivation; knowing how you contribute to the broader economy can positively impact and fulfill. The second one is on the marketing and business development side. It can help potential clients understand the bigger value you will bring to their organization. 
    Jen shared how she is able to track her placement’s economic contribution using specific metrics. Her placements overall have contributed to more than $1B in economic impact. She shared their formula: “We always talk about the size of our billings or our business in relation to what were invoicing or what our split was in relation to cash in. But we really should be talking about the salaries of the people that we place, you know, if you were going to relate it that way…Yeah, it does go beyond that, though, where you are at the, you know, again, at the basic level, you are affecting the person, and you're affecting the hiring manager. So that could be a times two, right?”
    Here is a takeaway: Start trying to calculate the individual impact you're having in the world, particularly the positive impact you're having for your clients, and try to quantify that. If you have the appetite, even go back in history and try to work it out. But even just starting right now, try and figure out what difference you're making because that's really motivating!
    Differentiating in the Business Development Side
    A key topic I wanted to discuss with Jen is how she is able to differentiate, especially on the client acquisition and business development side of things. Jen has always been consistently recognized as a top performer in her career. I wanted to pick her brains on her approach when it comes to communicating with potential leads and candidates, and she surely did not disappoint. Jen revealed specific tips and verbiage that you may want also to use. Here are some key takeaways:
    Focus on authenticity and listening more by asking curious questions.
    Avoid typical questions like “Can I help you?” or “How are you doing?”
    Use power phrases such as “Are you in a place where you can talk confidentially?” or “I’ve only got a minute” instead of “Have you got a minute?”
    The effective use of body language.
    She explained, “Whether you're 30 minutes into the business or you're 30 years into the business, e

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    How Grit and Determination Fueled a $2M Recruitment Firm's Success, with Brent Orsuga

    How Grit and Determination Fueled a $2M Recruitment Firm's Success, with Brent Orsuga

    Starting a recruitment business from scratch demands dedication, planning, and an aggressive approach to networking and client acquisition. You will also need a massive differentiator - and our special guest in this episode shared his approach to how he grew his search firm to more than $2M from scratch! 
    We are joined by Brent Orsuga. In this episode, Brent highlighted the importance of deep client relationships, strategic matchmaking, and staying motivated by setting high goals and continuously driving growth.
    Brent Orsuga is the Founder of Pinnacle Growth Advisors, a headhunting and talent advisory firm solely dedicated to the Supply Chain and Logistics industry.  Brent comes from 22 years of recruiting and 15 solely in Logistics. Brent helps companies, from startups to Billion-dollar companies, find the best people possible. Pinnacle Growth Advisors has won numerous awards over the past 10 years, including the INC 5000 fastest-growing companies. 
    Episode Outline and Highlights
    [02:09] How Brent got into recruiting 22 years ago.
    [04:48] Why does Brent consider himself a Talent Advisor rather than a Recruiter?
    [08:43] How to “know the best seat in the house” - understanding your client via face-to-face visits.
    [16:04] Brent’s story of building networks of relationships when he was only starting in the business.
    [24:57] Mindset and Motivation: How having a chip on your shoulder pushes Brent forward.
    [30:48] Daily routine discussion - Why Brent wakes up at 3:30 am to start his day
    [37:00] Brent shares insights on the outputs and inputs that matter.
    [40:33] How Brent used visualization techniques to lead his company to the Inc. 5000.
    [46:30] The reason behind Brent’s passion for Supply Chain and Logistics.
    [51:49] Brent shares excellent advice on not spreading yourself too thin and other success factors.

    How Brent Started from Zero and Won the Confidence of Clients
    Brent shared a fascinating story of how he got into the recruitment business and started his firm with no plan B or option of failing. He was initially a candidate who transitioned to becoming a recruiter, and making the most of his training eventually led him to be a successful search firm founder. As much as his origin story can be relatable to many recruiters who aspire to become business owners, one key topic that will resonate with many of our listeners is building relationships. 
    Brent strongly believes that building relationships is one of their business priorities. One of the biggest challenges he had to overcome was starting from zero and having no clients, candidates, or relationships to leverage. How he figured it out can be summarized on the following pointers:
    Performance / Numbers - “The best testimonial is results.” Brent emphasized how results speak for themselves.
    “Go up the elevator and pay your dues.” Brent elaborated on his analogy of how showing results leads to more confidence.
    Mindset and Grit—His desire to win and his inspiration from his wife and kid pushed him to deliver results, eventually creating more business relationships.
    Applying the Talent Advisor Approach as a Recruiter
    On the topic of being a partner rather than a vendor, Brent shared insightful ways in which he is able to build relationships with clients and candidates. “One of the biggest pet peeves that I have in recruiting is I feel like a lot of people are selling or pitching without knowing enough about the person or the company,” he explained.
    Brent places high value on knowing clients and candidates on a deep level. He recommends visiting client offices in person to understand the layout, environment, and how the workplace generally feels. In his analogy, you can only describe how great a restaurant is after eating there. In his words, “So it allows me to come from a completely different lens and angle so that when I'm putting you in front of a company, it

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    How to Elevate Your Recruitment Firm to $12M with Effective Lead Generation, Jeremy Jenson

    How to Elevate Your Recruitment Firm to $12M with Effective Lead Generation, Jeremy Jenson

    Top-of-the-funnel lead-generation activities are a critical ingredient for a successful recruitment business. How do you strategize your lead generation to stand out in this age where all your competitors are probably doing the same thing you are doing? 
    We are really lucky to be joined in this episode by Jeremy Jenson, the founder and CEO of Encore Search Partners, the largest privately owned executive search firm based in Houston, Texas. Before starting his recruitment firm, Jeremy used to run a lead generation company for different businesses such as recruitment and search firms.
    You will hear Jeremy’s insights and strategy on lead generation activities and how he transitioned into becoming the recruitment business owner of a $12M search firm. 
    Episode Outline and Highlights
    [01:50] How Jeremy got into recruiting.
    [05:36] Business milestones - Overcoming adversity, rebranding, and hiring someone with more technical expertise.
    [13:02] Why recruitment business owners should hire and do things with others.
    [25:49] How EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System) can impact your business.
    [35:25] Jeremy’s insights on Lead Generation as a core strength.
    [45:10] Encore Search’s seven core values.
    [53:38] What made Encore Search win Best Place to Work in the Houston Business Journal?
    From a Lead Generation Firm to a Recruitment Business - Jeremy’s Story
    Jeremy’s story on what led him to the recruitment industry is fascinating. He started a lead generation company in 2010 - and upon realizing that more than half of his client base was sourcing and staffing businesses, he transitioned into putting up his recruitment business. His claim to fame was in lead generation, where he was the main lead generator, regularly feeding senior recruiters with leads. 
    His business grew and was billing a million in the third year when market and economic difficulty struck. He had to make a pivotal decision whether to shut his business and be a full-time employee or to keep on going. You will hear how his decision to stay in business paid off, and how implementing strategies to go national and hiring other senior leaders contributed to their growth. 
    I think many of our listeners can relate to what Jeremy went through. Starting your own recruitment business is not easy - you can get to the point where you are making 100k to zero in a month. Jeremy’s inspiring thought process and decision-making can inspire our recruitment firm owners who are going through the same ordeal.
    The Pillars of Lead Generation
    Jeremy’s transition from a lead-generation specialist to a recruitment business owner shows us the critical role of top-of-the-funnel lead-generation activities in business success. He shared insights on what makes lead generation his key strength. Here are the two pillars:
    Content - he emphasized the importance of proper story-telling. “Because if you can induce an emotion from your audience, that creates resonance. I don't think that our audience wants to see five tips on how to make your resume more marketable.”
    Email Marketing - he shared why it is important to utilize new tools and platforms to reach as many as possible. “And so we try to constantly look for new, innovative ways to steal market share.”
    Digital Marketing - Hiring a digital marketing coordinator to enhance brand loyalty and utilizing various platforms can significantly increase community engagement and brand building.
    Having Structure in Place Means Sustainable Growth
    Jeremy is a subject matter expert on EOS - Entrepreneurial Operating System. We discussed how a clear and consistent structure contributed to their business growth. He also touched upon the value of embedding core values to overcome big challenges they had to face by the time their business was growing. 
    He shared how excellence, resilience, gratitude, professionalism, coachable attitude, meticulousness, and

    • 57 min
    How this Veteran Recruiter Averaged $750K Annually for 29 Years Straight, with David Bradley

    How this Veteran Recruiter Averaged $750K Annually for 29 Years Straight, with David Bradley

    Being a high biller requires a combination of hard work, skills, and strategies. But what does it really take?
    My special guest, David Bradley, is a 29-year veteran who averaged $750k in annual billings his entire career! In this episode, David shares the strategies and mindset that make him a very effective recruiter! On top of that, David also manages high-volume accounts with a team of 60 headhunters. If you are a recruitment leader like David, you will find insightful takes on how he manages KPIs and how they drive a culture that is geared towards performance.
    In 2009, David helped start Movement. He is a partner with Movement and has been an instrumental part in helping the firm grow from 3 to 65 plus headhunters over the past 14 years.
    Movement has 5 brick and mortar offices across the United States.
    Episode Outline and Highlights
    [02:29] How David got into the recruiting business. [07:14] Top recruiter secrets & grinding on a 10-5-2 formula. [10:32] Structuring daily activities & time management best practices. [17:52] You need to get three critical pieces of information when speaking with a candidate. [24:26] The foundation of what makes David a successful recruiter. [26:50] Movement’s culture and mission. [34:30] Striking the balance when managing your team’s KPI. [37:40] Retaining the momentum in 2024 - key to continuous growth and eight-figure billings. [45:20] How Movement’s owners play different roles? [52:29] David’s future growth plans.  
    What it Takes to Be a Top Recruiter
    What does it take to become a top recruiter? It certainly involves grind and hard work. David’s 29-year experience provides him with a credible perspective on what it takes to be successful. This also gives him an advantage as a recruitment leader - his capabilities are a testament to how his team has been performing. Below are the critical topics that David and I discussed:
    10-5-2 Formula
    Being cognizant of your time
    Planning ahead of your phone time
    If you are listening, as a recruiter or recruitment leader, David's insights are inspiring!
    The Foundation of Being a Successful Recruiter
    Being consistently successful in a long time requires more than hard work. There is something else and David generously shared his secret sauce:
    “So I think having that gratitude, understanding that we get to talk to people for a living and have just an incredible life, incredible income opportunity, incredible balance, we can manage our life any way we want it… And I think that fuels getting up in the morning and saying, you know what? This is gonna be another great day. It's gonna be a great year. It's gonna be a great month. Well, if it's not been a great month, next month's gonna be great. So having that sort of mindset, I think, is really, and factor a lot of fun into this.”
    This fantastic mindset is an invisible but highly influential factor that determines your success as a recruiter or recruitment business owner. Possessing a positive mindset enables us to navigate the favorable and unfavorable changes we encounter with resilience.
    The Keys to Continuous Growth and Eight-Figure BIllings
    David shares how Movement produced $20M in billings around 2022-23. It was a great year for them post-Covid, and the systems and frameworks they had at the time enabled them to retain the momentum even when things appear to slow down in 2024. I wanted to pick David’s brains on the culture and systems they have in place, given that not many recruiting firms get above 8 figures. 
    My takeaway is how they emphasise creating and enabling a culture geared towards high performance.  They have annual trips for the top 10% of producers, on top of regular social activities and loyalty bonus programs. They also have annual meetings where they fly everyone in, including their staff’s spouses. Doing so contributes to relationship-building and as David said, “an essential part of

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    Why Modern Recruiters Must Embrace Cold Calling to Stay Competitive, with Danny Cahill

    Why Modern Recruiters Must Embrace Cold Calling to Stay Competitive, with Danny Cahill

    In the evolving recruitment landscape where LinkedIn and ChatGPT dominate the conversation, one tool stands resilient: the humble phone call. 
    Is cold calling still a critical part of your recruitment and selling process? Can you be a successful modern recruiter while making zero cold calls?
    I am thrilled to be joined by a veteran and successful recruiter, Danny Cahill. You will enjoy his insights based on his decades-long expertise in recruitment approach with a spotlight on the importance of using the phone for cold calls. 
    Danny started his recruiting career right out of college at Hobson Associates. He became its rookie of the year and went on to become a top producer and the general manager by the age of 26. At 27, he bought the company and built it into one of the country's largest search firms. Danny was the educational chairperson of the Pinnacle Society, 75 of the highest achievers in the industry.
    Episode Outline and Highlights
    [02:12] “Phone: Friend or Foe?” – insights on Danny’s talk at the last Pinnacle Society Summit.
    [09:50] Recalling the good old cold calling days.
    [13:08] Approaching the current landscape of a 5% call response rate.
    [22:09] Why must modern recruiters understand and maximize the phone's power?
    [32:33] “The phone call is a birthday card.” - Danny explains why effort toward candidates and clients can be a strong differentiator.
    [39:35] Can you be a successful recruiter nowadays without making phone calls?
    [45:39] Flipping the order – why the phone should come before email.
    [52:40] Thoughts and insights on AI.
    How Veteran Recruiters Should Approach the Current Industry Landscape
    I have known Danny for decades - he is a legendary recruiter and you can just imagine my delight when I had the chance to meet him in person at a Pinnacle Society conference last year. We discussed the talk he gave about using old-school cold-calling. Danny believes that using the phone is a critical skill for recruiters, especially before the advent of the internet. We recalled how exciting it was to not know in detail who you would be talking to, how skillful you should be when carrying conversations, and of course, going through gatekeepers before reaching your actual target.
    But the landscape now changed. On average, you will only reach 5% of your prospects by phone. Danny believes that although it should be a combination of tools and platforms, making phone calls is more relevant than ever, as it can be a differentiator. This is how Danny puts it: 
    “If this helps you with your identity crisis, the thing that made you great is going to be more important than ever because you're not someone who just makes phone calls. The phone is your conduit to who you are, which is a storyteller, a persuader, an enabler of aspiration. We sell dreams. That's what we do. And companies are going to always use us. If you have a level of contact and subject matter expertise so that I feel like you can get candidates I can't get in a faster way.”
    Flipping the Order – Why the Phone Should Come Before Email
    On Hobson Associates’ website, you will see the line “We’re Always Available to You. By Phone. Online. Or in person.” This is aligned with how Danny wants the order in which their recruiters would reach out to prospects via phone before mail. I tried to pick Danny’s brain for this approach, and he explained the logic. 
    “Yeah, well, because I think the phone has some real advantages and it is direct. You know, people often say, well, email is faster. Oh, no, it's not. I see email exchanges all the time between clients.”
    Danny also emphasized that the phone has some power to engage with prospects. “The power of the pause; the power of someone sighing. The thing about text, is that young people like text, because text can be filtered, text can be edited, right? You can wait and you can make a draft of it. Whereas with the phone, y

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4.9 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

Mikalangeino ,

Best Recruiting Podcast Out There!

I consider myself a connoisseur of recruiter podcasts :) I’ve listened to them all. The Resilient Recruiter is the gold standard all other recruiting podcasts aspire to. Mark is a world class interviewer who really digs into the essence of what his guests are doing….not an easy job when you are interviewing recruiters who all like to talk…but Mark is able to keep the guests on track masterfully and deliver enormous value each and every episode. If you are a recruiter and you are not listening to this podcast you are missing out!

HeadhunterJustin ,


I just started listening to these a few months ago and what a great production. It’s very professional educational and a great resource for the community. I feel like I’ve learned a lot and a few months already.

BMan4980 ,

Great resource for the recruiting industry

As a recruiting firm owner, I've enjoyed listening to Mark's podcast and hearing from other leaders in the space. Highly reccomend to anyone on the agency side of recruitment.

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