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The Restump Podcast should only be listened to as a last resort, it features two mates talking trash about their favourite footy team, The Fremantle Dockers."We don't rebuild but re-stump, we re-wire, we re-plumb."

The Restump Podcast JoJo and The Chief

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The Restump Podcast should only be listened to as a last resort, it features two mates talking trash about their favourite footy team, The Fremantle Dockers."We don't rebuild but re-stump, we re-wire, we re-plumb."

    Bit Of A Stretch

    Bit Of A Stretch

    The Restump returns for the new season with the first podcast episode for 2022. While the girls are flying, news on the boys is a bit thin at the moment. However, a bit of embellishment here, some overexaggerating there and a touch of theatre thrown in and we’ve got ourselves an episode.

    Andy Brayshaw increases his leadership qualities and his future captain credentials as each day passes. While his maturity greatly exceeds his age, will he be the next captain or could there be caretaker whenever Fyfe hands the baton over? Alex Pearce would be worthy and capable but is it necessary?

    The great man and trend setter, Nat Fyfe, has another new look. He might also have a new foot after kicking 5 goals 1 in a training drill. Is that what it has come to? Are we really getting excited by goals on the training track?

    The youngsters and new recruits have hit the training ground running and at this early stage its all coming up Millhouse. There’s a lot of effort going into keeping the lid on the Liam Henry Hoo-Hah about his wingmanship and we’re all trying to buy as much Erasmus stock as we can get.

    The AFL’s venture into the Crypto world and inevitably the NFT space has Jojo champing at the bit so he’ll give us his thoughts there. The first episode of Ask Jojo for 2022 is being rolled out and the Chief brings us home with an ‘almost big pod guest’ story. 

    So, there’s all that and plenty more offseason nonsense in this 40 minutes of Docker dribble that will have you back watching the cricket in no time! 

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    Does JL’s wife know he just asked Liam Henry to be his wingman? It's time to sneak a Restump Podcast in before the fat bloke in a red suit gets out of quarantine in a couple of days!

    There’s a bit happening down at Limestone Park.

    While it probably came as no surprise, Coach JL signed on for a further two years to be that integral piece of the rebuild puzzle and strategic plan. And he wasted no time celebrating as he Red Bulled Liam Henry and gave him his wing, an exciting prospect in 2022 and beyond.

    Sonny looks switched on and he has set himself for a big 2022, a return to his lethal A-Grade best. He’s apparently owning his forward role but will pinch hit in the middle when need be.

    Given the early grapevine chatter and hype, it is safe to say Neil Erasmust be doing something right while, on the other end of the spectrum, being told you’ve got work to do can’t be ideal for Luke Valente. 

    Poor ole Rory Lobb was doing his level best before his back gave way… possibly under the weight of his wallet. The Lobster will return to hopefully make his presence felt. 

    But our eyes are on the luckless Sammy Sturt who is making his way back and we just hope he gets a clear preseason and a decent run at it. It’s hard to believe he’s still only 21 years of age. 

    It’s sacrilege to critique the great David Mundy… but catalogue type poses in a field and fake laughing for product placement deals…. the cash would want to be substantial Dave! 

    The Christmas break is upon us and we know families can get a little overbearing and stressed at this time of year. So if you need a little break over the next week or so, sneak your airpods in your ears and click play. Just be sure to raise an eyebrow or nod every so often at the dinner table so it looks like you’re paying attention to the conversations.

    On that note, we wish everyone a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. We’d like to thank anyone who gives us their valuable time by listening to the Restump Podcast, anyone who provided us feedback or simply contributed. We’re genuinely blown away and humbled at the constant support, of which we’re extremely grateful, especially since we’re just having a boat load of fun.

    We look forward to next season! Covid riddled and complicated or otherwise, challenge accepted!

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    On The Mend Again

    On The Mend Again

    On his current injury / incident rate, it is safe to say Hayden might not be so Young by the time he gets to string a season of games together. Never a dull Docker moment at Purple Park so its time to Restump Podcast all the latest happenings. 

    We previously wrapped up the first day of the draft but now we look at the productive day two. 

    Stone Henge and Matthew Johnson sliding to pick 21…. two eternal mysteries! With Mundy’s somewhat foreseeable retirement and the now risks of Fyfey’s longevity, we’ve potentially filled future needs with Erasmus and Johnson, who may receive the baton when required. 

    We couldn’t be more excited about Eric “Roy” Benning’s prospects in years to come. Is there a bit of the Clem Michaels or the Paddy Ryders about him? We can only hope so.

    And lastly, did we potentially pick up our much-needed winger, Karl Worner, in the Rookie draft? He might need a little polish on his long kicking game but it looks like he has the skills, the clean hands, the overhead marking capabilities and the tank to potentially be our Ed Langdon replacement. 

    In non-draft news, Hayden Young suffered a small setback which must be frustrating him. Sadly, the Irishman, Ultan Kelm, is no longer coming out to be rookie listed. Apparently he didn’t want to do the six months quarantine ordered by Emperor McGowan! 

    Round one fixtures are out and we’re off to South Australia on a Sunday afternoon to play what should be an interesting and potentially tricky game against the Crows. 

    Sean Darcy is apparently in better nick than he has ever been, David ‘Old Man’ Mundy begins the journey to his 19 season and we have a chat about coach JL and a possible contract extension.

    All that and we bring it home with another “Ask Jojo” episode. 

    So, if you’re bored and looking for some entertainment to get you through the down times…. let us know if you find a podcast that provides it. Meanwhile click play on this one and kill some time.

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    The Rolling Stones said "you can’t always get what you want." Well tonight, was one of those occasions that we did! We’re all pretty excited about the purple picks so it’s time to Restump Podcast the new Docker deliveries mid-draft.

    There wouldn’t be too many, if any, Fremantle fans that have come away at the half way point in the draft disappointed. The Freo draft team held their nerve and got what they were after. 

    Jye Amiss at pick 8 and Neil Erasmus at pick 10 both potentially fill specific needs in the build. That leads us to pick 21 and what to do? Is it a clean take of Matt Johnson or does Belly field compelling offers from opponents after the valuable selection position just become extremely more valuable!

    The strategic plan was released and Simon Garlic promised 8 premierships in the next four years and a million billion members! But better than that, the anchor is making a comeback!

    Don’t let the draft day buzz die so bung this in your ears and click play but as always be cautious listening while driving… we’ve put insomniacs to sleep before! 

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    Draft Preview With The Big Macs

    Draft Preview With The Big Macs

    On this special episode of the Restump Podcast we’re pleased to bring you a chat with the ever generous and knowledgeable, the West Australian Sport’s Jordan McArdle. 

    Jordan attends more community football than anyone in his endeavours to bring insightful content to the public and we’re extremely grateful he has donated some of his time to share it with us.

    So, if you’re a draft enthusiast, particularly of the Freo fan variety, click play and have a listen to what we believe is an informative, entertaining and enjoyable chat ahead of next week's 2021 AFL Draft. 

    Apparently the Chief was at lunch and didn't get the call up in time so on this occasion, it’s a couple of Big Macs talking a draft over a draught. 

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    Captain Brayshaw

    Captain Brayshaw

    Well, there isn’t a boat load of Docker data to deliver but scraping the bottom of the news barrel isn’t beyond us in an effort to put a Restump Podcast episode together.

    In this episode we wonder the material impact Fyfey’s shoulder may have on the team. However, in some way the positive silver lining, should Fyfe’s complications continue, may well be further leadership and captaincy grooming for Andy Brayshaw. 

    It may not be the send off game we all so desperately wanted but we’re making the trek to Gin Gin to see Hilly go around once more next year. We’re not afraid to say we need some closure.

    The AGM is coming up and we outline points of discussion we’d like raised. 

    Jason Webber is recommending Neil Erasmus to Fremantle. Does that raise any red flags? The boys are back on the training track and a few of them, Freddy in particular, appear as though they’ve returned in super nick. 

    We talk father son prospects and who we’re most looking keenly on as future possibilities and skin fold tests are out because the entire world is offended by everything. Closing us out the “Ask Jojo” segment returns with another intriguing question being put to the great man.

    We’re having a bit of fun with the offseason pods just trying to bridge the Docker divide between now and round one 2022. So, if your desperate for some purple noise… and you’ve exhausted all other audio options… bung this in your ears and click play. `

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