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The Revelation Project is both an individual and holistic movement that lifts the barriers from everything that keep women from being in love and from remembering that we are both human and divine. The Revelation Project Podcast explores alternative narratives to traditional patriarchal influences and investigates vulnerable and courageous topics that reveal the deeper truth. We believe that life is a revelation project and what gets revealed, gets healed.

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The Revelation Project is both an individual and holistic movement that lifts the barriers from everything that keep women from being in love and from remembering that we are both human and divine. The Revelation Project Podcast explores alternative narratives to traditional patriarchal influences and investigates vulnerable and courageous topics that reveal the deeper truth. We believe that life is a revelation project and what gets revealed, gets healed.

    Episode 45: Dr. Catherine Blackledge: The Unsung Power of the Vagina

    Episode 45: Dr. Catherine Blackledge: The Unsung Power of the Vagina

    Monica Rodgers talks to Dr. Catherine Blackledge about the unsung power of the vagina.

    One of the greatest pieces of unconscious conditioning we have in western culture is that we do not teach our girls to name the source of her feminine power. If anything we are taught to call our g******s by colloquialisms such as Coochie, Privates, Down There, Front-Bottom - the list goes on. Those who were given a more "scientific" term were often taught to call it “vagina,” a sterile and clinical word that is also physiologically incorrect.
    Worse, the majority of women are taught to call it nothing at all, and not to refer to it, look at it, or know it’s magic, and this had had a devastating impact.
    Personally, I didn’t have the courage to look at my own vagina until I was in my 40s. In my world, it wasn’t something that was talked about growing up, and as far as I was concerned, there was some kind of disgust that permeated any reference to my nether region. How tragic to finally reach the age of almost 50 years old and recognize that it’s only just in the last few years that I have begun to reveal and heal my own inner misogyny. I use that word deliberately because it’s true, we live in a world that teaches a woman to hate herself, and to think less of herself based on her gender.

    I consider Dr. Catherine Blackledge a true visionary. To me, a visionary is someone who sees the missing link. They understand the fundamental missing piece, sometimes years and even decades before others catch on.

    Dr. Blackledge was inspired to write her book almost 17 years ago, and she has since become an internationally acclaimed author of the bestselling book, Raising The Skirt, The Unsung Power of the Vagina, which celebrates the beauty and power of the vagina and womanhood and reveals how the true extent of vaginal and female power has been forgotten, ignored and misrepresented. Raising The Skirt was originally published in 2003 as the story of V and has sold over 100,000 copies in 13 countries. Women describe it as their Bible and say it has saved their lives.

    Show notes:

    The term Anasyrma means "raising the skirts" or the showing of g******s, and this act of a woman exposing herself has many historical roots referring to a women’s innate power to ward off evil, defeat armies, or harness supernatural powers.

     * In Gaelic and Greek mythology, groups of women raised their skirts en masse to defeat Irish sun god Cúchulain and Greek hero Bellerophon, respectively. Ancient and modern history relate how women deploy the raising the skirt gesture in protest and as a military tactic.

    Just over sixty years ago, in 1958, seven thousand women in west Cameroon, Africa raised their skirts in an incredible display of vaginal power to protest against government regulations changing for the worse the way the women farmed their land. The women won.

     * The idea of the vagina as a passive vessel, a simple sheath to surround the penis, is one of science’s greatest misconceptions.

    We have to get past women being so undervalued in the world and help women know how powerful we are as not only the portal of life, but as a being who has an extraordinary amount of wisdom, power and influence.

    There is still a tremendous amount of misinformation out there and very little about the true anatomy of the vagina. The clitoris, for example, is a massive wishbone structure that is seated deeply into the pelvis, not simply a small nub at the top of the vagina.

    Catherine understood at an early age that the vagina was being misrepresented and set out to understand why and reveal a deeper truth.

    When Catherine initially told people she wanted to write about it, people could not even say the word, even her publishers.

     Catherine believes the word Veranda should be brought back - it's an older term that was used for female genitalia, m

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    Episode 44: Linda Freedman - UNACCOMPANIED Children: Alone in America

    Episode 44: Linda Freedman - UNACCOMPANIED Children: Alone in America

    This episode is near and dear to my heart because I get to interview one of my favorite people in the whole world: Linda Freedman. Linda is one of my biggest heroines because she taught me something really powerful about age - it doesn’t MATTER! She is also a model of generosity and compassion toward other human beings who need our help, and she dared to believe she could make a difference, and boy, did she.

    I had the opportunity to work with her a few years back and the project changed me. It had a profound impact on shaping my understanding of what it takes to make an impact, and that when you really desire to do something in service to others, nothing is impossible.

    Linda is the writer and producer of UNACCOMPANIED: Alone in America, a short film that shows what happens when unaccompanied children cross the US-Mexico border and appear in immigration court without a lawyer. The film has been viewed online by more than 50 million people in over 170 countries and won a special award at the Indie foreign film festival.

    After working as a documentary filmmaker for the last decade, Linda has shifted gears and is now writing instead of producing stories that she hopes will have the same impact as unaccompanied. She's completed the pilot for a limited TV series on unaccompanied children and a second pilot for a TV series about the trauma response work that she does. She lives in Portland, Oregon with Mateo, her yellow Labrador retriever, and recently discovered a new way to stay in shape - non-contact boxing.

    In recent years the number of unaccompanied immigrant children migrating to the United States has nearly tripled and they have no representation or legal counsel, leaving them vulnerable and alone.

    In mid-March 2014, Linda was sitting at her breakfast table reading The Oregonian. She came across a piece written by Anna Ciesielski, a young lawyer working for Immigration Counseling Service, who represents unaccompanied children from Central America in immigration proceedings. She described the situations these children face and the nature of her work with them, and it broke something in Linda.

    Under U.S. law, children arrested for entering the U.S. illegally have no right to a court-appointed lawyer.
    Although most children don’t speak or understand English, they have no access to interpreters. They don’t understand U.S. immigration laws; laws so complex, most adults aren’t able to comprehend them.

    Children have no way to contact, communicate with, or hire a lawyer.

    Linda spent months talking with and filming interviews with pro bono attorneys who had represented unaccompanied children. She attended immigration hearings and talked to anyone who had any experience working with unaccompanied kids.

    Because the Department of Justice does not allow recording devices in immigration hearings, it felt impossible to convey the story that needed to be told. Linda became so disheartened, she shelved the project for more than a year.

    Finally, a new approach took shape, film a reenactment of the children's circumstances in the most realistic way possible. With the help of an amazing team, we brought the vision to life.

    Over four years later, and with timing that was devastatingly appropriate, Linda was relieved to finally be sharing the story of unaccompanied children, the forgotten ones, who have no one to guide them, hold them, or serve them.

    Linda is now writing a pilot for a series she hopes will get picked up.

    Linda has a son with Mobius syndrome that she admires so much due to his mindset and resilience.

    Linda was born in 1940, making her 80 years old, and she never tires of learning and taking risks.

    Linda believes that the combination of curiosity, passion, and perseverance means that you can do anything

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    UNACCOMPANIED: Alone in America - YouTubeBook: Grit: The Powe

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    Episode 43: Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt: Relationship. Are you sure you want one?

    Episode 43: Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt: Relationship. Are you sure you want one?

    We spend so much time seeking an intimate relationship with a significant other, but rarely stop to think about what it really takes to have a successful one, and if we really want one.

    Meet Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt, Authors of Relationship, Are You Sure You Want One?

    Enjoy this candid, straight-talking, no-sugar coating relationship conversation and learn more about how Brendon and Simone help people to ask for what they truly desire, kicking the fairy tale romance to the curb.

    What is [Relationships Done Different](www.relationshipsdonedifferent.com)?

    You should choose relationship from choice not a necessity!

    We want to see more kindness in relationships of all sorts. With your partner, kids, parents, and most importantly yourself!

    What if we could empower each other to be as great as we can be?

    A relationship shouldn’t be about fixing someone! It should be about creating 20 times more together than apart!
    What creates a great relationship?
    What are 3 things that will destroy any relationship?
    Why do people play hard to get?
    Do you believe in fairy tales and happily ever after?
    You talk a lot about “choice.” Why do you suggest to choose for you? Even in a relationship?
    What are the biggest relationship traps?
    If you are not happy, leave!
    Relationship. Are you sure you want one?: Milasas, Simone, Watt, BrendonChapter One Audio:Relationships Done DifferentWebsite: Relationships Done DifferentWebsite: Access ConsciousnessWelcome to the Access Bars Facebook: Relationships Done DifferentFacebook: Brendon WattFacebook: Simone MilasasInstagram • Relationships Done Different Instagram • Simone Milasas Business MentorInstagram • Brendon Watt

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    Episode 42: Melanie Deziel - Story Fuel

    Episode 42: Melanie Deziel - Story Fuel

    Join me on this week's episode as I talk to master story-teller and re-emerging pandemic parent, Melanie Deziel, about all the things.

    What does becoming a new mother, abruptly moving from a 600 square ft apartment, and launching a new book have in common?

    These are just a few of the unexpected adventures Melanie shares in this episode.

    Melanie is a keynote speaker, an award-winning branded content creator, and a lifelong storyteller on a mission to share the power of compelling and credible content with others. She is the founder and chief content officer of Storyfuel, which teaches marketers, publishers, creators, and companies of all sizes how to tell better brand stories.

    She is also the author of The Content Fuel Framework, How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas.

    Melanie and her husband found themselves in a 600 square ft. apartment with a new baby and everyone suddenly working at home. They made a list of all the things that were important to them and surprisingly, Raleigh, North Carolina topped the list, so they moved during the pandemic to have more space and be closer to nature.
    The pandemic made them realize the importance of having a home that would support their wellbeing and minimize their stress levels.
    Melanie studied journalism at a time when journalism was really changing and there were no jobs for a new graduate, so she found a home in marketing and started using her story-telling skills for brands that needed her skillset.
    We are living in a remarkable world where we are all content creators.
    Many marketers think of content only as a way to alert people about our new products or a new sale. It's very transactional. Content can actually be so much more powerful when they're telling transformative stories about the lives they're changing or the customers they've served.
    Every content piece that you've either created or consumed was made up of two things: a focus and a format.
    High school students and college students are doing incredible special effects work, amazing video editing, creating music and so much more. The creativity, skills, and the technology they are learning at such a young age is incredible.
    Digital has democratized all these incredible skills for this whole generation.
    Website: StoryfuelThe Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas (For Marketers and Creators): Deziel, Melanie: 9781734329001: Amazon.com: BooksFacebook: Melanie DezielInstagram • Melanie Deziel (@meldeziel)Twitter: StoryFuel.Co (@storyfuel_co)LinkedIn: 💡 Melanie Deziel - Chief Content Officer - StoryFuel

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    Episode 41: Bryna Haynes - Quantum Evolution

    Episode 41: Bryna Haynes - Quantum Evolution

    In today's episode, I introduce you to Bryna Haynes and we talk about the science of creating our reality, the dangers of wishful thinking, and why the world won’t change unless we change.

    Bryna Haynes is an inspirational speaker, philosopher, waymaker, retreat leader, coach, and award-winning, best-selling author. She is the founder of Choose Your Evolution and the creator of the Quantum Evolution® system. Bryna helps conscious entrepreneurs, changemakers, leaders, and influencers navigate growth and change so they can step into their biggest vision in the most intentional ways possible.

    Quantum Evolution came out of the research Bryna was conducting about the intersection of what we're learning in the field of quantum science, neuroscience, and spirituality.
    Energies like love, the law of attraction, and manifestation are not just coexisting, but actually very much intertwined.
    The term “Quantum Evolution” is using our knowledge of the universe and the way that the universe operates in this space of potential and possibility and harnessing that to understand how we inhabit our space of reality. It is also how we leverage that knowledge to create the change in our reality that we're looking for.
    Women are ready and open to be the change that the world needs right now. We have such big missions and such a huge desire to see, create, and inhabit a better world.
    In the world of subatomic particles, everything exists in a state of potential and possibility.
    We used to think that electrons revolved around the nucleus of an atom, like planets around the sun and the solar system, but that's actually not true. Subatomic particles don’t actually exist in a state of possibility and potential until they are observed.
    It’s not just about thinking better thought or about feeling better feelings. Real manifestation is about choosing a new way of being and giving ourselves tangible evidence that it’s possible by changing how we show up in the world.
    The system that Bryna trademarked as “Quantum Evolution” is really just about giving our subconscious mind more and more little bits of evidence that what we want is possible and true.
    We are waiting on the world to change, as the saying goes, and we don't need to wait for the world to change. In fact, our reality will not change until we do.
    Website: Bryna HaynesManifestation Nation | A Membership Community for Conscious CreatorsFacebook:Bryna Haynes - Choose Your EvolutionInstagram • Bryna Haynes (@brynahaynes)The Art of Inspiration: An Editor's Guide To Writing Powerful, Effective Inspirational and Personal Development Books: Haynes, Bryna Rene: 9780984500666: Amazon.com: BooksYouTube - Choose Your Evolution

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    Episode 40: Dr. Alyson McGregor - Sex Matters

    Episode 40: Dr. Alyson McGregor - Sex Matters

    Why has Western medicine so persistently focused on men when observing health conditions that affect both men and women?

    Dr. Alyson McGregor is a physician, researcher, writer, and advocate for women's health. She is the Director for the Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Alpert Medical School of Brown University. She is a TED speaker with over 1.6M views and recently published her book "Sex Matters: How male-centric medicine endangers women's health and what we can do about it."

    Men and women are different and modern medicine has not recognized or accommodated for that. We need to do better.

    Western medicine has largely ignored women and women’s health.
    In the medical world, we are sorely behind in our understanding of women’s health.
    When Alyson started to express her interest in women’s health, she was often mistaken as being interested in gynecology or obstetrics, and yet women present differently than men in so many areas.
    We have a system-wide problem because doctors learn about male pattern disease.
    Western medicine was built entirely on male physiology.
    Not only are we not discovering the classic conditions of women but many of the additional issues women face such as autoimmune disorders have not been studied.
    We need to have a new model of disease.
    Right now we are at ground zero of understanding how man and women are different in the medical world.
    Ambien was prescribed for women for over 20 years at double the dose and women were getting into accidents and unable to function based on the assumed way women metabolize the medicine based on how it works for men.
    Alyson has created a collaborative network of knowledge so that professionals can share data on women and discuss the issues that women face.
    NIH is the flagship for US funding for clinical trials.
    Alyson believes that doctors and physicians want to do the right thing now that this issue has been revealed.
    Alyson encourages women to take ownership of the accuracy of their health records and feel empowered to ask lots of questions.
    Look at your physician as a well-informed consultant on your health and feel free to bring an advocate with you, especially if you are ill or in pain.
    Alyson J. McGregor, MDSex Matters: How Male-Centric Medicine Endangers Women's Health and What We Can Do About It: McGregor MD, Alyson J.: 9780738246765: Amazon.com: BooksAlyson McGregor: Why medicine often has dangerous side effects for women | TED TalkTwitter: Alyson J. McGregor (@mcgregormd)

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42 Ratings

trinimencia ,

The Sophia Century

A beautiful and poetic conversation. I love, Monica, how you synthesize some parts. These two are my favorite: “The soul of money is all about infusing balance Into the economy and the piece about awakening women and the Sophia century is all about bringing balance to the ecology.”
“It is about celebrating the masculine energy as much as we want to celebrate and lift up the feminine energy to meet the masculine.” So inspiring and beautifully said. Thank you for these conversations 💫

HdbsnaishbHdhehrvduisw ,

Embodied feminine teachings

I love listening to Monica Rodgers and her guests because she hosts conversations that embody divine feminine teachings and wisdom. She is the real deal true feminine leader who walks her own talk, shadows and light.

Rhettsgal ,

It’s time

This spoke to me deeply. Turning 50 and releasing the BS is simply life changing. It’s evolution rewired. Thank you both for the conversation

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