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This is a river podcast, and a great story, boating, science, adventure and conservation podcast.

The River Radius Podcast Sam Carter

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This is a river podcast, and a great story, boating, science, adventure and conservation podcast.

    2024 Snowpack & Riverflow

    2024 Snowpack & Riverflow

    As snow is melting and running down rivers across the US, this episode talks with hydrologists at 5 regions of the National River Forecast Center to gain perspectives on how much snow and rain fell over the winter and how it will melt and what the rivers will look like this spring and summer. We focus on the Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, California, some of Nevada, and the Colorado River Basin.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Dam Removal Updates & Trends

    Dam Removal Updates & Trends

    Dams have been blocking rivers for decades. Is there a growing crack in the dam? This episode explores dam removal as an increasing trend. We talk with guests at the Chattooga River and Tugalo Dam, the Snake River and the Lower Snake River Dams, and the Klamath River and the active removal project there. And we look at the trends globally for dam construction and removal.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    10 Rivers for 2024

    10 Rivers for 2024

    Each year American Rivers publishes a list of 10 rivers that hold great opportunity for river quality improvements. This year, in addition to covering the full list with Amy Kober of American Rivers, we talk with local experts to include the ocean surfers at the Tijuana River estuary in California, the river lovers at the Duck River in Tennessee, and the high desert river people overseeing the entire state of New Mexico. We hear about the unique rivers and the work happening to care for these places.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Part 2 The Emerald Mile...Is It Lost?

    Part 2 The Emerald Mile...Is It Lost?

    This 2nd Emerald Mile episode picks up where the 1st episode left off telling the story of the Emerald Mile’s namesake and the saga to protect it. Taking the lead from park scientists, an environmental lobbyist, and a photographer, we explore the ecological consequences of clear-cutting logging practices, the need to expand the park, and the evolving conditions of an impacted landscape. Was the Emerald Mile lost at the hand of mankind? What does conservation mean for landscapes encroached upon?

    • 58 min
    Part 1 The Emerald Mile, The Forest Behind the Story

    Part 1 The Emerald Mile, The Forest Behind the Story

    Kevin Fedarko’s book, the Emerald Mile, takes readers on the journey of the fastest ride through the Grand Canyon in a dory named the Emerald Mile. Fedarko’s book dives into the backstory of the dam, the characters, and even the record-breaking journey, and yet leaves one question remaining: what is the backstory of the dory’s namesake? In this 1st of 2 Emerald Mile episodes, the stories of Fedarko and Dave Van De Mark demonstrate the impact that words and imagery make when applied to places like the Emerald Mile in California’s Redwood National and State Parks.

    • 53 min
    Atmospheric Rivers 101

    Atmospheric Rivers 101

    Atmospheric Rivers are bands of water vapor in the sky, sometimes a few thousand miles long, bringing winter moisture to the west coast of North America and delivering it all the way to the Rocky Mountains. The Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes flies research planes above these storms all winter tracking the details and forecasting the coming storm and this episode hosts their director to learn about Atmospheric Rivers.

    • 51 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
91 Ratings

91 Ratings

Phatpaddler ,

Important for River People!

The best river-centric podcast available. Pertinent, well researched and entertaining. The host is a vested, passionate and dedicated River Patron! Great info on people, places, environmental issues concerning our rivers nationwide! Accessible and caring are the hallmarks of this phenomenal podcast!

DaveDaFarrier ,

Great podcast — and not just for river folk!

I will struggle to write this review and not be over the top effusive in my praise for this podcast. This is the best researched, written, and produced podcast about rivers……period. Sam Carter, the host, is a delight to listen to and his background in local NPR shines through. Sam is a great interviewer and gets people talking at a depth you might not expect. Imagine Terry Gross in a splash jacket.

Sam wonderfully avoids the “two chuckleheads talking” model all too common in small, topic specific, low production value podcasts. His research and story development is excellent, each one of the 66 episodes (currently) a deep dive into interesting topics on par with better known podcasts with 10 times the resources. If you have any interest in moving water, you just have to subscribe.

While of this is true, leaving it at just that would be selling The River Radius short. To pigeon hole this podcast as just for people who love whitewater, or as “Places and Travel” as Apple categorizes it, is missing what the podcast is. It’s a joyful romp through interesting topics where rivers are the lens.

This is a podcast for everyone. Check out episode 33 about the Gila River and send it to a friend, particularly one who doesn’t know what PFD stands for.

Nowpooch ,

Real life stories, relevant and entertaining

Each episode tells a different story of the waterways of our country, and the people who live, work, and explore the beauty and the function of these essential corridors of our planet.

Down to earth, light hearted at times, thought-provoking, and always told in the rich, lilting voice of Sam Carter.

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