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The RobCast is a weekly podcast by Rob Bell

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The RobCast is a weekly podcast by Rob Bell

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4.7 out of 5
2.9K Ratings

2.9K Ratings

Jewelcracker ,

Thank you

Thank you for helping me and my husband along our spiritual journey. You have put language to things I always struggled with putting into words with regards to growing up in the Christian Church. You have helped me to grow and not feel so alone. Thank you so much.

CAgirl8208 ,

I feel like Rob Bell expresses all of the "good" that religious teachings have to offer with none...

If I could find some kind of church where the pastor/teacher and congregation viewed scriptures in the way that Rob Bell does in his books and podcasts, I would be thrilled to join. The episode "The Last Guru" with guest Pete Rollins was one of his best. They discuss psychology, philosophy and theology in a seamless and humorous conversation based on their incredible rapport. If it is too extreme to call Rob a modern-day prophet (he would laugh at this), then at least he's a visionary and a person of great intellect, heart, and endless creativity. He's also very funny, and although I listen to a variety of well-produced and thoughtul podcasts, it is Rob Bell who most lifts me up in my many times of despair. I consider myself a skeptic/non-religious person who nontheless realizes we all have a spiritual element to our existence. If you are looking for something that satifies that itch where the speaker doesn't simply say "X is true becuase the Bible says so" then you might find that Rob's invitation for us to draw on our collective wisdom over the ages and then figure things out for ourselves going forward (as I interpret it) is truly a messsage of hope for us all.

let down listener ,

The Last Guru.

The interview with Pete was so good. I want to add a couple of my thoughts here. First, as a yoga student and teacher, the idea of allowing people with their bodies, their worries, their ailments a sacred space on their mats is a perfect start to this realization. “Holding space”
Secondly, the reason this is so powerful is that it is a safe place to exist without being called forth to bigger ness and better ness. We all experience political, spiritual, emotional, ptsd. Being asked to change is a way to add to the war wounds. Allowing the body to “be” is sacred.
This being said, I have guru-ish favorites, Rob Bell, Pete Rollins, Marcus Borg, Richard Rohr among others. It’s a journey. Thanks for being part of it.

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