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A weekly podcast from the writers of rvfamilytravelatlas.com, focusing on topics that relate to RV family travel. We review campgrounds, discuss tips and tricks for traveling with kids, and answer our readers' most common questions. We also chat about food, gear, and those times when everything doesn't quite go as planned.

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A weekly podcast from the writers of rvfamilytravelatlas.com, focusing on topics that relate to RV family travel. We review campgrounds, discuss tips and tricks for traveling with kids, and answer our readers' most common questions. We also chat about food, gear, and those times when everything doesn't quite go as planned.

    3 Great Campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest (With Brooks from RV Out West)

    3 Great Campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest (With Brooks from RV Out West)

    The Pacific Northwest is certainly one of the best places for camping in America--and many of the Campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest are quite simply amazing. On today's episode of The RV Atlas podcast and here on the blog--we are excited to welcome Brooks Smothers from RV Out West. Brooks is an expert on camping in the PNW and he is going to share three of his favorite campgrounds from his beloved home region.

    from the RV Out West website...

    "Brooks Smothers grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. He has camped in the American West, from backpacking, to car camping, to van life in a ‘78 VW Camper, to a tent trailer with a young family and now to a travel trailer — he has experienced it all. RV Out West is a podcast all about RVing around the Pacific Northwest with some sprinkled in adventures that radiate out from there. On his show Brooks discusses sweet Northwest camping spots, gear and equipment, and tips & tricks — all to make your camping experiences as enjoyable as possible."

    To listen to Jeremy interview Brooks about these three amazing campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest please click on the media player above or subscribe to the RV Atlas wherever you get your favorite shows. Or simply read on right here to learn more!

    Thank you to Brooks for providing the pictures for this post--and for coming on our show!

    Deception Pass State Park (WA)

    Deception Pass State Park (Oak Harbor, Washington) RV and Tent Sites


    Deception State Park is located on Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands about 80 miles north of Seattle. Its proximity to that great city helps make it Washington’s most visited state park--and so do its cliffs, beaches, tide pools and sunsets. This park, which recently turned 100 years old, is packed with coastal hiking trails and there are numerous places to launch a boat or kayak along its shores. There are three camping locations within Deception Pass. Cherry Lake is the largest and most popular. There are about 230 sites there and about one third of them have hookups. Quarry Pond is a medium sized campground and Bowman Bay is very small and intimate. There are some really awesome concessions here that are worth checking out. Blue Otter Kayaks is located at Cranberry Lake and does a nice job with a variety of rentals and Campstuff Coffee operates out of a vintage camp trailer right by the camp loop entrance to Cranberry Lake. Fidalgo and Whidbey Island islands are connected by the iconic and immensely photographable Deception Pass bridge--so bring your camera when you go. When it comes to campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest this is one of the absolute best.

    from Where Should We Camp Next? Budget Camping

    Cape Disappointment State Park (WA)

    Cape Disappointment State Park (IIwaco, Washington) RV and Tent Sites, Cabins, Yurts, Vacation Houses


    For another epic coastal camping option look no further than Cape Disappointment State Park on the Long Beach Peninsula. Here you will find secluded sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs near the edge of the sea, and lighthouses that are as pretty as a picture. Bring your hiking boots and a rain jacket because there are many trails to explore that wander through old growth forest or lead to views of the park’s lighthouses. There are over 200 sites here and fifty of them have full hook-ups. The best sites here are closest to the windswept beach. These sites do have some shade and protection from the rugged stretch of sand and sea just beyond the trees--but plan on windy conditions and don’t leave the RV awning out when unattended. You may want to leave your tent or RV at home anyway and rent one of Cape Dissapointment’s 14 family-friendly yurts. They are cozy, comfortable, and heated--and just steps away from the beach. When it comes to campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest this one will definitely not disappoint!

    • 1 hr 5 min
    8 Options for Upgrading Your RV Solar System With Go Power!

    8 Options for Upgrading Your RV Solar System With Go Power!

    Jake Erwin, a sales representative for the RV team at Go Power! explains eight RV solar power systems options appropriate for a variety of RVs and situations.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    12 Nostalgic Harvest Hosts Locations That Are Perfect for Summer

    12 Nostalgic Harvest Hosts Locations That Are Perfect for Summer

    In our latest book, Where Should We Camp Next? Budget Camping we make the case that a Harvest Hosts membership is one of the great values in American camping right now. And the more we use our membership--the more we believe this to be true. An official Harvest Hosts stay is limited to one night--so many RV owners that we know use them as stops on their way to and from destinations. Staying at a Harvest Hosts location is a great way to rest up after a long drive, or to extend a great vacation just a little bit longer. Why spend the night in the parking lot of a big box store when you can spend the night at a winery, a brewery, or a farm? Harvest Hosts locations are also spread out across the entire country and there are over 5,000 of them. So it would be quite hard to visit all of them in a single lifetime.

    The thing that we may love the most about our Harvest Hosts membership is that, while they may be known for wineries and farms, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of other types of hosts in their extensive network. How does a comfortable overnight at a minor league baseball stadium, a space museum, or a 1950's diner sound? There are so many cool locations for nostalgic Harvest Hosts stays--and many of them are also perfect for summer.

    To listen to Jeremy interview Harvest Hosts CEO Joel Holland about "12 Nostalgic Harvest Hosts Locations that are Perfect for Summer" please click on the media player above or subscribe to The RV Atlas wherever you get your favorite podcasts. 

    To get your own annual Harvest Hosts membership make sure to use promo code ECLIPSE24 to save 20 percent.

    Without further ado, here is a sneak peek at Joel's terrific list of nostalgic Harvest Hosts locations. To find out more about each one make sure to listen to our interview with Joel on the RV Atlas podcast.

    1. The Gateway Grizzlies (Minor League Baseball Stadium)

    How cool would it be to catch a minor league game and enjoy a cold beer and then be able to walk right back to your RV for a safe and comfortable overnight stay in the stadium's parking lot? At the Gateway Grizzlies Stadium in Sauget, Illinois you can do just that. Singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch takes on a whole new meaning when your RV is waiting for you out in the parking lot. When it comes to nostalgic Harvest Hosts locations that are perfect for summer this one is certainly top notch and fun for the entire family.

    2. Peggy Sue's 50’s Diner

    Is there anything more nostalgic than an authentic 1950's American Diner?  Imagine pulling into Peggy Sue's 50's Diner in Yermo, California after a long day of driving and parking your rig and heading inside to the counter to order a burger and fries. Or imagine waking up with the Calico Mountains as your backdrop and heading into Peggy Sue's for coffee and breakfast before hitting the road. Either scenario sounds terrific to us. Just make sure you say hello to Betty Boop before you go!

    3. Galaxy Drive-In Movie Theater

    Parking your rig for the night at a drive-in movie theater like the Galaxy Drive-In in Ennis, Texas and catching a summer movie sounds like a dream to us. And this isn't the only Drive-in movie theater in the Harvest Hosts system--there are a whole bunch of them. What an amazing slice of Americana and how convenient if you are traveling near one of these locations! Sign us up for an epic night in front of the silver screen in the great outdoors!

    4. Roy's Motel & Cafe (and Old Gas Station)

    If Roy's Motel & Cafe in Amboy, California seems like something out of an old movie--that's because it is. This location was often used by film and music video directors because of its stunning desert sunsets and nighttime skies filled with stars.

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    Campground Debut! Jellystone Park Zion Makes a Splash in Utah

    Campground Debut! Jellystone Park Zion Makes a Splash in Utah

    Utah is certainly one of the greatest states in the country for RV travel. It is beautiful from top to bottom and its "Mighty Five" collection of National Parks is on just about everybody's bucket list.  Zion National Park is the most visited of the so-called "Mighty Five" and it is truly one of the most famous and magnificent national parks in the entire world. Jellystone Park Zion (which is located in Hurricane, Utah less than 30 miles away) recently opened its doors to guests and it is already earning rave reviews for its attractions, amenities, spacious RV sites, and modern cabin options.

    If you are looking for a place to park your rig or cabin camp on that epic trip to Zion National Park that you have been dreaming about--then you definitely want to give Jellystone Park Zion a very good look. Particularly if you are traveling with kids of any age that love to cool off and get wet after a morning of exploration and adventure in the great outdoors.

    This park has an almost endless list of attractions and amenities--but here are the three most compelling reasons why we think you should consider booking with them if you are heading to Zion at any point in the near future.

    The water attractions are magnificent and appealing for little kids and for teenagers and adults. Everyone in the family will have fun here. Whether you have kids that are thrill seekers, or little ones that are looking for little slides--Jellystone Park Zion has got you covered.

    The proximity to Zion National Park and Sand Hollow State Park make both terrific options for day trips. Exploring the best that southern Utah has to offer and then coming back to the water attractions at this Jellystone sounds like a complete dream to us.

    We find the prices here for RV sites and for cabin rentals to be very reasonable considering what the park offers to its guests at no additional cost. We stayed right outside of Zion in the summer of 2023 and lodging (like cabins and full-hook up RV sites) is not cheap in the general area. If you do a cost/amenities comparison between this campground and other private campgrounds in the region we think you will be pleasantly surprised.

    To listen to Jeremy interview Scott Nielson, the owner of Jellystone Park Zion, and to find out so much more about this brand new Jellystone Park, click on the media player above or subscribe to The RV Atlas wherever you get your favorite shows!

    Let's take a closer look at the park's astonishing "4-acre multi-level water zone" which includes multiple water slides, a lazy river, a floating obstacle course, multiple pools, a hot tub, and so much more.

    Water Attractions at Jellystone Park Zion

    If these pictures don't make you want to drop everything and book a trip to Jellystone Park Zion then we don't know what will. The water attractions at this park have to be among the best in the country. During our interview with Scott Nielson he also mentioned that they plan on heating the pools into the fall so you can go swimming--even on Halloween weekends--which sounds like a terrific option after the kids go trick or treating.

    While the water attractions (and the location) may be the biggest draw at Jellystone Park Zion---they still have a heck of a lot more to offer. There are playgrounds, pickleball courts, basketball courts, two dog parks with obstacle courses, a jumping pad, and seriously--so much more! Let's let the pictures do the talking and take a look at some of these other amenities...

    Other Attractions and Amenities at Jellystone Park Zion

    Whether you have littles that want to play at the playground or jump on the jumping pad, or teens and tweens that want to play basketball,

    • 37 min
    Spacious Skies Adirondack Peaks: Budget-Friendly Camping in the ADK

    Spacious Skies Adirondack Peaks: Budget-Friendly Camping in the ADK

    Spacious Skies Adirondack Peaks is a terrific basecamp for exploring New York State's magnificent Adirondack Park.  After venturing out into the rugged landscapes, you'll appreciate returning each night to this family-friendly campground and it's two pools and other fun amenities.

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    Iceland Road Trip Part 2: The South Coast (Vik, Skaftafell, Jokulsarlon)

    Iceland Road Trip Part 2: The South Coast (Vik, Skaftafell, Jokulsarlon)

    Our trip to Iceland was like a dream from beginning to end. But our journey along Iceland's South Coast was our absolute favorite part of the trip. This section of our road trip was filled with astonishing waterfalls, quiet hikes, delicious food, great campsites, and so much more.  Read on just below to learn more about this epic stretch of our trip.

    To read about the first leg of our trip in Reykavik and along the Golden Circle--please click here.

    To find out about 53 things you need to know before you go to Iceland--please click here.

    To listen to Jeremy and Stephanie discuss the second part of their Iceland Road Trip--please click on the media player above or subscribe to The RV Atlas podcast wherever you get your favorite shows!

    Use code rvatlas10 for 10 percent off a motorhome rental with Rent Easy Iceland AND free pickup and drop off from and to the KEF airport. Do not book the transportation as part of your reservation or you will be charged for it. Send an email or direct message on social media with arrival and departure dates and your pickup and delivery will be arranged from there. Our code CAN be combined with any other discounts available on their website. This is not an affiliate code and we do not earn a percentage from your reservation. We truly hope to inspire you to go to Iceland and we loved our experience with Rent Easy Iceland.

    Two Amazing Waterfalls On the Road to Vik

    Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

    Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is located just off of the Ring Road on the way to Vik and is about an hour and forty-five minutes away from Reykavik. This stunning 200 foot waterfall is an absolute must stop on your way to Vik--or on your way back--depending on your timing and travel plans. In the weeks before our trip (when we were in researching mode) this waterfall seemed to appear in photos and videos more than any other in Iceland This is no surprise considering how easy it is to visit--and considering the fact that you can walk all the way behind it. Make sure you wear a rain coat when you go. You won't get soaked--but you will get wet!

    Skogafoss Waterfall

    Skogafass was our favorite waterfall out of the five that we visited. It felt wild and untamed and you could get right up close to the edge of it without guardrails of any kind in your way impeding you view.  Like Seljalandsfoss this majestic waterfall is located right off of the ring road about two and a half hours away from Reykavik and less than 30 minutes from Vik. Plenty of parking is available and the waterfall is just steps away from the parking lot. There are other hikes with waterfalls located above and behind the main waterfall for those that want to beat the crowds and enjoy a longer ramble.

    Vik Campsite and Skool Beans Coffee

    We loved Vik and the Vik Campsite so much that we stayed there on our way out to Skaftafell and Jokulsarlon and on the way back. We even changed our plans to do so. We initially planned on spending two nights at Skaftafell but we ditched our second night there to retain to Vik for good food and drink. The campsite was in a lovely spot just across the street from shopping, great restaurants, and the beach. With mountains on one side and the ocean on the other this location felt like a dream. Vik Campsite had a very friendly staff and all of the facilities were clean, comfortable and welcoming. The common area had a community kitchen and plenty of tables for enjoying a meal or hanging out--and the bathrooms and showers were plentiful and also immaculately clean. But at the end of the day it was all about the location. Being able to walk to breakfast or dinner (or for a drink at the local brewhouse) and walk back to the motorhome made this entire stop chill and relaxing. It didn't hurt having Iceland's most famous coffee house located right on the Vik Campsite's property.

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
561 Ratings

561 Ratings

The Fied Piper ,

LOVE the yip yap! Lots of great info!

We look forward to the podcast every week. Even if we don’t have time to get away as much as we would like, we enjoy tagging along with you as we anticipate our next adventure. Keep up the great content (and yip yap 😉)

Alexander4/28 ,

Long time listener

Long time listener & subscriber. These days I can only listen to episodes where Jeremy is doing the interviewing. He is humble, friendly and well-spoken. Everything you want from a podcast host (although I do find he brown-noses guests too much at times). However, for quite a while now, whenever Stephanie is on, her attitude is very off putting. She is regularly combative with Jeremy, condescending and bragging. While I would not expect a long time married couple to agree on every topic, I am continuously shocked at the tone Stephanie casually talks to her husband with. Jeremy is always so complimentary of her and instead she returns with biting remarks, mean spirited teasing, any chance she gets. It seems that maybe she views being on this podcast as a chore now & maybe she'd rather be doing something else with her time. Also, the number of ads in each episode is attrocious. Every change of topic within the podcast and there is an ad. You will be invested, listening to a topic or interview and there will be a break for them to shoehorn in a campground, cookware, etc. Very tiresome.

MickJonesOfficial ,

The RV Atlas, a fantastic podcast with so much to offer…

Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi, your hosts to one of the best podcasts out there.

The production of the podcast is great. You will appreciate the time that has gone in with the production of the episodes. When going from the content of the podcast, to the sponsors messages, you get an even tone and volume when transferring between the two. You get a sponsor’s message that is related to camping, and there isn’t any extremely loud or quiet transitions when going from one to the next; it is produced well, and that I appreciate.

As far as content goes, they cover absolutely everything camping related. Over the last 10 years, they have covered everything from your basic, stick tent camping, to rolling down the highway in your dream coach; everything from your local campgrounds, to that dream trip to Yellowstone or Mt. Rushmore.

Jeremey and Stephanie work together flawlessly to give you real world perspectives, and honest reviews. Their guests and corespondents are fantastic, and have a reach to get you information from across the country!

Take the time to listen, and dig in with The RV Atlas. Listen to the podcast, take a swipe on the Facebook page, purchase a book or two, and diversify your camping knowledge!

“We’ll see you at the campground.”

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