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Danny Anderson and guests discuss Christianity and the life of the mind.

The Sectarian Review Danny Anderson

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Danny Anderson and guests discuss Christianity and the life of the mind.

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4.7 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

Troy H. Jordan ,

Intellectual and Spritual Growth

As a former student of Danny Anderson, I was excited to find his podcast. The classroom discussion that we had during his Kafka course helped to foster my love for literature. Although encompassing a wider range of topics, including pop culture and religion, the conversations on The Sectarian Review are reminiscent of those discussions. In order to awaken intellectually and spritually, one must question one's understandings and beliefes by examining them from different perspectives. The Sectarian Review is a wonderful platform to facilitate this awakening.

L. Blownapart ,

Glad I found this

I’m really glad I found a podcast of left leaning actual Christians. I am more conservative by personality but I want to hear ideas I might neglect and this is the best one I’ve found.

David Burris ,

Great for Christian and Non-Christian Thinkers Alike

Despite the internet's constant solicitations for me to rate everything I do online, generally I avoid leaving them. However, I have now listened to about 2/3 of the Sectarian Review episodes, and am increasingly finding the program one of my favorite podcasts to listen to, moving it up to the top whenever it drops. Danny Anderson is such a gracious and encouraging host. Although unshy about stating and contending for his particular point of view, he does so in such a charitable and good-natured way that the discussions are always civil, constructive, and interesting. As someone who is both a college professor at a public institution, as well as highly involved in what most would identify an evangelical Christian church, I am always interested in discovering conversations that challenge and pull apart traditional right/left political and theological categories, as well as provide critical reflection on the practices, assumptions, and slogans ubiquitous within the American (especially Evangelical Protestant) church, from the standpoint of someone who is both in it and committed to it. SR is a program that does precisely that. I don't prefer every guest that comes on, or the subtle but present post-modern vernacular that tinges the way that many teachers in the humanities converse about issues. But on the whole, SR is a worthwhile, fun, and engaging program for Christian and non-christian thinkers alike.

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