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Conversations with tech entrepreneur Mathieu Glaude and his guests, exploring everything Digital Trust.

The SSI Orbit Podcast – Self-Sovereign Identity, Decentralization and Digital Trust Mathieu Glaude

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Conversations with tech entrepreneur Mathieu Glaude and his guests, exploring everything Digital Trust.

    #76 - Essential Tips for Designing Decentralized Ecosystems (with Antti Kettunen)

    #76 - Essential Tips for Designing Decentralized Ecosystems (with Antti Kettunen)

    Are you struggling to design and implement decentralized digital trust ecosystems that actually work?

    In this episode of The SSI Orbit Podcast, host Mathieu Glaude sits down with Ecosystem Architect Antti Kettunen to unpack the challenges of adoption and value creation in decentralized systems.

    Antti shares his insights on moving beyond technology-focused conversations and instead building the right incentive models and business value propositions. He explains why simply selling decentralized identity as a technology solution is not enough—ecosystems need to be designed holistically with all stakeholders in mind.

    Some of the valuable topics discussed include:

    Contrasting value chains in centralized vs decentralized ecosystems
    The importance of coordinated governance in decentralized systems
    Strategies for Mapping out ecosystem value propositions
    Frameworks for analyzing incentives across different participants

    Whether you're in the process of building a decentralized identity solution or embarking on a digital transformation journey for an existing ecosystem, this episode is a goldmine of practical insights. It offers essential guidance on how to create sustainable value for all parties involved.

    Tune in to gain actionable knowledge that will empower you to design decentralized ecosystems that drive adoption.


    00:00 - Value chains for decentralized ecosystems08:27 - Are Wallets the new platforms?14:07 - Are Payments a key enabler for decentralized trust ecosystems25:25 - Will our identifiers ultimately be controlled by Apple/Google and Government wallets?31:27 - Frameworks to enable ecosystems for decentralized data exchanges44:17 - The need for public data layer within ecosystems to build trust and enable trusted interactions50:57 - Understanding ecosystem member incentives in order to increase success rate

    • 58 min
    #75 - Germany’s Wallet Strategy, Interop Profiles, Big Tech (with Kristina Yasuda & Niels Klomp)

    #75 - Germany’s Wallet Strategy, Interop Profiles, Big Tech (with Kristina Yasuda & Niels Klomp)

    Are you curious about how Germany is navigating the complex landscape of digital identity wallets and interoperability?

    In this episode of The SSI Orbit Podcast, host Mathieu Glaude sits down with guests Kristina Yasuda and Niels Klomp to explore Germany’s ambitious wallet strategy, the development of interoperability profiles, and the influence of big tech on digital identity.

    Kristina and Niels bring a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience to the discussion, making this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of digital identity. They delve into Germany’s approach to creating a secure and user-friendly wallet infrastructure, the challenges of achieving interoperability across different systems, and how major technology companies are shaping the digital identity space.

    Get ready to uncover:

    The strategic objectives behind Germany’s wallet initiative
    Key considerations for developing and implementing interoperability profiles
    The role of big tech in driving innovation and potential risks
    Insights into the regulatory landscape and its impact on digital identity projects

    Join us for an engaging and informative conversation highlighting the complexities and opportunities within the digital identity ecosystem.

    Tune in to The SSI Orbit Podcast to stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable insights into the future of digital identity.


    00:00 - What wallet solutions are the German government funding, how it fits into eIDAS 2.0
    11:58 - Governments x Wallets x Governance Frameworks
    18:02 - Technical interop profiles from an adoption cycle lens, adoption being
    27:08 - eIDAS 2.0 Personal ID adoption can happen quicker because of Org ID
    30:00 - More on technical interoperability profiles: HAIP, DIIP, and the future of interop profiles
    41:05 - Japanese government national ID, implications of governments issuing into Big Tech Wallets
    46:00 - The Browser API for credential presentation
    50:31 - Is there anything missing on top of eIDAS 2.0?
    55:48 - About Presentation Exchange and its current/future roadmap in OpenID4VP

    • 1 hr 7 min
    #74 - OpenID Federation: A Standards-based Approach to Trust Management (with Dima Postnikov)

    #74 - OpenID Federation: A Standards-based Approach to Trust Management (with Dima Postnikov)

    How can we establish trusted digital ecosystems while driving innovation?

    In this episode of The SSI Orbit Podcast, host Mathieu Glaude picks the brain of Dima Postnikov, Vice Chairman at the OpenID Foundation, on a standards-based solution: OpenID Federation – a framework for enabling trust across networks.

    As open banking and open finance initiatives spread, a crucial need arises: secure mechanisms for managing trust between participants. Dima walks us through the genesis of OpenID Federation and its role in overcoming hurdles around trust discovery and governance.

    The evolution of trust management approaches across sectors like open banking
    Understanding OpenID Federation's intersection with verifiable credentials
    Leveraging standards to reduce barriers and foster interoperability
    Tailoring OpenID Federation for use cases like eIDAS 2.0 digital identity

    Unpack the keys to unlocking trusted, interoperable ecosystems that safeguard data while catalyzing innovation. Tune in to this insightful conversation now!


    00:00 - Background on trust management in the OpenID world

    03:49 - Learnings in trust management from the world of Open Banking

    11:58 - How trust chains complement/conflict with peer to peer interactions

    17:25 - OpenID Federation’s architecture design

    34:25 - The evolution of standards in Open Banking

    39:50 - eIDAS 2.0 profiles of OpenID Federation?

    47:47 - Why Canadian Open Banking should have Trust Registries at launch

    • 53 min
    #73 - Self-Sovereignty: A Lost Vision or an Evolving Concept? (with Vladimir Vujovic)

    #73 - Self-Sovereignty: A Lost Vision or an Evolving Concept? (with Vladimir Vujovic)

    Are you curious about how Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) has evolved over the years and where it is headed?

    In this episode of The SSI Orbit Podcast, host Mathieu Glaude sits down with Vladimir Vujovic, Head of Digital Product Management at SICPA to discuss the journey and future of SSI and decentralized identity technologies. Vladimir, with his extensive background in product management and experience in the SSI space since 2017, offers valuable insights into the technological advancements, challenges, and opportunities in this domain.

    From the early days of Evernym to the current state of mainstream adoption, Vladimir sheds light on the progress made and the hurdles still to be overcome. How have new credential formats and protocols impacted the industry? What role do government initiatives and large-scale pilots play in the broader adoption of SSI? Vladimir addresses these questions and more, providing a comprehensive overview of the SSI landscape.

    Join us as we explore the nuances of product development in the SSI space. Vladimir highlights the technical focus of digital wallet products and the need for companies to move beyond generic solutions to create value-added services tailored to specific industries. Discover the importance of making bold choices and the potential for growth in this evolving market.


    00:00 - How things have evolved since Evernym’s early days in 20278:50 - Have we lost the vision of ‘Self-Sovereignty’ with an overfocus on Government ID?20:30 - Complexity of exchange interactions in identity vs payments24:10 - Evolution in thinking around building SSI-enabled products31:00 - The complexities of issuing credentials vs verifying them39:10 - How far open source goes and impacts product design45:25 - Adoption curves, horizontal vs vertical product focus51:45 - Where the technical SSI space is at today

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    #72 - Mobile Driving Licenses (mDL) in 2024 (with Sylvia Arndt)

    #72 - Mobile Driving Licenses (mDL) in 2024 (with Sylvia Arndt)

    Could digital credentials like mobile driver's licenses be the game-changer for secure and convenient identity verification? 

    In this episode of The SSI Orbit Podcast, host Mathieu Glaude sits down with Sylvia Arndt, Vice President of Business Development, Digital Identity at Thales, to explore the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile driver's licenses (mDLs) and their potential impact.

    Mathieu and Sylvia explore the differences between the US, Canadian, and European markets regarding mDL implementation and standards. They also delve into the legislation required to support digital driver's licenses and the role of organizations like AAMVA in providing guidance and recommendations. The conversation touches on the role of wallets in the mDL ecosystem, the potential business models for issuers and verifiers, and the importance of biometrics in identity verification. They also discuss the challenges and opportunities in the verification market and the need for governance and control in the industry.


    00:00 - Status of Mobile Driving Licenses (mDL) in the US
    7:00 - Why Government DMVs like the ISO standard for mobile driving licenses
    9:25 - About AAMVA (the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators)
    14:25 - How do governments perceive the value proposition of issuing mDLs
    20:10 - General wallet strategy for DMVs in 2024
    27:25 - Where are the opportunities in the mDL verification market?
    41:41 - Requiring a registration process for mDL verifiers?
    45:17 - Exploring possible new risk vectors that mDL introduces
    50:17 - The business model for mDL issuers, and possible disruption to the IDV market

    • 57 min
    #71 - Problems Worth Solving in SSI Land (with Daniel Hardman)

    #71 - Problems Worth Solving in SSI Land (with Daniel Hardman)

    Is there truly a clear separation between personal and organizational identity? This fundamental question lies at the heart of our most recent conversation on The SSI Orbit podcast, where host Mathieu Glaude sat down with identity expert Daniel Hardman.

    The conversation explores the learnings and insights Hardman has gained from his extensive experience in the SSI space and the importance of the human element in the identity domain. Mathieu and Daniel discuss the limitations of the term 'governance' and propose reframing it as 'empowerment.' They also delve into organizational identity and its inextricably intertwined relationship with individual identity. The complexity of managing relationships and roles within organizations is highlighted, along with the need for clear distinctions between facets of identity. The conversation also touches on the challenges of managing identifiers and the critical importance of versioning and trust in the context of organizational identity.

    Hardman's exploration of the intricate relationship between personal and organizational identity underscores the significance of understanding roles, relationships, and context when managing identities. His compelling perspective challenges the current mental model that compartmentalizes personal and organizational identity, inviting a more nuanced understanding of the true nature of identity.

    Prepare to be captivated by this thought-provoking episode as it uncovers the strategies, tools, and mindsets needed to navigate the complexities of identity management. Unlock the full potential of self-sovereign identity in both personal and enterprise settings as you delve into this intriguing conversation.


    00:00 Introduction and Learnings in SSI

    02:27 Reframing Governance as Empowerment

    07:52 The Intertangled Nature of Organizational and Individual Identity

    14:12 Managing Relationships and Roles in Organizational Identity

    24:32 Versioning and Trust in Organizational Identity

    • 54 min

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5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Eddie J. Soto ,

SSI Orbit is a clear and thoughtful podcast.

Dominik Beron really brings a positive perspective on NFT's becoming more regular ideation when valuing our assets in the future. Comparing event tickets and NFT is spot on.

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