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The Successful Coach is hosted by Doug Holt who interviews some of the most successful coaches in the business. They discuss each coach's journey as well as some actionable tips and habits that have helped them get to where they are today. This show is great for coaches who have been in the business for years or personal growth junkies who are ready to take their passion to the next level by starting their own coaching business.

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The Successful Coach is hosted by Doug Holt who interviews some of the most successful coaches in the business. They discuss each coach's journey as well as some actionable tips and habits that have helped them get to where they are today. This show is great for coaches who have been in the business for years or personal growth junkies who are ready to take their passion to the next level by starting their own coaching business.

    Micheal Pacheco

    Micheal Pacheco

    Episode #17
    How do you market your coaching business? Are you speaking to the right people? How is your foundation?
    Coaches that are featured and get recognition are not always the best. There are better coaches out there, they just do not know how to market themselves.
    Make sure to simplify your website, focus on your core offering, and know who's buying it.
    The basic foundation is branding and messaging. Messaging correctly and speaking to the right people. Go back to the fundamentals, make a solid foundation to grow and be successful.
    A Bit About Micheal
    Micheal is the owner and chief strategist at Boxer and principal consultant at Micheal Pacheco Consulting. He helps ambitious companies grow by leveraging technology and behavioral psychology in marketing.
    Once upon a time, he was a professional musician, co-founder of 🎹 The Slants, and founder of 🎸 Splintered in Her Head.
    Prior to that he did computer virus research and managed the North American computer virus labs at Intel Corp. He enjoys 🏋️ staying fit and playing 🏒 ice hockey. He attended Waseda University (早稲田大学) in Tokyo and he loves sci-fi and dogs.
    His personal blog is Chronicles of a Dilettante.
    Micheal works with global brands and ambitious startups to help attract, convert, and retain more customers using data-driven strategies rooted in consumer psychology and behavioral science.

    He had worked with both B2B and B2C clients, from the likes of Johnson & Johnson down to his local design agency down the street. No matter who you are, if you're ready to grow then he can help. His unique approach to marketing is derived from a disparate background in design, computer research, music, and behavioral psychology. He's spent his entire life pursuing knowledge in ostensibly random vocations, granting him the capability to problem-solve from a completely idiosyncratic perspective.
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/strategycowboy/
    Website: https://www.boxer.marketing

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    Kate Jaramillo

    Kate Jaramillo

    Episode #16
    Entrepreneurship is about creating your signature offer, building your brand around it, and growing from there.
    Every offer is unique, and it's very important to make it distinctive and valuable. Know what your clients want most, and how they want it to be delivered to them.
    Find your "soulmate" clients. They are your ideal clients, someone that you love so much that it lights you up when you serve them. Connect to them and help them get to their ideal outcome. Some people fail in the business because they are indecisive. They fail to recognize their soulmate clients, they refuse to connect, and are not ready to commit to one thing in business.
    Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. You've got to be willing and have a strong mindset to get through the valleys and over the peaks on your journey.
    A Bit About Kate
    Kate is a Mom, a stepmom, a wife, a business owner, an author, a podcaster, and a world traveler. She works hard, plays hard, and dreams big. She's living proof that women can be, do, and have it all! Now, she's on a mission to help mompreneurs ditch their 24/7 hustle and build their own brand so they can create the life of their dreams.
    Today, Kate runs the incredibly successful Ketogenic Living 101 and Ketogenic Living 102 groups to help women find their own style of ketogenic living. She created the Ketogenic Living Coach Certification program to teach others how to give the gift of whole-body health.  She finds herself enthralled in educating and empowering her clients to achieve significant, sustainable results. This passion has turned into the heart of her business. She prides herself on making ketogenic living simple, quick, and delicious. She teaches busy women how to quickly turn their bodies into fat-burners instead of sugar-burners so they feel strong, lean, fit, and clear-minded.
    Kate wants everyone who is interested in Ketogenic Living to have affordable access to what she believes is the best in health and wellness.
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katebay/
    Website: https://katejaramillo.com

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    Jon Michail

    Jon Michail

    Episode #15
    What's your branding? What are your ways of growing your business?
    Personal branding is very important and it must be authentic. It correlates strongly with money, status, and personal growth.
    Develop the inside so that you will not collapse on the outside.
    Personal branding must be done holistically. Go back to your foundation. Mental health and personal well-being must be stable. You must believe yourself so that other people will believe you.
    Package yourself authentically to attract clients. It's true that visual presentation is important, but quality is more important. Personal branding builds trust. You can achieve anything you want...just make sure it meets your standards.
    A Bit About Jon
    Jon is a best-selling author and Forbes contributor. He has helped C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers to unlock and transform their personal and business leadership authority, influence, and impact to achieve superior Gravitas.

    Jon has spoken at over 1200 seminars, workshops, and conferences, and coached over 7500 one-on-one clients for HSBC, PWC, L’Oreal, IBM, Disney, BHP Billiton, GE, Kelloggs, AFL, Crown, and LVMH, among others across four continents.
    Website: www.imagegroup.com.au
    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jonmichail-imageconsultant-personalbrandingcoach/

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    Christine Meyer

    Christine Meyer

    Episode #14
    Are you the type of person who overcomplicates things? Did you know that you can still get to your destination while living playfully and joyfully?
    As humans, we have this sense of accomplishment, looking for acknowledgment from others and prove our worthiness. This is what complicates things.
    There is always a joyful or playful approach to life. It does not mean you're wrong or unworthy, we just have to accept that it's what we can live and intended for when we were born. Stop contradicting, along the way you're getting indicators, you just have to acknowledge them and follow them. If you're resistant out of nature and you're doing out of proving, you'll just keep repeating that pattern. Everything is responding to the theme of your thought.
    It's not about the action, it's about coming into alignment with what you desire, finding a way to feel better than you are, and feel good consistently. You can be tired sometimes but it is not what you want to keep focusing on, you have the choice. Life is a journey of new discoveries.
    A Bit About Christine
    Christine coaches thought leaders and influencers who are deeply interested in confidently creating their life through the masterful understanding of their own empowerment. Her clients are passionate, life-loving humans who already have a track record of success, who understand that coaching is not a luxury and that hiring her will exponentially affect their lives in powerful and positive ways.
    Website: https://www.christinemeyercoaching.com/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinemeyercoaching/

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    Melissa King

    Melissa King

    Episode #13
    Are you aware of the common mistakes job seekers make? What steps have you taken in your consideration of a career change?
    When looking for a job, you should always put your best foot forward. Update your resume, and be confident when talking about points that are relevant to your job or industry.
    You've got to stand out and be strategic. Use social media to connect with people and professionals, especially those in the same industry as you. Social media gives you an edge through familiarity and commonality.
    Connect through LinkedIn. Start posting, talk about marketing efforts around your industry. Start building up your profile and get recognized.
    Sometimes people are afraid to ask questions and to be direct. We have to keep trying, let go of that fear, and keep moving forward.
    A Bit About Melissa
    MELISSAKING is a nationwide boutique firm providing services for Recruiting, Coaching, and Resume Writing. Melissa is solution-focused. She shows a high level of empathy and has the ability to motivate others in challenging times. She has an intuitive and light style that builds rapport quickly and is unafraid to challenge when appropriate. Melissa uses a combination of business models and insight to help clients achieve transformational change.
    For Recruiting, Melissa provides a unique experience to each client that she represents. She has continued to partner with a variety of business leaders in providing talent acquisition solutions to develop their overall management capabilities and improve talent transformations within Sales/Marketing, Accounting/Finance, IT, and HR teams for all businesses & organizations. Establishing a proven track record in recruiting for mission-critical and executive positions has remained an ongoing focus. Melissa is your source for today's top talent with a commitment that elevates her practice to the forefront of the recruiting industry. She has partnered with leading companies in Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, and LA to name a few. ​
    With Coaching, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, executives, and even students in becoming more effective in their personal and professional life by overcoming personal obstacles standing in the way of living the life they truly want. She has partnered with Fortune 500 companies to elevate their C-Suite, as well as teams to enhance performance. She also partners with individuals on a personal level to get their careers to where they want them to be.
    ​Melissa has a passion with regard to the growth of individuals and how these individuals, in turn, can foster the growth of their colleagues. She believes that the ability to create, to communicate, and to encourage change is a key factor for the success of both the organization and the individual.
    Website: https://kingmelissa.com
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissaking-mk/

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    Peter Stewart

    Peter Stewart

    Episode #12
    Do you always feel like there's a lot going on in your brain? Are you having a hard time when it comes to problem-solving and decisions making?
    How do you leverage your brain at work?
    Our brain is always functioning and performing behind the scenes...that's why it demands so much from your body.
    We need to differentiate the decisions, changes, and choices that are important from those that aren't. Recognize that not every activity you engage in requires the same level of brainpower.
    Schedule your day from a 'brain energy management' perspective and not just an 'importance' perspective.
    It is also very important to give yourself a little quiet time to mentally adjust and process before making big decisions. Let your mind connect the problems that are still unsolved and your brain will solve them behind the scene. You just need to turn off distractions to listen to some of those answers.
    A Bit About Peter
    Peter K. Stewart, Ph.D., is an experienced business psychologist specializing in leadership consulting, coaching, and training. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team of Stewart Leadership, Peter assists in strategic planning, firm development, management, and operational delivery. He continues to have ongoing oversight of the Stewart Leadership family of assessments, including the LEAD NOW! Self Assessment and LEAD NOW! 360° Assessment. In addition to individual leadership coaching, consulting, and delivery of training for clients, Peter also supervises assessment integration and certification for coaches within the programs for Stewart Leadership.
    Over the last 15 years, with his unique blend of insightful psychological and business perspectives, Peter has helped hundreds of individuals in diverse settings and professional positions achieve success in their personal growth and leadership development. Clients have frequently commented on the ease and speed with which Peter is able to thoroughly grasp the individual and organizational challenges that people are facing. He helps them conceptualize and understand their role in complex organizational systems through clear, practical, and common-sense direction with a clear plan for action.
    Peter’s formal training in personal development began with his undergraduate studies in psychology and business at Brigham Young University. He completed his graduate studies at the University of Kansas and Ohio State University by earning both a masters and doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in organizational systems, change, and human behavior. He also has expertise in the development, administration, and utilization of assessments, founded in relevant statistical analysis and research methodologies.
    In addition to being a co-owner of a group practice for several years, Peter is an active researcher, trainer, author, and speaker. As an adjunct professor, he has taught assessment administration and interpretation in the graduate school at Washington State University. He has published many articles and studies in Forbes and peer-reviewed journals, including Clinical Psychology: Science & Practice and The Journal of Clinical Psychology, presented at national conferences and participated in the development, standardization, and psychometric analysis of multiple assessment instruments.
    Peter’s unique background combined with a pragmatic, skills-focused application makes him ideal to partner with organizations and individuals to bring sustained improvement through talent management and leadership development strategies.
    Website: https://stewartleadership.com/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-stewart-phd/

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5.0 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

Ms. BeardLJE ,

New listener & I’m hooked!

Love listening to the podcast! Never felt bored to skip any episode. Great guests and conversations!

hyperjoga ,

Love it!

Doug is a great host that guides his guests through interviews very well. Lots to learn in every episode!

FitPro5 ,

Love it - incredible insight for all kinds of coaches!

I feel like I see so many people out there who are crushing it by being a coach but there is no handbook or roadmap telling you how to be successful at it. I am so happy I have discovered this podcast because I feel like it’s giving real insight into real coaches who are successful and how they got there - which is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Love it!

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