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The Summit uncovers the true drive and motivation that makes people successful.
We talk with amazing individuals to break down how they define success for themselves, how they chose their goals, and their decision-making processes as they climb their mountains.

The Summit Podcast Jeremy Terman and Andrew March

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The Summit uncovers the true drive and motivation that makes people successful.
We talk with amazing individuals to break down how they define success for themselves, how they chose their goals, and their decision-making processes as they climb their mountains.

    S2E16: Golden Touch | Ben Goldhaber (CEO, Juked.GG)

    S2E16: Golden Touch | Ben Goldhaber (CEO, Juked.GG)

    Ben Goldhaber is the Founder and CEO of Juked.gg, a platform for esports and gaming fans to discover and engage with the best events and content from across the global esports community.

    Before Juked, Ben pursued his childhood passion for online gaming by accepting an offer to work at Twitch where he was a founding team member.

    Twitch is the global leader in video game live streaming with over 100 million peak visitors that was acquired by Amazon in 2014 for nearly $1 billion. After spending nearly a decade at Twitch, he saw a problem in the online gaming community that needed to be addressed – toxic online behavior from users.

    His mission with Juked is to contribute to a rapidly growing and thriving esports and gaming community while providing access to the most amazing content and experiences for users while providing an environment free of toxic behavior and commentary.

    Loved gaming
    Childhood dream
    Gave up convention job
    Worked at twitch
    There for ~10 years
    Company grew to 1000+ ppl; became corporate
    Toxic behavior was not a priority to solve
    Had good exit + financial stability
    Left to start juked
    Content + good environment + community / people
    Long term - help contribute to community
    Eposts and gaming are growing, still early days

    Ben knew creating a healthier online social environment alone wasn’t enough so he aimed at content + engagement similar to combining Reddit & ESPN + a social platform all in one.

    Please enjoy this episode & hope you learn more about the creator economy.

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    S2E15: True Grit | Justin True (Hybrid Athlete & True Triathlon Creator)

    S2E15: True Grit | Justin True (Hybrid Athlete & True Triathlon Creator)

    Justin True is a hybrid-athlete who’s bounced back from a turbulent upbringing where he questioned the value of his own life to creating the True Triathlon to raise $15,000,000 to support mental health awareness and help others.

    Justin and his team want to the bridge the gap and help good people connect with the ones that need it the most around the world. By exploring and adventuring across the globe they have found people are fundamentally similar. Their hope is to bring awareness to the unseen hearts of this world through extreme expeditions.

    Earlier in life, Justin was faced with the grim reality of his mother almost passing away due to a violent encounter that left Justin in a deep, dark place questioning the value of his own life. He found an escape and relief through intense physical activity from becoming a champion MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter to then pursuing extreme and ultra events.

    After finding his calling with marathons, triathlons, and ultra athlete events, he decided to create the True Triathlon in his namesake to bring awareness to mental health awareness.

    His story, passion, optimism, and positivity are infectious!

    Whether you are an athlete pursuing your ambitions of become the leader in your field, or someone looking for more meaning and purpose in life, this conversation will uplift you and bring new perspectives on how to view challenges and the opportunities that emerge from overcoming those challenges.

    Justin dives into his remarkable ascent from the lows to the highs and what it means to pursue a worthy purpose that benefits others in the process.

    Join us in this fantastic episode!

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    S2E14: Give to Get | Craig J. Lewis (Founder & CEO - Gig Wage)

    S2E14: Give to Get | Craig J. Lewis (Founder & CEO - Gig Wage)

    Craig J. Lews is on a path to leave a legacy and build generational wealth. His vision and motivation is transparent from the start! Craig’s passion and energy is contagious. Craig started off his career in payroll and realized to leave his impact, he needed to build his own company.

    Gig Wage is on a path to revolutionize the future engagement of the workforce. Gig Wage builds modern payroll, payments and banking tools for the future of work. Gig Wage is designed payroll that meets the demand of the on-demand workforce.

    Craig is a former professional basketball player in Europe and those habits and lessons as an athlete have carried over into the professional world. He is known by living by many mottos:

    Go for it
    Don’t fear complex problems, face them
    You survive 100% of the things you’ve been through
    We have everything we need in us
    Be inspired and inspire somebody everyday
    The world is our classroom
    Success is not the absence of failure but the mastery of it
    The more you give, the more valuable you are

    Craig dives into his bounce back mindset and how we must move on from the good & bad and focus on constant self improvement with the thought of wanting to learn from every interaction.

    Join us in this fantastic episode!

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    S2E13: Fast Mindfulness | Tommy Sobel (Founder & CEO, Brick)

    S2E13: Fast Mindfulness | Tommy Sobel (Founder & CEO, Brick)

    Tommy Sobel is a World Class digital habits coach and the Founder and CEO of Brick, the leading digital wellness movement.  He’s helped thousands of business leaders and top-performers develop better technology habits.

    He started Brick with a mission to create a world where healthy phone habits make us more present and connected.

    Before Brick, Tommy worked as Steven Spielberg’s right hand man at DreamWorks Animation where he had various leadership roles focused on digital media and innovation.

    While studying neuroscience at Duke University, he developed a deep understanding of the human brain and how technology is impacting us and our wellbeing in a hyperdigital, always-on environment. Before entering the entertainment industry, Tommy worked as the key researcher and co-author of neuroscience studies alongside PhDs at Duke University and UCLA.

    Join us in this thoughtful episode and learn how we can all improve our lives with a more mindful approach to using technology and interacting with others in a digital world.

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    S2E12: The Realization that I Can | Brandon Gil (Founder, Gil Ventures)

    S2E12: The Realization that I Can | Brandon Gil (Founder, Gil Ventures)

    Brandon Gil is a former Division 1 baseball player and scholarship recipient and a positive, hard-charging entrepreneur who is proactively building his dream life.

    After leaving the corporate world where he worked at Fortune 500 companies, Brandon launched took control of his destiny and launched the eponymous Gil Ventures to help businesses with digital strategies and create his ideal life on his terms.

    He has taken Gil Ventures from a concept to a profitable business venture with a large and growing list of clients in the CBD industry and a team of 40 professionals across the world that is growing.

    In this episode, you will hear about the foundational habits and mindset that enable Brandon to build the life that he envisions. His life principles and approach to life, business, and personal improvement all come out in this fun and casual conversation.

    After returning to Miami, I had a small stint of corporate positions with Fortune 500 companies but felt I could not accomplish my aspirations down that path. I then decided to hyperfocus on growing startups. After a couple of years successfully helping startups scale, I wanted to challenge myself by opening Gil Ventures - a holding company for private and public companies that use innovation to enhance the human condition through emerging concepts and industries.

    Enjoy the episode!

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    S2E10: Community Focused | S2E10 Nikki DeMeré (CMO, Reeview.app)

    S2E10: Community Focused | S2E10 Nikki DeMeré (CMO, Reeview.app)

    Nikki DeMeré is a community-focused leader, CMO, and entrepreneur dedicated to elevating the groups of people around them.

    Nikki currently is the CMO of Reeview.app which is an automated platform that finds, collects, and displays authentic user-generated video reviews for e-commerce businesses. With years of experience as a SaaS growth marketer, Nikki has sought to build relationships with the digital and physical communities around them to enable better customer success and relations.

    Nikki helps startups move from initial product-solution fit to product-market fit and beyond to establish then strengthen brands.

    In this episode, we discuss Nikki’s passion for community building and having a positive impact on people.

    Join us for this wonderful episode with Nikki, Andrew, and Jeremy.

    • 34 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

DanieDizzle ,

This podcast is a reminder that knowledge is power

Summit Podcast is an awesome podcast and resource for those looking to expand their minds. It’s really a great reminder that knowledge is power. What I love most about this though, is that it’s not someone talking AT you, but someone talking with you. It feels organic and authentic in the way they’re having conversations and talking about things. I love the diversity in guests as well as industries they have on the show. Too often podcasts pigenhole who is on their show, and the guys of Summit Podcast really go the extra mile in the diversity they have on the show. They have definitely fine tuned their podcasts since Season 1, and I appreciate the go-get it attitude of just making it happen. The relatability of the guests and how they interact is awesome. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see who else you guys bring on the show.

Jeremy Terman ,


Andrew and Jeremy have brought on a diverse set of guests with different experiences and reasons for what motivates them to be successful.

Shopper stopper ,

Great listen

Insightful perspectives and conversations with a diverse and unique group of guests. Enjoyed listening to the life experiences and each guests take on “What is success”

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