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Less gear, more beer!

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Less gear, more beer!

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4.8 out of 5
313 Ratings

313 Ratings

jennnnniep ,

Heyyyy trail show!

You guys are so fun! Always interesting stuff discussed, a great mix up of info and moves around in topic to keep you interested! You guys make me laugh so hard, I love how you keep it real and not just go with the trends. Working on the CT this year and working on a trip of the TRT in the late summer or early fall. TRIPS! Get on tha trail🤘#saltysnacks.

Tin' Tin ,

Worst podcast ever

I forced myself to listen to 3 episodes just to give them a fair chance. I think some ADHD 7 year olds produced the show. There’s pretty much no useful information or even entertainment value on the show. In one episode a guy talked briefly about being on the Wonderland Trail, but couldn’t even recall but the vaguest of details and even the commentators asked if he was actually there. None of the other episodes got any better. It’s hard to believe that people actually listen to this mindless BS.

tr0mbley ,

Informative Intoxication?

After 3 or 4 years of listening to this great podcast, the April Fool’s show finally compelled me to write a review, become a donor, and ask a hiker question... maybe even play a prank. This episode was truly superb, second only to the Te Araroa Confessionals. I experienced the full range of emotions on this one: curious at first, then disbelief, then bursts of laughing followed by frustration, resignation, and finally immense joy in the utter simplicity of it all. Terrifically creative and hysterical. Towards the end of the show I felt like I was in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, riding the boat through the psychedelic tunnel. This was a potpourri of sounds! A bold work of art! I can almost picture Disco under a smoky desk lamp, half past midnight in the glow of a MacBook Pro... editing... splicing... creating! I can also picture POD standing behind him, in a leisure suit, shaking her head, deeply disappointed by this blatant overdose of acoustics. In honor of Disco’s effort, I would like to offer a top 5 list of sound effects:

5. Incessant knocking on the door
4. Whacked-out dolphin with other unknown creature
3. Unsupervised hammering at the construction site
2. Ruthless fisticuffs with violent back-and-forth exchange at the end
1. A thirsty dog drinking

I have no idea where someone would find such an assorted collection of hi-def masterpieces.

Raising a glass to you guys for all the laughs over the years and looking forward to another 80 shows. Get on the trail y’all!

Bob (Death March) Trombley aka DMT
North Carolina

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