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on this podcast you will hear from the host, Meghan and other real life unschoolers and homeschoolers on a range of topics around self directed learning and living without school. this is not a “how -to” with experts but the lived experiences and some of the more nuanced and intersectional experiences in the unschooling and homeschooling community.

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on this podcast you will hear from the host, Meghan and other real life unschoolers and homeschoolers on a range of topics around self directed learning and living without school. this is not a “how -to” with experts but the lived experiences and some of the more nuanced and intersectional experiences in the unschooling and homeschooling community.

    1.34 mutuality and unschooling

    1.34 mutuality and unschooling

    In episode 34, Meghan takes to the mic alone to talk about mutuality, empathy, fearless listening and how it’s connected to the way we are raising children while unschooling. with a couple of F bombs because… language is powerful!
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    -as a reminder, the zine is limited print, deadline for this issue is April 15th,2022-

    The panel mentioned- on mutual dialogue with bell hooks, George Yancy and Harry Brod; philosophers of/by both formal education and in existence.

    Licity Collins on Fearless Listening

    Alok Vaid-Menon Instagram post

    Tammi Lenski on 5 bad listening habits

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    1.33 decentering school with Nikolai Pizarro

    1.33 decentering school with Nikolai Pizarro

    In episode 33 of the podcast, Meghan is talking with Nikolai Pizarro of @raisingreaders on the concept of decentering school, to center connection and relationship. this discussion touches on educational trauma, the pressure to uphold the school system and the values it thrusts into families. Nikolai is very aware that many families do not have the ability to leave school, and wants to empower parents and young people to know their humanity is priority.
    she gives real examples of ways folks can walk their children thru their agency while remaining in school. not focusing on the metrics that sort and divide children, and not letting schoolishness dictate how we see ourselves and our humanity.
    we talk about the great lie of school with our feet firmly on the ground and in truth for parents who just can’t stop sending their young people to school.
    find Nikolai on Instagram @raisingreaders and don’t forget to follow the backyard forest school @liberatorium and toss some funds toward the groundbreaking (literally) work here -> https://givebutter.com/KStbEI
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    1.32 the subtleties of colonization with Akilah S. Richards

    1.32 the subtleties of colonization with Akilah S. Richards

    in this conversation with Akilah Richards, we just feel our way through 5 different phrases. episodes of this podcast are never scripted, but this one is particularly vulnerable and off the cuff. i am so grateful for the time and space shared, and hope this conversation will help folks get a sense of what Akilah means when she talks about Raising Free People via unschooling and what our responsibilities are to the people around us.

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    Akilah’s podcast
    Fare of the free Child Podcast
    Akilah’s Website
    Please become a patron of Akilah’s!
    Akilah’s writing for Everyday Feminism

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    1.31 community support

    1.31 community support

    hello there, and welcome to the community check-in and support episode! here are the links to the few things i mentioned for support.
    i hope you know that you are loved, and not alone. xxMeghan
    Shawna Murray Browne

    Raising Readers Parent Support Line 404-737-1065

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    1.30 neurodiversity + self-directed learning with Demetria

    1.30 neurodiversity + self-directed learning with Demetria

    in episode 30 of the podcast, Meghan is speaking with an Austin based unschooling Mama named Demetria on raising Neurodiverse children without school. they discuss her transition from school to a restful home life, strategies for coping to be able to self-direct, and reflect on some vulnerable things as it relates to school and the harm it perpetuates.

    find meghan at theunschoolfiles.com
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    Demetrias Resources!

    Tik Tok


    Fare of the Free Child
    Honey I’m Homeschooling the Kids
    Exploring Unschooling
    Sage Family
    Use Your Outside Voice! unschooling podcast
    Audacious Autistics (YouTube & Spotify)
    ADHD Experts podcast ADDitude Strategies and Support for ADHD & LD
    ADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka
    Self-Directed Learning & Neurodiversity, Terri Cox

    Lucy at Life Without School

    Ross W Greene, PhD: Raising Human Beings, The Explosive Child
    Alfie Kohn: Unconditional Parenting, Punished by Rewards
    Shefali Tsabary: The Conscious Parent, The Awakened Family
    Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto
    Free to Learn by Peter Gray
    Children Learn by John Holt
    Introverted Mom by Jamie C Martin
    The Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine Aron
    Differently Wired by Deborah Reber
    The Whole Brain Child by Daniel Siegel MD & Tina Payne Bryson PhD
    Unschooled by Kerry McDonald & Peter Gray
    Deschooling Gently by Tammy Takahashi

    **Demetria always emphasizes extracting what works for your family/lifestyle, and leaving the rest when it comes to any types of resources**

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    1.29 life update + reflections on unschooling

    1.29 life update + reflections on unschooling

    it’s been a while since i have jumped on and spoke alone. i refrain from doing this a lot, because i really value conversation with other people, and never want to seem to have any answers. i literally have none!
    in this episode i share an update on the journey to “school”, talk about the struggles of finding and building community (and remembering the ones we are in that don’t include Unschoolers), reflecting on what unschooling continues to ask of us, and a question for the community on the abolition or reform of schools! let me know if anything jumps out and you want to connect.

    • 14 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Sloucks ,

Amazing conversations

I am loving everything about this podcast. The way that the interviewer speaks with such enthusiasm for learning differently in the world, questions that are being asked and the way we are being invited to question how we’re going to bring everyone forward with us. Thank you for creating this resource in the world

Stinky dragon ,

The Unschool Files delivers

I'm so glad to have found this podcast. Meghan offers a compelling entry point into the practice of unschooling. From the first episode she describes foundational concepts in a compassionate and relatable way.
A great listen for new and seasoned unschoolers.

HopiedaBear ,


ohhhh all the things you are saying are being echoed here. I don't define our schooling journey as unschool but we are all homeschoolers so we are in the same proverbial boat together. I think its good to remind ourselves we are TOGETHER no matter where we are on that schooling journey! I love hearing the thoughts and refections that you've poured into this podcast. All i can say is GIVE ME MORE!

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