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Music journalist B.Getz sits down with a guest or two to explore any number of topics from the inner sanctums of music & festival cultures. The focus of this episodic podcast leans toward human resilience and inspiration, with high brow conversations from a variety of participants. The host has been covering underground music and festivals for nearly twenty years for Live for Live Music, Everfest, JamBase, upful LIFE. and more.

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Music journalist B.Getz sits down with a guest or two to explore any number of topics from the inner sanctums of music & festival cultures. The focus of this episodic podcast leans toward human resilience and inspiration, with high brow conversations from a variety of participants. The host has been covering underground music and festivals for nearly twenty years for Live for Live Music, Everfest, JamBase, upful LIFE. and more.

    035: CHRIS LITTLEFIELD (Trumpet - Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Klozd Sirkut)

    035: CHRIS LITTLEFIELD (Trumpet - Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Klozd Sirkut)

    Welcome CHRIS LITTLEFIELD (Trumpet- Karl Denson's Tiny Universe) to Episode 035 of The Upful LIFE Podcast ! In addition to being a brilliant musician and veteran funk/R&B trumpet player, Chris is a longtime friend going back over fifteen years. It was tremendously rewarding to get with him for a riveting 90-minute conversation that is at once informative and inspiring. Chris Littlefield takes us into the reality of his surroundings, unpacking a plethora of insight and ideas.
    Chris Littlefield INTERVIEW @ 15:00
    In lieu of the standard chat going down memory lane, instead Chris and I jump into a myriad of topics du jour. Littlefield details his day-to-day mind-frame here in the now frontier, with KDTU off the road due to coronavirus he finds himself at home with his family more than ever. Chris reveals a bit about being a father in these unprecedented, troubling times, and he explores both his own childhood in Oakland and his daughters' in Seattle, from cultural, social, and technological standpoints. Littlefield also discusses the transition to online teaching, and how his students have acclimated to Zoom sessions and digital lessons, with regard to his longtime position at Seattle Drum School of Music. 

    Eventually, we turn the corner and get into the stuff that's pretty hard to talk about. I am grateful for such a strong friendship bond with Chris, so I felt empowered to ask these tough questions about racial relations in the US, at this divisive, intense moment in history. Chris Littlefield leaves nary a stone unturned in this no-holds-barred discussion on race, one that extrapolates into racial components among American cities, teaching his children well about what's happening with protests and police violence, Black Lives Matter. We get into the Black Panthers legacy, intermarriage, the beauty of the people of Seattle, and more. Plus Black musical legacies, Black American music, the jazz-funk/jamband audience's role in preserving the history, and dialogues that go beyond.All that plus the 411 on Chris's main musical endeavors- he's again heard on trumpet and flugelhorn all over Karl Denson's Tiny Universe's newest album Gnomes & Badgers, and Chris opines why this record was conceptually a little bit ahead of it's time. And we get the latest from Klozd Sirkut, Littlefield's longtime electro-funk side project out of Seattle.

    Vibe Junkie JAM
    KDTU "New Afro" ( later rechristened "Odysseus" after 12 years on the shelf)   
    Late Night Live from the inaugural Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in 2002, Manchester, TN
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    Theme Song: Mazel Tov by CALVIN VALENTINE

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    034: KIM DAWSON (vocalist - Matador Soul Sounds / Color Red / ex-Pimps of Joytime)

    034: KIM DAWSON (vocalist - Matador Soul Sounds / Color Red / ex-Pimps of Joytime)

    Episode 034 of *The Upful LIFE Podcast* welcomes vocalist KIM DAWSON to the show for an important discussion. A chat as necessary as it is enlightening, with memories uncomfortable and messages inspiring. Kim Dawson is currently a solo artist on Eddie Roberts' label Color Red, a co-frontwoman of Roberts' quasi-supergroup Matador Soul Sounds, a go-to singer for any number of collectives, tribute shows, sit-ins and such. Most recently she released the R&B single "Try" with Wil Blades, and sings her heart out on "Good Thang" with Crushed Velvet & the Velveteers, on Alan Evans' own Vintage League Music. However, I invited her on the podcast to discuss important matters beyond her fantastic performances and collaborations.
    KIM DAWSON - intro @ 11:30, interview @ 16:00
    *apologize for any minor sound issues or clicks during the interview... trust I did my best to minimize the annoyance* 
    Kim has been a presence within the jam/funk music community for a long time, and a mainstay on the Front Rage scene. She's an educator with Swallow Hill Music, where she works with aspiring young singers; she also mentors young women of color in the Denver metro area. Ms. Dawson was kind enough to give us an hour and a half of the medicine we need, in a wide ranging discussion of her journey as a Black American, a female of color in the performing arts, Black music heritage in the jam scene, her own experiences as a youth and just exactly the moment when she really learned what time it was with race in America. We get a peek into her reality as it pertains to intermarriage, her current situation in Denver juxtaposed with growing up in Oklahoma, and so much more.
    But of course, we kick things off talkin' music... because, well, that's still how we do. Thanks to the divine Kim Dawson for her gracious time & the vibe! Please listen to her remarkable patience, and compassion in speaking to the people and our greater music community from her heart, as we so dearly need it.
    Vibe Junkie JAM of the Week
    The Roots featuring Jill Scott "You Got Me"
    (goth arrangement LIVE from 9:30 Club, Washington DC - 2002)
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    Theme Song: Mazel Tov by CALVIN VALENTINE

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    033: DAVE from DOPEY PODCAST + KEITH GRINER (music photojournalist) - On Addiction & Recovery

    033: DAVE from DOPEY PODCAST + KEITH GRINER (music photojournalist) - On Addiction & Recovery

    Episode 033 of *The Upful LIFE Podcast* welcomes the legendary DAVE from DOPEY PODCAST! This conversation is a couple of years in the making, and is one helluva heart-filling, harrowing, ultimately heroic story of human resilience and the magic of recovery. Dave has been a fearless leader of the Dopey Nation for a few years now, and his wildly-popular podcast just clocked it’s 4 MILLIONTH DOWNLOAD about a week ago. Just an astonishing story with inspiring highs juxtaposed with some of the darkest lows, brutal losses and excruciating sacrifices along the way. Absolutely riveting 100-min conversation with Dave. Followed by a topical, personal journal entry from yours truly, we hear from KEITH GRINER, a successful music photographer also in recovery. WARNING: This episode contains graphic content with regard to drug use and addiction. Please enter with caution, big heart and an open mind.
    DAVE of DOPEY PODCAST intro @ 8:00 
    SOMETIMES IT SNOWS IN APRIL - B.Getz - 2:00:00
    KEITH GRINER @ 2:17:00
    Dave built the Dopey Podcast with his friend Chris, and the show has found unbridled success, though at great cost to Dave, and those around him. From Long Island, NY, he checks in for a 100-minute chat that runs the gamut of his entire journey. We touch on a number of topics, including his personal and career paths, the evolution of Dopey Podcast, his musical tastes and experiences, the tragic deaths of two people very close to him, and the descent into the abyss of his own struggle with heroin and other drugs. Before ultimately partnership, fatherhood, and 4-plus years of recovery deliver us the Dave of today, happy, healthy and radiating. Listening to Dopey Podcast every week for a couple of years, Dave has become one of the most inspiring cats in my life, real talk, and it’s nothing short of an honor and privilege to give him a platform to share his story, straight no chaser. A beautifully human tale of darkness, depravity, recovery and rebirth.
    After Dave’s interview, I took the opportunity to read a journal entry from about a month ago with regard to conquering my own demons. Titled “Sometimes It Snows In April”, its a four-year reflection written on the anniversary of the day that Prince passed away.

    To wrap things up on Ep.033, I reached back to late December 2019, well before all this virus madness, to a conversation I had with rock photographer KEITH GRINER. Keith is someone I’ve worked with in the music media on a few epic festivals & other occasions. He also has several years in recovery, and it was wonderful to give him the chance to reflect on his own journey, personally & professionally, and share some wisdom with regard to overcoming his addiction.
    If you or anyone you know is struggling with substance abuse and addiction, please reach out. There are numerous resources to assist. Feel free to hit me up directly at B.Getz@upfullife.com
    Vibe Junkie JAM of the Week
    “Down In A Hole” by Alice In Chains from MTV Unplugged in 1996.
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    Theme Song: Mazel Tov by CALVIN VALENTINE

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    032: ADAM DEITCH, + BOBBY & DENISE DEITCH, + RYAN ZOIDIS [Lettuce / BrkSci / AD4 / BDB] - Isolation Station v.4 : Adam Deitch BDAY Extravaganza

    032: ADAM DEITCH, + BOBBY & DENISE DEITCH, + RYAN ZOIDIS [Lettuce / BrkSci / AD4 / BDB] - Isolation Station v.4 : Adam Deitch BDAY Extravaganza

    ADAM DEITCH B-DAY EXTRAVAGANZA! Episode 032 of *The Upful LIFE Podcast* is proud to welcome the one & only ADAM DEITCH to the show! It's an honor & privilege for this esteemed gentleman to slide through for a proper powwow. To celebrate his 4/26 b-day, we dig into a pair of fresh records: Lettuce's new LP Resonate (5/8), & his own forthcoming solo electronic EP The Age of Imperfection, AND check-in with his fam. Literally! His wonderful parents BOBBY & DENISE DEITCH hop on the phone to discuss all things Deitch. Bobby Deitch Band  new album dropping 5/15, so we get the scoop on that, plus loving parental reflections on Adam & his boys. Ep.032 finishes strong with the great RYAN ZOIDIS (sax - Lettuce, AD4, BrkSci Live Band). Zoid has collab'd with Adam Deitch for nearly a quarter century, he's a world-class musician & vibrant conversationalist. This episode is a family affair. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! #DeitchBeatsDontQuit - ISOLATION STATION v.4
    ADAM DEITCH intro - 6:00
    BOBBY & DENISE DEITCH intro - 41:00 
    RYAN ZOIDIS intro - 1:17:30 
    Adam Deitch needs no introduction. He's steadily among the more celebrated drummers in the game for over two decades, laying the foundation for modern funk music. He pushes the art skyward, prolific in hip-hop, electronic, and jazz. He's been the iconic engine powering Lettuce ever since the future-funk cosmonauts first took flight, back in the mid-1990's at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Their collective trajectory has been astonishing, as has his own journey in music. In addition to slaying with LETT, Deitch has collaborated with everybody from John Scofield to Pretty Lights to Redman & beyond. The GRAMMY-nominated artist is dropping new music left & right, even on quarantine. Deitch stays perpetually in motion, getting busy with his electro-soul duo Break Science, plus his own soul-jazz group Adam Deitch Quartet (featuring Ep.024 guest Wil Blades, and Lettuce's Ryan Zoidis (interviewed later in this program) & Eric Benny Bloom (Ep.017). 

    Transmitting from Denver, CO., Adam brings us into the Resonate recording and mixing sessions with super-producer Russ Elevado, as well as the band's writing and studio processes. Deitch discusses how LETT creative vibes coalesce, a general modus operandi for the current squadron, and highlights Elevado's dutiful influence. The drummer teases some possible dream collabs, with insightful backstories of how & why they might just happen. Adam gets into the "Funkin from Home" project, then pivots into his own production concepts, ideas, and compositions with regard to new electronic EP The Age of Imperfection. The dude waxes philosophic about sampling traditions, newer trends in the culture, then shows love to some young gunners pioneering the wave in that lo-fi hip-hop space. He tickles the fans with some clues about a new Nigel Hall solo album in the works. Maybe more Break Science acoustic? Towards the end, AD reveals his thoughts on the myriad of emotional elements ever-present in his rhythms & compositions. Universal language inherent in so much that he studies & loves. Always humble, forever a student, yet effortlessly the teacher. Fantastic, fulfilling, & deeply informative Adam Deitch interview! Here's to another ring around the sun, shogun! 

    • 2 hr 27 min
    031: TED KARTZMAN & LIZ MOODY (LiveStream 101),+ JOSH BLAKE (iamavl, GFE), CHRIS GELBUDA (songwriter) - Isolation Station v.3

    031: TED KARTZMAN & LIZ MOODY (LiveStream 101),+ JOSH BLAKE (iamavl, GFE), CHRIS GELBUDA (songwriter) - Isolation Station v.3

    The Upful LIFE Podcast proudly presents LIVESTREAM 101. This program intends to be a resource to the live music culture and music communities across genre, scene, and geography. Episode 031 - ISOLATION STATION v.3 will focus on blanketing the wild wild west of live-streaming, in the voices of four esteemed professionals in the digital music space, each certifiable live music lifers. 

    TED KARTZMAN (YouTube, co-founder of JamBase) & LIZ MOODY (digital music rights attorney, has worked wth Pandora, YouTube, Spotify, artists, festivals) - intro at 8:00, discussion at 13:00.

    JOSH BLAKE (iamavl, JBOT, GFE) intro at 51:00

    CHRIS GELBUDA (Nashville-based songwriter/guitarist) intro at 1hr 39min 


    TEDDY KARTZMAN is a huge reason why I even have a modicum of a career in the music industry. As co-founder of JamBase back in 1999, TK (unwittingly) blazed a path for me and numerous others into the world of digital music journalism. Along with his partners Andy Gadiel, Deanne Herman and others, he opened a door to chase my passion and follow my muse with sharing words about music experiences. Like so many, I am forever in his debt, and Teddy is nothing short of a pioneer. TK has been a major presence in the digital music space for two decades, having worked with Rhapsody, Google, YouTube, and a number of other tech music endeavors. For several years he managed The SLiP, among others, and has been a tireless champion for independent and underground artists. Ted Kartzman founded & remains on the JamBase Board of Directions. This roundtable discussion on the real-time realities of Livestreaming was as much (if not more) his brainchild than my own.

    This podcast is honored and privileged to host a professional of the stature & resume of one LIZ MOODY. A quick Google of her name will show you just why, as she’s been a major player in the digital music space for roughly 20 years, too. Currently the Chair of New Media at Granderson Des Roches, she’s an attorney who has worked with industry giants like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and a number of endeavors that came before. As such, she’s uniquely qualified to share her experiences on these salient topics of the day. When I was researching her bonafides to prepare for this dialogue, I was struck by how impactful her work in the streaming/music rights sector is. It seems any time she took a new job at a major organization, or announced a partnership or project, it was covered by the industry news agencies. Wherever she went, whatever she did, it was reported. So naturally, I was super stoked that she felt like this show was worth her time. Her perspective is as fascinating as it is informative; I believe the proof is in the pudding. Liz Moody is the EF Hutton of our current reality; when she speaks, everybody should listen.

    JOSH BLAKE is another pioneer in the digital music space, as well as a thriving musician and an essential cog in the cosmic art community that makes Asheville, NC such a beacon of light in the SouthEast. He’s been rooted and growing there for 23 years. Josh is a founder and partner in iamavl, the pre-eminent independent concert-broadcasting/live-streaming company of its kind, a total unicorn of sorts. Find out why that is, who they are and how they got there in this revealing, inspiring conversation. Josh Blake is a tremendous musician in his own right, and he pulls back the curtain on his latest album Nothing’s in the Way, in addition to a number of other musical irons in the proverbial fire. Of course, we had to get into his OG squad, Granola Funk Express (GFE) with a brief but beautiful saunter down memory lane with Josh about his seminal squadron, a (pure) light years ahead of it’s time misfit live hip-hop ensemble that was born in a Rainbow Family kitchen, a group and their music that changed the game, and people’s l

    • 2 hr 21 min
    030: JAMES CASEY (T.A.B.), SHIRA ELIAS (Turkuaz) , DJ Richie G, the Return of J.A. - ISOLATION STATION v.2

    030: JAMES CASEY (T.A.B.), SHIRA ELIAS (Turkuaz) , DJ Richie G, the Return of J.A. - ISOLATION STATION v.2

    The Upful LIFE Podcast - Episode 030 : Isolation Station v.2 welcomes JAMES CASEY (Trey Anastasio Band), SHIRA ELIAS (Turkuaz) to the show for fascinating conversations. In light of the current situation at hand, this podcast has transitioned to focus on what we are living through, both collectively and in quarantine. These are our stories. In addition, we also hear from a beloved member of the music community DJ Richie G, plus the long awaited return of J.A. To lift spirits, the pod wraps up with a magical personal reflection from the host. 
    RIP Ellis Marsalis, Bill Withers, John Prine
    DJ Richie G intro at 6:00
    Leading things off is DJ Richie G, a Lettuce superfan and longtime member of the jam/funk music community. He’s also a multi-genre DJ in his spare time. Richie Grossman has already contracted, battled and recovered from the corona virus, so we check in with him to hear his story, the gory details and inspiring recovery. Plus Richie's efforts livestreaming DJ sets to bring peeps together to celebrate birthdays virtually, & raise money for PPE masks for healthcare workers. 
    JAMES CASEY intro starts at 30mins
    Then we touch base with JAMES CASEY of TREY ANASTASIO BAND, who checks-in from Hawaii, where he’s been quarantined for several weeks. I’ve known James for about a decade now and have been a big fan of his for even longer, so it was an absolute joy to get a chance to interview him, though we both wished it were under different circumstances. James was among the first people in my network warning and informing people about the oncoming pandemic, as far back as mid-February. He lets us know just why he was alarmed before most of us, and how he’s dealing with the current reality. Part of that has to do with severe asthma, which stems from a near-death experience, an astonishing tale from James! Of course, he speaks about his joining TAB and his tremendous trajectory with that ensemble.  why he admires and envies Trey, and a little bit about his own music, too. Thanks to James Casey!
    SHIRA ELIAS intro at 57min 
    SHIRA ELIAS of TURKUAZ, who was a fantastic interview on Episode 013 of this podcast, jumps on the phone from the desert in Arizona. Shira tells the story of relocating her whole life from NYC to Los Angeles while the virus was taking hold in the US. She takes us through journeying cross-country, then retreating to the desert for some peace and space. We get the scoop on her forthcoming EP/project Shira Elias’ Goods & Services, and the debut single “Burnin’” that drops Friday 4/10. Shira reflects on Turkuaz “None’s A Ton” concert film, and why this downtime, though difficult, has been good for her in a number of ways. The Upful LIFE Podcast ADORES Shira Elias!
    THE Return of J.A. - intro at 1hr 17min
    FINALLY. Jason Abrams has come BACK to The Upful LIFE Podcast. What a heart-filling chat with my boy back in Philly. A music-culture encyclopedia/philosopher, pro wrasslin’ authority, Delaware Valley noted Phishtorian, J.A. is the most loyal and hilarious friend anyone could ever be blessed enough to have. After over a year since his last appearance, Jason comes back to the show to discuss what’s goin' on right now in Philly, The Phish from VT: Island Tour revisited & Sigma Oasis, plus the music business and pro-wrasslin’s future in a post-COVID entertainment industry climate. Great personal story from J.A to close out his long-awaited re-emergence.
    Vibe Junkie JAM of the Week
    Break Science “Once In A While” (acoustic)
    This phenomenal rework of their Seven Bridges classic is preceded by an emotional, personal anecdote from yours truly. If you make it to the end of this podcast, once in a while you’re rewarded with something very special from the inner sanctums of my heart. Thanks to Borahm Lee & Adam Deitch. Yes, Indeedy!
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5.0 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

coledefay ,

Wonderful podcast

As a musician, and someone who cares deeply about social issues that we are facing as a country as well as a community I’d have to recommend this podcast.
B Getz is right on in his interview style and just as a human in general.
Thank you so much for your work on this series.
As a long time tiny universe fan I also should mention that the recent interview featuring Chris littlefield was my favorite so far. I’ve heard this man speak through his instrument so many times and I think I got it. However this took me to another level. Thank you for this heartfelt and informative conversation.

jabulz ,

Tha illest in the west

Bee has a unique style that harkens back to a simpler time when characters didn’t need to rely on shock value and click bait to grab your attention. His existence in the cultural zeitgeist is an anachronistic anomaly and we are lucky to have him. While he deserves his own late night talk show, we can all take satisfaction knowing that this illuminating series is here to stay. His hypnotic cadence with which he speaks will grab your attention and not let go.

Cousin_Scotty ,

Live the Upful Life - You know you want to

The Upful life podcast is exactly what we need more of in the world right now. This podcast is uplifting and outspoken in an attempt to bring fans of music a personal and close up inside look at some of the nicest and talented musicians and artistic collaborators in the music scene. Bee Getz (pun intended) that this platform is an opportunity to make his mark in music community and pours himself into relevant social commentary at a time where we need passionate and inspiring voices to remind us to stay connected.

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