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From the desk of “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” “This Day in History Class” quickly recounts a tidbit from today’s events in history.

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From the desk of “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” “This Day in History Class” quickly recounts a tidbit from today’s events in history.

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4.2 out of 5
585 Ratings

585 Ratings

K_a_C_ ,


I subscribed because I love the podcast Stuff You Missed in History Class. Yves, the new host is doing great. I know she gets criticism for her pronunciation, but she does a great job. I'm sure anyone else would have difficulty to pronounce some of the words in the variety of topics that she covers. Some might dislike all the advertisements, but I listen to other podcasts which also have a lot of advertisers. Luckily, unlike cable TV, you can skip through it. I like how Yves and her crew bring a variety of topics for the daily podcast. Some I have never heard of and some I have. I like that the episodes are a few minutes because I have a number of podcasts that I subscribe to and this allows me to quickly listen on a daily basis where others I have to keep on hold for a time where I can listen for a half hour or more. Keep up the good work!

hawk7191 ,

Enjoy listening each morning

Things I’ve learned listening to this podcast. Keep up the good work Ms. Jeffcoat.

Car Guy Josh B ,

Loving the bite-sized bits of history!

I have really enjoyed this show! It is nice having a new bite-sized bit of history each day, and the fact that it is something that happened on THAT day makes it even better! The show is well-written, with each episode being engaging and managing to be chock-full of information without being overwhelming for the short episode length. I enjoyed it when Tracy was the host, and I continue to enjoy it now with Yves hosting! Yves is doing a phenomenal job, delivering the content in a way that is efficient and straightforward without being in a complete monotone. Some have complained about her accent and pronunciation. I unfortunately am not always the best at understanding people with a bit of an accent and I have been able to understand her just fine, as her accent really isn’t all that thick and, in my opinion, just adds to the character of the show.

I do have a couple little complaints, but they are little and understandable. The ads do feel like they run a bit long compared to the short length of the show, but that seems to be the way a lot of shorter shows work and the ads themselves are the standard ads I hear in other HowStuffWorks shows. Furthermore, the podcasts are free and they have to pay their bills, too! They have had a handful of ‘questionable’ sponsors at times in the past, too, but it does feel like that has gotten better. Also, there is a little redundancy between this show and Stuff You Missed In History Class, but this show is specific to each day, there are only so many things to talk about EVERY SINGLE DAY, and Stuff You Missed In History has been running for a long time and have done a whole lot of episodes, so it’s bound to happen some. That, and these folks are humans with lives and other jobs outside of podcasting, so I’m sure that, due to scheduling, research has to be reused on-occasion. The episodes of this show, as far as I can tell, haven’t been repeats, I personally could use a reminder of past things on occasion, and the show’s description literally says (or, at least used to say) “from the desk of Stuff You Missed In History Class.”

Those are really the only things that stand out to me and, as I said, they are minor and understandable. Love the show and highly recommend it!

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