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This Week in Bitcoin is an independent, investigative podcast covering Bitcoin. A high-signal news podcast focused on analysis you'll find valuable.

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This Week in Bitcoin is an independent, investigative podcast covering Bitcoin. A high-signal news podcast focused on analysis you'll find valuable.

    Fresh Summer FUD and Macro Mess

    Fresh Summer FUD and Macro Mess

    Bitcoin under fire: New mining attacks miss the mark, why Bitcoin’s price stalled, and the critical flaws in Bitcoin Core and LND.

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    U.S. national debt will reach $50 trillion by 2034, CBO projectsBillionaires U.S. 2023 | StatistaMain reason why rates will get cut regardless of where inflation will stand. Credit card defaults from small lenders have hit RECORD levels Housing defaults have just hit the highest levels since 2011OG whales have sold over 50,000 $BTC in the past 10 days, totaling approximately $3.30 billion. https://thebitcoinhole.com/hardware-walletsBoltz exchange swap blog post: https://blog.boltz.exchange/p/dispatching-chain-swapsUS SEC ends Consensys investigation into Ethereum 2.0Consensys on X: The SEC has notified us that it is closing its investigation into Ethereum 2.0Energy FUD:
    Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Attacks Bitcoin Mining with FUDBitcoin mining, AI data centers increasing demand on Texas power grid, leaders say - YouTubeOklahoma Governor signs bill into law that exempts Bitcoin miners from sales tax on electricity billsOklahoma Governor Signs Bill Exempting Sales Tax for Bitcoin MiningJUST IN: Cambridge publicly acknowledges that the age of their Bitcoin mining data leads to “an overestimation in our emission estimates by ~25%”BEEST (Bitcoin Energy & Emissions Sustainability Tracker)Bitcoin Core v27.1: Bug Fixes & Performance ImprovementsLND Versions Prior to v0.17.0 Vulnerable to LND Onion Bomb DoS AttackBitBanana: Lightning Node Management for AndroidFinal Clip of the Week:
    T-Mobile mining Bitcoin soonTelecom Giant and T-Mobile (TMUS) Parent Deutsche Telekom Plans to Mine BitcoinMusic
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    No Cuts for You

    No Cuts for You

    A new must-pass bill gives the President of the United States the power to block any Bitcoin transaction. Also, thoughts on the Fed rate and why Bitcoin Miner Bitfarms is preparing a “poison pill” strategy.

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    New law grants US president power to block digital asset accessSenate Bill Could Open Crypto to U.S. Sanctions, but Industry Trying to Head It OffText - S.4443 - 118th Congress (2023-2024): Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2025 | Congress.gov | Library of CongressPowell Admits The Biden Admin Is “Overstating” JobsPhiladelphia Fed Admits US Payrolls Overstated By At Least 800,000Wall Street Admits The Biggest Economic Shocker: All Jobs In The Past Year Have Gone To Illegal AliensBitfarms Adopt ‘Poison Pill’ Strategy to Fend Off Hostile Takeover by Riot Platforms (UPDATED)The decision follows Riot Platforms’ recent disclosure that it has acquired a 12% stake in Bitfarms, as well as a rejected $950 million acquisition offer.Music
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    Bitcoin Gets Ready to Feed

    Bitcoin Gets Ready to Feed

    Inflation be damned, central planners have decided to lower the cost of money. How the banks lowering rates impacts Bitcoin. Plus, the shocking stats of the Bitcoin ETFs, project updates, and more.

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    Canada becomes first G7 nation to cut interest ratesBank of Canada Cuts Interest Rates to 4.75%, Signals More to Come - BloombergEuropean Central Bank cuts interest rates, diverging from the FedECB cuts rates as it raises its 2025 and 2026 inflation forecasts.ECB Raises Inflation Forecast For 2024 And 2025

    Bitcoin - BTC Price, Live Chart, and News | Blockchain.com

    Bitcoin Address | Wallet Lookup - Blockonomics

    US President Joe Biden vetoes SAB 121 repeal

    Riot Platforms Acquires 9.25% Stake in Bitfarms Following Rejected $950M Takeover Offer

    Bitcoin (BTC) MIner Core Scientific Rejects CoreWeave’s $1B Buyout Offer

    SimpleX blog: SimpleX network: private message routing, v5.8 released with IP address protection and chat themesSimpleX Chat v5.8: Private Message RoutingCitadel Securities, BlackRock back Texas stock exchange project

    Red Light By: Tony Salomone

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    The Stagflation Scenario

    The Stagflation Scenario

    The increasing probability of Stagflation might cut Bitcoin's post-halving bull run off at the knees; my thoughts on the Ethereum ETF and why I'm getting skeptical of the political "tone shift."

    April pending home sales hit lowest level since start of pandemicThis morning’s revised data show the gov’t is basically “buying” GDP w/ debt, but getting only 50 cents on the dollar - worst deal ever…United States M2 Money Supply is now positive YoY for the first time since November 2022.Germany’s industry in decline - a giant is falling \ stacker news ~econSEC approves rule change to allow creation of ether ETFsEthereum ETF to Get 20% of Bitcoin ETF FlowsAs crypto cash floods Washington, Congress eyes gentler regulations - The Washington PostPresident Biden Announces Presidential Delegation to the Republic of El Salvador to Attend the Inauguration of His Excellency Nayib Bukele | The White HouseBiden campaign ramps up crypto industry outreach in surprising tone ‘shift’ | The Blockfaradayfedora’s Shakepay LinkSTUDY: The Personality and Motivational Characteristics of Bitcoiners
    🧡 Bitcoiners tend to be intellectually curious and emotionally stable🌎value personal growth, relationships, community over material possessions📈Scored significantly higher in financial literacy than the general populationSaifedean Ammous on why Bitcoin is Finical GunpowderMusic
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    Why Biden Just Flipped on Crypto

    Why Biden Just Flipped on Crypto

    It's more than Trump. The three major shifts compelling the White House to halt their attack on the Crypto industry. Plus, the details around the new FIT21 bill that takes power away from the SEC, and why I think an Ethereum ETF might be bad for Bitcoin.

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    JPM Emly Choy Predsent and Chief Operating officer said:“The tone from the SEC has just changed literally overnight…The administration sensing some panic” Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act (H.R. 4763) - GovTrack.usOperation Choke Point 2.0: How U.S. Regulators Fight Bitcoin With Financial Censorship - Bitcoin Magazine - Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights
    Custodia Bank Loses Lawsuit Challenging Fed Rejection of Master Account Application
    Caitlin Long FULL TESTIMONY
    Elizabeth Warren circled wagons around embattled FDIC chief Martin Gruenberg | SemaforWhite House PDF SAP-HR4763.pdfSEC Mandates Overhaul of Ethereum (ETH) ETFPresident Biden and SEC Chair oppose major crypto bill hours before votingU.S. President Biden Does Not Threaten Veto Against House Crypto Market Structure Bill, But ‘Opposes Passage’
    https://relai.app/ (J’informatique's code: REL218932)
    p2prights.orgThe Peer-to-Peer Rights Fund Launched to Protect Open-Source Devs, Starting with Samourai CaseThis Man Did Not Invent Bitcoin - The New York TimesRipple’s Anti-Bitcoin Campaign To Promote CBDCsMusic
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    10: Bitcoin's Next Battle

    10: Bitcoin's Next Battle

    The surprising legal win Bitcoin scored this week and the brewing battle on the horizon. My three takeaways from the newly released Bitcoin 13F Filings, and great news for Bitcoin mining.

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    Tornado Cash Developer Alexey Pertsev Sentenced to 64 Months in Prison in the NetherlandsLyn Alden on X: “Criminalizing the mere development and publication of code is an ugly precedent. If published in a book or a blog, it would mean the book or blog is illegal. An illegal order of numbers and letters. Very different than actually using code maliciously.” / XSens. Lummis, Wyden oppose Justice Dept. stance on Tornado Cash chargesCasten, Foster, Sherman, Cleaver Introduce Legislation to Temporarily Prohibit Crypto Mixers | U.S. Congressman Sean CastenText of the Bill PDF

    IBEX Pay Suspends Services in the United States

    Asaf Givoli on X: “🚀🌊 #Bitcoin mining in 🇵🇾 #Paraguay just got greener! Using 💯% renewable 💧 hydro-power, we’re not just mining, we’re educating! Join the movement as we power up 📚 #BitcoinEducationacross Latin America. 🌱🙌 #GreenMining #CryptoFuture #BTC https://t.co/3zbz3k1ggv” / XDaniel Batten on X: “Another nation state leader attests to the benefits of bitcoin mining Kenya has 10 GW of geothermal energy alone, 9 GW of which is completely untapped Bitcoin mining can unlock Kenya’s energy abundance, bringing renewable energy online that otherwise would have been unviable” / XBitcoin Archive on X: “BREAKING: 🇦🇷 Argentina to mine #Bitcoin using stranded gas with 1,200 bitcoin mining machines - Forbes 🔥 https://t.co/IWSxpH5okP” / X

    Three takeaways from Bitwise CIO’s weekly memo to investors.The State of Wisconsin Investment Board reports the following positions: BlackRock Bitcoin ETF: $99,167,688 (2,450,400 shares) Grayscale BTC: $63,687,310 (1,013,000 shares) This is a small part of a massive…"

    bordalix/helm-wallet: The lightning wallet even your grandma can use

    MusicI Need a Little by The Retrograde

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