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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

    380: No Sur, No Thank You

    380: No Sur, No Thank You

    We review the Dell Precision 5750, a born and bred MacBook killer that runs Linux.

    Plus a nasty reminder of how closely Apple monitors its users, and their fatal flaw that we think is outrageous.
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    New device puts music in your head — no headphones requiredGreg K-H at Linux app Summit 2020: What Linux kernel developers wish application developers would do better — In this talk, a Linux kernel developer gets to complain how his normal "test case" i.e. userspace code, could do better when it comes to a whole range of different things that have been learned over time by maintaining a stable interface to the kernel for 20+ years.Linux App Summit 2020 Videos Now Available From Steam/Valve To GNOME Circle - PhoronixSeattle GNU/Linux ConferenceWhy Linux: Your Mac Isn’t Yours — On modern versions of macOS, you simply can’t power on your computer, launch a text editor or eBook reader, and write or read, without a log of your activity being transmitted and stored.macOS Big Sur launch appears to cause temporary slowdown in even non-Big Sur Macs | Ars TechnicaApple apps on macOS Big Sur bypass firewall and VPN connectionsMacs are a privacy nightmare – OSnewsApplication Trust is Hard, but Apple does it Well — Security Embedded — It comes down to an argument of trust - do you trust Apple, acting in their best interests, is sufficiently aligned with your best interests too? Or do you believe they're a malevolent entity? It's not feasible for an individual to maintain the list of trustworthy or untrustworthy parties that Apple does.Does Apple really log every app you run? A technical look – Jacopo Jannone - blogNot all bad news for Arm Macs Tho, might be able to bless Linux kernels — On arm64 macs, there's no all-security-checks-are-off mode. You can however bless your unsigned kernels through kmutil, which adds their hashes to the Secure Boot policy, allowing you to boot them.Longhorn on Twitter — So how will you boot third-party operating systems on arm64 Macs? You might have seen that pongoOS has been getting a ton of work in the recent past, and even more is coming. This work will allow us to support pongoOS as a second-stage bootloader for Apple Silicon-based Macs.patrick wardle on Twitter — In Big Sur Apple decided to exempt many of its apps from being routed thru the frameworks they now require 3rd-party firewalls to use (LuLu, Little Snitch, etc.) 🧐 Q: Could this be (ab)used by malware to also bypass such firewalls? 🤔 A: Apparently yes, and trivially so 😬😱😭All Jupiter Broadcasting ShowsPrecision 5750 17 Inch Mobile Workstation Laptop with AI & VR | Dell USA — The first thin and light 17-inch mobile workstation is also the smartest. Featuring Dell Optimizer for Precision with AI, the latest Intel® Core™ or Xeon® processors and NVIDIA® graphics. Starting at $2,139.00Dell vs Ryzen desktopChrisLAS Workstation vs RyzenboxThree way shoot out Ryzen vs Dell vs Chris WksAI Benchmark Alpha Benchmark - OpenBenchmarking.orgRyzen 3600 Single/Multithreaded And RAM Tests Performance - OpenBenchmarking.orgPick: Yacht — a container management UI with a focus on templates and 1-click deployments.Lutris 0.5.8 Release

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    379: Favorite Linux Tweaks

    379: Favorite Linux Tweaks

    We round up our favorite tweaks to the desktop, and apps that make it great.

    Plus some highlights from Arch Conf, and our reaction to Mint finally fixing their Chromium problem.
    Special Guest: Drew DeVore.
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    Arch Conf 2020 Videosmedia.ccc.de - Arch Linux: Past, Present and FutureProject X - Pure Open-Source Coreboot Support On AMD Zen - Phoronix — Project X is about "eXcising binary blobs from the x86 part of Zen CPUs."OSFC 2020 - Open Source Firmware ConferenceLinux Mint pre-loads Chromium and Brings New IPTV Player — The package is available Linux Mint repository as “chromium” which you can install using standard “apt-get” or via the package manager. This is pure native Chromium and not a snap version.Monthly News – October 2020 – The Linux Mint BlogLINUX Unplugged 360: The Hard Work of HardwareStarlink Beta Has Outperformed Most Internet in the USSpaceX Starlink users provide first impressions and unboxing pictures | Ars Technica — New speed-test data collected by Ookla and published by PCMag last week found average Starlink download speeds of 79.5Mbps and average upload speeds of 13.8Mbps in OctoberAll Jupiter Broadcasting Showsprofile-sync-daemon — Symlinks and syncs browser profile dirs to RAM thus reducing HDD/SDD calls and speeding-up browsers.GPU-Viewer — A front-end to glxinfo, vulkaninfo, clinfo and es2_info.Ivan Molodetskikh: Video Trimmer — Video Trimmer cuts out a fragment of a video given the start and end timestamps. The video is never re-encoded, so the process is very fast and does not reduce the video quality.junegunn/fzf — A command-line fuzzy finderFish shell — fish is a smart and user-friendly command line shell for Linux, macOS, and the rest of the family.cxreg/smartcd — Alter your bash (or zsh) environment as you cd.wting/autojump — A cd command that learns - easily navigate directories from the command line.gsamokovarov/jump — Jump helps you navigate faster by learning your habits.muammar/mkchromecast — Cast macOS and Linux Audio/Video to your Google Cast and Sonos Devicesxat/castnow — commandline chromecast playerxat/dlnacast — Cast local media to your TV through UPnP/DLNAskorokithakis/catt — Cast All The Things allows you to send videos from many, many online sources to your Chromecast.tridactyl — A Vim-like interface for Firefox, inspired by Vimperator/Pentadactylphilc/vimium — The hacker's browser.
    Use your ~/.local folder!Liquorix kernel for Debian users — Liquorix is a distro kernel replacement built using the best configuration and kernel sources for desktop, multimedia, and gaming workloads.

    PipeWire nightly for Fedora users — PipeWire nightly builds from the projects git master. Use at your own risk.

    Firefox Adwaita Theme — This is a bunch of CSS code to make Firefox look closer to GNOME's native apps.

    Feedback: Thoughts after youtube-dlFeedback: FreeIPAFeedback: Zentyal as an AD Server

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    378: All in One Pi

    378: All in One Pi

    Why we think the new Raspberry Pi 400 is just the beginning.

    And we chat with the CTO of the Uno Platform, a new way to bring native apps to Linux.

    00:00:00 Pre-show
    00:01:01 Intro
    00:02:23 Meet the Raspberry Pi 400
    00:11:21 Manjaro Update
    00:16:59 State of Linux Gaming
    00:23:11 GNOME 40
    00:27:36 Building Native Apps on Linux
    00:48:16 Housekeeping
    00:50:05 Feedback
    00:58:47 Pick
    01:04:23 Post-show
    Special Guest: Jérôme Laban.
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    Happy birthday VIM! — 29 years ago the very first version of Vim was built and distributed.vim-mario: Mario on VimMeet the Raspberry Pi 400, a $70 Linux PC Hiding Inside a Keyboard - OMG! Ubuntu! — At the heart of the Raspberry Pi 400 is a 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A72. This quad-core chip is similar to last year’s Raspberry Pi 4 but clocked to run slightly faster.The Raspberry Pi 400 - Teardown and Review | Jeff GeerlingCollabora expect their Linux Kernel work for Windows game emulation in Kernel 5.11 | GamingOnLinux — One of the key points that Gabriel Krisman Bertazi went over is their work on system call emulation, which is now required because DRM and anti-cheat tech "are issuing system calls directly from the Windows game code and that bypasses Wine."GNOME 40 Desktop Environment Slated for Release on March 24th, 2021 — Only three development milestones will be published in six months, an alpha, a beta and a Release Candidate.Uno Platform — The first and only UI Platform for single-codebase applications for Windows, WebAssembly, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux.Uno Platform 3.1 ReleasedThe Windows Calculator on Linux with Uno Platform | Ubuntu — The good folks in the Uno Platform community have ported the open-source Windows Calculator to Linux. The calculator is published in the snapstore and can be downloaded right away.Porting Windows CalculatorAll Jupiter Broadcasting ShowsFeedback: Falling for FedoraFeedback: First Time Fedora UserFeedback: Distro DebatePick: NewsFlash — A modern feed reader designed for the GNOME desktop.Miniflux is a minimalist and opinionated feed reader.

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    377: Buttered-Up Fedora

    377: Buttered-Up Fedora

    Fedora 33 is a bold release, and we’ve put it through the wringer. We tell you what’s great, and what you should know before diving in.

    Plus our thoughts on the bigger problem exposed by the youtube-dl takedown.

    00:00:00 Pre-show
    00:03:12 Intro
    00:04:40 New LTS Kernel
    00:07:16 Pop!_OS 20.10
    00:08:47 The youtube-dl Problem
    00:29:00 Why 1Password Matters
    00:34:52 Housekeeping
    00:37:09 Fedora 33 Review
    00:56:44 Feedback
    01:05:04 Picks
    01:08:21 Post-show
    Special Guests: Brent Gervais and Neal Gompa.
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    Linode Cloud Hosting: A special offer for all Linux Unplugged Podcast listeners and new Linode customers, visit linode.com/unplugged, and receive $100 towards your new account. A Cloud Guru: Hundreds of courses, thousands of hands-on labsSupport LINUX Unplugged
    XFS File-System With Linux 5.10 Punts Year 2038 Problem To The Year 2486 - PhoronixLinux 5.10 Is The Next LTS Kernel - PhoronixThorsten ‘the Linux kernel logger’ Leemhuis on Twitter — #Linux 5.10 will be the next Longterm (aka LTS) #kernel (and thus supported for at least two years, but in the end it often are six). That’s what @gregkh said a few minutes ago in a “Ask the Expert Session” on #OSSummit EuropeSystem76 Blog: What’s New in Pop!_OS 20.10A Look At The Performance Improvements With System76 Pop!_OS 20.10 - PhoronixYouTube-DL Removed From GitHub After DMCA NoticeGitHub took down popular YouTube downloader — so devs made more copies1Password for Linux beta is now open 🎊 🐧 🎊 | 1PasswordAll Jupiter Broadcasting ShowsUnfilter.showFedora 33 is officially here!Fedora 33 Review: What’s New and How to Upgrade | FOSS LinuxFedora 33 Released With Workstation Using Btrfs By Default - PhoronixFedora 33 To Stick With systemd-resolved Following Last Minute Concerns - PhoronixContribute at the Fedora Test Week for Kernel 5.9 - Fedora MagazineFeedback: System76 DisclosureFeedback: Open Source SupportFeedback: FreeIPAPick: annie — Fast, simple and clean video downloader.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    376: From The Factory Floor

    376: From The Factory Floor

    We put the new Ubuntu 20.10 to the test, and chat with System76's Mechanical Engineer to get the secrets of the new Thelio Mega.

    Plus some important community news, feedback, picks, and more.

    0:00 Pre-show
    1:37 Intro
    2:55 Edge for Linux
    7:29 Thelio Mega
    16:00 NVIDIA's 5.9 Problem
    21:02 PinePhone Manjaro Community Edition
    25:44 Housekeeping
    30:17 Ubuntu 20.10: Groovy Gorilla
    49:33 Feedback
    54:11 Picks
    57:37 Post-show
    Special Guests: Lindsey Cross and Philip Muller.
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    Linode Cloud Hosting: A special offer for all Linux Unplugged Podcast listeners and new Linode customers, visit linode.com/unplugged, and receive $100 towards your new account. A Cloud Guru: Hundreds of courses, thousands of hands-on labsSupport LINUX Unplugged
    Microsoft Edge InsiderIntroducing Microsoft Edge preview builds for Linux - Microsoft Edge Blog — Today’s release supports Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and openSUSE distributions.System76 unleash a quad-GPU Linux monster with the ‘Thelio Mega’ — System76 say that the Thelio Mega is the world's smallest quad-GPU workstation primarily made for deep learning and scientific computing.Thelio Mega - System76NVIDIA Doesn’t Expect To Have Linux 5.9 Driver Support For Another Month — Linux Kernel 5.9+ is incompatible with current and previous NVIDIA Linux GPU drivers. We advise customers to defer updating to Linux Kernel 5.9+ until mid-November when an NVIDIA Linux GPU driver update with Kernel 5.9+ support is expected to be available.You may want to avoid Linux Kernel 5.9 if you want fully supported NVIDIA driversFrogging-Family/nvidia-all: Nvidia driver 450 to 396 series AIO installerPinePhone Manjaro Community Edition | PINE64 — This community edition will ship in a custom presentation box designed by Manjaro’s development team, and the PinePhone itself will feature a sleek-looking Manjaro logo on the back-cover.Manjaro ARM Alpha1 with Lomiri (PinePhone) - ARM / Releases - Manjaro Linux ForumAll Jupiter Broadcasting ShowsUnfilter.showUnplugged Core ContributorsUbuntu 20.10 Release Date & New Features (Updated) - OMG! Ubuntu! — Desktop lead Martin Wimpress has teased full Ubuntu desktop support for the Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB), much to the delight of the Raspberry Pi fan base.Linux 5.8 Released, This is What’s New - OMG! Ubuntu!GNOME 3.38 Release NotesGroovy Gorilla Release NotesUbuntu To Try Again In Switching IPTables To Use Nftables Backend - PhoronixUbuntu 20.10 Adding Active Directory Support To The Installer - Phoronix — The Ubiquity installer user interface allows specifying the domain, administrator, and password as well as a test for the domain.Feedback: ESXi Arm FlingPick: badblocks — badblocks is a program to test storage devices for bad blocks.

    • 58 min
    375: Wrong About Pop!

    375: Wrong About Pop!

    We're reminded that you can't judge a distro by its screenshots. We use Pop!_OS for a few weeks and share our embarrassing discovery.

    Plus our thoughts on the new Plasma release, a super handy pick, and more.

    0:00 Pre-Show
    0:44 Intro
    0:50 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru
    2:39 Plasma 5.20
    7:50 Kernel 5.9
    8:05 VMware Flirts with Arm
    15:28 SPONSOR: Linode
    18:54 Big News for Nebula
    22:10 Code-Shaming the Kernel
    27:40 Housekeeping
    29:31 Pop!_OS Exit Interview
    31:44 Pop!_OS Full-Time Staff
    34:49 Pop!_OS: The Last Ten Percent
    37:46 Pop!_OS: A Very Unique Distribution
    43:13 Pop!_OS: Driving Hardware Sales
    47:40 Pop!_OS: Strengthening the System76 Brand
    49:51 Manjaro Arm 20.10 Released
    50:48 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru
    51:48 Feedback: TLP Magic
    53:23 Feedback: Chromebooks and Education
    56:16 Pick: Autotier
    59:09 Pick: Antennapod 2.0.1
    1:00:30 SPONSOR: Core Contributors
    1:01:10 Outro
    1:03:18 Post-Show
    Special Guest: Neal Gompa.
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    Linode Cloud Hosting: A special offer for all Linux Unplugged Podcast listeners and new Linode customers, visit linode.com/unplugged, and receive $100 towards your new account. A Cloud Guru: This course is designed to be a deep dive into the topic of systemd, the most widely used service management scheme in Linux today.Support LINUX Unplugged
    Linux_5.9 - Linux Kernel NewbiesPlasma 5.20 — One absolutely massive release!ESXi on Arm Fling is LIVE! — The ESXi-Arm Fling supports a number of different Arm platforms ranging from a traditional Datacenter form-factor to both Near and Far Edge systems including the highly requested Raspberry Pi.ESXi Arm Edition | VMware FlingsGreat News for NebulaNebula for iOS and Android is now available | Defined Networking — In February of this year, Nate and I left Slack to start a company together, Defined Networking, Inc., to focus on Nebula full-time.Mobile Nebula on the App StoreLUP 329: Flat Network TruthersThe AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Makes Up Roughly 10.5% Of The Linux Kernel — With Linux 5.9, it comes in at 2.16 million lines of code plus another 247k lines of code comments and another 109k blank lines.AMD Graphics Driver Hacker News ThreadAll Jupiter Broadcasting ShowsPop!_OS by System76Unplugged Core ContributorsManjaro ARM 20.10 released!Feedback: TLP MagicFeedback: Chromebooks and EducationPIck: autotier — A passthrough FUSE filesystem that intelligently moves files between storage tiers based on the frequency of use, file age, and tier fullness.AntennaPod 2.0.1 Changelog

    • 1 hr 5 min

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4.6 out of 5
185 Ratings

185 Ratings



Great podcast, I love hearing their picks every episode.

PhunkeyRobot ,

A weekly favorite!

I’ve been listening for years and support the network via Patreon. A great community and interesting topics!

RebornJumpman ,

Long time listener

Great show focused on Linux and the community. I’ve been listening to LUP and Jupiter Broadcasting since early 2015 and wasn’t really a big fan of the changes made under Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru. It’s refreshing to see JB independent again!

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