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A podcast about fertility, family and genetics hosted by Jana Rupnow, LPC, a fertility, donor conception and adoption psychotherapist.

Three Makes Baby Podcast Jana M Rupnow, LPC

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A podcast about fertility, family and genetics hosted by Jana Rupnow, LPC, a fertility, donor conception and adoption psychotherapist.

    A Donor Conception Musical

    A Donor Conception Musical

    In this episode of Three Makes Baby, Jana Rupnow is joined by Erin Maya to explore the world of donor conception through the lens of Erin’s groundbreaking musical, The Complete Picture. Together, they delve into the complexities of donor conception, debunking myths and discussing its impact on identity.

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    Overcoming Secrets

    Overcoming Secrets

    April 27, 2023 is International Donor Conception Awareness Day.
    Link to IDCAD2023: https://donorconceptionawarenessday.com/
    Link to educational courses for parents and CEUs for professionals
    CEUS: https://three-makes-baby-preparation-and-parenting.teachable.com/p/home
    Fertility challenges can cause intense feelings that make you want to withdraw and hide. It’s important to understand the difference between secrecy and privacy and how the shame of infertility may live on.
    Secrecy is when you actively withhold information from others, often out of fear or shame. This can be detrimental to your mental health and relationships as it creates a sense of isolation and can lead to feelings of guilt and shame. It takes a lot of effort and energy to maintain a secret, and the longer you keep it, the more it can weigh you down.
    On the other hand, privacy is when you choose to keep certain information to yourself or within a trusted circle. This can be a healthy way to protect your personal boundaries and maintain control over your own life. It’s important to remember that you have the right to privacy, and it’s okay to set boundaries around what you share with others.
    If you’re struggling with fertility challenges, it’s important to find a support system that you trust and feel comfortable opening up to. This could be a therapist, support group, or trusted friends and family members. By sharing your experiences and feelings with others, you can find a sense of community and support that can help you navigate this difficult time.
    While it’s important to protect your privacy, it’s also important to recognize when secrecy is doing more harm than good. By opening up and sharing your struggles with others, you can find the support and understanding you need to overcome fertility challenges and move forward with your life.
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    Anonymous Egg Donor Wants to Be Known

    Anonymous Egg Donor Wants to Be Known

    "Alot of times, donors are just viewed as genetic material." Melissa, an egg donor for two years, shares her experience with anonymous donation. Now that she has children she wonders what happened with her donations. She wonders if the kids are alright. She expresses her willingness to be open and connect with the recipient parents and children, while also respecting boundaries.
    If you'd like to learn more about how to prepare to connect, I've got some resources for you! Making Contact is a how-to guide to prepare for contact whether you are a donor, donor conceived person or recipient parent. Link for more: https://three-makes-baby-preparation-and-parenting1.teachable.com/p/making-contact

    • 43 min
    Recipient Parent and Her ”Unknown” Sperm Donor Meet

    Recipient Parent and Her ”Unknown” Sperm Donor Meet

    Ever wondered what it would be like to meet the donor you used to conceive? A recipient parent, Romi, and her previously unknown sperm donor, meet and share their experience with Jana Rupnow on this episode of Three Makes Baby.

    • 38 min
    Dave Berry: Re-making Identity after Discovering Hard Truths about your Biological Origins

    Dave Berry: Re-making Identity after Discovering Hard Truths about your Biological Origins

    Dave Berry, featured on Good Morning America and the New York Times, bravely shares a difficult discovery about his biological origins. His biological father was his mom's fertility doctor, who used his sperm without her consent to conceive him.

    There are some even darker details in this episode, as well as moments of once in a lifetime happiness. If you think it's rare for biological siblings in different families to bump into each other, you may be shocked by the story he tells about his sisters.

    Dave's resiliency and compassion to help others is truly inspiring. He is speaking out to create a safe space for fertility patients in all 50 states. Listen to this episode of @threemakesbaby on Apple podcasts or use the link in my bio. Watch for Dave's story to be featured in a future Dateline episode.


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    Ally’s Take on Neverending New Siblings

    Ally’s Take on Neverending New Siblings

    In this episode of @threemakesbaby, she shares how her relationship with a growing number of half-siblings has evolved over time, including some of the joys and challenges. Ally shares what it's like to learn of new siblings and how she copes with not knowing how many more are out there. We also confront the idea that bumping into an unknown half-sibling is rare and discuss why limiting the number of families that use a single donor is important.
    I know you will enjoy her honest and thoughtful perspective as always!


    Parents, if you wonder how your donor conceived child may experience half-sibling relationships in adulthood, you won't want to miss this episode.
    It was so great to talk to Ally of @halfofmepodcast again and after two years, she has a special announcement about her podcast!


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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

Alex Lament ,

Love this podcast

I love this podcast and I love the host, Jana. She come to the topic with experiences that allow her to be empathetic to all of her guests. I am donor conceived and this podcast has helped me understand my feelings better by hearing other stories. Anyone deciding about using donor gametes, donor conceived, or just interested in the industry and it’s impacts on the humans involved would love this podcast.

therealladyluck ,

Most helpful podcast

I am adopted and am and adult now going through male infertility that has my husband really struggling with his mental health. Donor sperm and adoption is something that is so normal to me and I had parents that handled it so well and never hid it from myself or my brother that was adopted from another family. We were never treated any differently so it’s had been hard for my to understand his hesitation to move forward. Realizing that this is all so foreign to him and gaining tools to help him through his grief through this podcast has been incredibly helpful and has allowed me to understand his point of view.

Ar0827 ,


Thank you for this podcast - it is so important and necessary

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