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We are three men passionate about all things college basketball. And we all have weaves.

Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

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We are three men passionate about all things college basketball. And we all have weaves.

    #239: Turkey Takes (and we missed you!)

    #239: Turkey Takes (and we missed you!)

    Back, and more thankful than ever, the Weavers return to the audio arena to drop another pod bomb. 
    ACC fans, duck - you might catch a few stray bullets in the Weave crossfire:
    >>> Intro (0:00)
    >>> Root’s Roundup (14:02)
    >>> Three Man Thoughts (22:55)
    >>> Game Previews (53:20)

    • 1 hr 6 min
    #238: A Zany Opening Week

    #238: A Zany Opening Week

    After a frenetic first week of hoops, the Weavers gather around the hearth to try and make sense of what we saw. Is this season particularly crazy, relative to others? Why have Low Majors been absolute flamethrowers against the spread? Is the Pac 12 who we thought it was?  
    We turn to our beloved longtime segment, Three Man Thoughts, to sort through these and other conundrums, plus Root's Roundup (news and notes) and a dash of game previews at the end. 
    The Rundown
    (0:00) - Intro, Reviews

    (11:52) - Root's Roundup (News and Notes)

    (27:10) - Three Man Thoughts (Craziness of this season, the Pac 12 status, low major dominance, fouling is way down, power conference bottom feeders, and more)

    (55:25) - Game Previews (Ohio State at Xavier, Liberty vs. Iona, Yale at Vermont, Villanova vs. Tennessee, Purdue vs. North Carolina)

    • 1 hr 12 min
    #237: It Is Here

    #237: It Is Here

    We huddle up real quick before the floodgates open to discuss Final 4 picks, All-Americans and the headline matchups from the opening week in hoops...
    Intro (0:00)  Root’s Roundup (PSYCH! Not today)  Final 4 & National Title Picks (8:40)  All-Americans (15:50)  Game Breakdowns (27:08)

    • 58 min
    #236: SEC Preview

    #236: SEC Preview

    The final power conference in our preview series... The SEC. The Weave breaks down every single team, gives takes on rankings within conference play, and argues floors and ceilings 'til the cows come home.
    The Rundown:
    (0:00) Intro & Reviews
    (5:57) Root's Roundup (News & Notes)
    (17:25) SEC Preview
    (17:25) Storylines & Tiers
    (23:40) Kentucky
    (27:15) Alabama
    (30:17) Tennessee
    (33:19) Arkansas
    (37:52) Auburn
    (41:25) Florida
    (44:31) LSU
    (48:08) Mississippi State
    (51:00) Ole Miss
    (54:33) Texas A&M
    (57:05) South Carolina
    (1:00:04) Missouri
    (1:03:20) Vanderbilt
    (1:06:00) Georgia

    • 1 hr 10 min
    #235: Pac-12 Preview

    #235: Pac-12 Preview

    As the season creeps closer, the Weavers hop in their wagons and head west. We may be taking the Oregon Trail, but this league is still UCLA's domain after the Bruins' stunning run to the Final Four. We quickly round up some news and notes before getting into the illustrious Pacific 12. Tiers, storylines, and team breakdowns included, plus some spicy Weave debates - both against each other and versus the mainstream projections for the league.
    The Rundown
    (0:00:00) - Intro + Reviews
    (0:07:15) - Root's Roundup
    (0:21:35) - Pac-12 Storylines
    (0:27:23) - Talkin' Tiers
    (0:33:07) - UCLA
    (0:37:20) - Oregon
    (0:42:15) - Arizona
    (0:46:00) - USC
    (0:49:16) - Arizona St.
    (0:52:39) - Washington St.
    (0:55:58) - Colorado
    (0:59:00) - Stanford
    (1:01:50) - Oregon St.
    (1:05:42) - Utah
    (1:09:35) - Washington
    (1:12:50) - California

    • 1 hr 16 min
    #234: Big Ten Preview

    #234: Big Ten Preview

    The Big Bad Ten. It huffed, and it puffed, and it… fell flat on its face (in the NCAA Tournament)...
    That was then, but this is now! The heartland of hoops looks like the best in the business, again, as it chases after that elusive championship banner:
    >>> Intro (0:00)
    >>> Root’s Roundup (6:50)
    >>> Big Ten Preview (21:44)
    Storylines / Preliminary Takes / Rankings (21:44) Purdue (30:00) Michigan (34:52) Ohio State (38:55) Illinois (42:26) Indiana (46:56) Maryland (51:34) Michigan State (55:22) Wisconsin (58:56) Iowa (1:02:37) Rutgers (1:05:40) Penn State (1:09:10) Northwestern (1:12:46) Nebraska (1:16:05) Minnesota (1:19:47)

    • 1 hr 26 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
458 Ratings

458 Ratings

ryangrandee ,

Fantastic Cbb Podcast

Love the show, y’all do a great job providing elite and expansive info on the landscape of college basketball. As a gator fan, I was understanding of the show’s skepticism of Coach Mike White and I wanted y'all's take on the adjustments he’s made offensively (switching to 5 out) as well as how the incoming transfers impact the defensive intensity and chemistry not seeming to be as much of an issue as many thought preseason. I have a tendency to credit the new assistants Pastrana and Miskdeen but also want to acknowledge how White has transformed this team into a Sec contender when many thought otherwise.

Smokeybry ,

Only pod I subscribe to

Love the pod these guys know their hoops. I am a big mid major bball fan and these guys don’t talk about it as much as I’d like but I understand why. Anyway I’d like to use this to get you guys to talk about Taran Armstrong of cal Baptist this guy might legitimately be a taller Steve Nash, at 6’5 he’s an excellent passer a knock down shooter and can seemingly get to the cup whenever he wants. I know his competition hasn’t been the best thus far but I think they have Texas coming up so we’ll see shortly how he fares against the big boys. Right now though I honestly think this guy might be one of the best players in the country but what do I know. Anyway great work guys.

Tharris147 ,

Daily show?

Great podcast and have been a listener for a few years, but loved the SBR Youtube show you did daily and have been missing it. Is there anything in the works for a similar show going over the daily slate of games and your opinions/insights with more info than the TMW twitter with just picks?

Anyways here’s my question, UVA has looked pretty bad on offense and the defense doesn’t look up to Tony’s standards either do you think they can turn it around before conference play?

Keep up the great podcast!

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