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We are three men passionate about all things college basketball. And we all have weaves.

Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

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We are three men passionate about all things college basketball. And we all have weaves.

    #353: Season Recap Series: Big East

    #353: Season Recap Series: Big East

    Our postseason conference postmortems continue with the home of the back-to-back national champions: the Big East! We go through the highs (the top 3), the lows (good god, DePaul and Georgetown), and everything in between for the league that is the pride of John Fanta.
    Plus, we discuss the state of each program and whether each fanbase should feel encouraged going forward. Will the BEast see a resurgence in NCAA appearances in 2025? We certainly think so...
    The Rundown
    (0:10) - Intro
    (3:25) - Root's Roundup
    (23:17) - Big East Overview
    (26:51) - UConn
    (31:30) - Creighton
    (33:39) - Marquette
    (36:23) - Seton Hall
    (40:04) - St. John's
    (43:42) - Villanova
    (46:17) - Providence
    (49:53) - Xavier
    (52:11) - Butler
    (55:52) - Georgetown
    (59:26) - DePaul
    (1:03:30) - How Many Bids, Other Fun Nuances
    (1:05:55) - Reviews

    • 1 hr 9 min
    #352: Season Recap Series: ACC

    #352: Season Recap Series: ACC

    The boys look back upon the ACC's season and discuss the state of the program for each team. Where were we right? Where were we wrong? Who is looking good? And who is fading into the abyss? 
    The Rundown:
    (0:00) Intro
    (4:18) Root's Roundup (News & Notes)
    (16:23) State of the ACC (Recap & Look Forward) 
    (1:09:40) Reviews

    • 1 hr 11 min
    #351: When the Portal Shuts, A Door Opens

    #351: When the Portal Shuts, A Door Opens

    Time's up, portal poachers. Either they're in or they're out, as the portal pool is finally set in stone (kind of). Jim and Matt dive into who needs what based on what the rosters look like on May 1st while Ky and the Mrs. elope in Switzerland.
    Intro (0:00) Root's Roundup (7:55) Remaining Portal Needs & Team Breakdowns (23:30) ACC (24:50) Big 12 (37:30) Big Ten (51:40) Big East (1:02:40) SEC (1:08:15) Other (1:19:05)

    • 1 hr 25 min
    #350: Coaching Hire Report Cards

    #350: Coaching Hire Report Cards

    On the true debut of our offseason pod schedule, the fellas give all 60 hires a grade from A through F (apologies to Chicago State, Mount St. Mary's, and Florida A&M, whose jobs remain unfilled). 
    THE TWIST: We can only give out 12 A's and 15 B's, and each guy must give at least eight D's and five F's. Grade inflation, be gone! 
    Who LOVED the Calipari hire, and who simply gave it a C? Which select few coaches earned A's across the board from us? And, gulp, who earned the dreaded scarlet letter F?
    The Rundown:
    (0:10) - Intro
    (2:46) - Quick Root's Roundup
    (10:33) - Coaching Hire Grades
    (NOTE: Done grades in alphabetical order by school name - a couple reference points provided below to help you skip around if you'd like)
    (11:58) - Arkansas
    (22:54) - DePaul
    (29:34) - FAU
    (38:41) - Kentucky
    (44:32) - Michigan
    (53:54) - Saint Louis
    (57:20) - Stanford
    (1:05:59) - Washington
    (1:12:29) - Review(s)!

    • 1 hr 16 min
    #349: 2024 Season Finale

    #349: 2024 Season Finale

    The season is over, and UConn won the national title easily! Is it 2023 or 2024? 2024, you say? Well, that means the Huskies went back-to-back!
    We look back on the incredible, buzzsaw-esque run of inevitability, particularly the meticulous dismantling of Purdue in the title game. Dan Hurley can coach some ball, folks. 
    We also give Zach Edey and the Boilermakers some love, hat tip to NC State and Alabama, and have a detailed discussion on the WILD week that was in the coaching carousel. 
    Thank you to everyone who tuned in this year - it's been a ton of fun interacting with folks about our beloved college hoops. 
    The Rundown
    (0:10) - Intro
    (6:32) - Root's Roundup (heavy coaching carousel talk, plus a little NIT chatter)
    (35:24) - Final Four Roundup
    (55:07) - Extremely Quick 2025 Lookahead + one Review

    • 1 hr 6 min
    #348: Final 4 Forecasting

    #348: Final 4 Forecasting

    One last stand before the Finale of Four, in Not Phoenix, Arizona. The Weave will be boots on the ground but we would never abandon our loyal soldiers sans podcast - alas, enjoy...
    Intro (0:00) Roots Roundup (3:10) Sweet 16 / Elite 8 Reactions (23:30) Final 4 Takes (36:45)

    • 1 hr 8 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
650 Ratings

650 Ratings

Jake the Juliet ,

Great pod no idea how they remember all these players

Super in depth, love how knowledgable they are. No clue how they remember and throw out all these names. Like there are thousands of coaches and players in D1 and do you really actually know all these people?? No way they deserve less than 5 stars for their dedication to cover this massive sport and not just hit the P5. But wierdly I find myself wanting a bit more unhinged bias takes, more making fun of programs for being bad, clowning coaches for being weird, stuff like that. Too much objective analysis!

2CoolCooley ,

Bias taking over

Been listening to the pod for three years. Bias against coaches and programs is coming off too strong on the recaps and it’s disappointing. Used to be a must listen show for me but will be few and far between going forward.

Jacob Corder ,

Zags protecting the galactic republic

Happy May the 4th. Should the Zags receive an honorary NCAA championship trophy for helping stop the droid attack on the Wookiees? For reference, Axel Dench a forward from our 1999 Elite 8 team, played as wookie chieftain Merumeru who led the defense of Kashyyyk. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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