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Tooling talks is a series of talks about developer tooling, primarily in the Scala ecosystem.

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Tooling talks is a series of talks about developer tooling, primarily in the Scala ecosystem.

    Eugene Yokota: Coding with Friends and sbt.

    Eugene Yokota: Coding with Friends and sbt.

    This month I had the pleasure to sit down with Euguene Yokota and talk about some fascinating topics that range from coding on the weekend with friends, to being a maintainer of one of the most widely used tools in the Scala ecosystem, to the importance of diversity and inclusion in order for Scala not only to grow, but to maintain the numbers it has. You may know Eugene from being the maintainer of sbt, the tremendous amount of work he's put into Scala build tooling, his blog that has a great mix of music, food, and technology posts, or from his herding cats series. After years at Lightbend Eugene is now a developer at Twitter working full time on Engineering Effectiveness via build tools like Bazel. It was an absolute pleasure to welcome him to the show.

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    Justin Kaeser: The Build Server Protocol and IntelliJ

    Justin Kaeser: The Build Server Protocol and IntelliJ

    If you're a Scala developer there is almost no doubt you use either IntelliJ or
    Metals with your editor of choice. Whether you're using IntelliJ, or Metals
    which utilizes BSP, or maybe even IntelliJ with BSP, you're using some of the
    handy work of Justin. This month Justin and I sit and chat all about IntelliJ
    and Scala, the Build Server Protocol, and what some of the future of programming
    could look like in Scala.  I'm pretty fascinated with this topic lately and
    looking at the current limitations we have in the Scala tooling ecosystem, and
    thinking about how they could be challenged. I'm grateful that Justin took the
    time and chat and also grateful for all the work he's put into making
    integrations in Scala tooling seamless.

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    Meriam Lachkar: Scala 3 Migration Tooling

    Meriam Lachkar: Scala 3 Migration Tooling

    A question I'm sure many Scala developers and companies are asking themselves
    this year is "how can we migrate our applications to Scala 3?". A fantastic tool
    to help with this is Scala3-migrate, which will help with migrating your
    scalacOptions, ensuring your dependencies are published for Scala 3, and even
    helping to automatically re-write parts of your code. In this interview I chat
    with Meriam and her work on Scala3-migrate, the challenges you might encounter
    as you're migrating your code, and about some of the things developers may not
    think about as they set out to update to Scala 3. We'll also dive into her work
    on Scalafix which unlocked the first Scalafix integration in Metals, the Scala
    Language Sever, as well as helped with rewrites for Scala3. We had a great
    conversation, and super thankful she took the time to chat about the works she's
    been doing, getting into tooling, and other untapped areas in the ecosystem.
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    Ólafur Páll Geirsson: The Scalameta World

    Ólafur Páll Geirsson: The Scalameta World

    It's incredibly fitting that my first guest for tooling talks is Olaf. Just
    about two year ago I sent an email to Olaf, introduced myself, told him I loved
    Metals and that I wanted to help. This ultimately lead to my affinity with
    Developer tooling and also my entryway into that world. You may know Olaf from
    the impressive amount of tools that's he's either authored or worked on. I'm
    sure you probably use some of them. Metals, the Scala Language server, Scalafmt,
    the defacto formatter for Scala, Scalafix, mdoc, munit, and Scalameta. Olaf's
    fingerprints are all over the standard Scala toolchain. Apart the incredible
    amount of work in open source he's done over the years at the Scala Center,
    Twitter, and now Sourcegraph, he's also a kind and helpful individual that's
    full of insight. It's an absolute pleasure for me to have him as my first guest.
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    Welcome to Tooling Talks

    Welcome to Tooling Talks

    I'm incredibly excited to be starting this journey with you on Tooling Talks. Every month I'll be having a conversation with someone working in Tooling. We'll dive into tools, talking about the future of tooling, and hopefully provide some insight into how to get started in tooling if you new. Thanks for joining along.

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