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Listen in on transformative conversations where leaders share their journeys as they overcome and thrive through adversity and change.

Transformative Leadership Conversations with Winnie da Silva Winnie da Silva

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Listen in on transformative conversations where leaders share their journeys as they overcome and thrive through adversity and change.

    Talent-Centric Leadership with Larry Kutscher

    Talent-Centric Leadership with Larry Kutscher

    Powerful insights often occur when you least expect them. But what does it take to become a successful leader, especially in high-growth companies? In this episode of Transformative Leader...

    • 44 min
    Your Talent Mindset: Is it Transactional or Strategic?

    Your Talent Mindset: Is it Transactional or Strategic?

    What happens when companies begin to take their talent for granted? In this episode of Transformative Leadership Conversations, Winnie da Silva delves into the critical topic of talent and its impact on organizational success. From the cautionary tale of Boeing's neglect of talent leading to catastrophic consequences, to the rise of transactional talent in today's fast-paced economy, she explores the importance of selecting and nurturing the right people. How can leaders strike a balance between transactional and integrative approaches to talent management in a world of increasing complexity and speed?* Neglect of Talent: Neglecting talent can have severe consequences for organizations, as seen in the case of Boeing where a shift in priorities led to catastrophic failures.* Role of Leaders in Talent Selection: Leaders play a crucial role in selecting talent and creating a culture that values talent, which can ultimately determine the success of the organization.* Transactional Talent Economy: The rise of transactional economies has led to a focus on short-term profits over long-term investments in talent, resulting in a transactional approach to employment relationships.* Trends in Transactional Talent: Key trends in transactional talent include fractional hiring, freelance and gig economy, remote work, and increased use of AI, shaping the nature of employment relationships.* Human Sustainability: Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends Report emphasizes the importance of human sustainability in organizations, highlighting the need for a balance between transactional and integrative approaches to talent management.* Best Hiring Practices: Larry Kutscher knows the importance of finding the right match for a role rather than just the right person, emphasizing transparency about job expectations, culture, and company realities.* Impact of Trends on Employers and Employees: Tom Skiba shares insights on the impacts of current trends on employers and employees, focusing on matching CEOs to companies and new approaches to talent selection.ResourcesWinnie da Silva on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/winnie-da-silva-1b8414/)

    • 10 min
    Conquering Imposter Syndrome

    Conquering Imposter Syndrome

    Powerful insights often arise when exploring the intersection of imposter syndrome and organizational dynamics. In this episode of Transformative Leadership Conversations, host Winnie Da Silva dives deep into imposter syndrome with Carolyn Herfurth, co-founder of the Imposter Syndrome Institute. They discuss the origins of imposter syndrome, its impact on individuals and organizations, and practical strategies to overcome it.Carolyn Herfurth, with a background in corporate sales and entrepreneurship, brings over 20 years of experience in advising entrepreneurs for strategic growth. As the co-founder of the Imposter Syndrome Institute, Carolyn works tirelessly to help both people and organizations identify imposter syndrome and understand the sources of it. She provides practical tools for self-awareness, and guides others to overcome self-doubt in their professional and personal lives.Episode Highlights:Introduction to Imposter Syndrome: Imposter syndrome is a common belief shared by many individuals that they are not as talented or capable as others perceive them to be, despite evidence of their success.Background of Imposter Syndrome Institute: The Imposter Syndrome Institute was co-founded by Carolyn Herfurth and Dr. Valerie Young to address the impact of imposter syndrome on individuals and organizations.Types of Imposter Syndrome: There are five types of imposter syndrome identified by Dr. Valerie Young, including perfectionists, experts, natural geniuses, soloists, and superhumans.Gender and Imposter Syndrome: Imposter syndrome affects both men and women, with men also experiencing acute feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.Corporate Impact of Imposter Syndrome: Imposter syndrome can impact productivity, innovation, turnover, and overall organizational success, making it crucial for leaders to address.Tools for Addressing Imposter Syndrome: Normalizing imposter syndrome, understanding its sources, and reframing negative thoughts are practical tools individuals can use to combat imposter feelings.Connection to Psychological Safety: Imposter syndrome can be a barrier to psychological safety in organizations, highlighting the need for individual and organizational interventions.Educational Interventions: Providing education on imposter syndrome during onboarding and partnering with experts in psychological safety and competency models can help organizations address imposter syndrome effectively.

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    Navigating Through Imposter Syndrome

    Navigating Through Imposter Syndrome

    While imposter syndrome affects a wide variety of people, it can hit some groups harder than others. In this episode of Transformative Leadership Conversations, you'll gain insights into how imposter syndrome can impact your career journey, especially as a woman and an immigrant. Learn practical strategies, like journaling and understanding your sphere of control, to overcome imposter syndrome and step into your power authentically.Daya Ketel-Fisher, the global head of internal communications and employee experience at Squarespace, brings over 20 years of experience in communications, change management, and people and culture leadership. With a background in journalism and a passion for building impactful cultures, Daya has led internal communications functions at major companies like Spotify and Pernod Ricard. Her expertise lies in fostering inclusive cultures, navigating change, and empowering individuals to embrace authenticity and self-awareness in their leadership journey.Episode Highlights:* Early Career Imposter: In the early stages of a career, imposter syndrome can manifest as overconfidence followed by a realization of the need to learn and grow, leading to a sense of inadequacy.* Validation and Impact: Validation from others, especially from respected individuals, can have a profound impact on overcoming imposter syndrome and recognizing one's true abilities.* Authenticity and Identity: Balancing authenticity with confidence is crucial, especially for women in leadership roles, as societal expectations and cultural backgrounds can influence feelings of imposter syndrome.* Immigrant Influence: Immigrant backgrounds, like coming from families who fled challenging circumstances, can contribute to feelings of imposter syndrome due to the lack of a blueprint for success in a new environment.* Self-Reflection Exercise: Using a journaling template to differentiate between facts and the story one tells themselves can help individuals train their brains to understand the difference and challenge negative narratives.* Sphere of Control vs. Influence: Understanding what aspects of a situation are within one's control, influence, or neither can help in letting go of things that cannot be changed, leading to a sense of empowerment and acceptance.* Importance of Letting Go: Finding a way to let go of things that cannot be changed is crucial for stepping into one's power and overcoming imposter syndrome, as acceptance of limitations can lead to personal growth and success.ResourcesDea Katel Fischer on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/deakatelfischer/)

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    Unmasking Imposter Syndrome

    Unmasking Imposter Syndrome

    In this podcast episode, Winnie shares exactly how imposter syndrome can prevent you from enjoying your accomplishments, promotions, and accolades. She’ll help you identify and overcome imposter syndrome so you can feel like you truly earned and deserve your success.Episode Highlights:* Imposter Syndrome Impact: Imposter syndrome can prevent you from enjoying your success and lead you to believe you are deceiving others. This mindset can hinder your ability to feel deserving of your accomplishments and promotions.* Belief in Success: Overcoming imposter syndrome is crucial for believing in and feeling good about your success. It is essential to recognize and acknowledge your achievements as earned rather than attributing them to luck.* Feeling of Belonging: Imposter syndrome can create a barrier to feeling like you belong in your position or have earned your accolades. It is important to address these feelings of inadequacy to fully embrace your accomplishments.* Self-Perception: Imposter syndrome distorts your self-perception, leading you to doubt your abilities and qualifications. When you confront these negative thoughts, you can build confidence in your skills and achievements.* Recognition of Accomplishments: Acknowledging and celebrating your accomplishments is essential for combating imposter syndrome. Take time to recognize your hard work and achievements so you can overcome feelings of fraudulence.* Promotion of Self-Worth: Imposter syndrome undermines your sense of self-worth and can hinder personal growth and development. It is crucial to cultivate a positive self-image and recognize your value to combat these feelings of inadequacy.* Embracing Success: Embracing success involves overcoming imposter syndrome and recognizing your worth and contributions. By accepting and celebrating your achievements, you can break free from the cycle of self-doubt and impostor feelings.ResourcesWinnie da Silva on LinkedIn  (https://www.linkedin.com/in/winnie-da-silva-1b8414/)Get the whole season and the companion guide at Winniedasilva.com (http://winniedasilva.com)

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    Introducing Season 5 of Transformative Leadership Conversations

    Introducing Season 5 of Transformative Leadership Conversations

    Powerful insights often occur when you least expect them. On Transformative Leadership Conversations, they're at the heart of every episode.I’m your host, Winnie da Silva, and I’m driven by a passion to share the stories and strategies that shape effective leaders, teams, and organizations. Since launching this podcast in December of 2020, we've delved deep into the individual stories of leaders, uncovering what makes their leadership stand out and the challenges they've overcome. In Season 4, Peter Axelson and I explored team effectiveness with the Team Development Masterclass, offering methodologies, tools, and exercises to enhance your ability to build effective teams. This year, 2024, marks a fresh chapter. And I’m really excited about this new direction. Each month, we'll explore a different leadership theme from three angles: my reflections, a leader's journey, and an expert's viewpoint. What I love about this new approach is that you get a multifaceted and diverse experience from these three perspectives offering a prism of insights and strategies for each topic we explore together. And just like always – each episode will equip you with the inspiration, strategies, and tools to refine your own leadership and help you lead effective teams and thriving organizations. Based on your feedback and my work with clients, I’ve picked themes relevant to you. They include topics like… * The notorious Impostor Syndrome – what actually is it, how can you overcome it and even if you don’t have it, why should you as a leader care about it…* Leading through change – I love this topic because it’s for everybody – we are all leading through some kind of change right now (and probably into the foreseeable future) – and I’m excited to go deep and practical here…* Innovation – how important is it to be an innovative leader? What are the different ways in which innovation can manifest? And how do we get more of it? * Building Your Leadership Brand – what does it mean to build a leadership brand, what elements might be included, and how do we do this so that it’s not just all about us and us selling ourselves?* Hospitable Leadership – now, for those of you who know me well – I’m a bit of a foodie and our family absolutely loves making meals and hosting dinner parties at our home. And that’s got me thinking – could hospitality be a key ingredient for great leadership? We’re going to explore this topic and find out together!  ...and there will be so much more. I’m so happy that you’ll be joining us and throughout this new year I want to invite you to join our community by sharing your thoughts, questions, and experiences. You can do that in so many ways! Subscribe and leave a comment on your podcast platform of choice, send me an email at winnie@winnifred.org, listen to the podcast and leave a comment on my website at www.winniedasilva.com, or find me on LinkedIn. Whether you’re engaging with us online, suggesting topics, or joining the conversation on social media, your voice is a vital part of this podcast.  You are always welcome to take a seat at the table where every conversation has the potential for transformative change. Stay tuned for our first episode of 2024, where we'll dive into Imposter Syndrome, setting the stage for a year of transformative conversations.

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4.8 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

ughzxcvbnm ,

Excellent podcast

Winnie has great insights and is able to pull meaningful insights from many types of leaders across various industries.

CR Van ,

Diverse Leadership Approaches

Diverse approaches to leadership mindset. Leadership approaches from entrepreneurs and other leaders in addressing challenges. Startups, medical, impacts driven by challenges like COVID, all shared in an engaging approach.

LaurRads ,

Refreshing and Inspiring Insights

Winnie does a great job boiling down simple basics for her audience.

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