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Run smarter, not harder! Amanda Brooks and Laura Norris, MS bring their combined 20 years of coaching experience to break down common running myths, running tips, and more. We provide evidence-based running tips for runners of all distances and experiences.

Tread Lightly Podcast Amanda Brooks & Laura Norris

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Run smarter, not harder! Amanda Brooks and Laura Norris, MS bring their combined 20 years of coaching experience to break down common running myths, running tips, and more. We provide evidence-based running tips for runners of all distances and experiences.

    Episode 42: Your Guide to Cold Weather Running

    Episode 42: Your Guide to Cold Weather Running

    This whole episode answers a listener’s question: what are our tips and tricks for running in cold weather? Amanda and Laura both have years of experience of running in the cold (from living in Northwest Indiana and Colorado). We take a look at what the research says about cold weather endurance training and share tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years. 

    Discussion points include:

    Motivation during the winter months
    The value of pre-run warm-ups for running in cold weather
    How to dress for running in cold weather 
    Breathing issues from running in the cold
    Hydration and fueling on runs in cold weather
    Do you run slower in cold weather?
    Tips for running on snow and ice
    How cold is too cold to run?
    Tips for racing in cold weather

    Further resources: 









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    Episode 41: How to Improve Your 5K Time

    Episode 41: How to Improve Your 5K Time

    5K training and racing is hard, no matter your level of experience as a runner. Even if 3.1 miles is a warm-up for you, the distance can be challenging in terms of speed. If you want to improve your 5K time - whether that's a sub-40 min 5K, sub-30, or sub-20 - this is the episode for you!

    We also answered a listener question on run-walk intervals.

    Discussion points include:

    Weekly mileage when training for a 5K
    How to set a 5K goal pace
    5K pace specific workouts
    Do you taper for a 5K?
    How to fuel for a 5K race
    Warming up before a 5K race
    How to pace a 5K race
    How to recover after a 5K race

    Further reading:









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    Episode 40: Diet Trends for Runners

    Episode 40: Diet Trends for Runners

    After a listener question about training logs, we dive into a controversial topic: diet trends. We are not registered dietitians, so please always defer to a sports RD for individual advice. Here, we take a hard look at what the evidence says on glycogen depletion training, fasting for runners, and low-carb diets. 

    Discussion points include:

    Glycogen depletion runs

    Intermittent fasting and fasted running


    How restrictive diets can affect athletic performance

    Why carbs help your running

    How many carbs runners should eat

    Additional Resources:

    Everything Fat Loss by Ben Carpenter (https://amzn.to/49kNUt8)

    Athlete’s Plate Visual Guide:https://swell.uccs.edu/theathletesplate




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    Episode 39: Running at High Altitude and Altitude Acclimatization

    Episode 39: Running at High Altitude and Altitude Acclimatization

    Ever wonder why it feels so hard when you run in Colorado or Utah? We discuss the science of altitude acclimatization and running at high altitudes in this episode. We also provide some helpful tips to make your next runs at high altitude feel better! 

    We also answer a listener question about easy pace for 5+ hour marathoners. 

    Discussion points include

    What actually counts as high-altitude running?
    Why is running at high altitude so hard?
    Should you use an elevation training mask to prepare for high-altitude running?
    How to deal with dehydration, sleep issues, appetite suppression, and GI upset at high altitude
    How to modify runs and workouts for high-altitude
    How long does altitude acclimatization take?


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    Episode 38: How to Run Your Best 10K Race

    Episode 38: How to Run Your Best 10K Race

    In our opinion, the 10K is one of the most underrated distances to race and train for. It’s long enough to require endurance but short enough that you need to develop your speed. This episode is focused on everything you need to know if you want to race a 10K, including:

    How long should you train for a 10K?
    How to set a 10K goal pace
    Should you taper for a 10K race?
    Our favorite 10K workouts
    Mindset for racing a 10K
    How to pace a 10K race
    How to warm up before a 10K race
    How to fuel for a 10K

    Further resources: 

    Daniels VDOT Calculator: https://vdoto2.com/calculator/

    Tinman Calculator: https://runfastcoach.com/calc2/index.php









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    Episode 37: Trail Running Tips for Road Runners

    Episode 37: Trail Running Tips for Road Runners

    Want to start running more on the trails or curious about trying a trail race? This is the episode for you! We talk about tips for train running to help you get out on the trails and enjoy the experience. These trail running tips and techniques are based both on our coaching experiences and own experiences as two road runners who also run on trails. 

    Running by time versus distance on the trails
    Is it okay to walk when running on the trails?
    Running form for trail running
    How to navigate running trails
    Animal encounters during trail running
    Nutrition and hydration for trail runs
    Gear for trail running
    How to incorporate trail running into your training 
    Exercises for trail running
    How to pick trail running shoes

    Further resources:









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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
112 Ratings

112 Ratings

Runner from St. Paul, MN ,

Awesome hosts and podcast!

This is a great podcast to receive credible running tips and tricks from educated runners. They explain science-backed information in a very simple way, and are making running a more inclusive activity. These are very helpful and inspiring women!

Nikegirl71793 ,

Great podcast!

Loving this podcast and am adding it to my current rotation! Very informative with easy to understand scientific explanations as to the when, why, and how of running. 👍

klk6355 ,

Best Running Podcast!!!

I have received Laura’s informative emails for some time so I was really excited about this podcast - it does NOT disappoint!

Factual data + no gimmicks or fads = perfection.

My only constructive feedback is if I hear “uh-hundred percent” one more time, I’m going to tab myself in the eye. It’s nearly at drinking game levels on some episodes. :)

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