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The Run4PRs podcast was created to share the secrets to transform your training to reach your goals.

We ask the expert run coaches and athletes the questions you are dying to know the answers to. We will get the inside scoop on what REALLY makes you the best athlete you can be.

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The Run4PRs podcast was created to share the secrets to transform your training to reach your goals.

We ask the expert run coaches and athletes the questions you are dying to know the answers to. We will get the inside scoop on what REALLY makes you the best athlete you can be.

    79. Setting Goals for Winter & 2021

    79. Setting Goals for Winter & 2021

    Last week we chatted about the importance of the off season. We want to make sure we take time off to recover between major training blocks. However, a lot of athletes can get trapped in the all or nothing approach of training. I can’t train? Okay I will run zero miles per week. Or I don’t want to take time off, I am going to continue to train hard! We want to make sure we find a happy medium and set some goals for this winter
    Winter can be a tough time for training: why?
    What are some things that can you help stay on track?
    What do you not like about it?
    Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time or motivation during the offseason?
    What are some goals you can set to help you stay on track?
    When should you start thinking about 2021 races and finding a path?
    What do the top athletes do during the winter months that set them up for success?
    Should Strength training be something you start to add in?
    Should we set goals based on weekly mileage or consistency?
    How do we reward ourselves for staying on track if there is no goal race?
    How do you stay motivated if you are stuck inside?

    • 50 min
    78. The Importance of Off-Season Training

    78. The Importance of Off-Season Training

    The off-season is coming. We spent all year building up for big races this fall. After your goal races it can be a time of recovery for most athletes. We talked a few weeks ago of the post-marathon blues and why it is important to take some time off after a race even if you ‘feel good’, but we are going to continue this conversation chatting more about what an off season is and how to do it
    What is an off season?
    How long should it last?
    Do you still need to work with a coach?
    Is having a plan a better way to stay accountable rather than assume you will run when you feel like it?
    What is the biggest off season training mistake you see?
    How many miles per week should you run?
    Should you lift?
    Should you cross train?
    How long should your long runs be?
    How many rest days should you have?
    Does everyone need an off season?
    Does the offseason have to be right after your goal race?

    • 38 min
    77. Should You Do A “Back Up Race” If The First One Doesn’t Go As Planned

    77. Should You Do A “Back Up Race” If The First One Doesn’t Go As Planned

    77. Doing a back-up marathon if the first one doesn’t go as planned

    We have all been there. Train hard, in great shape then something uncontrollable happens on race day. Maybe it’s terrible weather. Maybe our body just felt off. Maybe we got a sinus infection the week of the race. We are chatting today about what to do if your goal race doesn’t go as planned.

    Have you ever had a race that didn’t go well?

    What did you do after to utilize your fitness?

    How do other people react when you fail to reach your goal?

    Does anyone really remember or care?

    What is the risk of doing back to back marathons?

    Can it work?

    What are signs you should maybe not try to do the back up race?

    Should you only do back up races after the race and not plan for a just in case back up race before?

    • 39 min
    76. Post Racing Blues & Recovery

    76. Post Racing Blues & Recovery

    76. Marathon recovery & blues

    We have been chatting a lot about race day planning and taper, but we have not yet chatted about the aftermath that may come after you finish the marathon. Many of you have spent the last 3-6 months really building up into great marathon shape. You have spent hours every week doing long runs and workouts. You have made sacrifices, had fun and seen so much improvement. The build up for these races can be exhausting but also an incredible feeling. There is a huge build up for a race that usually lasts 3-5 hours in duration. It is over before we know it. It can often be anti-climatic. That was it. Now it is over. We much address some of the feelings we might experience after a marathon and remember recovery is important!

    Have you ever finished a marathon and NOT wanted to take time off?

    Do you think some people fall into two categories 1- pumped to take time off and 2- struggles to really take time off

    Either super excited to continue to improve because I feel like I didn’t really reach my potential

    OR I am scared to lose fitness and don’t think I really pushed myself to the limits

    Always needed to grow and build towards something

    Pushing other things aside for 6 months→ cleaning the garage, organizing your computer files, yard work, baking, meal prep, friend meet up for coffee, meet up for drinks, oil change, hair done

    What do you think is the hardest part for people after a marathon mentally?

    Even if you have had a race where you reach your goal and crush it, are you still 100% satisfied?

    How do you feel after a race that goes so-so?

    What about a race that goes terribly wrong?

    Have you ever dived back into training too fast?

    Why do you think it is hard for people to take time off?

    How much time do you think is enough time to take off?

    • 38 min
    75. Traveling To Races

    75. Traveling To Races

    Traveling to your goal races

    Fall is quickly approaching! That might mean some runners will be traveling across the country to their goal races. With Covid-19 a lot of races have been cancelled, but there are some states with races still going on! We are going to be speaking more in general terms with regards to travel. These are tips you can use in 2020 or even if you are listening in 4 years from now headed to the Chicago Marathon.

    Whether you are traveling 50 miles or 5,000 miles we have some tips for you to use to make sure you have your best race ever even on the road! Jason and I have traveled to several marathons across the country including Chicago, LA, Las Vegas, and Boston and ran BQ times on the road.

    What is the best race you have ever traveled to?

    What is the hardest part about traveling to races?

    Do you prefer races at home or away?

    Do you think people should travel this year?


    Should you bring snacks?

    How should you eat on the road? How important is this?

    How to stay hydrated but also not pee every 5 min on a plane or car ride?

    How do you not try anything new when you have to eat out the night before?

    Should you get reservations to dinner the night before?

    Should you pack food in your carry on for the race day breakfast and fuel?

    Clothing and gear

    How do you pack for the race?

    Watch charger, cell phone charger, phone carrier, headphones! All your running gear!

    Should you put your running stuff on the carryon?

    How many race day outfits should you pack?

    Throw away clothes?


    How should you get to the race expo?

    When should you go to the race expo?

    When should you do any sight seeing?

    How early should you get to the race start?

    Should you take their transportation or get dropped off?

    Should you have a plan after you finish?

    • 40 min
    74. Calming Pre-race & Taper Nerves

    74. Calming Pre-race & Taper Nerves

    74. Calming the taper nerves

    As fall races approach, we see more and more athletes tapering for their goal races. You know how taper is. You spend months building up mileage, busy & exhausted from training then suddenly there are cuts in mileage and more time and energy to worry about all the things. We start to second guess ourselves! Did I do enough? Is this training cycle good enough to get me to my goal time? We start to worry and get anxious. Our normal outlet for our worries may be running, so it is ironic that we are unable to get the fix we need. In this podcast we will be chatting about typical concerns athletes have going into a race and our mindset approach to fix them. Sometimes when we bring our fears to light, they aren’t so scary anymore.

    What if I go out too fast?

    What if I don’t hit my goal time?

    What will people think if I DNF or walk or don’t BQ?

    What if something flares up and I am unable to finish?

    What if the weather is so bad that it rains the whole time and I become hypothermic?

    What if I get sick the day before?

    What if I get my period?

    What if I just have an off day?

    What if I don’t feel accomplished after?

    What if my support system isn’t proud of me?

    How can I ask others to support me during this taper time?

    What would help calm my nerves?

    • 51 min

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4.5 out of 5
86 Ratings

86 Ratings

Daicia18 ,

Best running tips out there!!

This podcast is a must listen if you want to improve your running or at the very least not feel so alone in all your running questions and concerns! There is no other podcast like this that I’ve found- they go over the best tips for how to become a better runner. It’s also fun conversation!! Highly recommend for all runners all levels!!

Hodddddd ,

Great podcast, some room for improvement

Love this podcast. I’m training for my first marathon and have accessed the history of episodes to help me gain some deeper knowledge of running. The one thing that I struggle with is the pace and breath of the host. She always seems very rushed and very out of breath. I’m not sure if she’s nervous or just coming off a run! Some episodes are better than others, I’ll continue to listen, but just one piece of feedback!

MW327 ,


Love this podcast! the run4prs coaches are so honest, real, and open. Always talking about great content without any extra BS :)

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