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I'm studying troublemakers to see if there are similarities in how they think, what motivates them, and whether or not they're extending their disruptive ways deeper into the ethos of their companies.

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I'm studying troublemakers to see if there are similarities in how they think, what motivates them, and whether or not they're extending their disruptive ways deeper into the ethos of their companies.

    Rolan Reichel Troublemaker at Arrow

    Rolan Reichel Troublemaker at Arrow

    We who are comfortable with technology, navigating social media, and working the web naturally think everyone else is just as adept. But that's not the case. 

    All across America, HVAC installers, restaurants, and fashion stores are trying to survive post Covid and keep the lights on. Many don't even have a website and most don't have time to understand social media - much less to use it to grow their businesses.

    My next guest, Rolan Reichel, has recognized just how lucrative this underserved market is.  He and his team think there could be up to $100B sitting on the sidelines and they want to help put it to work to help small businesses.

    They launched their solution as a a browser extension.  If you've used Grammarly, then you know how easy it is to launch Arrow. It simply starts and the GUI is super friendly. 

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    Denis Huré Troublemaker at Reward the World

    Denis Huré Troublemaker at Reward the World

    The consumer loyalty market worldwide is valued at more than four billion U.S. dollars and it's expected to surpass 18 billion by the end of 2028. - Statista
     I remember when customer loyalty programs meant airline miles and credit card rewards. When Generation Z came along the rewards programs had to adapt to the demands of instant gratification.
     Denis Huré, entrepreneur, disruptor, and Founder / CEO of Reward the World, followed a path of marketing and 
     One thing you’ll learn about Denis is his ability to shift and stay ahead of the competition. For instance, when he decided to dedicate 25-30% of his time, every week moving forward, working on innovations that will keep him on the top of the sector. As Denis said, “If only one idea out of a hundred comes to fruition,  then it’s a win.”
     Some of my favorite Denis Huré quotes - 
     “Marketers tend to forget that the main point of marketing is to differentiate. 
     So if they're all doing the same, where's the differentiation?”
     “As far as I remember, I was never interested in being like everyone else.”
     “People need to follow their dream. But they need to understand, the cemeteries are full of people with great ideas. But at the end of the day, execution is key.”

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    Doug Standley Troublemaker at niolabs

    Doug Standley Troublemaker at niolabs

    Confidence isn't binary. It manifests in degrees. 

    Doug Standley, CEO of niolabs is 100% confident. Deeply driven. Yet, humble. 

    Most of his career was at Deloitte, helping companies not get too spun up about all the new digital solutions out there. Instead, Doug's team helped companies understand digitization and building successful implementations. They earned a ton of money and the trust of their clients by simply telling the truth, with none of the hype.

     He wrote the first 3 articles in Deloitte’s first annual trends publication. He was the first Deloitte Fellow. The list goes on and on. 

    Now Doug is aiming his team to take on a problem of global scale and extreme importance. The world’s water infrastructure is falling apart, and  management of this vital resource is a disaster. Doug and niolabs are just the people to fix it. 

    There is a ton of information in this podcast. But more importantly, I think what you'll pick up on is his scud missile approach.  Doug may be living proof that being a troublemaker is binary. And he's 100%.

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    Dr. Keith Arbeitman Troublemaker at SymplBrush

    Dr. Keith Arbeitman Troublemaker at SymplBrush

    618 BCE - The toothbrush was invented during the Tang Dynasty.
    2021 CE - After 3 years of research and invention, Dr. Keith Arbeitman launched the SymplBrush. It cleans more effectively, and it’s safer (and faster) than any other toothbrush.
    Dr. Arbeitman - "As a dentist, a lot of the work I do is the consequence of people either brushing too hard and hurting their teeth and gums, or not brushing hard enough to clean their teeth, causing cavities and gum infections," says Keith Arbeitman, DDS, a dentist in New York City and founder of SymplBrush. "It's really hard to get it just right. There's even research that suggests that brushing too hard can cause an increase in gum inflammation for some."  Source 
    SymplBrush attacked a series of issues around the poor results of at-home oral care:
    Plaque builds up and hardens, especially near the gum line.The ADA says the minimum time to brush to get plaque off teeth is 2 minutes. Surveys show that most people only brush for 45 seconds on average and a significant number don't brush twice a day.Modern toothbrushes don’t help users to position their brush exactly at the right angle to get up to the gum line, but not to damage the gums.Since so many are brushing far too briefly, Dr. Arbeitman decided to brush a wide number of teeth at once with their patented "Living Hinge" bristle design. The the Forsyth Institute, an affiliate of The Harvard Dental School in Cambridge, Massachusetts was shocked at the improvement in oral health in their study of SymplBrush.
    From the SymplBrushwebsite - 
    “SymplBrush delivers 5-7mm of bristle movement and up to 900 strokes per minute. This mechanical design allows the bristles to contact each tooth surface for 5-10 seconds when used in the 30-second guided mode, as opposed to just 1.5 seconds when using traditional toothbrushes as directed for two minutes.”   Source 

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    Martin Randolph Troublemaker at Osmond

    Martin Randolph Troublemaker at Osmond

    When I imagine the Security Services sector, I think of tough guys with muscles bulging through their black suits. The reality of the industry is quite different. Statista reports that the North American Security Services market is $32 Billion Dollars.

    Martin Randolph is a serial entrepreneur. Interviewing him led me to think that staring into money-making ventures as children or teens might be common amongst troublemakers. Martin started his first business at age 11 with an aftermarket skateboard business. That drive led him to many different ventures. 

    Osmond was started to solve a major gap in the sector. There's a hole in the Managed Security Services Industry – and Osmond is solving it with a more preventative, prepared approach versus a passive approach. They're signing up SMBs, especially those who need both physical and digital protection. And that's the big difference for the security sector. 

    Keep your eyes on Martin Randolph and Osmond.

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    Ralf Kaiser Troublemaker at Greenlight Payments

    Ralf Kaiser Troublemaker at Greenlight Payments

    In this podcast, Ralf Kaiser CEO of Integrated Compliance Solutions and their subsidiary Greenlight Payments will provide a different perspective on hemp and cannabis – the business side, especially as regards helping cannabis companies succeed in full compliance with the law.
    Hemp cultivation for fibre was recorded in China as early as 2800 years ago and was practiced in the Mediterranean countries of Europe early in the Christian era, spreading throughout the rest of Europe during the Middle Ages.
     The first “businesses” cultivating hemp were in China as early as 2800 years ago. The fibers from the plant were worked into clothing, baskets, rope, paper, and a medicine. The seeds were a food source. 
     Cannabis was criminalized in various countries beginning in the 19th century. The U.S. first restricted the sale of cannabis in 1906 in Washington DC. In 1970, federal law has classified cannabis as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. 
     "To date, a total of 47 states have reformed their cannabis laws, with 36 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam now permitting legal access to cannabis for medical purposes; and 15 states, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands having adopted laws legalizing cannabis for adult use. Legal cannabis (marijuana) sales are projected to reach $23 billion by 2022."   Source

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