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A podcast promoting the discovery of American made goods, and not stuff from China.
Let's promote a better supply chain for the US, resulting in higher quality of goods, better national security, economic growth, and expansion of small, American businesses.
Buy American!

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A podcast promoting the discovery of American made goods, and not stuff from China.
Let's promote a better supply chain for the US, resulting in higher quality of goods, better national security, economic growth, and expansion of small, American businesses.
Buy American!

    EP|37 "Chemo Commies"

    EP|37 "Chemo Commies"


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    The United States and many other countries are far too dependent on China and India to produce critical life saving precursors to chemotherapy drugs.
    These drugs are at critically low inventory levels and it's like "Living paycheck to paycheck"

    Articles Referenced in this Episode:
    “US cancer centers still see ‘widespread’ shortages of life-saving chemo drugs, survey finds,

    What’s Behind the Critical Shortage of Drugs for Cancer and Other Diseases

    Cancer drug shortage eases slightly, but it’s still ‘living from paycheck to paycheck’

    How long does a Drug Patent Last

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    EP|36 The BlackRock Pushback

    EP|36 The BlackRock Pushback

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    and this episode at http://uncommiegoods.com/episode36/

    The BlackRock PushBack

    How do we fight the well funded, anti -business, anti-American actions of trillion dollar companies such as BlackRock, Vanguard, and their ESG and DEI initiatives?

    ESG and DEI are fascism disguised by buzzwords such as “Environmental” and “Inclusion”

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    Swan Bitcoin

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    Articles Mentioned in this episode:

    Jordan Schactel’s The Dossier “How to defeat and dismantle the BlackRock behemoth”


    DeSantis praised for pulling money from BlackRock over ESG concerns: ‘Illegal leftist scam’


    What is an EFT


    Foundation for Government Accountability

    “What is ESG”


    Vanguard funds to avoid:


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    EP|35 The Upcoming CBDC Disaster!

    EP|35 The Upcoming CBDC Disaster!

    I'm excited to be back to podcasting 

    The latest export from China I’m worried about requires no freight or shipping.

    It’s the concept called Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs

    CBDCs will unleash financial repression in ways we’ve never thought of, then ultimately will lead to social credit scores, and finally, force us all to live in a paycheck to paycheck scheme. Fight this with everything you got!

    Any financial information shared here is for educational purposes only. Be sure to do your own research prior to making any investments mentioned in this episode. 

    Article referenced in this episode:

    “How To Resist CBDCs—5 Ways You Can Opt Out of This Dystopian Future”


    Nigeria Restricts Cash to Push Central Bank Digital Currency



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    Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/et9RPRpQdy8

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    EP 34| Yen For America!!

    EP 34| Yen For America!!

    Hearing about Panasonic's $4 Billion dollar investment to open an American Electric Vehicle Battery Plant in Desoto, Kansas got me excited.  Yes, more jobs for Americans.  But, what do I really think about EV Cars?  Also, I get nostalgic with some classic 80s Sitcoms and movies.

    Kansas City Lands Panasonic’s Second Huge US EV Battery Factory


    Gung Ho Movie: 


    The Facts of Life 80s Sitcom. 


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    EP|33 Hush Hush, Iodine!!

    EP|33 Hush Hush, Iodine!!


    My first "UnCommie Goods: Reacts" podcast. 

    I went off on a little rant instead of a my usual more (slightly) polished script. 

    I heard on a radio about a supply chain crisis of contrast media, an iodine solution that medical staff inject into blood vessels to allow a device such as a CT scanner or fluoroscope to see inside the body. These are critical vital life saving medical diagnoses. 

    Of course, the supply chain is due to dependency of single vendor suppliers, who manufacture in where else, China! 

    I was so angry I looked this up online and reacted to the first article I found. 

    Link to Washington Post article: Covid shutdowns in China are delaying medical scans in the U.S.

    Link to Armor Suit iPhone screen protector. Other models are available. 


    Link to Armor Suit Review: 


    Link to Uncommie Goods Episode 25 "Drugstore China" 


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    EP|32 Climbing the UnCommie Ladder - Manifesto Continued.

    EP|32 Climbing the UnCommie Ladder - Manifesto Continued.

    The Uncommie Manifesto Part 2. A series.   


    YouTube: https://youtu.be/cJqYXZltses

    I was inspired during a recent flight to Hawaii about how to UnCommie your life, and not only based on buying American made products.  

    I banged out some ideas on my iPhone's Notes app, and wanted to share them with you.  It's really how you live, and eliminating dependencies on system that might not always be there for you.  Here are the steps in climbing the UnCommie Ladder.  

    1. Seek out and buy American made goods.- use the cultivate Chrome extension when shopping on Amazon.   https://www.wecultivate.us/ 

    2. Buy Local Food. Seek out local ranchers and farmers. A great resource is www.eatwild.com.  

    3. Get your health in order.  The real pandemic is obesity, and being overweight leads to feeding the matrix that is the "Pharm-Industrial Complex".  They want you sick and on medications. I recommend a Paleo/Primal centered diet and lifestyle.  https://www.marksdailyapple.com/success-stories-home/  

    4. Eliminate all consumer debt/payments.  Pay off all your consumer loans and credit cards. Don't count on Social Security.

    • 40 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

slam7009 ,

UnCommie Goods

Lars Thurfjell is an exceptional host as a podcaster and his “UnCommie Goods” is not just informative/educational, but also entertaining. I especially enjoyed his interview/session with the founder of Spider Chalk. Well done Lars!
Updated on June 16th, 2022. Thought I had sent out the previous review but it appears had not been sent. Anyway, just listened to Episode 33 /May 20th. Hush Hush Sweet Iodine. Somehow had missed it. Was out in the garden doing pruning/trimming and it was like having Lars with me carrying on a conversation. With Lars it is always best to listen as hard to match his intellect! Always learn so much from Lar’s podcasts, as well as being entertained.

katarina_ruth ,

Made in America

Lars does a great job making you think about where your products are coming from! These are direct and informative episodes that open your eyes and make you wonder why so many products that we use are not made in America.

Fostering Joy ,

Challenge our status quo

I am really appreciative of Lars perspective on “Commie” implications and how to support a movement of American made products. I have never thought this deeply about the topic, and appreciate how he unpacks each episode. He walks through each episode with diligently and helps the listener understand. The episodes are easy to digest and follow along.

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