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Sick of being spied on, stolen from, and lied to?

Ungovernable Misfits aim to ignite a rebellious spark in every listener.

We explore ways to regain privacy and freedom using Bitcoin and open source software.

Freedoms are not granted, they are taken and defended.

We are rebels with a cause.

Join us and become Ungovernable.

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Sick of being spied on, stolen from, and lied to?

Ungovernable Misfits aim to ignite a rebellious spark in every listener.

We explore ways to regain privacy and freedom using Bitcoin and open source software.

Freedoms are not granted, they are taken and defended.

We are rebels with a cause.

Join us and become Ungovernable.

    Ungovernable Misfits: P.M.M.

    Ungovernable Misfits: P.M.M.

    Ungovernable Misfits – P.M.M. Episode 1

    What does P.M.M. stand for? 
    Pleb Miner & Meshtadel for the most part, but perhaps it means, Pleb Miner Mafia, or Privacy and Mining Mavericks. Maybe is means Permaculture, Mechanics, and Mycelium. You see where we’re going here, the show is fluid. Some episodes will be weighted towards mining, some permaculture, and others self-sovereignty. 

    What is the Meshtadel?
    The Meshtadel was started by Max, Czino, and SoulEx. Read SoulEx and SoulEx Boy’s original article in Citadel 21 for more context and check out their episode on Ungovernable Misfits. The group was created to help Plebs connect with each other, provide mutual support, and as an incubator for new ideas, but the group grew to be so much more over the past few years. It’s now a group of friends who provide mutual support, general encouragement, advice on permaculture and sustainable living, sovereignty, and preparedness, and even at times parenting advice or sharing a good recipe. The term “Meshtadel” comes from the combination of Citadel + Mesh-Network. 

    A Citadel by itself is not likely to stand under state attack, but Bitcoin-anchored, open, and decentralized societies willing to cooperate with each other p2p, that is a network that can’t be destroyed. Within the Meshtadel, Bitcoin is what has initially connected many of us, but we find through our interactions, that our love for our friends, families, and communities, and our desires to be sovereigns are what makes us Meshtadelians.

    In this episode of P.M.M. Max and Jon introduce the Meshtadel’s origin story. The boys review clips of SoulEx and his son as they share their vision of the Meshtadel concept. That concept being preparing for unlikely scenarios, preparations we hope we never need to use. It's crucial to have options, even if unused, rather than lacking them when needed. The Meshtadel is the connections we make with like-minded individuals. Starting with just one genuine connection can lay the groundwork for a supportive, real-world network. The Meshtadel approach isn't about fear; it's about readiness and community resilience. The Meshtadel and the Miner Mafia share many of these characteristics and are natural kin. The Mafia are hard core Pleb Miners, but mining is just one part of the self-sovereignty stack.

    Jon and Max introduce other Meshtadelians like Tensai Bankai. The review the sentiment that many of us held during the mass formation psychosis we witnessed taking hold of the rest of society a few years back and the preparations we made to carry ourselves and our families through. Check out that episode here.

    Max and Jon also review Meshtadelian Rev Hodl or as we know him, Karl. He came to many of the same conclusions we all did during the dark times. Review his episode with Max here. 

    The guys stress the importance of meeting with one another irl. Although our virtual communication is meaningful and important, there is nothing like meeting up in real life. 

    The Meshtadel was spurred into an important conversation by an article from the Bitcoin Bugle by Dick Greaser Jails Around the Country to Release Pedos To Make Room For Amish Milk Sellers. The piece is satire of course, but it inspired a fascinating conversation amongst the members of the Meshtadel on different security approaches from the perspective of a citadel builder, a homesteader, an intellectual, and a pragmatist. 

    Ungovernable Misfits welcomes our new contributor Charles Myriel with his piece Demoralizing People, Demoralizing Others.

    If you found value in this episode consider boosting on your favorite Podcasting 2.0 app and if you don't have one check out the list here:


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    Ungovernable Misfits: ACTION NEWS!!!

    Ungovernable Misfits: ACTION NEWS!!!

    Ungovernable Misfits – ACTION NEWS!!! Episode 1

    Ungovernable Misfits – ACTION NEWS!!!, say it right, with 3 exclamation points or the Mafia, in their black hoodies will hunt you down. Get your hoodie here 

    ACTION NEWS!!! is your source for news on the Bitcoin Mining scene! Statistics, #BitcoinMining news, energy market alpha, comedy relief, and as always, witty banter between Max and Jon.

    Witty banter consists of reverse burping, Max’s dog’s bowel issues, the NEMS pool panel with Medi Naseri and Luke Dashjr, winter demand response programs, building pleb relationships with other blue collar plebs at Bitcoin Park, the earworm that is Dominic the Donkey, Ungovernable Misfit kids, and scrappy Pleb Miners “bulking’ for the fight against the global elite.

    We have kickstart the year with some new sponsors, please browse their wares and services, you won’t be disappointed.
    Bifrost Manufacturing
    Altair Bitcoin Mining Solutions
    Lake Satoshi Bitcoin Beach Retreat
    Intro Music: 
    Motley Crue – Kickstart my Heart

    We begin this episode as we do all shows, by communicating with all of you via podcasting 2.0 boosts. Be sure to Boost on the podcasting 2.0 app of your choice. At Ungovernable Misfits we offer a feature rich podcasting 2.0 experience, Thank You @linkinparkrules for your work on the show.

    In this episode of ACTION NEWS!!! we review and discuss mining statistics pre halving. Hashrate is up, difficulty is up, Tx fees up, but earnings are down. Visit Lincoin Lens for up to the minute #BitcoinMining statistics. Additional analysis brought to you by The Lincoin Mining Platform Check out their new report with Nico Smid called The Bitcoin Mining Boom 

    As always Boty McBotface stops by to rap with the boys.

    Max and Jon explore the many possibilities that Bifrost Manufacturing has to offer in small scale design and manufacturing.

    The boys also review the new S21 #BitcoinMining server from Bitmain with Altair.
    S21 deep dive by AltairTech.io

    The Meshtadel and Mafia will be well represented at the Lake Satoshi Bitcoin Beach Retreat the weekend of August 10, 2024, consider attending.

    Jon reviews the NEMS ASIC chip panel at Bitcoin Park.

    Jon reviews an article by Richard Greaser of the Bitcoin Bugle 
    Bitcoin Mining: An Inconvenient Truth. Where Intentional Climate Change Hurts Us All

    Bassload stops by for his energy market update where he defines industry terms and share tips on how to communicate with different levels of the energy supply chain.
    Bitcoin Bassload Update – Speaking the electricity language, can it make sense to everyone

    Be sure to visit UngovernableMisfits.com for more writings and to catch up on past articles.

    See you next time! F@%CKERS!!!
    (00:00:00) New show, new name, SAME BLOKES
    (00:03:27) BOOST: The Late Stage Hodl Story
    (00:05:31) BOOSTS: Ape & Barnnnn
    (00:06:59) 😮‍💨 Max Can Burp 😮‍💨
    (00:07:54) Diving Deeper into Podcasting 2.0
    (00:08:50) BOOSTS: Debasing Dominick
    (00:10:09) Ungovernable Kids
    (00:11:50) BOOSTS: Chet sees through the guise
    (00:15:55) 📊 Statistics Presented by Lincoin 📊
    (00:16:50) Reverse Burps 🤮
    (00:17:14) Max Dog 💩 Story
    (00:20:26) ⛏️ Lincoin Mining Platform SHILL ⛏️
    (00:23:02) Nashville Pool Panel: The industry is going FPPS
    (00:26:32) Stats Lens and The Bitcoin Mining Boom
    (00:27:37) Demand Response
    (00:32:50) Hashrate Up Across the Board 📈
    (00:37:45) Bulking for the Fight
    (00:39:40) Scrappy Pleb Miners
    (00:48:37) Boty Raps with the Boys
    (00:52:45) The Reservoir Dogs Walkin' the Streets of Nashville
    (00:55:37) Bifrost is Blue Collar, Plebby & Scrappy
    (00:59:06) Altair Helps Write the Show
    (01:07:51) ACTION NEWS!!!
    (01:08:39) Lake Satoshi
    (01:11:07) MISFITS MERCH: Pleb Miner Hoodie
    (01:12:57) NEMS ASIC Panel and Nashville Tales
    (01:18:55) Bitcoin Bugle Article
    (01:22:32) Bitcoin Bassload Update
    (01:32:12) WE OUT ✌️

    • 1 hr 32 min
    Monthly bitcoin update EP32. Stay up to date with what matters.

    Monthly bitcoin update EP32. Stay up to date with what matters.

    Monthly bitcoin update EP32. Stay up to date with what matters.

    Bitcoin monthly is a show hosted by Max, Bitcoin QnA and Antomous. We cover important updates in the world of bitcoin and open source software.

    We do this monthly to keep listeners informed without having to dedicate hours every day to keep on top of developments. We break things down in a simple and fun way and we welcome questions or topic suggestions via podcasting 2.0 boosts. 

    In this episode of bitcoin monthly we talk about the importance of using bitcoin in a private and freedom focused way as well as covering the list of topics below.

    Antomous gives us a puppy update.

    Sparrow Wallet v1.8.2: Improved Transaction Tree Labels & More

    BlueWallet v6.4.15: Tool to Generate Last Mnemonic Word & Tor removal

    RoboSats v0.6.0 Pre-release: Introducing RoboSats Federation

    Foundation Passport Firmware v2.2.0 and Envoy v1.5.0 Released

    Bitcoin Keeper v1.1.8: Custom Multisig, Coin Selection & More

    Phoenix Wallet iOS v2.1.0 Now Supports Request Inbound Liquidity Feature

    Samourai Dojo v1.22.0: New API Endpoint, Exclusion of Incompatible Clients

    RoninUI v2.4.0: Added Whirlpool UI

    Whirlpool Unspent Capacity Smashes through 10,000 BTC

    Mercury layer has been released

    Ledger Connect Kit Exploited

    New EU KYC/AML Rules to Impose Stricter Surveillance Measures on Users and Service Providers

    Jamie Dimon exposes critical flaw in bitcoin. 

    Show Host: Max 
    Website - https://ungovernablemisfits.com/

    Co host BQA
    Twitter - @BitcoinQ_A
    Website -  bitcoiner.guide

    Co host - Antomous
    Twitter - @antomousB
    Website vulcan21.com

    Show Sponsor - Foundation Devices
    Foundation builds Bitcoin-centric tools that empower you to reclaim your digital sovereignty. 
    As a sovereign computing company, Foundation is the antithesis of today’s tech conglomerates. Returning to cypherpunk principles, they build open source technology that “can’t be evil,” 
    Thank you Foundation Devices for sponsoring the show. 
    Use code: Ungovernable at check out for 3 months free VPN usage with IVPN.

    Want the best opensource node in the world?

    Here’s some money off and you can help support the show at the same time.
    Use code: Ungovernable


    (00:00:00) Intro
    (00:02:20) Cheers to Foundation Devices
    (00:03:10) Support us by supporting RoninDojo
    (00:03:53) Crisp mic mate, how was the holidays?
    (00:09:13) The Bitcoin ETF didn't pump my bags!
    (00:12:43) Sparrow pleases the transactoors and inscriptoors
    (00:19:25) The bluewallet giveth, and the bluewallet taketh away
    (00:24:19) Robosats is federating
    (00:29:25) SHILL ALERT: Foundation Devices Updates
    (00:35:13) Bitcoin Keeper is FOSS...as of 6 months ago
    (00:38:15) Phoenix allows you to request inbound liquidity
    (00:41:03) Samourai Dojo v1.22.0 - Proper Peers Relay Transactions
    (00:45:52) New Layer 2 Proposal: Mercury Layer
    (00:48:35) Ledger's end of the year fuck up
    (00:52:29) Unelected EU officials increase surveillance and more tx limits
    (00:56:52) SAMOURAI SWAPS beta is live!
    (01:01:10) Among others HRF awards grant to Keith Mukai of Seed Signer
    (01:03:56) SHILL ALERT: New premium aluminum cases for SeedSigner
    (01:06:48) Is that the list? Are we done?

    • 1 hr 7 min
    A new years love note to the oppressors.

    A new years love note to the oppressors.

    A new year's love note to the oppressors. 

    • 6 min
    Running a bitcoin node for the streets. RoninDojo community discussion.

    Running a bitcoin node for the streets. RoninDojo community discussion.

    Running a bitcoin node for the streets, RoninDojo community discussion. 
    This episode is from a live recording with with Zelko, Dojo Coder, damm kewl, Samourai and the RoninDojo community. 
    The discussion gave us all an opportunity to ask questions related to the recent updates covered in a podcast I recorded with Zelko the Co-Founder of RoninDojo. ( Running a bitcoin node for the streets.)
    During the episode we covered the origins of the project, what spurred him and the team on to build and continue improving, and what comes next.
    We decided to do a follow up and open the discussion to listeners who had questions or feedback and it was a great success. I know from personal experience that the world of Bitcoin privacy and security can be daunting and frustrating at times. We want to help people use the best tools available to actually use bitcoin. Having these open discussions really helps dispel myths and encourage use. 
    Its always good to have these conversations with people who stand for freedom and refuse to bend the knee. We will be running another podcast and open discussion next month and would love to hear from you.
    Here’s the link to the original episode for those who missed it.
    Show notes bellow. 
    Ive been running RD for the past 4 or 5 years and have been amazed at the development, with the latest release v2.4.0 users now have full control of Whirlpool CLI from the UI! As a long term user I'm very happy to see this.
    I talked to Zelko about how it was implemented as well as covering what a beautiful job Dojo Coder @PavelTheCoder has done on the UI.
    I could bang on in the show notes all day about what an incredible job the team has done but I'm a dyslexic F%CK and you are going to listen to the show anyway. 
    The main takeaway is the Ronin team build my favourite node implementation in the bitcoin space and haven’t forgotten that bitcoin is for the streets.
    Don’t forget if you would like to buy a 1TB or 2TB Tanto you can use the link bellow for a discount and to help support the show. 
    Use code: Ungovernable
    Show guest -  Zelko 
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/BTCxZelko
    Co-Founder of  @RoninDojoNode
    Show Host: Max 
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/MaxBitbuybit
    Website - https://ungovernablemisfits.com/
    Show Sponsor: - Ronindojo
    Want the best opensource node in the world?
    Here’s some money off and you can help support the show at the same time.
    Use code: Ungovernable
    Want a free Samourai/RoninDojo privacy defenders wallpaper?
    Use the link bellow.
    For the Samourai/RoninDojo privacy defenders clothing please use the link bellow.
    For privacy defenders Art please use the link bellow.

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Ungovernable Misfits Presents: A Very Ungovernable Christmas

    Ungovernable Misfits Presents: A Very Ungovernable Christmas

    The BitBuyBit Radio network, in partnership with Ungovernable Misfits Media, present, the greatest collection of Bitcoin themed Christmas parodies, ever assembled.
    For the first time, Plebs from the Pleb Miner Mafia and The Meshtadel come together in one Christmas Collection called “An Ungovernable Christmas”
    These songs will fill you with an Ungovernable spirit.
    Like Rev HODL’s “Here Come all the Plebs”
    And musical treasure’s such as Jack Billiams’ “Baby, Bitcoin’s the way”
    This collection of classics can be yours, on three records or two deluxe long play cassettes.
    Including hits like Yooper Hodl’s soon to be classic, I’m Dreaming of a New China Ban, rumored to be, the most popular recording of all time.
    Pour a mug of hot cocoa, warm yourself by the fire, play this collection and fill your heart with an Ungovernable spirit.
    Chet’s nuts roasting on an open fire, scents of moonshine tickling your nose.
    O Bitcoin O Bitcoin
    I’m Leaning on a Pile of Misfits
    An Ungovernable Christmas treasury is the perfect way to celebrate the joy of this holiday season.
    Jon Performs a heartwarming rendition of “Have Yourself and an Ungovernable Little Christmas”
    50 songs on three records or two long play cassettes just 45,917 sats, don't miss this opportunity to receive An Ungovernable Christmas
    (I think Play Yooper’s Recording as the outro, I’ll send you his entire recording) 
    Call now 1800 GFY GFY that's 1800 go **** yourself or send 45,917 sats to Misfits Media, PO Box 21 North Pole, North Pole 
    Ungovernable Misfits does not accept cash, check, money order, COD, slave notes, cuck bucks, or any other forms of filty fiat. Bitcoin only 

    • 10 min

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20 Ratings

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Stay ungovernable

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Top of the list podcast for bitcoiners. Not for investors looking for chart talk or notifications on when a bank/institution buys in. Max brings on builders and thinkers that show you that bitcoin is a tool for privacy and personal sovereignty.

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