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Short stories, biographies, and interviews by Oakland based journalist Christopher Beale and his friends, reflecting real-life and fantasy through storytelling.

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Short stories, biographies, and interviews by Oakland based journalist Christopher Beale and his friends, reflecting real-life and fantasy through storytelling.

    Oakland Takes Back The Narrative

    Oakland Takes Back The Narrative

    After two nights of demonstrations against police brutality that ended in riots and looting - Oakland protesters took to the streets Sunday to take back the narrative, Black Lives Matter.
    Special thanks to Youth Radio Media and their volunteers, to my neighbor for the up-close video of the looting, and to the demonstrators on Sunday for allowing me access and making me feel welcome.
    NBC Bay Area
    My neighbor on Twitter.
    David DeBolt on Twitter.
    Washington Post

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    Activity Found | a COVID-19 story

    Activity Found | a COVID-19 story

    The story of a San Francisco man recovering from a confirmed case of COVID-19.
    "My heart starts beating so fast Wednesday night. Really, Really, Really fast. I get this numbness all over my body. My legs are falling numb. I have a hard time getting up. And I'm like, Oh my God. This is it. I’m gonna die." - Armando Zambrana
    To get tested for COVID-19, click here.
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    Johns Hopkins University
    San Francisco Department of Public Health
    UC Davis


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    Zone Defense & Drive-By Kisses

    Zone Defense & Drive-By Kisses

    The Zayner family’s house is one of those spaces where people are always coming and going on the weekends. Come as you are...B.Y.O.B and smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. With a pool in the backyard for epic summer’s out under the sun, this place is my little slice of paradise outside the city. It’s ground-zero for family hangs.
    COVID-19 has moved this large family indoors for school and work - how are Bridget and Zach handling the pandemic-induced stress? How about the kids?
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    The song at the end of the episode is "We're Gonna Be Okay" by Cody Francis. Available on Spotify.

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    Short Story: A Violent Shove

    Short Story: A Violent Shove

    This morning was so unusual I had to share it with you. I witnessed a crime here in Oakland and it shook me.
    "I just witnessed my first crime in Oakland, like right in front of me, I saw it. I tried to help." - Christopher J. Beale
    Have you ever witnessed a crime? Share it with me at (213) 935-0513. If you have helpful information about the crime featured in this story, call Oakland Police at (510) 777-3333.
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    Adam & Mr. Green | Teaching during Coronavirus

    Adam & Mr. Green | Teaching during Coronavirus

    Meet Adam Green, an Oakland High School teacher who, thanks to coronavirus, has a unique problem. How do you teach music to 140 students...from home?
    NBC Bay Area
    San Francisco Chronicle
    Special thanks to the Oakland Public Library and Skyline High School.
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    Unpacked is recorded, written, researched and sound designed by Christopher Beale for No Midnight Media in Oakland, California.

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    Leap, and the net will appear.

    Leap, and the net will appear.


    Coronavirus is changing everything here in California. Our jobs. Our commutes. Our religious and social practices. Social isolation will probably be the phrase that defines 2020, and we’re only 3 months in.
    As people begin to practice social distancing and adjust to this new normal...I am feeling a pull to do something. I know I need to help, I want to help. But how can I best do that? As I’ve been meditating on this over the last few weeks, it finally came to me.
    In one form or another I have pursued some kind of journalism for years now, and Unpacked now stands in a unique position to be a vehicle for that kind of work. But, in order to do that, I need to catch you up on what is going on in my world.
    Over the last year I have reached a sort of a crossroads in my life. A lot has changed, and a lot more change is coming. 
    For almost 20 years now I have pursued my childhood dream of being a radio personality. Beginning in Orlando when I was a wee lad, I’ve been on the radio in Miami, Key West, New Haven, Boston, Colorado Springs, Gainesville (FL), Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Sacramento. 
    Admittedly - I’ve had a lot of success. But in that time, I have essentially moved where the job was. Every place I have lived, I have arrived completely alone with no reason to be there other than a radio job. At most of these stops along the way, I have departed with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. But - I haven’t, up until recently, had the opportunity to pick a place to live, simply because I want to be there.
    My boyfriend and I picked the San Francisco Bay Area and this past November, we moved to Oakland. We love it here. The dogs are happy we love the little church lawn across the street. 
    I’ve continued to commute to Sacramento on weekdays since mid-November but I must admit, it is exhausting, and it gets more challenging each day. For about 12 hours a day I am almost constantly in motion, and that would wear on just about anyone. 
    When I first got into radio, in 2000, my job was to do a single live radio show each day, and maybe some light production work. 
    Now, in an average week I host 45 hours of radio content on two radio stations, conceptualize, write, shoot and produce 5-10 minutes of original video content with varying locations, write a couple of blogs, record between 5 and 20 commercials and I may have a public appearance in a Sacramento suburb over the weekend. It’s a busy lifestyle.
    Combine that with 4 hours of commuting each day and I arrive home most nights completely mentally fried. That’s why Unpacked has been so quiet these last few months. It’s unsustainable. I have reached that point where it’s time to make a few changes.
    Stepping Down First, I am stepping down from my role at Mix 96 and Now 100.5 at the end of June 2020. It’s been 5 years, and I am grateful to every single person who listened to anything I put on the radio in Sacramento and allowed me to thrive in this beautiful city.
    I am beyond grateful for the opportunities afforded me by the team at Bonneville Sacramento, and CBS Radio before that. Through a merger, 4 cities and 2 companies I have been continuously employed for close to 11 years now, and in radio that is beyond rare. I am humbled, and will never forget the love and growth I experienced in Sacramento.
    Thankfully, I am not living that far away. 
    My last day on the air at Mix 96 and Now 100.5 will be Friday, June 26, 2020. More on that as it gets closer.
    I do not, as of writing this, have another full-time job lined up. I am open to discussing just about anything interesting including home voicetracking, production, reporting and editing. I would ultimately prefer to stay in the bay area. My email address is radiokory@gmail.com.--
    So, what now? For the next stage of my life and career, I want to do a wider v

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4.9 out of 5
39 Ratings

39 Ratings

fuufuflcu ,

Keeping dreaming and wishing...

I had the pleasure of meeting Bret recently on a Disney Cruise. I so wanted to sit down and talk with him, but I’m always respectful and stand back to give people space. This podcast allowed me to feel like I got that chance. Thank you. And the end of Part 3 totally wrecked me, gave me goosebumps, and made me cry. I too am that kid and so is my son. It’s a big part of why I love Disney so much.

thehappiestphotography ,

I am very impressed!

Very well done and so emotional. I absolutely loved this.

K_4christ ,

Really enjoying the podcast

Really well done!

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