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This podcast shares a pathway to healing and living a whole, healthy and vibrant life! Stacy shares the 7 Steps to Vibrant Living - Nourishing the body, heart, mind, and spirit, setting up systems and structures in your life, discovering your purpose and passion, and sharing your gifts with the world, alongside other empowering tools and the word of God that goes hand in hand in support of these truths.

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This podcast shares a pathway to healing and living a whole, healthy and vibrant life! Stacy shares the 7 Steps to Vibrant Living - Nourishing the body, heart, mind, and spirit, setting up systems and structures in your life, discovering your purpose and passion, and sharing your gifts with the world, alongside other empowering tools and the word of God that goes hand in hand in support of these truths.

    46. Loving What Is

    46. Loving What Is

    Sometimes things don't go as planned. But God has a way of making everything perfect! When we can love what is, we can let go of the unrealized expectation, guilt, doubt, disappointment, and resentment that might creep in.

    We can stand in awe of what is unfolding before us and see the beauty of what is right in front of us!!

    If you like this podcast, you will love my new Becoming program!  It's my monthly mentoring membership where we dive deep into our monthly topics, set 90-day goals, hold accountability circles, weekly teaching and coaching calls, and have an amazing planner that goes right along with the program to help you with your daily thought downloads, creating new thoughts and emotions, and overcoming your doubts, fears, and self-sabotage! You will be encircled by the most incredible and loving community of women that will welcome you with open arms!!


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    45. Resistance

    45. Resistance

    "Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance." quote from The War of Art. The Hero's Journey is all throughout literature, greek mythology, movies, ancient scripture, and in our own lives.

    We all go on our personal Hero's Journey. Once we get the "call", a mentor will show up. This is someone that has gone before you on the same path and may be further ahead on the journey and knows some of the pitfalls and can guide you. Once we venture into the unknown, there will always be obstacles, trials, traps, temptations, and challenges. We can't make it through without them.

    In this episode, I share all about resistance. Some of those obstacles for us to continue on in our journey or on with our goals come from our own self-sabotage and our own resistance. I share some golden nuggets on resistance from one of my favorite books - The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

    "If you believe in God (and I do) you must declare Resistance evil, for it prevents us from achieving the life God intended when He endowed each of us with our own unique genius." Steven Pressfield - The War of Art

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    44. Your True Self

    44. Your True Self

    CS Lewis said “It is a serious thing to live in a society of possible Gods and Goddesses, to remember that the dullest and most uninteresting person you talk to may one day be a creature which…you would strongly be tempted to worship. There are no ordinary people."

    We have both our false identity and our true identity and often go back and forth between the two. Think of a brand-new baby or a little child. We are in awe of her and how adorable she is. She doesn't have to "do" anything to be loved and adored. She just is.  That is our true self - 100% loved, adored, and worthy.

    It's not until the limiting beliefs, doubts, and insecurities creep in that we start operating from our false selves. This is also called the ego or the natural man. Our true self operates from a place of love, compassion, humility, vulnerability, enthusiasm, acceptance, etc. The false self operates from a place of fear, judgment, insecurity, anger, bitterness, resentment, comparison, jealousy, etc.

    In this episode, I share how we can move from our false to our true identity. It's in the turnaround. We become who we are by letting go of who we are not.

    If you'd like help with living more in your True Identity, join us in Becoming - a monthly mentoring membership where we help you overcome self-sabotage, doubt, make peace with your past, and step into sharing your gifts and talents with those that need them!! www.stacyharmer.com/becoming

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    43. Your 90-Day Goal

    43. Your 90-Day Goal

    In this episode, I share about abandoning the annual thinking of setting goals and focus in on every 12 weeks or 90 days. Focusing on shorter time periods or "year ends", brings clarity and more focus to be able to execute and follow through.

    It's important to always connect your 90-day goal to your "why", and create a new intentional thought to go with the goal. Along with the thought, create an intentional emotion you want to generate to drive your actions.

    Goals are not simply a checklist to accomplish more or to prove you are worthy, etc. You are already 100% worthy, loved, and adored. These 90-day goals simply give our brains something to focus on and work towards, and by continuing to make progress, we are inching our way closer to who we were created to be. Stepping into your future self and visualizing yourself after the accomplishment of the goal is also so helpful to generate the thoughts and emotions which drive your actions.

    If you need some help, accountability support, or coaching, I invite you to join us in Becoming. We are gathering the most incredible army of women that are stepping into their passion and power as we overcome self-sabotage, self-doubt, fear of being seen, etc.

    Check out www.stacyharmer.com/becoming

    Your future self will thank you!! xoxo

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    42. Dare to Dream

    42. Dare to Dream

    The world changes for the better when we wake up to our desires! How much meaning can you put into your life? As we wrap up 2022 and move forward into 2023, have you taken the time to pause and celebrate all that occurred this past year? What went well? What didn't, and what did you learn from it?

    We don't set goals to prove ourselves or to prove our worth. We are already 100% worthy, loved, and adored by our Eternal Father. But, by setting goals and dreaming, we allow our brains to be future-focused and get the creative juices flowing.

    Our dreams and goals inch us closer to our truest selves and remind us who we are. They stretch us to grow and become what God created us to be and share our gifts with the people that need them!! Impression without expression leads to depression. We are meant to express ourselves, and our dreams, desires, and goals are a good way to do that!!

    You can learn more about the Vibrant Life Coach Academy and my Becoming Monthly Mentoring Membership here: www.stacyharmer.com/becoming

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    41. How I Came to Know My Savior

    41. How I Came to Know My Savior

    Merry Christmas week!!  In this episode, I chose to share with you how I've come to know my Savior.  It is personal, deep, and sacred to me.  It came through deep pain, personal anguish, and complete surrender, and it's a daily journey. He is the core of who I am - my best friend, confidante, captain, and companion.  How do we put God or our Savior first in our lives?  I believe we put Him first in our days. 

    I love the quote from David O. McKay:  "We pay too little attention to the value of meditation, a principle of devotion - Meditation is one of the most secret, most sacred doors through which we pass into the presence of the Lord."  We all experience the Divine in our own personal ways.  He knows us and will connect with us in ways that resonate with us.  

    What I know for sure is that He is so mindful of us no matter what!  He is so forgiving and wants to shower blessings upon us.  He desires to be close to us personally.  When we go on a journey to connect with Him and surrender our lives to Him, He can make more of our lives than we ever possibly could.  He knows we are not perfect.  He knows we are human and will make mistakes and stumble.  The only thing that matters is that we turn toward Him.  Let Him manifest Himself to you in ways that are personal to you.   

    Throughout all my years of personal development, training, and coaching, what has brought me my greatest transformation has been my knowledge, journey, and relationship with Jesus Christ.  He is the core of who I am and everything I do. 

    The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Aleph - meaning 1 - mighty and powerful.  The symbol is an Ox.  An ox doesn't carry a load on its own.  Oxen work in pairs and are joined by a yoke.  In Matthew, it states "Take my yoke upon you....for my yoke is easy and my burden is light." 

    Whenever we join yokes with the Savior, we are promised that we will find rest in our souls.  I have discovered this personally.

    Merry Christmas!

    The scriptures say that without a vision, the people perish.  Come get your vision for next year!  Join us for a free workshop - Dare to Dream 2023.  It is Wed., and Thurs., Dec 28 & 29 at 9 am MT (In the podcast, I mistakenly said 10 am, but it will be at 9 am).  It will last just one hour each day.  If you register and can't make it live, I'll send you the recording. https://www.stacyharmer.com/daretodream

    Click here to learn more about Becoming!!


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15 Ratings

Stacy lover 4 ever ,

Stacy is sexy

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So inspiring!

I appreciate Stacy’s wisdom, experience and inspiring stories. Great episodes!

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Genuine and sincere

Stacy shares deeply personal insights and experiences in relatively short (20 minutes or so) episodes which are perfect for commuting, walking, or just taking a short break. Stacy is inspiring and accomplished, but more importantly, she is sincere and deeply committed to the truths she teaches. You will feel the power of her personal convictions as you listen. Highly recommended.

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