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A podcast for parents and caregivers of children with special needs to share their stories.

Walking with Freya Anne Fricke

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A podcast for parents and caregivers of children with special needs to share their stories.

    Talking with Kids About Racism, How & Why

    Talking with Kids About Racism, How & Why

    I had another enlightening conversation about race and discrimination with Special Education teacher and IEP coach, Jamilah Bashir. I came away with the importance of talking to our kids about the racism that we see today, because it affects us all. Our children will see it, hear it, witness it—they may succumb to it, they may be victims of it, they may benefit from it. Racism is a thread so tightly woven into the tapestry of this country, it is difficult to find the beginning, or separate it from the others.

    We are all in this together. Whatever political leaning, whatever social morals, we are here together trying to find our way through. And we have something in common...we love someone, or many people, with special needs. People who have traditionally, historically, and repeatedly been marginalized in society, people discarded and denied the decency of humanity.

    Thankfully, our children now live much safer, fuller, happier lives because people have stood up for them, for their needs and their rights. People have demanded they be treated decently.

    Now is the time to have these tough conversations. We must talk to our children, help them find the tools to fight against racism and discrimination whenever or wherever they encounter it, be the examples of inclusion before them. We must teach them how to stand up for each other.
    If not now, when? If not us, who?

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    Ido in Autismland

    Ido in Autismland

    I am very excited to bring you a special episode with Ido Kedhar, a 24-year old author with non-speaking Autism. Yep! My first ever guest to use a voice app for the interview!

    My questions were pre-written and then sent to Ido so he had the opportunity to type out his answers – this was at his request in an effort to save time. I then had the opportunity to speak with his mother for a bit to hear her perspective on the amazing things that Ido has done.

    Oh, I mentioned he is an author yeah? Not just one book, but two! “Ido in Autismland”, a memoir he wrote as a teenager and “In Two Worlds” – a fictional novel looking at autism from the inside out.

    There are powerful messages to be learned in this episode! To lead us into this inspiring conversation with Ido Kedhar, I’ll read a quote from this interview to set the stage:

    “…one theory widely believed about my disability is that we lack creativity, imagination, insight, and empathy. I hope my book turns that nonsense on its head.”

    You can learn more about Ido and his books at http://idoinautismland.com

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    Racism in Special Education with Jamilah Bashir

    Racism in Special Education with Jamilah Bashir

    I had a conversation long overdue with Jamilah Bashir about racism in special education. I’ll be honest and say that this is not something that I have even thought about until very recently, and yes that is my privilege showing. Hopefully, the old adage of better late than never applies here as well, and I am asking you all to join me in going deeper into understanding how the systemic racism of our culture permeates even the arena of special education, not just so that we have a broader picture, but so we know how and when to speak up and how to fight against it.

    Jamilah and I discuss the many factors surrounding students of color and special education, the effect of implicit bias on how teachers interact with students, the criminalization of black students while overlooking mental, emotional or special learning needs, the disparity of funding in school districts, how parents of color are viewed and treated when seeking services and the lack of effective diversity and inclusion training.

    Our country is potentially on a path towards profound change, good change. It’s time for everyone to be a part of the conversation. Silence is compliance.

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    In Support

    In Support

    I’ll leave you with some words I recently read in a book by Alice Walker called “We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For: Inner Light in a Time of Darkness”. In the book Alice writes,

    “The world is as beautiful as it ever was. It is changing, but then it always has been. This is a good time to change, and remain beautiful, with it.”

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    60: All That Chaos, A Talk On Resiliency

    60: All That Chaos, A Talk On Resiliency

    I got to speak with my friend Emily Felt about resiliency and gratitude and a variety of topics we veered off onto. There are some gems in this conversation about how to be more resilient, what it looks like, how we can help our kids develop this skill, the importance of sharing our stories as moms to kids with special needs and how the simple joys in life can be everything. And with that, here is a conversation with a dear woman, friend and ally on this path of raising a daughter with PWS as we seek out the lessons and joy along the way.

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    60: Griffin, An Insider View of PWS

    60: Griffin, An Insider View of PWS

    Back in Ep 48, I had a lovely conversation with Jessie, mom to 17-year-old Griffin with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Today, I get to offer you an interview with Griffin himself.

    Griffin is a great kid, living a beautiful life full of motivation and a desire to be helpful. He is an inspiring example of the hope and expanded expectations of what we can have for our children – but he has help, and he makes that clear. Part of his success is the assistance he receives in life, the support of his family and friends, the school, and the accountability that comes with this support.

    As many of you know, PWS is a spectrum disorder, which means that not all kids are capable of such things as Griffin. But the point is not to judge, not to base the success of your child on another – but hopefully, this interview offers you an insight into what all kids with PWS experience, whether they can hike for miles and speak at a conference in front of a large group of people, or whether a stroll around the block and a complete articulate sentence is their success – they all feel the hunger, they all deal with anxiety. This is the heartbreaking reality of PWS. But the beauty is, and this is what Griffin shows us, is that these can be managed. They do not have to deter your child from living their best life, however that looks for them. We can’t make these challenges go away, but with the right help, the right advocacy and understanding, we can help our children learn to live a full and beautiful life, one that they are inspired to live.

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5.0 out of 5
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30 Ratings

templedoors ,

Stories that connect me to my childhood

Thank you for your devotion to creating authentic and sacred space for our most cherished ones. I was born into a family with a sister who had Cerebral Palsy from birth. I had no other family or person in my life that could empathize or even comprehend how our family lived and thrived with my Sister. Your podcast has brought infinite peace to my heart and an enormous smile to my face, just like my sisters smile! Thank you!!! I’m more than happy to share a siblings perspective story with you anytime.
With a Grateful Heart- Amanda Ring, Fieldbrook, CA

jdburrbdbhsajns ,


Omg this podcast is amazing! The host is so wonderful and she really cares about her topic and the people she talks to. Highly recommend for any parent who needs something funny and relatable to listen to.

s. writer ,


I love this much needed, special podcast. Hearing these voices, these stories makes me so happy (sometimes brings me to tears.)
Thank you for creating this important work, Anne Fricke, we need you. 💜

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