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Dave from the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Blog interviews the biggest names in fly fishing and fly tying today. He digs out all of the best fly fishing tips and tricks to help you understand how to choose the right gear, find fish, present the fly, discover new patterns and much more. Find out about new rods, lines, techniques, knots, tying tools and unheard of tips along with great stories about life and the times of some of the most knowledgeable guides, shop owners, and fisherman from around the world. Season 1 covers all things steelhead fishing. Better understand topics like spey casting, nymphing vs. swinging flies, intruders, finding fish, conservation and finding new waters. Come join us for the current season and share the stories and great memories told by amazing people.

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Dave from the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Blog interviews the biggest names in fly fishing and fly tying today. He digs out all of the best fly fishing tips and tricks to help you understand how to choose the right gear, find fish, present the fly, discover new patterns and much more. Find out about new rods, lines, techniques, knots, tying tools and unheard of tips along with great stories about life and the times of some of the most knowledgeable guides, shop owners, and fisherman from around the world. Season 1 covers all things steelhead fishing. Better understand topics like spey casting, nymphing vs. swinging flies, intruders, finding fish, conservation and finding new waters. Come join us for the current season and share the stories and great memories told by amazing people.

    Fly Fishing in the Seychelles with Keith Rose-Innes - Bonefish, Permit, GT's

    Fly Fishing in the Seychelles with Keith Rose-Innes - Bonefish, Permit, GT's

    Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/335
    Presented By: FishHound Expeditions, LakeLady Custom Rods, Trxstle, Reyr Gear
    Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors
    Keith Rose-Innes, Director at Alphonse Fishing Company, takes us to Seychelles - one of the most sought-after fly fishing and ecotourism destinations in the world. Keith shares some tips and tactics for catching giant trevally, bonefish, and permit.
    We discover how the atolls were formed and how they are being conserved and protected to keep the poachers away, keep their habitats vibrant, and keep the islands pristine.
    Keith also talks about the bar at Alphonse where everyone gathers in the evenings to share stories about their amazing day on the island, and he tells us why 80% of their guests return after a year or two.
    Jako Lucas, in a past episode, talked about Seychelles as one of his favorite places on earth, so today we dig more into it and find out why.

    Fishing in the Seychelles Show Notes with Keith Rose-Innes
    05:10 - They have rainbows and brown in the streams near Johannesburg where Keith stays
    06:10 - Lesotho is a country surrounded by South Africa. They've got big rivers there, big trout, and yellow fish.
    06:40 - Conservationists in Africa are more focused on animals
    08:30 - Keith has been going to Seychelles for 25 years and has been guiding there for about 23 years
    09:30 - Keith describes how a volcano eruption formed corals that create the atolls
    12:30 - Over the years, Seychelles has evolved from just fishing to an eco-tourism destination
    15:00 - One of the big-draw cards in Seychelles is the Giant Trevally
    17:30 - Permit numbers have gone up in the Pacific
    18:50 - They got a catamaran boat called Quo Vadis
    20:30 - The creation of a new fly called, Alphlexo has increased their takes on permit
    Photo courtesy of Alec Gerbec
    23:15 - Keith uses either an 8 or 9 wt rod, not more than 10 wt line, and a 12-foot leader.
    25:15 - They plan a week or 10 days ahead according to tides. Keith explains in detail.
    28:30 - For pacific permit fishing, Keith uses a furled leader. He does a perfection loop on anything less than a 15-pound tippet.
    30:10 - Keith talk about his tactics for fishing giant trevallies
    35:30 - They use a waxed Cortland braided running line for Pacific permits
    28:50 - Keith uses a Shilton Reels
    39:40 - Giant trevallies swim alongside the sharks. They're one of the predators in the sea.
    42:15 - For flies, they use surfers, poppers, nymphs, sempers, clausers, rush flies - they use a lot of different patterns but it's all about the size, color, and profile. Just believe in the fly.
    45:20 - They started the Alphonse fishing company in September 2012 and they purchased Alphonse in August 2013. Blue Safari was launched in July 2018.
    46:30 - Keith explains how they raise funds to protect the atolls in Seychelles and conserve the underwater habitats
    47:50 - Keith talks about the bar at Alphonse where they gather in the evening and talk about their achievements for the day. The community there is so great that they get an 80% return rate.
    51:00 - 40% of their guests come from the US
    56:10 - Check out their website to learn more about the conservation programs they have going
    57:30 - The best time of the year, weather-wise to come to Seychelles is October to May
    59:40 - The cost per person is about 10-16k depending on the destination. Keith explains the logistics behind the price.
    1:00:00 - Keith breaks down the transportation - how far and how long to get there
    1:04:30 - Keith tells the story of when his boat parts got stolen which led to his old business shutting down.
    1:07:30 - Jako Lucas is a regular on Seychelles. He was on the podcast at WFS 281. Keith tells the story of how they met.
    1:11:20 - Keith is taking a trip to Norway this year

    Fishing in The Seychelles Conclusion with Keith
    So there you go..
    Seychelles.. is the place to be. When I see pictures of the islands there, a song plays in the backgrou

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    Blue Lining with Reyr Gear + Travel Time Bonus Guide Trip, Fly Rod and Co-Host

    Blue Lining with Reyr Gear + Travel Time Bonus Guide Trip, Fly Rod and Co-Host

    Enter to Win Here: https://wetflyswing.com/traveltime
    Derek Roedel shares the background on Blue Lining and how you can use this technique to explore new waters.
    We also are giving away a guided fly fishing trip, new rod and Dave will be flying to your hometown to get on the water.

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    Henry Winkler on the Fonz, Fly Fishing, Happy Days and Barry

    Henry Winkler on the Fonz, Fly Fishing, Happy Days and Barry

    Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/334
    Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors
    Henry Winkler, an actor, author, producer, and angler, is here to chat about fly fishing, Happy Days, and his incredible life.
    We find out what it felt like to get offered the movie, Grease and why he turned it down, how he got the role in the HBO show Barry, and how he managed to do great things while being challenged with dyslexia.
    We dig into his books and movies - how they came to be and the inspiration behind them. And we discover similar truths about fly fishing and acting. 

    Show Notes with Henry Winkler
    02:55 - For the past 10 years, Henry has been fishing in Swan Valley, Idaho
    05:20 - Double hauling is the most tricky thing for Henry. He's been fishing since 1986 but he's never done a double haul. The second most difficult thing for him is the rules: the things you need to do in order to place the fly in the place you need it - mend, strip, watch, strike
    07:20 - The truth about fly fishing and acting for Henry
    09:00 - Henry's wife, Stacey Weitzman is also a good fisherwoman
    10:55 - For a long time, Henry didn't think he was capable of dry fly fishing, then one day he started dry fly and became successful at it
    12:30 - Henry describes the guides that he's had
    15:09 - Henry and Lin Oliver wrote 39 novels for children
    15:15 - Henry also wrote a book about fly fishing called, I've Never Met an Idiot on the River. This was originally published in 2011.
    16:30 - Henry recently won an Emmy for the TV series, Barry - an American black comedy crime drama thriller
    17:20 - MacGyver was the first show Henry produced because he couldn't get hired as an actor
    17:55 - Happy Days introduced Henry to the world. He used to receive 55,000 letters a week and people welcome him to their homes all the time.
    20:30 - Henry, who played principal Himbry in the movie Scream, was asked to go uncredited because the producers did not want to detract any attention from the younger, lesser-known actors
    23:05 - Hank Zipzer: The World's Greatest Underachiever - is a story about a boy who has dyslexia. Henry also considers himself dyslexic.
    27:15 - Henry's favorite fly pattern is called the Winkler - it's a pattern that someone made for him when he fished a river in Blackberry Farm, Tennessee. It's like a little mayfly. Unfortunately, we don't have a picture. He said it works well.
    29:28 - Henry tells the story of when he went to New Zealand for 10 days to fish. He was sponsored by an outfitter. His favorite trip though was when he went to Argentina.
    32:00 - Henry was offered the role of Danny Zuko for the movie, Grease, but he turned it down because he played Fonzy for already 10 years and he couldn't sing
    33:20 - Henry tells the story of how he got the role for the TV series, Barry. His son Max directed his audition.

    Conclusion with Henry Winkler
    So there you go.. 
    Henry Winkler, the man, the myth, the legend.
    Words can't describe how happy I am to be able to speak with one of my childhood idols.   
    Thanks to Fonzie and Happy Days, lots of people had a wonderful childhood.
    Henry is proof that a disability can't stop you from doing great things.
    So thank you, Henry. I hope you live for as long as you wish.
    See you on TV! Eyyyy!
    Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/334

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    The Fly Fisherman Magazine with Ross Purnell - Fly Fishing, Fly Tying and Travel

    The Fly Fisherman Magazine with Ross Purnell - Fly Fishing, Fly Tying and Travel

    Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/333
    Presented By: Dette Flies, Angler's Coffee, Stonefly Nets, Zoe Angling Group
    Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors
    Ross Purnell, the Editor of the Fly Fisherman Magazine, shares how he fulfilled his childhood dream by filling in one of the most important roles at the publication. Find out who are the people that inspired him to fly fish and who mentored him to become a fly fishing writer.
    Ross describes the process of creating content and how they come up with ideas for stories that make it to the magazine. We also discover who the top contributors are at FFM. Plus, Ross reveals the big topics they're going to feature in the next 2 issues this year.

    Show Notes with Ross Purnell and The Fly Fisherman Magazine
    03:15 - Jacques Cousteau was Ross's first hero. He used to watch Jacques' videos all the time when he was a kid. That made him become more interested in the underwater world.
    04:00 - Tom Tietze was also a big fan of Jacques Cousteau - he was recently on the podcast at WFS 312
    08:00 - Ross deal with 2 kinds of stories in the magazine
    In most of the stories that run there, he's not personally involved. Somebody pitches him the story idea and he decides if it's a good fit - they write it, and he edits it. That's 95% of the content in the magazine.
    Someone calls him up and says "this is a great story or this has never been done". If it fits in the schedule and no other experts on the ground, he considers it.
    09:40 - Domenick Swentosky was on the podcast at WFS 305. He's got a great blog that covers waters in Pennsylvania.
    11:20 - Ross's mom bought him a subscription to fly fisherman magazine on his 16th birthday. He started reading stories from Lefty Kreh and Gary Borger. He also bought VHS tapes about fly fishing. That's how he learned to fly fish.
    13:00 - Jim McLennan wrote for the Fly Fisherman Magazine. He owned the local fly shop in Canada where Ross lives. That became an inspiration for Ross to dream of writing for magazines.
    16:30 - John Randolph, former Editor of Fly Fisherman Magazine, hired Ross in 1996. John interviewed Ross on the phone and Ross got assaulted. John used his other phone to call 911.
    18:30 - In 2009, Ross became the new Editor of Fly Fisherman Magazine. He was mentored and groomed by John to fill in for the Editor role.
    21:00 - Ross mentions the dedicated people that work on their magazine like their Art Director, Sales Rep, Digital Editor, etc.
    22:25 - Ross describes how their process of writing articles looks like from the magazine to a digital version
    23:45 - George Daniel recently wrote for the magazine about Euro Jigging and also has a video demonstration
    27:45 - Ross describes their conscious effort to highlight other species aside from trout. They also highlight lesser-known waters so that people would get off crowded waters.
    31:40 - John Randolph got Dave Whitlock to do the first printed story for carp fishing
    32:20 - I recently ran into Oliver White at the IFTD - he was on the podcast back in March 2019 at WFS 069. Oliver has been writing for the FFM for years.
    34:30 - Hilary Hutcheson has been the top contributor to the magazine for the past 3 years. Ross describes how pleasurable it is to work with her.
    35:25 - George Daniel was on the podcast at WFS 055. George writes a lot of how-to stuff.
    36:10 - Blane Chocklett is also one of FFM's top contributors.
    37:10 - Landon Mayer does a lot of work in the Rockies, Colorado. Landon was on the podcast at WFS 295
    38:30 - There's always an opportunity to get your story in the magazine. You can reach out to Ross at ross@flyfisherman.com and pitch your idea, why it's interesting and why it should be in the magazine.
    39:20 - They publish 3 annuals. One of them is called, Destinations, and it's mostly about international fly fishing - it comes out every labor day
    40:30 - One of the annuals is called, Gear Guide, which comes out before Thanksgiving
    41:20 - And then the other

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    Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance with Sherry Meador

    Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance with Sherry Meador

    Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/332
    Presented By: Trxstle
    Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors
    Sherry Meador, Board Chair for the Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance (UMOWA), sheds light on their organization’s conservation mission.
    Sherry helps us understand how the Upper Missouri River watershed is threatened by a silent invasion of noxious weeds that degrades the water quality, reduces native biological diversity, and negatively impact the population of many wild species like elk, deer, swans, variety of ducks, other plants, and of course our fish.
    We discover how we can help prevent the spread of these invasive weeds, how we can contribute to the water and streambanks restoration projects, and how we can get involved in ways we can and become more aware of the overall health of this river.
    There's more to it than I could describe so here's Sherry from UMOWA.org to enlighten us about it.

    Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance Show Notes with Sherry Meador
    02:50 - Sherry and I connected through John Smigaj from Trxstle. John was on the podcast at WFS 310.
    03:30 - Sherry had been involved with the noxious weed project on the Smith River. UMOWA board started in 2014 and Sherry joined 6 years ago.
    04:50 - The Missouri River is the longest river in the country. It starts at 3 forks which is about 75 miles upriver from the dams of Helena down to the great falls but they're primarily focused on the primary fishing area between Holter Dam and Cascade.
    08:55 - UMOWA was established by a group of guides and fly fishers. It was established to get baseline data and to get the river back to the high quality or what was considered a good level. They collect water quality samples 3 times a year.
    10:10 - They will have the river's health summary report available on their website for us to see this summer
    11:25 - They're done a couple of restoration projects on banks where they're trying to get the plants back there to get less erosion - read more here
    11:40 - They also work on noxious weeds which are on the land but goes up to the habitat. They work with land owners by the river, trying to get them involved in this project. Noxious weeds are silent invasive and a threat to the watershed. Read more about this project here
    12:30 - They educate anglers about the importance of washing their boat and waders to prevent spreading invasive species along the river. They provide boat washing stations that are open to the public and at no charge.
    13:30 - The highest amount of angler days recorded was 180,000 a year
    16:20 - UMOWA is an all-volunteer board. They have 8 members. John Smigaj is also one of them.
    16:30 - UMOWA is in need of enough funding. They are to the point of getting the to the next level because there's so much integration they need to do with the Department of Environmental Quality and Dep. of Natural Resource.
    19:00 - You can help UMOWA's mission by checking their website to understand more about their projects, spreading the word about their mission, and sign up for their newsletter.
    21:40 - Sherry kind of retired as an attorney. For the past 5 years, she hasn't been working much as an attorney and into some other projects. She describes what her job looked like when she was practicing law.
    26:10 - You can also support Montana Watershed Coordination Council - they are doing similar work on watersheds in Montana. UMOWA works with Pat Barnes from Trout Unlimited. Sun River Water Shed Group is a smaller watershed group but also doing some great work out there.
    28:40 - They also do some river clean-up where everybody can also volunteer. They have a big event on August 20th this year at the New Brewery in Craig. There's going to be a raffle too where people can win a Ro drift boat.

    Upper Missouri Conclusion with Sherry Meador
    So there you go..
    If you want to take part in UMOWA's movement, you can reach out to them via website at UMOWA.org - they always welcome new ideas and volunteers.

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    Jackson Hole Fly Company with Greg Epstein

    Jackson Hole Fly Company with Greg Epstein

    Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/331
    Presented By: Jackson Hole Fly Company
    Sponsors: https://wetflyswing.com/sponsors
    Greg Epstein, owner of Jackson Hole Fly Company, tells the story of how he acquired a 40-year-old fly shop in Jackson, Wyoming. We find out what they have going at the shop – how they produce around 1000 types of flies, outsource materials, and create basic fly fishing packages that are easy on the pocket but great in quality.
    We hear some pretty crazy stories from Greg including one when he got caught in an avalanche while skiing. Greg also tells us about his involvement with Teton Gravity Research and his responsibilities being a County Commissioner at Teton.
    Jackson Hole Fly Co is one of our podcast sponsors and you always hear me talk about the good stuff they do. Well today, we hear from the headman himself, so hit that play button to get a better feel of their products and service.

    Show Notes with Greg Epstein and the Jackson Hole Fly Company
    03:50 - In 2001, Greg moved up to Alaska - Girdwood, a little southeast of Anchorage
    04:50 - Greg used to ski. Then he became a ski photographer.
    05:30 - Greg's wife also loves fly fishing
    06:20 - In 2014, Greg got caught in an avalanche while skiing and endured severe injuries. That's when he went all-in with fly fishing because all he could do was sit on a boat and cast.
    07:30 - In 2018, Jackson Cardinal company was for sale - a fly manufacturing, fly distribution company, started by the guy named Kirk Stone in 1978. Greg and his wife didn't buy the business until 2019.
    09:30 - Greg tells the story of how he survived that avalanche
    13:00 - Greg teaches his 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter how to ski and fish
    14:30 - Greg was head of the production and one of the people who helped create and write the risk management program for all the athletes for Teton Gravity
    17:00 - Immediately after they purchased the company, they created Jackson Hole Fly Company. In 6 to 8 months they got everything completed from the website to branding, all the marketing, etc.
    18:10 - Their customers are mostly novices and don't want to do extreme outdoor sports but they want to go out, they want to camp, and disconnect from their day-to-day life
    19:45 - One of their focuses is the basics package called, the Crystal Creek - it comes with a rod and reel for only $152.98 (first-time purchase price)
    21:00 - They also have another basic package called, the Flat Creek - click here to find out its inclusions
    22:00 - They have a great lifetime warranty with a fast turnaround time. They'll fix it within 1 to 2 weeks.
    22:50 - They have around a thousand patterns from fresh to saltwater in different sizes
    25:45 - If you don't see a pattern you like from their fly selection, you can email them at support@jacksonholeflycompany.com
    28:10 - Kirk Stone, the previous owner grew the Jackson Cardinal fly company from the ground up. It reminds me of the story of the Umpqua Feather Merchants. We had Russ Miller on the podcast at WFS 303
    29:20 - Greg gives a bit shoutout to his employees for doing an amazing job, loving what they do, and really passionate about fly fishing. They got 3 dogs in the shop as well - 1 black Labrador and 2 Corgis.
    33:35 - They get their flies tied in Kenya. They ship the materials to Kenya. They source all of the materials out of the country.
    35:30 - Greg explains the logistic issues they encounter when shipping the materials
    39:00 - The Green River is about 45-50 mins away from their shop. That's Greg's favorite river to fish and camp.
    40:10 - They use a 16-foot Hyde drift boat
    41:20 - Greg's favorite fly is a Peanut Envy streamer. He also likes a Duracell nymph
    46:30 - Greg shares some photography tips
    Don't be afraid to turn the camera horizontal or vertical to get a better photo
    If you're using an SLR camera, have it accessible. The last thing you want is to have some fish struggling while you're setting up your camera.
    50:00 - JH Fly Co

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4.6 out of 5
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291 Ratings

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Teaching an old dog new tricks

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