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Interviews with people who intentional about what they want to create in this life.

What Are You Creating‪?‬ Cliff Ravenscraft

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Interviews with people who intentional about what they want to create in this life.

    012 - Graham Cochrane | Rebel Framework to Help You Find Your Unique Path

    012 - Graham Cochrane | Rebel Framework to Help You Find Your Unique Path

    Most people are living a life that’s not even close to the life of their dreams. Some people are living parts of their dream, but they feel something is missing. Many feel stuck in this season of life or go through their day with a sense that they were made for something more. In a word, life has been an overall disappointment. The reason? We are all just conforming to the world around us, never stopping to ask ourselves who we truly are and what we truly want out of life.

    The secret to a fulfilling life is to figure out who you are, what dreams light you up, what you care deeply about, and then unashamedly live as your truest, most authentic self in spite of what everyone around you is doing or saying. In today’s culture this is called being a “rebel”—which simply means: do it your way. But how?

    In this powerful session, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and 7-figure entrepreneur Graham Cochrane teaches his 5 part R.E.B.E.L. Framework which will give you actionable exercises and steps to uncover your uniqueness, create a personalized vision for your life and unpack a simple way to discover your purpose. 

    Pre-Order Graham’s New Book at TheRebelBook.com
    Transform Your Professional Life with Experienced Coaching
    At the end of this episode, Graham emphasized the importance of working with coaches who can facilitate the achievement of your most ambitious goals. As someone who has worked closely with numerous elite entrepreneurs, I have a proven track record of assisting my clients during some of the most significant pivots in their personal and professional lives.

    If you are interested in learning more about having me as your coach, email me right away at Cliff@CliffRavenscraft.com with the subject line "Coaching."


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    011 - How Anne-Michelle Frances Stopped Being the Mom Next Door

    011 - How Anne-Michelle Frances Stopped Being the Mom Next Door

    In this episode, I connect with Anne-Michelle Frances, who shares her transformative journey from viewing herself merely as a "team mom" and employee to becoming a holistic, entrepreneurial role model for her children.

    Anne-Michelle discusses her evolution beyond her former roles of school fundraiser and classroom cooking parent to a courageous journey of deep healing, discovery, and self-awareness that began several years ago in the deserts of Mexico.

    She highlights her current challenge, in that she recognizes the ways she’s had to prove herself in traditionally masculine ways, but instead desires to find strength and success through feminine energy; a transition that has both empowered her and continues to change her.

    Anne-Michelle's story is not just about personal transformation; it's about igniting a fire within and redefining what it means to be a mother, a woman, an entrepreneur, a partner, a friend in today’s rapidly evolving world.

    Tune into this episode for an inspiring exploration of how a woman can truly flourish by becoming everything she never knew she could be and setting an example that reshapes her future. This is a must-listen for anyone who rejects the status quo and instead seeks to find their own purpose by redefining their life.

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    Here are some inspiring insights from this podcast interview with Anne-Michelle Frances:

    Embracing Change: Anne-Michelle’s story began with a spontaneous decision to stay in Mexico during a vacation, which led to a profound lifestyle change. This highlights the power of embracing change and stepping out of comfort zones.
    Prioritizing Personal Connections: She emphasized the importance of personal connections over material accomplishments, learning this lesson while living in Mexico where life was less structured and more community-oriented.
    Journaling for Growth: Anne-Michelle found journaling to be a transformative practice. Starting from a place of discontent, her journal entries evolved into a document of her growth and changing aspirations, helping her reflect on her journey and progress.
    Vision Boarding for Clarity: The use of a vision board helped her visualize and focus on her goals, demonstrating the effectiveness of having a visual representation of one’s aspirations to stay aligned with personal objectives.
    Importance of Coaches and Community: She stressed the value of investing in high-quality coaching and being part of supportive communities (like masterminds) to stay motivated and accountable, underscoring the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals for personal and professional growth.
    Inspirational Influence: Anne-Michelle shared how her transformation and actions have inspired her children, reflecting on how personal development can have a positive ripple effect on close family members.

    These insights not only underscore the personal growth of an individual but also serve as motivation for others to pursue their own transformations and create a life that aligns with their true desires.

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    010 - Jeff Bartsch - Living The Dream As Professional Storyteller

    010 - Jeff Bartsch - Living The Dream As Professional Storyteller

    Join us in this fascinating episode with Jeff Bartsch, where we explore his dynamic journey through multiple creative identities to discover the core essence that ties his life’s work together.

    Starting as "Jeff, the piano guy," he mastered the art of piano from a young age, envisioning a future dedicated solely to music. However, his passion evolved, leading him into the realms of music composition, media production, and ultimately to film school and radio.

    This episode unfolds Jeff’s 20-year saga of living the dream in Hollywood, the storytelling capital of the world, and how he eventually sought greater possibilities beyond his initial professional identity.

    Now a coach and consultant, Jeff delves into the intrinsic value of his life-long work—turning ordinary messages into extraordinary narratives and empowering others to create and return value in innovative ways.

    About Jeff Bartsch 
    Jeff Bartsch is the founding communication and thought leadership coach at Story Greenlight. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and online business, Jeff has helped shape content for clients including ABC, NBC, Disney, Apple, Netflix, and many others. Jeff’s commentary has been featured in publications including Time Magazine, USA Today, and the Associated Press.

    Through Story Greenlight, Jeff empowers accounting executives and advisors to show up as confident, memorable communicators and industry thought leaders, so they can create the human connections to expand their business and their impact in the world. He believes that the power of story is within reach of everyone, and that human connection is everything.

    Jeff's Website: storygreenlight.com
    Jeff's Podcast: Speaking of Numbers
    Jeff on LinkedIn
    Jeff on YouTube

    The Next Level Mastermind
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    Each member contributes their education, experience, areas of expertise, unique skills, and more, committed to mutual success and your personal and professional growth. It's more than a networking group—it's a collaborative environment where real problems find real solutions, helping you make impactful decisions and move closer to your goals.

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    009 - Jessica Rhodes | Interview Connections | Podcast Guesting Service

    009 - Jessica Rhodes | Interview Connections | Podcast Guesting Service

    In this podcast episode, I interview my dear friend Jessica Rhodes about her podcast guesting service business, Interview Connections, which she started in 2013.

    Over the past decade, her business has become a powerful entity that helps individuals reach their ideal clients and expand their audience.

    Listen in to learn valuable tips on how to make a strong impact when given the opportunity to be a guest on other people's podcasts.

    Hear are just a few of the key insights from this episode

    Appearing as a guest on other podcasts has proven to be the most effective method for reaching your ideal clients and exposing your message to a large audience.
    Over the past decade, I have referred numerous clients to Interview Connections and have received entirely positive feedback.
    The importance of thorough preparation for podcast interviews cannot be overstated. This includes researching the host and having a clear call to action.
    Having a clear call to action is important, but possessing unwavering confidence in the value of your course of action is the key to eliciting responses.
    There is a need to be fully present and engaged during interviews to establish a connection with the listeners and hosts.
    Using a clear, compelling "one sheet" to make it easy for hosts to say yes and ask questions that help you achieve your goals.
    Audience size numbers from directories are not accurate or transparent, and the right audience is more important than a large size.
    Thorough onboarding, training, and pitching over multiple months is important for services like Interview Connections to deliver top-notch results.
    Authenticity and vulnerability build strong business relationships, and local employees provide personalized service better than outsourcing.
    Referral partnerships can help promote services when there is trust, integrity, and a track record of success.
    Ongoing coaching can help overcome mindset blocks keeping clients from achieving their goals.
    Jessica Rhodes has been running her "Interview Connections" podcast guesting service for over a decade. Our conversation in this podcast episode has convinced me to be a long-term advocate for her company.

    I fully endorse Jessica Rhodes and her podcast booking services. Book a call with Jessica today at InterviewConnections.com. Let her know that Cliff sent you.

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    008 - The Rich Tapestry of Pat Flynn's Online Ventures: Successes, Missteps, and Lessons

    008 - The Rich Tapestry of Pat Flynn's Online Ventures: Successes, Missteps, and Lessons

    In this episode of "What Are You Creating," I had the pleasure to deep dive into the creative side of the multifaceted Pat Flynn.

    Pat, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and the brain behind "Smart Passive Income," shares how his identity has evolved over time. We talk about how his love for fishing has offered him peace away from his bustling life and business. His answer to why he's here iwas simply profound: to serve and help others.

    You'll discover to top 3 things that Pat is most proud of creating and how Pat expresses the value of time over money, which he learned while building his team for SPI media. Pat's new venture into the Pokémon YouTube channel "Deep Pocket Monster" and his strategy behind it is a true testament to his creative spirit. His story of walking away from his Premium WordPress Plugins project offers valuable lessons about knowing what you want and validating your ideas. Ending on a thoughtful note, Pat revealed his desire to be an "Agent of Change in the Education Space," and how he's creating space and boundaries in his life for peace.

    Pat Flynn Links

    Let Go Book
    Will It Fly? Book
    Superfans Book
    Pat Flynn YouTube Channel
    Pat’s Deep Pocket Monster Channel

    Other Links Shared At The End of The Episode

    Building An Online Business Workshop
    Day With Cliff Mentoring Offer
    Next Level Mastermind


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    007 - The Biggest Opportunity In My Business And I Couldn’t Afford it!

    007 - The Biggest Opportunity In My Business And I Couldn’t Afford it!

    This episode contains just one incredibly powerful story how how my participation within a mastermind group has made my dreams, personally and professionally, become reality.  Click here to see the video version of the message included within this episode.

    If you are full-time self-employed or plan to become full-time self employed within the next 12 to 18 months, I want to invite you to CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL MASTERMIND TODAY.

    Here are a few testimonials from current and former members of The Next Level Mastermind:
    Tom Heffner said...
    Cliff Ravenscraft and the mastermind he created were a major inflection point in my career and life. I went from feeling trapped in a day job to creating my own freedom and autonomy. I left the day job at that time to start my own business to give myself more freedom to do what I want, with whom I want, when I wanted. I've never looked back. Here's the interesting part - as much as Cliff can help you with the tactical/practical (e.g. the in's/out's of online business - he can definitely help with this) ... what really helped me was changing my mindsets and removing the limiting beliefs holding me back from achieving what I wanted.

    Dan Faulknor said...
    I joined the group with the plan of maybe leaving my day job in the next year or two. Within 6 months of joining (and attending meetings at 3am my time. It was worth it!) I had a plan to leave my day job within a couple of months. I did leave my day job, much sooner than expected and now 4 years later my business is thriving with 3 employees + myself. Cliff's ability to ask you questions and get you to lead YOURSELF is his greatest strength, in my mind. You have nobody to 'blame' but yourself, because you provide all the answers with Cliff's guidance. 

    Kevin Davis said... 
    I was at a standstill. Didn’t know what the next step was. Actually, I didn’t think I was qualified to make the next step. Didn’t have anyone in my circle at that time to help. So I took a leap and joined Cliffs mastermind. My how things changed! First was overcoming some thoughts that held me back. Then some steps and next action items to get the ball rolling. Now I’ve moved the ball down the field farther and quicker than ever imagined.

    Leslie Graham said...
    If you are thinking about this, be sure to reach out to Cliff. Joining NLM was the biggest leap I'd ever made in terms of investing in myself and my business, but my life was radically changed in so many ways as a result of my nearly two years with the group. In fact, my current business was launched as a result and I couldn't be happier with the trajectory of that business.



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4.3 out of 5
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4 Ratings

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