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Kate and Laura drink and fight about what is wrong with user experience design.

What is Wrong with UX Laura Klein

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Kate and Laura drink and fight about what is wrong with user experience design.



    Kate and Laura finally agree on something. Unfortunately, it's to end the podcast. They reminisce about the good parts and talk a bit about what comes next. 
    Drink pairing (Kate): Long Island Ice Tea Drink pairing (Laura): Champagne

    • 26 min
    Why Would You Use That Product

    Why Would You Use That Product

    In this episode, Kate and Laura complain about a lot of stuff they use every day and then wonder why they do that. 
    Drink pairing: Prosecco 

    • 34 min


    The two least consistent people in the world argue about why consistency matters. And why it doesn't. It's pretty much what you'd expect. 
    Drink Pairing: Mulled Wine

    • 35 min
    Looks Old Works Great

    Looks Old Works Great

    In an episode that should have been called "a cry for help," Kate and Laura shriek about how old things can actually work just fine and please stop changing everything. The subtext is strong with this one. 
    Drink Pairing: Old Fashioned
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    • 22 min
    High Level UX Jobs

    High Level UX Jobs

    In this episode, Kate and Laura really go off the rails talking about the similarities, differences, and issues with various different higher level UX jobs, many of which they haven't actually held in well over a decade, if at all. 
    Drink Pairing: Daquiri
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    • 27 min
    Some Things Are Harder than Others

    Some Things Are Harder than Others

    In this episode, Kate and Laura whine about how hard it is to actually make things and Laura makes fun of The Future, again. 
    Drink Pairing: Hard Cider

    • 30 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
83 Ratings

83 Ratings

jamescobalt ,


Updated review: This show gets better and better. You’ll be enamored with their casual style and straight-talk approach. I encourage everyone on my team to listen. The topics range from beginner to advanced, but all are beginner-friendly in how they’re presented.

If you’re the (surprisingly rare) type that stays on the bleeding edge in design, UX, or product, you’ll find many concepts you’re already familiar with; do not let that deter you from subscribing. It’s surprisingly helpful to hear these concepts applied in different areas, the war stories about them in practice, and even just having them reinforced by people who you’d happily join in a wine whine sesh.

The show leans more towards theory than practice, which honestly is better for a podcast, though I would like to hear more specifics. Fingers crossed these two expand the brand to include content and workshops that focus on the nitty gritty of implementation; Like an online Paint Nite but with state tables instead of canvases and drunk UX people instead of drunk ex-sorority girls.

rosyhearts ,

Fun way to learn UX

Omg Laura and Kate are so funny... I just learned about this podcast. I’m only up to episode 3 so far but was already laughing since episode 1. This is such an awesome podcast to listen to while I’m doing work. Looking forward to more!

AngelaLoz ,

Laughing in traffic - the best medicine!

Thanks for making me laugh. Loved the everyone is a designer episode! I was super frustrated and a tad confused by this phenomenon as well! Looking forward to more episodes! You guys are hilarious!

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