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Each week's episode features the latest whisky news, a calendar of upcoming events, and interviews with whisky experts. For more information, links, and a complete archive of past episodes, visit www.whiskycast.com.

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Each week's episode features the latest whisky news, a calendar of upcoming events, and interviews with whisky experts. For more information, links, and a complete archive of past episodes, visit www.whiskycast.com.

    Dunville's: Preserving a Historic Irish Whiskey Brand

    Dunville's: Preserving a Historic Irish Whiskey Brand

    During the golden age of Irish Whiskey, Belfast-based Dunville’s was one of the biggest brands on the market. While the brand was almost lost to history, it was revived a decade ago by the family-owned Echlinville Distillery in Northern Ireland. Using vintage sourced whiskies, the Dunville’s brand has been preserved for new generations of Irish Whiskey fans. We’ll talk with Echlinville’s Jarlath Watson about the Dunville’s heritage and building new traditions as the distillery prepares to release its own whiskies starting in 2023. 

    • 37 min
    Small Province, Big Hearts

    Small Province, Big Hearts

    Bigger isn't necessarily better, and we have proof of that this week with our podcast recorded on location at the New Brunswick Spirits Festival in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The festival punches well above its weight class to deliver an outstanding event every year, and celebrated its 25th anniversary this weekend. We'll talk with founder and chairman Frank Scott to find out his secrets for success on WhiskyCast In-Depth, and we'll also catch up with another old friend. Martine Nouet has been organizing the festival's food and whisky lunches for years, but is scaling back her whisky work to pursue other passions. In the news, Diageo's venture capital unit has taken a stake in England's Oxford Artisan Distillery, while Canadian Club is out with another record-setting vintage whisky. Finally, Corby's Dr. Don Livermore has coined a new word for whisky lovers, and he'll share it with us on Behind the Label. 

    • 33 min
    The WhiskyCast Book Club

    The WhiskyCast Book Club

    With the holidays coming up, whisky books may be on your gift list. We’ll talk with two noted whisky writers who have new books out this holiday season. Ian Buxton is the author of “101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die,” and Dave Broom’s latest book “A Sense of Place” looks at whisky’s place in Scottish culture. We’ll have tasting notes for a Christmas whisky from Paul John and the new American Single Malt from Jack Daniel’s…and Lochlea’s John Campbell helps us explain how the strength of peated whiskies is measured on this week’s Behind the Label.

    • 35 min
    Nick Offerman: Lagavulin's #1 Fan

    Nick Offerman: Lagavulin's #1 Fan

    Nick Offerman has entertained millions of people with his film and television career, but it’s his whisky career that he’s sharing with us this week. From the early days of featuring Lagavulin on Parks and Recreation to his dozens of Tales of Whisky videos for the brand, Offerman has become synonymous with Lagavulin. He’ll join us on this week’s WhiskyCast In-Depth to discuss his Lagavulin origin story, working with blender Stewart Morrison, and cutting peat on Islay with the legendary Iain “Mr. Pinky” McArthur. We’ll also have details on the sales of Wilderness Trail and Balcones distilleries, this week’s tasting notes, and meet a distiller who’s worked on six continents…so far.

    • 48 min
    The New "Old Bushmills Distillery"

    The New "Old Bushmills Distillery"

    Colum Egan had a unique challenge when presented with the opportunity to build a new Bushmills distillery that would complement the venerable existing distillery: take the best technology of today while making the whiskey taste the same way the old distillery has been producing it for decades. The €37 million project went into production a year ago, but few visitors have been allowed inside to take a look at the new distillery. You'll get a first look inside with Colum Egan on this week's WhiskyCast In-Depth. In the news, Irish Whiskey exports rose in 2021, but will be pressed to meet that goal in 2022. We'll have the details along with an exclusive interview with former Maker's Mark whisky makers Denny Potter and Jane Bowie, who are now ready to disclose their plans for a new distillery in Kentucky. 

    • 57 min
    Has Irish Whiskey's Renaissance Started Yet?

    Has Irish Whiskey's Renaissance Started Yet?

    Much has been made of the boom in Irish whiskey over the last decade, but one industry veteran says that boom is only the foundation for greater growth in the future. Walsh Whiskey Company founder Bernard Walsh believes the industry still has some growing pains to go through before the "renaissance" really begins, and he'll share his views with us on this week's WhiskyCast In-Depth. We're in Dublin this week for a series of distillery visits sponsored by the Irish whiskey Association and Tourism Ireland, and we'll also have a crypt keeper's story to share on Behind the Label.

    • 31 min

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4.8 out of 5
215 Ratings

215 Ratings

jdublifter ,

Where’s Marianne?

Great podcast. I was hoping to hear Marianne come the podcast. I had to look at their ig account only to find that she’s no longer there. How sad that you didn’t mention her since she was there from the beginning and came on “Neat” showcasing Kentucky bourbon. What gives?

@jackparshall ,

Intellectually fulfilling

This podcast is truly a gem. It is educational and informative. I love the information about global whiskey policy that Mike gives us listeners. There is no other source that covers this subject as completely and entertainingly as Whiskey Cast.

regionalroadie ,

Enjoyable format for keeping astride of Whisky and Bourbon news

Mark does a fantastic job of keeping episodes consistent in length and in format. Oddly enough I really enjoy listening to the episodes while working out.

I fully support putting the #HappyHourLive content up in this format a la the Webcast with Stephanie MacLeod.

This podcast has steadily grown on me since a Scottish Malt Whisky Society newsletter mentioned WhiskyCast. It’s one of my weekly mandatory listens, so keep up the good work.

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