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Join our hosts Chelsi Slotten, Emily Long, Kirsten Lopez, and a rotating panel of guests as they discuss archaeological topics ranging from career planning to subfields, women's issues to what to take on a dig. We cover all topics as they relate to archaeology and women, and invite you to join the conversation.

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Join our hosts Chelsi Slotten, Emily Long, Kirsten Lopez, and a rotating panel of guests as they discuss archaeological topics ranging from career planning to subfields, women's issues to what to take on a dig. We cover all topics as they relate to archaeology and women, and invite you to join the conversation.

    The PERIOD Episode - Repost

    The PERIOD Episode - Repost

    This episode originally aired on December 10, 2017 - Enjoy! On this episode we discuss PERIODS! A lot of us have them, they can be really inconvenient, and dealing with them in the field is often less straightforward than normal. We discuss pros and cons of the various products on the market, how to deal with that 'oops' moment, and suggestions for making your life easier when you're on your period. The hosts for this episode are Chelsi Slotten and Emily Long. Our guests are Jessica Irwin and Nicloe Bodenstein.

    • 59 min
    The History and Archaeology of Thanksgiving

    The History and Archaeology of Thanksgiving

    On this episode, Chelsi, Kirsten, and Emily chat about the history and archaeology of the Thanksgiving holiday. What was the original harvest celebration all about? Were the Pilgrims an absolute bummer? What are our misconceptions about this holiday? What can archaeology tell us about the relationship between the Pilgrims and indigenous communities? The hosts also discuss the importance of recognizing the colonial and racist roots of Thanksgiving, and how for many modern indigenous communities, the holiday is a Day of Mourning. While enjoying time with one’s family and friends during the holiday, there are a variety of ways to educate each other about the real history of Thanksgiving and to respect and show empathy on the Day of Mourning.


    400 Years After the ‘First Thanksgiving,’ the Tribe That Fed the Pilgrims Continues to Fight for Its Land Amid Another Epidemic: https://time.com/5911943/thanksgiving-wampanoag/?fbclid=IwAR2LR0fiCKHBBBuLF1o1ph1X5OTRzPnB6gDLF1_jhBRQMsK0KssMcUocUmU

    The Myths of the Thanksgiving Story and the Lasting Damage They Imbue: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/thanksgiving-myth-and-what-we-should-be-teaching-kids-180973655/?fbclid=IwAR0qvxZCRShtLwFhqc1uUkg_islAxajXxg1f1rX-1WJ3GPZfBF0gO9rpcfs

    Everyone’s history matters: The Wampanoag Indian Thanksgiving story deserves to be known: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/blogs/national-museum-american-indian/2017/11/23/everyones-history-matters-and-wampanoag-indian-thanksgiving-story-deserves-be-known/?fbclid=IwAR21rgNrxr9uxbFKocaUejagxKBgr0V-GlO5RNn7EM6aA-iLrfv_pv_yaLA

    Before the Pilgrims, Floridians celebrated the ‘real’ first Thanksgiving: https://news.ufl.edu/articles/2015/11/before-the-pilgrims-floridians-celebrated-the-real-first-thanksgiving.html?fbclid=IwAR0_KrQuo6hr7SrBuK5Aj7WpghAmK8Wg4qT_R2I9x-btBZR_dJu8Y-_KABA

    At the Site of the First Thanksgiving: https://www.umb.edu/news/detail/at_the_site_of_the_first_thanksgiving?fbclid=IwAR2qJ_ZOKg58aUwsr9tn01qlwDfdUepjxVfEpjMEEkI2pgD7cpymrhXY20U

    Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation: Kathleen Curtin: https://archive.archaeology.org/online/interviews/curtin.html?fbclid=IwAR0faQSfAozzU0geQP6_-C7gbLkzXa5SkTsZQlnU8K3kcaJ17KQ9Kkbef00

    Thanksgiving Mourning: In this activity, students will explore the perspectives of two Native American authors about the meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday and then write journal entries: https://www.learningforjustice.org/classroom-resources/lessons/thanksgiving-mourning

    Harvest Ceremony – Beyond the Thanksgiving Myth: a href="https://ame...

    Engaged Archaeology Book Review and Interview

    Engaged Archaeology Book Review and Interview

    Join Emily Long and Kirsten Lopez as we bring in two of the editors of “Engaged Archaeology in the Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico,” Dr. Sara Herr and Dr. Kelley Hays-Gilpin, to discuss their new book. We discuss how archaeologists can create an engaged archaeological practice. We explore what engaged archaeology is, what that means in the American Southwest, and how the book came to be.

    *Order Engaged Archaeology in the Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico for 40% off using promocode HAYS21 at http://www.upcolorado.com (code expires 11/21/2021).

    Show Notes

    Book Description: https://upcolorado.com/university-press-of-colorado/item/4020-engaged-archaeology-in-the-southwestern-united-states-and-northwestern-mexico

    The Black Trowel Collective: https://blacktrowelcollective.wordpress.com/

    Society of Black Archaeologists: https://www.societyofblackarchaeologists.com/

    Society for American Archaeology Native American Scholarships Fund: https://www.saa.org/career-practice/scholarships-and-grants/native-american-scholarships-fund

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Stories from the Great Basin With the Editors of 'Grit and Determination'

    Stories from the Great Basin With the Editors of 'Grit and Determination'

    During the first segment of this episode, Chelsi, Emily, and Kirsten review the fantastic book, “With Grit and Determination: A Century of Change for Women in Great Basin and American Archaeology.”  The hosts are then joined by the book editors, Suzanne Eskenazi and Nicole M. Herzog.  Go get your copy of this great book!  

    *The code for 25% off the listed price and free domestic shipping is GRIT25 and the website is https://uofupress.lib.utah.edu/with-grit-and-determination/.




    Archaeology and Climate Change in Kiribati - Repost

    Archaeology and Climate Change in Kiribati - Repost

    This episode originally aired on February 18, 2018. Climate change is impacting archaeological sites at an alarming rate, and more importantly, the lives of people around the globe. We’re joined by Mike Roman to discuss how climate change is impacting Kiribati, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean.  We discuss some Kiribati history, the social impact of loosing heritage sites, and some suggestions for how people can get involved in combating climate change.


    * https://www.forbes.com/sites/kristinakillgrove/2017/11/29/climate-change-will-submerge-over-20000-historical-sites-within-a-century-archaeologists-say/#2ce2e4d171f7* https://www.cbsnews.com/news/climate-refugees-kiribati-cbsn-on-assignment/* https://www.facebook.com/humanofkiribati/* https://www.globalresearch.ca/american-polynesia-rising-seas-and-relocation/5624927* http://staugustine.com/news/local-news/2017-12-23/rising-seas-coastal-waters-threaten-florida-s-historic-resources* https://blog.fulbrightonline.org/climate-change-in-kiribati-a-small-pacific-island-nation/* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeBycXIjsjw&feature=youtu.be

    The Dirt Crossover Episode!

    The Dirt Crossover Episode!

    Cohosts of The Dirt Podcast, Anna and Amber join Women in Archaeology hosts Chelsi, Kirsten, and Emily, to discuss the creepy and creature-y field and lab stories! From bugs, parasites, large herbivores to omnivores and beyond, take a listen to the fun, dreadful, and heeby-jeebies we've had over the years. Plus, camel facts! Take a fun spin around the globe with our in-the-field experiences.

    • 1 hr 7 min

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6 Ratings

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