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Podcast by Steph Lagana

Your Sacred Craft: Practical Business Building Magic Steph Lagana

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Podcast by Steph Lagana

    Hitting The Pandemic Wall

    Hitting The Pandemic Wall

    These are defining moments of our lives. It’s okay to be tired, to need rest, and to have no idea what to do. Ask your Guides for help. We’re in the goop. We’ll be different on the other side.

    • 6 min
    Should You Quit Your Business?: Episode 20

    Should You Quit Your Business?: Episode 20

    Everybody thinks you are crazy. You've really been struggling. Let's talk turkey. Should you quit?

    • 26 min
    The Soul Of Your Business: Episode 19

    The Soul Of Your Business: Episode 19

    This changes everything. No more muggle marketing. No more desperate gasps for sustainability. But what the feck is it? Join me and find out more.

    • 27 min
    The Messy Middle: Episode 18

    The Messy Middle: Episode 18

    Every business owner goes through this - I want to give you five tools to sail forward quickly, without losing your calm.

    • 31 min
    We Need You: Episode 17

    We Need You: Episode 17

    We need to talk.
    There's a call you've been resisting and that won't work anymore. Grab a cup of tea and let's do this.

    • 17 min
    Phoenix Rising: Episode 16

    Phoenix Rising: Episode 16

    Uhm, we took a year long break??? Kinda didn't mean it, kinda did. Tune in more to find out.

    • 12 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Vivi Carrasco ,

Dr. Vivian Carrasco

A breathe of fresh air and connection in this digital space.

Thank you for your guidance mentorship and sharing your gifts with the world.

I love you’re random giggles and f* bombs.

Teaching us to tend to our needs and share our gifts is soooooo very needed.

WordMagician Julia ,

Steph is Invaluable

Steph’s content is deep, thick and seriously challenging to the status quo. She is intelligent, funny, and accessible. I agree with comments of another reviewer that the intro music seems out of step, a little too high pitched and bouncy for Steph’s voice and vibe.

LovebugDar ,

Love Sacred Craft

Your grounded voice, your gentle presence, your spirited listening and your love of fantasy, magic and your craft comes through. I love how you do business and what you teach and inspire. ~ Dr. Dar

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