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Personal development. Community and inspiration

    Episode 34- The Big D- Divorced to Thriving

    Episode 34- The Big D- Divorced to Thriving

    Who were you when you got married?  How did divorce shape you?
    Host Amanda Malcolm and guest Claire Spencer talk about divorce.  They discuss who they were as young women with dreams and desires to what drew them to their partners and what lead to divorce.  Most importantly, they share who they are today after creating successful co-parenting relationships, what emotional and financial stability look like, and how they found personal growth and inner security.  This episode offers inspiration and practical advice for thriving after life's transitions.  
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    • 34 min
    Episode 33- Trust Fall- Host Amanda Malcolm reveals the reality of facing your demons.

    Episode 33- Trust Fall- Host Amanda Malcolm reveals the reality of facing your demons.

    A letter from the Host:  This is an episode I thought I would never record.  Thank you to the incredible human beings that carried me through these moments.  Some of you do not even know the impact you had on my heart and my spirit.  Because of you, I did not walk alone. Thank you for embracing me through the tears, the sadness, the dispair, the feeling and the healing.  I would have been lost for so much longer without you. I love you....truly, madly, deeply!
    Claire, thank you for housing my heart, my physical body, my daughter, my dog & hairy Claire).
    Abigail, Loni, Joanna, Justin, Vita Galore, Dr. Jeff B.,  Lauren, Wendy W, Wendy O, John Malcolm, Heather & Adam, Phil, Max Wagner, Libby, Kam, Mackenzie, Carrie, Olenka, Katie Kyleen, Hillary & Nick Tantillo.  
    #depression #feeltoheal #depressionisreal #abuse #neglect #aca #adultchild #alcoholism #depressionisreal #overcomingdepression #childabuse #molestation #youreitgirl #podcastsforwomen

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    Episode 32: Navigating Parental Alienation, Letting Go & Embracing Hope. Max Wagner's Journey.

    Episode 32: Navigating Parental Alienation, Letting Go & Embracing Hope. Max Wagner's Journey.

    Meet Max Wagner, a loving mother and wife, whose belief in the power of family runs deep.  Despite experiencing parental alientation, Max's unwavering faith in the possibility of reconciliation shines bright.  Join her as she imparts invaluable lessons from her own experiences that shine a beacon of hope on overcoming parental alienation.  Let go of control and the past, and step into a future filled with renewed trust, healing and the profound power of unconditional love. 
    #parentalalienation #parentalalienationawareness

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    Episode 31- Braveheart

    Episode 31- Braveheart

    Charles Drown is a true braveheart.  From a tumultuous upbringing marked by abuse and abandonment, to a life of triumph and resilience, Charle's story will touch your heart. Raised by his grandparetns after being rescued from his father's physical abuse as an infant, Charles and his sisters' lives would be forever changed.  Their parents abuse and neglect of their other 9 younger siblings led to unimaginable suffering.  Charles shares his powerful story of overcoming adversity, finding self-worth and embracing his role as loving husband, devoted father and successful entrepreneur.  Charles embodies the true spirit of resilience and determination powered by hope and love. 

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    Episode 30- A Single Mom Shared Household, a Peaceful Partnership

    Episode 30- A Single Mom Shared Household, a Peaceful Partnership

    Guest Claire Spencer and host Amanda Malcolm talk about life while moving in together as single women and moms. Claire recently wrote the article below (see link) that was published in the New York Times describing the experience.  This episode dives into what it's like living with another woman as your parenting partner, who is not only your friend but also a single mom.  
    New York Times Article
    #singlemoms #roommates #samesexhousehold #samesexpartnership #community #womenparentingtogether #datingforwomen #singlemomsdating

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    Episode 29- Kam from South Africa

    Episode 29- Kam from South Africa

    Kam Steyl's adventurous spirit led her to the U.S from Cape Town, South Africa, where she met You're It Girl's Podcast host Amanda Malcolm.  She studied and lived with Amanda's family as an Au Pair.  Living in another country and being immediatley immersed in the dynamics of a second family as a teen required patience and resilience. Through shared experiences and meaningful connections Kam talks about the the beauty and reality of the joys and challenges of living with another family in a culture different from her own.  Find out how the bond between Amanda and Kam deepened as they discovered the many similarities they shared that they wouldn't recognize until years later. 

    • 45 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

SSE007 ,

A brave and beautiful mind

I cherish Amanda—for her advice & wisdom—often hard won—her sweetness and authenticity—in making a commitment to who she is and not apologizing for it. Her ability to live her professional persona while remaining who she is. Her courage & bravery and her incredible generosity. All who know Amanda are fortunate indeed. She is an incredible gift. And I am honored to have her trust and care.

Brooke watton ,

Host is amazing

Amanda is amazing. So caring. So easy to talk to, care free but smart as a whip and caring. So impressed by this incredible girl.

Janeykaspari ,

Everything I didn’t know I needed

I am so grateful to have found this podcast during this time in my life! I am in the middle of a brutal divorce and trying to find myself again. The advice and stories and laughter in this podcast is everything I didn’t even know I needed. Love it!!!

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