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The Zero Point Report is a channel broadcasting every other week on Twitch covering Secret World Legends, Conan Exiles, Mutant Year Zero, and more from Funcom.

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The Zero Point Report is a channel broadcasting every other week on Twitch covering Secret World Legends, Conan Exiles, Mutant Year Zero, and more from Funcom.

    Strain 94-7AS

    Strain 94-7AS

    The Zero Point Report Celebrates Secret World’s 7th Anniversary

    In this special episode of the Zero Point Report, hosts Ocho, Jimmy The Rabbit, and 2TonWaffle delve into the exciting 7th-anniversary celebrations of the Secret World IP. The episode features discussions on special in-game events like hourly bosses, the Hatekeeper, and Behemoth spawns, alongside player-hosted contests such as a screenshot contest and ScratchFandango’s piano-controlled gameplay. There are multiple epic cache key giveaways with exclusive rewards. Additionally, the hosts highlight the release of the Secret World 5th Edition tabletop game and a new tabletop campaign by One Less Die. The episode also reminisces on past gaming adventures, gameplay mechanics, and the invaluable contributions from community members and sponsors, concluding with a thrilling behemoth battle and heartfelt thanks to the community.

    00:00 Introduction and Greetings
    00:44 Technical Difficulties and Event Updates
    01:27 Anniversary Event Highlights
    05:50 Screenshot Contest and Community Events
    09:09 Multiboxing and Pay-to-Win Discussion
    11:35 Cat Adventures and Technical Issues
    15:49 More Anniversary Event Activities
    18:33 Cache Giveaways and Raffles
    41:24 Secret World Vibes in Other Games
    50:27 Navigating Raffle Announcements
    50:52 Mobile Chat Visibility Issues
    51:45 Closing and Starting Raffles
    51:51 Mini Golems and Double Winners
    52:25 Character Nicknames and Titles
    53:52 Shirt and Poster Discussions
    54:20 Raffle Entries and Winners
    57:54 Voice of Reason and Nicknames
    01:08:47 Pet Summoning Issues
    01:33:18 Quantum State Radio Farewell
    01:37:51 Comic Book Nostalgia
    01:38:13 Comic Con Adventures
    01:39:42 Adult Swim Party
    01:40:17 Scavenger Hunt and Seth Green
    01:41:10 Game Talk and Multitasking
    01:41:44 Cache Giveaway Chaos
    01:43:07 Holiday Flares and Buff Circles
    02:06:01 Injury Stories and Cat Antics
    02:09:35 Reflecting on Time and Family
    02:11:41 Final Giveaway and Closing Remarks

    • 2 hr 21 min
    Strain 93-NMB

    Strain 93-NMB

    Zero Point Report: Secret World Deep Dive & Community Buzz

    Join Waffle, Jimmy the Rabbit, and Ocho in a lively broadcast discussing the latest developments and community highlights for the Secret World IP. This episode covers a range of topics including the success of ‘Secret World for Savage Worlds’ on Kickstarter, ongoing summer solstice events, and the upcoming 7th anniversary celebrations. Dive into spirited debates about game mechanics, the legacy of Secret World Legends, and the influence of Funcom’s other projects like Dune. Listen in as they tackle gaming entitlement, the art of storytelling in games, and the responsibilities of developers towards their communities. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a new player, this episode offers insightful discussions and community shoutouts you won’t want to miss!

    • 2 hr 57 min
    Strain 92-ZPT

    Strain 92-ZPT

    Zero Point Report: Diving into Savage Worlds and Secret World Legends
    In this special episode of the Zero Point Report, hosts Ocho, 2TonWaffle, and Jimmy the Rabbit, alongside guests Brandon Verhalen from Star Anvil Studios and Andy Benditt, embark on a thrilling Savage Worlds tabletop adventure set within the Secret World IP. They navigate bizarre events involving Orochi operatives and dark creatures in a town plagued by mysterious occurrences. As the plot unfolds, the group discovers a high-stakes Orochi research facility. Adding to the excitement, the episode features insights from Andy of the Secret World Legends Community, covering topics like game mechanics, role-playing strategies, and speedrunning challenges. Join the team for an episode filled with unexpected twists, intense combat scenarios, and engaging discussions on enhancing the tabletop RPG experience.
    00:00 Welcome to the Zero Point Report: A Secret World Broadcast00:13 Introducing the Team and Special Guests01:16 Diving Into the Secret World Tabletop Adventure03:25 Kickstarter Updates and Stretch Goals Discussion06:31 Embarking on a Mysterious Mission08:40 Character Introductions and Preparing for the Journey11:50 Encountering the First Obstacle: A Roadblock21:38 Navigating the Town and Uncovering Orochi's Presence31:05 Descending into the Sewers: A Rescue Mission Begins43:35 Confrontation with a Tech Zombie: The Battle Commences50:25 The Creature's Attack and Tactical Decisions51:29 Strategic Combat Moves and Character Abilities52:45 The Gunslinger's Moment: A Shot to Remember54:55 Exploring the Orochi Research Facility58:51 The Lab's Secrets Unveiled: Encounter with Sarah Connor01:05:38 The Final Showdown: Defeating the Big Bad Tech Death Machine01:32:14 Aftermath and Reflections on the Adventure01:36:04 Post-Game Reflections and Fun Moments01:36:24 Exploring Game Mechanics and Strategy01:37:29 Deep Dive into Savage Worlds System01:38:52 Character and Gameplay Anecdotes01:39:22 Kickstarter Campaign Excitement01:41:55 Stretch Goals and Future Plans01:43:32 Metal Dice and Tabletop Antics01:44:49 Savage Worlds System Appreciation01:47:25 Future Gaming Sessions and Community Engagement01:48:25 Tabletop Gaming Stories and Challenges02:19:50 Closing Thoughts and Goodbyes

    • 2 hr 22 min
    Strain 91-SWK

    Strain 91-SWK

    In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss various topics related to the Secret World IP and Twitch streaming. They talk about the use of chat as a fourth-wall-breaking entity, the similarities between Twitch streaming and televangelism, and the enjoyment of watching others play video games. They also mention the delivery of materials for the Secret World tabletop RPG and the announcement of a new Kickstarter for the Savage Worlds version of the game. The hosts express their interest in running a demo of the game on the show. The conversation covers various topics including Dungeons and Dragons live play groups, vacation introspection, Secret World Legends Love on Gaia writing contest winners, playing Secret World with the lights out, and the release of the Seeker World tabletop RPG. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss various topics including rabbits eating cake, the release of Metal Hellsinger in VR, the improved Battle Pass progression in Conan Exiles, and the upcoming game Dune Awakening. They also talk about the concept of MMOs and the combination of survival mechanics with MMO gameplay. The hosts express excitement about the features and mechanics of Dune Awakening, such as the ability to create blueprints of buildings and the flexibility to play the game in different ways. In this final part of the conversation, the hosts discuss various gameplay experiences and upcoming projects. They talk about the movement speed in the game and how it affects their ability to reach certain locations. They also express their excitement for the upcoming Dune Awakening and the Savage Worlds Kickstarter. The hosts share their experiences with glitches and technical issues, such as not being able to see filth on the ground and keyboard and controller problems. They also discuss the Love on Gaia writing contest and the pink headbands that were won. The conversation ends with the hosts brainstorming ideas for the 10th Mega Boss, including a traffic cone, a van, and a beach of razor fossils.
    00:00 The Secret World Tabletop RPG Update37:39 Running a Demo of the Secret World RPG on the Show46:55 Announcing the Love on Gaia Writing Contest Winners59:00 Playing Secret World Legends with the Lights Out01:08:09 Introducing Seeker World: A New Tabletop RPG01:33:16 Improved Battle Pass Progression01:46:43 The Evolution of MMOs02:08:05 Hilarious Moments from Gameplay02:19:49 Expressing Gratitude to the Audience

    • 1 hr 49 min
    Strain 90 - ETT

    Strain 90 - ETT

    Ocho and his co-hosts, including 2TonWaffle and Jimmy the Rabbit, are discussing their show about the Secret World IP. They mention technical difficulties with audio and Windows issues. The conversation shifts to updates on the tabletop role-playing game (RPG) based on the Secret World universe. Brandon from Star Anvil Studios joins the discussion, sharing insights into the development of the Secret World Table Top Game core rulebook, which has been sent out to backers. He talks about the challenges faced during production and the collaborative effort involved in creating the book.
    Brandon also mentions plans for the RPG, including a story arc spanning multiple books and an upcoming Kickstarter for a Savage Worlds edition of the game. He explains that Savage Worlds is a faster-paced system compared to Dungeons & Dragons 5e, allowing for quicker combat and easier session planning. The team discusses the importance of character motivation and the unique aspect of the Secret World setting where characters can't die permanently, which influences gameplay dynamics.

    • 3 hr 30 min
    Strain 89 - RSB

    Strain 89 - RSB

    Step back into the quirky world of gaming with us, Ocho, Jimmy the Rabbit, and Two Ton Waffle, as we reunite after a hiatus to catch up and dive headfirst into the Secret World IP. We're dishing out laughs and sharing stories from roller skating fails to the charm of hint books, all while exploring the latest in Secret World's Valentine's festivities. It's a reunion episode filled with nostalgia and updates that's sure to rekindle your love for gaming with a touch of the unexpected.
    Gear up for an episode where gameplay glitches lead to comedy gold, and a 'Death Race' challenge keeps us on our toes. We'll take you through the rollercoaster of playing dead in-game, giant character models causing mayhem, and the sheer joy of game mechanics gone wild. And suppose you've ever been curious about the life of a voice actor or the intricacies of Discord. In that case, you'll want to tune in as we chat about Steve Blum's collaboration with Funcom and the art of navigating digital communities.
    To top off the adventure, get ready for tales of grocery store shenanigans that rival any quest and screenshot escapades that defy all logic. Join us as we share the ups, downs, and sidesplitting moments of life and gaming, where NPCs encounter bizarre and giant bunnies. It is just another day at the (game) office. It's an episode chock-full of camaraderie, surprises, and undeniable proof that the unexpected is always around the corner whether it's in the digital realm or at your local supermarket.

    • 3 hr 5 min

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