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Your source for all things health, wellness and beauty with your host Dr. Rahi.
Dr. Rahi is board certified in Internal Medicine. She owns an Aesthetic and Integrative Clinic in Beverly Hills and treats many celebrities, Influencers and thought leaders.

She believes in beauty from the inside out and making sure you get the best health care starting from the inside.

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Your source for all things health, wellness and beauty with your host Dr. Rahi.
Dr. Rahi is board certified in Internal Medicine. She owns an Aesthetic and Integrative Clinic in Beverly Hills and treats many celebrities, Influencers and thought leaders.

She believes in beauty from the inside out and making sure you get the best health care starting from the inside.

    The Tea on RF Microneedling, PRP, & Exosomes with Dr. Gideon Kwok

    The Tea on RF Microneedling, PRP, & Exosomes with Dr. Gideon Kwok

    My most requested podcast guest is back... Dr. Gideon Kwok!

    Dr. Gideon Kwok is Co-Owner and Medical Director to 6 Skin Perfect Medical Clinics in Southern California.  He began working in the field of aesthetic medicine during his second year of Family Medicine Residency at UCLA.  With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Dr Kwok has been named one of the top injectors in America, trains and speaks around the country for Cutera and Radiesse, and serves on the advisory board for Galderma as a national speaker and advanced trainer.  His Skin Perfect clinics are in the top 1% of providers of CoolSculpting, Ultherapy, and the Galderma portfolio of products.  His love of education over the year has sparked his latest project with his partners.  Dubbed The Aesthetic Immersion, this program serves as a platform for providers who are passionate in medical aesthetics to advance their knowledge and techniques in the field.



    • 44 Min.
    Korean Innovation in Aesthetics - Exosomes and more with Benev CEO Ethan Min

    Korean Innovation in Aesthetics - Exosomes and more with Benev CEO Ethan Min

    Ethan Min is the CEO of Benev Skincare https://www.benev.com/

    BENEV Company Inc. is a pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical company, founded in Orange County, California that serves the medical skin care market with scientifically advanced, results-driven skin care solutions.

    BENEV is committed to serving medical skin care professionals around the world by developing scientifically advanced, effective solutions that promote optimum skin health. Using the latest scientific research and highest-quality ingredients, our scientists develop innovative products that are inspired by the natural biological processes that occur in healthy, young skin. All BENEV products are developed in our FDA-registered drug manufacturing facility with stringent quality controls to ensure safety, stability, and efficacy.

    • 30 Min.
    A Women's Perspective in Medicine with Dr. Anat Zelmanovich

    A Women's Perspective in Medicine with Dr. Anat Zelmanovich

    Dr. Anat Zelmanovich is board certified Obstetrician Gynecologist who specializes in Female Pelvic Floor and Reconstructive Medicine.  She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychobiology from the University of Binghamton, after which she worked in Ovarian Cancer research at New York University.

    Being originally from Israel, Dr. Zelmanovich decided to get her medical training by returning to her homeland, she attended the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University where her interest in women's health expanded.  She decided she wanted to devote her career to service of women of all ages by specializing in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.  After an intense four years of residency, Dr. Zelmanovich worked as an OBGYN in Manhattan's upper east side at Lenox Hill hospital, even though she enjoyed Obstetrics fully, felt that she needed more surgical expertise.  She made the decision to move on to a Fellowship in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center.

    Since then Dr. Zelmanovich has been honored to serve her patients with care, compassion, and surgical expertise that focus on minimally invasive, vaginal, and robotic approaches to treatment of a vast array of conditions.  Throughout her medical training Dr. Zelmanovich has fallen in love with the art of learning and teaching.  Dr. Zelmanovich loves to teach not only her patients but her peers and colleagues and as such she is currently serving as the Associate Program Director for the OBGYN Residency Program at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

    • 43 Min.
    All About Ketamine Therapy with Dr. Jason Pencek

    All About Ketamine Therapy with Dr. Jason Pencek

    Jason Pencek is a chiropractor and nurse practitioner. He started working in medicine as a registered nurse in 2010. He quickly realized that traditional Western medicine has failed many people. He went back to school in 2012 to study for his chiropractic doctorate. He attended National University of Health Sciences. While in school, he started training for IV therapies. The scope of practice of chiropractic medicine was too limited. He began his nurse practitioner degree at Olivet Nazarene while still attending National University of Health Sciences. He has been trained in dozens of therapies such as IV nutrients, IV chelation, platelet rich fibrin joint injections, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapies, neural therapy, ozone therapy, peri-neural therapy, stem cell therapies, and exosome therapies. He has made it his goal to improve longevity and health span in all of his patients.

    NutrIV Therapies is an established elective wellness clinic that specializes in personalized medicine in Chicagoland. Jason and his team are all familiar with the gold standard treatment for a variety of conditions. All of the treatments are simple and tailored to each patient.


    • 39 Min.
    Magnesium could be the cure with Kristen Bowen

    Magnesium could be the cure with Kristen Bowen

    Kristen Bowen is a magnesium advocate, social entrepreneur, and  Founder of Living The Good Life Naturally. She has spent the last two decades helping women become comfortable with their power so that they can create optimal health.  Kristen lives in Morro Bay, California, with her husband, Morgan, a recent double amputee.  Together they are learning to dance to a new rhythm. They have six adult children, seven perfect grandchildren, and one adorable Shih Tzu named Louis.

    It took a complete health crash that led Kristen to create Living the Good Life Naturally in 2002. A bladder surgery where titanium was put into her body left Kristen bedridden, depressed, and in a wheelchair with daily seizures.  Through research and looking for outside-the-box solutions, she discovered she had Melisa syndrome. An allergic reaction to the titanium used in bladder surgery. Taking it out was crucial, but she was left with a body that did not function. Putting the pieces back required her to stop chasing symptoms and to start building a strong foundation.

    Starting with one-on-one consultations with clients, to farmer’s markets for the bath and body line, Kristen’s business quickly moved from the small kitchen and extra bedroom in her home to a retail space in Logan, Utah. She hosted a Rocky Mountain radio show for seven years on KVNU Talk Radio, where she answered questions on natural health. This led to workshops and keynote opportunities at natural health conferences. This quickly led to needing a full-time team to produce products, deal with marketing, and run our retail shop, online classes, and guest podcasting/live classes.

    From small beginnings in her 10X15 basement kitchen to her warehouse, store, and online business, Kristen has helped thousands of women rebuild their health foundation. As she tells her clients: “You are the CEO of your health. Let me be on your board of directors.”

    Living the Good Life Naturally supports the Uganda Project that provides living wages to female entrepreneurs rendering cocoa butter in communal kitchens and using that income to feed and educate their children. Kristen believes female entrepreneurs will create the change we need in the world through sharing their passion projects and creating financial freedom.

    Kristen lives in Morro Bay, California, with her husband, Morgan. They have six children, seven grandchildren, and Louis, their Shih Tzu.

    Kristen's Website https://livingthegoodlifenaturally.com/

    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ltgln.beauty/

    • 39 Min.
    Way more than pilates with Sebastien Lagree

    Way more than pilates with Sebastien Lagree

    In the podcast, I will be doing a live workout on the new Megaformer by Sebastien Lagree!

    As the inventor, CEO, and founder of Lagree Fitness, Sebastien Lagree continues to push the limits of the fitness industry. His ceaseless efforts to elevate the fitness world have proven to be effective. With 100 patents, the creator of a method named the #1 workout on ClassPass, and with a brand that is recognized worldwide, it’s no secret that Sebastien Lagree is spearheading the industry’s evolution.

    When it comes to an entire industry reformation, evolution is key—and evolution is something Lagree never shies away from. Whether it’s innovating an entire new exercise method, a piece of equipment to amplify movements and results, or a new way of launching studios with zero-franchise limitations, Lagree continues to put his best foot forward—elevating the entire industry to a whole new level and creating an entire new standard for doing fitness.Fascinated by science, technology, and health, Lagree’s process of evolution is simple: Experiment. Try. Execute. When step three poses an issue, Lagree restrategizes and applies a new approach until execution is met. Regardless of the challenges at hand, Lagree remains steadfast through unexpected outcomes and is sure to deliver an unflawed result. It’s no wonder Lagree is the proprietor of 100 patents and continues to meet the current and future demands that keep Lagree Fitness at the forefront of the industry.

    Inventor of a Tested, Tried, and True Fitness Method
    As Lagree Fitness becomes a household name in the fitness industry, so does the Lagree Fitness method—and it’s for good reason! This high intensity, low impact, core focused, muscular strength, and endurance driven method delivers rapid results when compared to other forms of exercise. In fact, Sebastien Lagree’s proven method continues to substantiate its effectiveness—allowing participants to achieve ample results in as little time as possible—with classes as quick as 20-minutes. Now, this method is licensed by more than 500 fitness studios worldwide!Of course, the creation of this method didn’t occur by chance. With a passion for bodybuilding and strength training, Sebastien Lagree sought out to create a method that would deliver immediate, long-lasting results without negative side-effects often caused by high-impact movements and exercises. Utilizing his extensive training background along with ample research and science, the Lagree Fitness method was born—and it’s thriving!

    Inventor of Equipment Created Years Before It’s Time
    The Lagree Fitness method isn’t the only thing that sets the brand apart. As an extension to the method, Sebastien Lagree has created and continues to create fitness equipment that is known to be years ahead of its time. Since inventing the very first Lagree Fitness equipment in 2006, known as the Proformer, the collection of Lagree Fitness equipment continues to expand, offering clientele new heights in their fitness programs and a wide range of on-the-go options for even the busiest, most well-traveled clients.As the years progress, Sebastien Lagree remains dedicated in his passion to create more exciting products and opportunities which gym owners, fitness enthusiasts, and Lagree Fitness fanatics can enjoy and thrive with!



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