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The 3pm Pick-Up is all about now - everything going on now in your world, our world and the world of music and celebs!

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The 3pm Pick-Up is all about now - everything going on now in your world, our world and the world of music and celebs!

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4.4 out of 5
122 Ratings

122 Ratings

LJorgs ,

A great if not inconsistently uploaded podcast

I LOVE the pick up and look forward to listening to the podcast each day. However they are shocking at uploading the podcast each day for listeners. I've lost count of how many times they've uploaded the pod late, incorrectly or not at all. Sometimes they'll go days without uploading any episodes, even though this is a daily show (when queried via social media their answer was 'oh the podcast person has gone on holidays!') The amount of times they've just forgotten to put up the podcast is so crazy and unprofessional. Despite this show being advertised as 'right around Australia' it is actually not broadcast at all on radio in WA so the podcast is the only way people who live in WA can actually listen. So it is extremely frustrating when they can't upload something so simple in a timely fashion. I download several daily radio shows as podcasts and they are beautifully consistent uploading without fail at the same time every day for the faithful listeners. It boggles my mind how other networks can handle this job but KIIS is so rubbish at it.

It's a shame because this is the only downside of this great great show.

Edited to add - more than two months after this review nothing has changed and they are still forgetting to put podcast eps up or uploading the wrong episodes (i.e. Putting up Tuesday's podcast on Tuesday and then putting Tuesday's up again on Wednesday). Disappointing. Please KIIS give your podcast people just a teensy bit more money so that someone at your office can actually do this job properly. Your listeners are so let down

Hanr1024 ,

Puzzle Club for the win!

I LOVE this podcast so much! Monty is my spirit animal (apart from the Orange Cremes, totally like the honey bears). I would love to join your puzzle club 🤣

Larajean80 ,


My only complaint is how short the podcast are! You must talk more than 10-15 minutes in that hour show?

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