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Want to hear from the painter behind the painting? Maria Stoljar talks enthusiastically with Australian painters about how they became an artist, their influences, painting techniques, current work and lots more!

Talking with Painters Maria Stoljar

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Want to hear from the painter behind the painting? Maria Stoljar talks enthusiastically with Australian painters about how they became an artist, their influences, painting techniques, current work and lots more!

    Laura Jones wins the 2024 Archibald Prize

    Laura Jones wins the 2024 Archibald Prize

    Watch the video version of my interview with Laura Jones here on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel

    Congratulations to previous podcast guest Laura Jones on winning the Archibald Prize - Australia’s most famous portrait prize  - with a sensitive and meaningful portrait of writer and environmentalist Tim Winton.

    On Friday I interviewed Laura shortly after the announcement and I’m bringing you that 5 minute conversation in this episode but I’ve also gone through the archives to my podcast conversation with Laura in 2018 to bring you something extra. 

    When I interviewed Laura a few years ago it was after she had finished a residency on the Great Barrier Reef where she was studying the terrible bleaching events which occurred there (and continue to occur) and her concern surrounding those events is not unconnected with her winning portrait in this year's Archibald Prize.

    Because it was after seeing Tim Winton’s documentary on the ABC, Ningaloo Nyinggulu, about the fight to save the Ningaloo reef that Laura requested an Archibald portrait sitting. They have in common a sense of urgency that we must act now on climate change and are doing everything they can to bring attention to the devastating and inevitable consequences of inaction.

    One of the most interesting parts of my conversation with Laura was when she explained how coral bleaching occurs. It’s complex and scientific but she explained it in a way that anyone could understand so I thought I would bring you that part of the interview today .  

    The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes exhibition continues until Sunday 8 September 2024.  The Archibald finalist works then go on tour across 5 venues across NSW and for the first time, to the Northern Territory. The Wynne Prize finalist works will tour to four venues in regional NSW.

    * 2018 podcast interview with Laura Jones (ep 53)

    * Laura Jones' Archibald Prize acceptance speech (Instagram)

    * YouTube version of my Archibald interview with Laura

    * Incognito Art Show

    * Studio A

    Tim WintonOil on linen, 198 x 152.5cmImage: Art Gallery of NSW, Jenni Carter Winner 2024 Archibald Prize








    The Loading Dock Interviews (also on YouTube)

    The Loading Dock Interviews (also on YouTube)

    See the video version of this episode on the TWP YouTube channel here. 

    This is my 5th collection of Loading Dock Interviews of entrants to the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes.

    Six brave painters fronted my camera and microphone as they delivered their work to the packing room at the Art Gallery of NSW via the loading dock.

    Thankyou to these artists (tap on their name for their Instagram page):

    * Andrew Bischoff

    * Mila Kalik

    * Joshua Van Gestel

    * Simon Weir

    * Linda Lockyer

    * Mary Shackman

    Tickets for the 'Artists in Conversation' talk with me and Marikit Santiago at the Art Gallery of NSW

    Sign up for the Talking with Painters Newsletter here. 



    Caroline Zilinsky

    Caroline Zilinsky

    Podcast listeners click here to view the works

    Caroline Zilinsky's paintings freeze pivotal moments in our culture's history, encouraging us to reflect upon our times, whether it's the absurdity, the horror or the humour.

    At the risk of being labelled a conspiracy theorist, she's attracted to the dilemmas brought on by the internet era and shines a light on the things that trouble most of us: our loss of privacy, shortened attention, a heightened focus on appearance,  a growing indifference to human suffering and the increasing power assumed by tech giants.

    Her paintings often depict a political or social narrative and although she accepts some are too confronting to hang above the sofa, there's something about the levity in her use of line, colour and form which invites us to venture into the darker corners of our culture, causing us to linger and question.

    Caroline is also well known for her portraiture and landscape painting. She won the Portia Geach Memorial Award portraiture prize in 2020 (the same year she won the Evelyn Chapman award) and has been a finalist in many others including the Archibald and Darling portrait prizes.

    This interview took place at the mid-career survey show of Caroline's work 'Exquisite Cadaver' at the University of Newcastle Gallery. Curated by Gillean Shaw, it was a collection of 40 stunning works spanning over 2 decades. The interview was also filmed and I'll be posting a video, including footage from the exhibition and Caroline's studio, on the TWP YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

    Feature photo:  Phillip Antonio Lemos

    * Caroline Zilinsky on Instagram

    * Caroline Zilinsky at Nanda\Hobbs

    * Sign up to the TWP newsletter

    * TWP YouTube channel

    * Loading Dock interview

    * My AGNSW Artists in Conversation interview with Caroline

    * Ceal Floyer

    'Kubla Khan'2022oil on linen107 x 106.7 cm

    'Exquisite Corpse'2024Oil on linen

    'For Whom the Bell Tolls' 2023oil on linen138 x 138cm

    'Faceless The Congressional Hearing of Mark Zuckerberg' 2020oil on linen122 x 122cm

    'Man of Few Words'2020Ink on AGNSW archive manila folder30 x 21cm (paper size), 60 x 47cm (framed size)

    'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' 2023Oil on linen112 x 122cm

    'Plastic Fantastic', 2023oil on linen56 x 62cm

    'Refract Back', 2023Oil on linen112 x122 cm

    'Too Long; Didn't Read (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)'2023Oil, Oil Stick and Digital Configuration on Canvas97 x 87cm

    'Me and Ellie', 2004-2005oil on linen 71 x 454.5cm'My Brother Adrian' oil on linen72.5 x 54cm




    The story behind the paintings (Part 2)

    The story behind the paintings (Part 2)

    Podcast listeners click here to see images of the work

    Over the years, podcast guests have shared some fascinating back stories to paintings they have made, stories which you could never have guessed just on viewing the work.

    Sometimes that back story has made me look at the work in a totally different way and I’m bringing you another eight artists' works in addition to those in ep 155.

    Click on the artist's name below for the full podcast episode (and any YouTube videos) and see images of the works we talk about below.

    * Davida Allen

    * Jacqui Stockdale

    * Sam Leach

    * Sam Leach YouTube video

    * Robin Eley

    * Peter O'Doherty

    * Kathrin Longhurst

    * Tom Carment

    * Nicholas Harding

    Links mentioned in this episode

    * TWP YouTube channel

    * Sign up for the TWP Newsletter

    * TWP Loading Dock video 

    * NGV Triennial highlights - Instagram reel

    * Memorial service for Jan Senbergs

    I dream of Sam Neill when I go to bed, 1986Davida AllenNational Gallery of Victoria © Davida AllenCollection: National Gallery of Victoria, MelbournePurchased 1986 (P22-1986)

    Drawings of George StirlingJacqui Stockdale

    George Stirling from the Heads of the Family seriesJacqui Stockdale

    Sam LeachMachine-assisted memory of Harewood Farm, Meadowsoil on linen51 x 51 cm

    Robin Eley‘Self Portrait’, 2010, oil on Belgian linen, 39″ x 25″Runner Up, Doug Moran portrait Prize, 2010

    Peter O'DohertyEdgecliff high rise, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 198x167cm

    Kathrin LonghurstPoster Girl, 2011, oil on canvasFinalist Portia Geach Memorial Award, 2011

    Tom CarmentWhere I scattered my father's ashes, Oratunga, SAwatercolour on paper45.3 x 52 cm

    Nicholas HardingRobert Drewe (In the swell)2006oil on canvas (frame: 140.4 cm x 125.0 cm, support: 138.0 cm x 123.0 cm)Collection: National Portrait Gallery

    The story behind the painting: Fantauzzo, Flint, Quilty and Dobell

    The story behind the painting: Fantauzzo, Flint, Quilty and Dobell

    Podcast listeners click here to see images of the works

    Over the years, podcast guests have shared some fascinating back stories to paintings they have made, stories which you could never have guessed on merely viewing the work.

    Sometimes that back story has made me look at the work in a totally different way and I’m bringing you a few of those to you in this episode. See images of the works we talk about below.


    * Tickets for talk with Caroline Zilinsky at the Art Gallery of NSW (Artists in Conversation)

    * YouTube video - Anthony White

    * Vincent Fantauzzo podcast episode

    * Prudence Flint podcast episode

    * Ben Quilty podcast episode

    * Scott Bevan podcast episode on William Dobell

    2:40    ‘Heath’, 2008, oil on canvas, 106 x 140cm (Collection of the Art Gallery of NSW, highly commended and winner of the Archibald Prize People’s Choice award 2008. Portrait of Heath Ledger)

    10:40    ‘Baby’, 2015, oil on linen, 105 x 90.5cm (Finalist in Archibald Portrait Prize 2015)

    15:45.  ‘Kandahar’ 2011, oil on linen, 140 x 190cmPhoto: Australian War Memorial

    18:00   ‘Captain S. after Afghanistan’ 2012, oil on linen, 210 x 230cmFinalist Archibald Prize 2012Photo: AGNSW/ Mim Stirling

    20:30    ‘Margaret Olley’, 1948, oil on hardboard, 114.3 x 85.7 cm boardCollection: Art Gallery of NSWWinner Archibald Prize 1948

    23:45.    ‘Storm Approaching, Wangi’, 1948, oil on cardboard on composition board, 32.9 x 56cmWinner Wynne Prize 1948

    • 25 min
    Inspiration from the archives | The Flow State

    Inspiration from the archives | The Flow State

    Podcast guests talk with me about the flow state!

    See below for timestamps and links to each guest's full podcast interview and video

    3:39 Julie Nicholson and Fiona Verity - Podcast | Instagram video

    6:40 Ann Thomson - Podcast | YouTube

    7:54 Joshua Yeldham - Podcast | YouTube

    10:15 Antonia Perricone Mrljak - Podcast | YouTube

    11:25 Wendy Sharpe - Podcast | YouTube

    12:51 Lewis Miller - Podcast | YouTube

    13:50 Aida Tomescu - Podcast | YouTube

    16:30 David Griggs - Podcast | YouTube

    17:27 Idris Murphy - Podcast | YouTube

    18:40 Kathrin Longhurst - Podcast | YouTube

    20:50 Anthony White - Podcast | YouTube (coming soon)

    22:07 Bernard Ollis - Podcast | YouTube

    23:59 Kim Leutwyler - Podcast | YouTube

    25:20 Tim Maguire - Podcast | YouTube

    26:40 Belinda Street - Podcast | YouTube

    27:58 Yvette Coppersmith - Podcast | YouTube (coming soon)

    29:30 Tim Storrier - Podcast | YouTube

    31:15 Jacqui Stockdale - Podcast | YouTube

    32:02 Sandi Hester - YouTube


    Sandi Hester interview on ...

    • 34 min

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4.9 out of 5
343 Ratings

343 Ratings

Sarah K.S. ,

Thankyou Maria… I have always loved your podcast and look forward to each episode.

I have loved listening to talking with painters over the years. Thankyou so much Maria! It has given me so much inspiration to hear other painters talking about their work. The natural way you bring that out in them is a joy to listen to and learn from. Thankyou so much.

NB me ,

So grateful to have this podcast

This is such an interesting, engaging, entertaining and insightful podcast for people interested in art and Australian art in particular. As an artist though, working away in isolation as so many do, it has been an invaluable, heartening, encouraging and instructive resource. Maria does an amazing job - asking really relevant and personal questions which give us a peek into the myriad different ways in which each artist approaches their art, their process and their life. I often listen as I work and really feel as though I'm there in the room with them, having a conversation with friends. Maria's warm and engaging interview style allows her subjects to open up and share their tips and tricks. It's the knowledge that even the best and most well-know artists have, and still do, struggle with the same doubts, insecurities and issues as the rest of us that is so encouraging. It's a very human show. Thanks, Maria!

Flùr ,

Just excellent

Love Maria’s easy, natural interaction with all the painters she interviews, as well as the insightful conversations. Thank you

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