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hosted by online coach and personal trainer, Jessie Williams ~ talking all things health, wellness, money, mindset and, just real life. A podcast for the visionary, go-getter, dream chaser, the optimist.

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hosted by online coach and personal trainer, Jessie Williams ~ talking all things health, wellness, money, mindset and, just real life. A podcast for the visionary, go-getter, dream chaser, the optimist.

    The TRUTH about boundaries

    The TRUTH about boundaries

    Today’s episode is straight up FIRE. It’s raw, honest and straight to the point!
    We are chatting all things BOUNDARIES. I explain how not setting boundaries is not a selfless act, but actually a form of unconscious manipulation!

    What I cover in this episode:

    > what boundaries are are

    > honouring your sacred no

    > boundaries as a pillar of trust
    > why always saying yes creates disconnection

    > how not speaking your truth leads to resentment

    > People-pleasing = unconscious manipulation

    And so much more!


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    • 41 min
    Your advice is blocking intimacy + connection

    Your advice is blocking intimacy + connection

    Today's episode is all about giving and receiving advice and how our intention to help can actually do more harm than good!

    I cover:

    -The core foundations of why we give advice
    -The difference between unsolicited advice vs permission
    - How it feels to receive unsolicited advice
    - How to create more connection + closeness WITHOUT giving feedback
    and so much more!

    This quick lil episode will give you practice tools to implement with your loved ones, colleagues etc that will allow you to feel connected, rather than disconnected!

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    • 22 min
    Chemistry or trauma bond?

    Chemistry or trauma bond?

    Today’s episode is alllllll about relationships and healthy vs toxic cycles.


    Some topics I cover:
    ⚡️What is a trauma bond?
    ⚡️How they are formed and why we trauma bond in relationships
    ⚡️Examples of healthy vs toxic signs when dating (what is a green light vs what is likely a trauma bond)
    ⚡️Why push-pull/high-low relationships are so addictive
    ⚡️How Hollywood has distorted our concept of love
    ⚡️How to close our trauma cycles
    ⚡️What foundations you need to build a healthy, loving relationship.

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    • 23 min
    Be conscious, but also human

    Be conscious, but also human

    The theme of today's short and sweet episode is... don't be so conscious that you forget to be human.

    When we set off on a spiritual / personal development journey, sometimes we can start taking life a little too seriously and forget that we are also here to just be a human. To laugh, have fun and play.

    Some topics I cover:

    🌙 emotional/spiritual bypassing
    🌙 not speaking your truth 
    🌙 taking life too seriously
    🌙 trying to say the most 'conscious' or intelligent thing
    🌙 losing touch with fun/play in your life
    🌙 being spiritual and being a human

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    • 22 min
    Mental health, body image, trauma + healing with Amy Szepanowski

    Mental health, body image, trauma + healing with Amy Szepanowski

    In this incredible interview with Trauma healer + coach, Amy Szep - we chat about all things mental health, trauma + healing.

    Some of the topics we dive into:

    ❤️Amy’s experience with mental health and disordered eating
    ❤️Childhood trauma and how it impacts us as adults
    ❤️How the victim mentality is holding you back
    ❤️Radical responsibility for healing from trauma
    ❤️Finding forgiveness and acceptance to set yourself free
    ❤️Eating disorders, body image and binge-eating
    ❤️Managing your energy as a sensitive or empathetic person
    and literally soooo much more!

    This episode is raw, vulnerable and a little bit confronting, but it will also empower you to walk away ready to take radical responsibility for your life and healing!

    Find Amy: @amyszepanowski
    Amy's stationary biz: @memaplanning

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    Love and appreciate your support so very deeply,
    Jessie xx 


    • 53 min
    Create a life that FEELS good

    Create a life that FEELS good

    Today’s episode is short, sweet and just plain REAL TALK!
    I chat about how so often we miss half of the equation when it comes to creating lasting change. Some topics I cover are:

    🌙Why just focusing on our behaviour isn’t enough to create change
    🌙How the hustle + shiny things are put on a pedestal
    🌙Creating a life that LOOKS good vs FEELS good
    🌙 Why we crave validation 
    🌙How our sub-conscious mind can keep us stuck in loops of the past 
    🌙The power of thought + how to make lasting change
    🌙Letting go of being the victim + taking back your power
    🌙Making the impossible, possible


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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
100 Ratings

100 Ratings

amymillsj ,

Amazing to listen to when trying to get things done!!

This powerhouse of a lady gives everything she’s got to give and will share anything to help others live a better life - listen and find out ;)

Clickalick ,

Love love

Great topics and conversations, sometimes the language is just really gender binary / exclusionary which is kind of disheartening, on one hand you settle in and are really feeling it, but then some of the language which is used makes you feel like this isn’t a podcast for queer people / intersectionality / a safe space. I hope this changes into the future because the content is really amazing!!

annatothevan ,

Such a good listen!

I love listening to these podcasts, Jessie is pure sunshine! Great guests, great topics and really great information to help others thrive! 🙌

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