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This podcast is concerned with the people who play the game of Blood Bowl, Game Workshop's game of fantasy football. Specifically, we report on the tournament scene in Alberta, Canada.

Get The Ref! - Alberta's Blood Bowl Roundup J. Gatner

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This podcast is concerned with the people who play the game of Blood Bowl, Game Workshop's game of fantasy football. Specifically, we report on the tournament scene in Alberta, Canada.

    PowTown CountDown

    PowTown CountDown

    We start off with a little recap of the FAQ and then dive right into the world of Alberta Blood Bowl!  With the Amorical Cup around the corner and PowTown directly afterwards, we want to get into the nitty gritty and chat about what people can expect to enjoy!  Strap in!

    • 1 hr
    Birthday Hangovers

    Birthday Hangovers

    Now that we all have Gnomes in hand, we sit and chat about our hobbying goals, excitments, and disappointments. We transition quickly to hashing out what happened at the Blood Diamond Chalice and the Alberta Classic. We also set the table for Pow Town 2024 and announce the return of the Golden Sausage.
    Included is an interview with Justin Gatner, the morning after a birthday celebration! To say that it impacted his memory would be an understatement. 
    Come, pull up a mushroom and join us for the journey!

    • 1 hr 31 min
    Gnome Nonsense

    Gnome Nonsense

    GNOMES, GNOMES, GNOMES!  We spend an inordinate amount of time just digging through the garden of information left to us by Grandma Wendy. How important is Trickery? Can my Woodland Fox keep the ball until the next league game... do they keep it until they DIE?!  What can you really expect from this team?  Are there some hidden treasures to be found in the upcoming SPIKE? We won't know for sure until the team releases, but that won't stop us from guessing!
    We also tuck into the surprise release of Jordell Freshbreeze along the way and just how gamebreaking his special ability is.
    We chat about hobbying challenges, unpopular opinions, and sift through all the important tournament details from the past month along the ones we are excited about. 
    Friends, lend us your ears!

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Gnomes, Sweet Gnomes!

    Gnomes, Sweet Gnomes!

    With the recent news of a Gnome team, we catch you up with all the information about what we know and what we don't. Then, we turn our gaze behind us at the tournaments that have been played over the last few weeks to catch you up on all the goings on. Finally, we look ahead to March Madness, the Blood Diamond Chalice, the Alberta Classic, and PowTown!  It's a great time to be a Blood Bowler!

    • 1 hr 8 min
    When The Saints Come Marching In

    When The Saints Come Marching In

    This month, we recap the Tri-City Tussle, look ahead to using the new star players (Skitter, here we come!), discus our hobby goals, wonder how best to manage our rerolls, and generally look forward to February and beyond! Our next big tournament is the Cry Fowl Cup and you can be sure that you will find some insight into the build.
    We have a special first-timers interview with Jonathon Kramer to discus his impressions on playing in his first tournament and what role a good story has to play. 

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Interview with Grant Hallas

    Interview with Grant Hallas

    With the NAF electing a new president soon, we wanted to highlight a candidate close to our hearts - Canada's own, Grant Hallas! Lair and Josh pick his brain about what the NAF is, what it should be, and how he wants to be a big part of its next chapter. 
    Read the presidential forums here: LINK
    Starting January 28 and going through to Feb 4, you can vote for president here: LINK
    (Please excuse the audio quality as we adapt to some new equipment!)

    • 40 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Wyld Wyzard ,

Great Blood Bowl Podcast

It’s been enjoyable right from the start. Great local coverage with enough general fair to interest those not from ‘round these parts. Well done.

Meds and such ,

Worth the listen

Great Blood Bowl Podcast. Excellent segments and solid interviews.

KnightKnight_16 ,

Well Done

Definitely worth listening to if you are a Blood Bowl fan!

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