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Inspirational, intimate and disarmingly-unfiltered conversations about living a fully-engaged, fiercely-connected and meaning-drenched life. From iconic world-shakers like Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin and Gretchen Rubin to everyday guests, every story matters.

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Inspirational, intimate and disarmingly-unfiltered conversations about living a fully-engaged, fiercely-connected and meaning-drenched life. From iconic world-shakers like Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin and Gretchen Rubin to everyday guests, every story matters.

    Unlocking Your Brain's Potential | Dr. Ryan D'Arcy

    Unlocking Your Brain's Potential | Dr. Ryan D'Arcy

    For generations, when it came to your brain, we pretty much assumed that once you reach adulthood, it pretty much is what it is. That meant you couldn’t get smarter or faster or wittier or optimize it to perform at a higher level and, on the other side, if you suffered an injury, there was very little you could do to help your brain recover or even rewire itself to function at a higher level again. Turns out, much of that was wrong, and my guest today, Dr. Ryan D’Arcy, is an acclaimed neuroscientist and entrepreneur who is at the leading edge of this awakening. 

    The co-founder, President, and Chief Scientific Officer of HealthTech Connex a brain health technology company, he also holds Professorship appointments at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, where he serves as a BC Leadership Chair in neuroimaging and neurotechnology. He has published more than 260 academic works, and led major scientific advances include the discovery of white matter activation in functional MRI, the world's first VR simulator for neurosurgical training and planning, the development and deployment of the world's first brain vital sign framework, and the utilization of neuroplasticity in brain injury to drive recovery well beyond conventional limits.

    Today, we’re talking about some of the incredible innovations in brain science across the four domains of performance optimization, mental health, neurological diseases, and brain injury recovery and you are going to be amazed at the work he and others are doing and where things are heading.

    You can find Dr. Ryan D'Arcy at:

    Website: https://healthtechconnex.com/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neurocatch/

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    Kat Vellos ⎮ Cultivating Better Friendships

    Kat Vellos ⎮ Cultivating Better Friendships

    Question, when was the last time you made a really good new friend, as a grown-up? Like the kind that actually knows you, not just online, but the real you? Turns out, it’s not actually so easy to create those kinds of friendships. But it is critically important to our ability to live good lives, especially during challenging times.

    My guest today, Kat Vellos, is here to help, She earns her living as a UX designer, which means Kat figures out how to make experiences as easy and organic as humanly possible to step into. She’s applied her unique genius to everything from giant apps, platforms and technology like Slack and Pandora on a mass-scale, to local, face-to-face gatherings, community-building, and most recently to examining and tackling the quest to form deep friendships as a design problem. She goes deep into her journey of discovery in her wonderful book, We Should Get Together: The Secret to Cultivating Better Friendships, which I loved and learned so much from.

    Kat has been featured in Forbes and FastCompany for her work as the founder of Bay Area Black Designers which is a professional development community for Black designers and UX researchers. And over the last twenty years she’s created, run, and mentored a variety of communities focused on everything from spoken word poetry to photography to digital design to authentic connection and friendship. Her most recent are Better than Small Talk and Connection Club, which helps her readers build community with each other as they also foster stronger friendships through the art of letter writing. 

    I wanted to go deeper into Kat’s lens, ideas, and processes and also explore them both in the context of making real, deep friendships as adults, and also cultivating relationships, community, maybe even rising to that level of chosen family both with people who see and move through the world in similar ways, but also with people who are not like us and to embrace how important that is in this day and age. 

    You can find Kat Vellos at:

    Website: https://weshouldgettogether.com/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katvellos_author/

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    Reinvent Yourself | Spark Your Work

    Reinvent Yourself | Spark Your Work

    What if your work could make you come alive? What if it could fill you with meaning, purpose, and excitement like you're fully accessing and expressing all parts of yourself and stepping into your fullest potential? Like you're doing the thing you're here to do. We call this state being "sparked." The first step isn't about big, painful or disruptive change. It's about knowing yourself better, discovering your unique imprint for work that makes you come alive - your Sparketype®

    In today's episode, we're taking you deep into the world of the Sparketypes and exploring how to discover yours, then tap it to reimagine and redesign the way you contribute to the world, whether it's the thing you get paid for, the thing you do because you're called to it, the thing you do on the side or some blend, on a quest to get as close as you can, or at least a lot closer than you are now, to this feeling of aliveness.

    Have you discovered your Sparketype yet? Take the Sparketype Assessment™ now. IT’S FREE (https://www.goodlifeproject.com/sparketypes/) and takes about 7-minutes to complete. At a minimum, it’ll open your eyes in a big way. It also just might change your life.

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    Peter Frampton | Do You Feel Like I Do

    Peter Frampton | Do You Feel Like I Do

    When I think about Peter Frampton, I’m immediately transported back to my teens when Peter’s musical juggernaut of a live-album, Frampton Comes Alive, took the world and my life by storm with anthemic songs like Do You Feel Like We Do, Show Me the Way, Lines On My Face and Baby, I Love Your Way. I cannot think about those songs without also hearing what became his signature voice-box sound vibrating through my body.

    Known in his earlier years for his fierce talent as a guitarist and musician, co-founder one of the first rock-supergroups, Humble Pie, and a collaborator with everyone from George Harrison, David Bowie, and Jerry Lee Lewis, to then Stones bassist, Bill Wyman, and Ringo Starr, that album changed everything. Frampton Comes Alive became a global phenomenon and bestselling live album for decades. 

    Following on the heels of the album came an equally iconic, shirtless cover of Rolling Stone, shot by Francesco Scavulo and accompanied by a feature story written by a then-young Cameron Crowe, Peters ascendency, powerful as it was, also came with a very dark side. It recast him as a pop-star, an idol or sex-symbol, and icon in an industry that was built to take advantage of just such a phenomenon. The years that followed took Peter, his life, mental health and career into some very scary and lonely places, before his childhood friend, David Bowie, would step in with an invitation that set in motion a certain reclamation, a renewed sense of self, and passion, and direction that fueled Peter to step back into music in a way that nourished, rather than emptied him. 

    Much of Peter’s story is beautifully shared in his memoir, Do You Feel Like I Do, (https://amzn.to/33lAflE) which I devoured, actually in audio, hearing him tell it in his own voice. In our conversation, we explore many of the pivotal and wonderful moments and stories along the way, as well as some new revelations. As we spoke, Frampton, now 70, also shared his experience living with an incurable degenerative muscular disease - Inclusion Body Myositis - and how, as he described it, he’s got 3 clocks running that are essentially ticking away as he’s unable to travel, hoping to be able to make it to the final few stops of a farewell concert he’d planned to play, back where he grew up, while he’s still able. 

    You can find Peter Frampton at:

    Website : https://www.frampton.com/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrpeterframpton/

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    To Succeed at Anything, Do This [2021]

    To Succeed at Anything, Do This [2021]

    Success is not just about knowing what to do. It's about doing it. Information, plans and goals, alone, will not get you where you want to go. Nor will willpower. Success at anything truly meaningful is about something bigger. Today’s show is going to be very different. Instead of deep-dive conversations with guests, it’s just going to be Jonathan, going deep into how to find success accomplishing big, meaningful things. There’ll be a ton of myth-busting and you'll learn something called Success Scaffolding™, a unique approach to making big things happen, especially things you’ve tried and failed at many times before. We’ve shared Success Scaffolding before, but over the years, we keep refining it and making it better and better. So, you’ll want to give this episode a listen with fresh ears even if you've listened to past episodes about it, because there are a bunch of new insights, changes and additions. 

    You may also want to open your "notes" app to take notes. Or, if you'd like a detailed, one-page PDF mind-map of the entire updated 2020 version of the Success Scaffolding framework, be sure to sign up for our Weekly Insider Updates (http://www.goodlifeproject.com/radio/). We'll include a link to a free downloadable PDF in our next dispatch.

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    Music & Poetry That Stirs the Soul: A Retrospective

    Music & Poetry That Stirs the Soul: A Retrospective

    Over the history of this show, we’ve been incredibly blessed to not only have hundreds of guests in the physical and now virtual studio for conversation but also live performances from a wide variety of acclaimed artists, many of whom are icons in their chosen form of creation and expression. The performances have ranged from unaccompanied to fully sound-designed spoken word, to a capella or instrument-accompanied live music. Many of these performances represented moments of emotion and awakening, connection. It’s been a kind of magical ingredient for me, as a lover of spoken word and music, to be able to share these with you over the years. 

    So we decided to do something a little different as a sort of offering to you as we bring this year to a close. We culled through years of tape and pulled together today’s live performance super-cut for you, sharing a lineup of 11 artists, spread out over nearly 7 years of performances in the studio. Some, short and sweet, others longer-form and profound. All will make you feel, smile and, even just for a moment, transcend time and space and just be present in feelings. So excited to share these performances with you.

    You can find the full episodes of each guest included in this montage:

    Andrea Gibson: https://tinyurl.com/y9nds2yc

    Amanda Palmer: https://tinyurl.com/ybl7wfgz

    Sekou Andrews: https://tinyurl.com/yco27duw

    Humble the Poet: https://tinyurl.com/y89pzjoh

    Kaki King: https://tinyurl.com/ycsldtc5

    Cleo Wade: https://tinyurl.com/yc8we3lu

    Mark Nepo: https://tinyurl.com/ybqu2crc

    Jimmie Vaughan: https://tinyurl.com/ya4svdu4

    Morgan Harper Nichols: https://tinyurl.com/y9m35fp9

    Ali Handal: https://tinyurl.com/yall7ltb

    IN-Q: https://tinyurl.com/ybpwqy6j

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4.6 out of 5
380 Ratings

380 Ratings

JennB71 ,

Good life indeed!

Just taking some time out of my day to focus on how to make my life ‘good’ and better is such a gift. This podcast is a worthy investment of your time— I just listened to a podcast that has given me many great gems... and I have chosen ONE to focus on for the week! My family, my kids, myself—- we will all benefit!

Truthandbeauty6886 ,

Love this podcast!

This is my first time leaving a podcast review. I’ve been listening to GLP, off and on, for awhile now, but it’s only in the last little while that I’ve been a more regular listener. And that’s because I love the mix of guests and I love how deep Jonathan goes. And I like how real and honest it’s feeling these days. In the self-development sphere, there’s such a focus on positivity, and while I definitely come away from these podcast episodes feeling uplifted, the positivity of these interviews isn’t the false, superficial kind. I appreciate hearing about the journeys Jonathan’s guests have been on, their struggles, their vulnerabilities, their fears. So much more useful than positive platitudes. Love what you’re doing with the podcast, Jonathan. It’s become one of my very favourites.

MJ32019 ,

Just what I needed!

I just started to listen to this podcast and it is amazing! So real and so helpful. I can’t wait to go back and listen to all the previous episodes. I am obsessed!

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