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Hardcore Pearl Jam fans unite! This podcast revisits some of the best live shows in Pearl Jam's 29 year history. From breaking down set lists to discussing hot band related topics, every episode features something new and exciting for every PJ fan!

Live On 4 Legs: The Live Pearl Jam Experience Randy Sobel & John Farrar

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Hardcore Pearl Jam fans unite! This podcast revisits some of the best live shows in Pearl Jam's 29 year history. From breaking down set lists to discussing hot band related topics, every episode features something new and exciting for every PJ fan!

    Episode 92: Brixton Academy Night 2 - 7/14/93

    Episode 92: Brixton Academy Night 2 - 7/14/93

    A jam packed show this week as we go back around the world for the first time in over a month. We're close to rounding out our European trip and what's Europe without doing a show in London? We go back to 1993, two months before Vs. was distributed, to talk about a show in the famous Brixton Academy club.

    Prior to our show coverage, we had the privilege to chat with Tom Pugh, the founder of a charitable organization called Given To Live that helps people affected by illness, addiction, domestic violence or any other personal struggle to get a concert experience that they otherwise couldn't afford to have. Tom tells some wonderful and heartbreaking stories about the people he's helped and will share a story about how Eddie learned of his organization. Follow them on Twitter and IG @GivenToLiveUK - Because You Matter.

    As for the episode, we get into a truckload of topics that can only be touched upon in the era. One big talking point was how some of the more methodically paced songs such as Release, Black and Garden sounded with Dave A as we questioned some of his stylistic choices and how it might not have been part of the band's vision going forward. We'll also talk about Ed's comfort with the crowd and ability to take the stage having each member of the audience eat out of the palm of his hands.

    Big moments from this show were significant to the era. The encore is a perfect collection of songs that defined who the band was during this time - Leash, F****n Up and Sonic Reducer. They are raw, unfiltered performances that allowed the band to completely let loose and blow the crowd away. Also, we get very early versions of Vs. songs to talk about including Blood, Animal, Rearviewmirror, Go, Daughter and Indifference.

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    Episode 91: San Francisco, CA Night 3 - 7/18/06

    Episode 91: San Francisco, CA Night 3 - 7/18/06

    We're taking a request today from not just one, but two of our patrons! We welcome Sean Rashkis and Brian Anderson to the show to talk about a rare occasion in Pearl Jam's live catalog - a night 3 show, this one from the batch of San Francisco shows in 2006. Surprisingly, these set of shows were the first time the band played the bay area city since the infamous Polo Fields show from 1995 where Ed was struck with a bout of food poisoning and led to Neil Young jumping in as a replacement.

    To say this stint went better than the last would be a massive understatement. They gave the bay area fans three nights filled with 90 songs in total and 50 different tracks spanning their entire catalog. Night 3 was no exception as the main set dug into some brand new Avocado tracks along with some deep cuts that you may not hear as much nowadays. Songs like Untitled, MFC, Sad, Light Years, In Hiding, Down and the very appropriate Red Mosquito all filled up the main set.

    We'll talk about the set and the songs, but we'll also discuss the entire 3 -day experience with our guests who recall GA lines being super long and the GA itself being smaller than most venues, leading to some challenges down in the pit. We'll also talk about a few moments from the previous nights including Ed completely forgetting the lyrics to Sometimes and performing Last Kiss from the crowd.

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    Wrigley Field Month - Fanmail Part 2

    Wrigley Field Month - Fanmail Part 2

    Our final release of Wrigley Month - if you listened to part 1 of our fanmail and didn't get to hear your story, this is where you'll find it! We finish up our Wrigley stories in this one and tell more great tales from the fans. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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    Episode 90: Wrigley Field Night 2 - 8/20/18

    Episode 90: Wrigley Field Night 2 - 8/20/18

    We've come a long way this month - we've talked to great people, talked about great shows and basked in the amazing moments this band has celebrated at one of the United States most treasured landmarks in Wrigley Field. And now it's time for this month to come to a close, but we're gonna go out with a bang! Just like we started, Night 2 of 2018's big storyline was the rain.

    This time it was different. There was no beautiful day gone wrong, the band never took the stage at the time they were supposed to as they did in 2013. There was waiting... and waiting... and rain and more rain. Until the band finally took the stage around 9:30. They came out of the gates swinging knowing that this crowd was gonna be ready to erupt blasting an impassioned version of Given To Fly and followed up with a tight set of speedy rockers to get the crowd excited.

    As we'll mention in the episode, it was an immaculate setlist for the situation that they were in. the brought out the big guns and the songs everyone was ready to sing while mixing in some special favorites such as In My Tree and U. But the thing that this show will go down in history as being most famous for was the OTOTO of Evil Little Goat. Never before and pretty likely that its never happening again, the crowd was treated to one of the deepest cuts in their back catalog.

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    Wrigley Month - Fanmail Part 1

    Wrigley Month - Fanmail Part 1

    This week is the final week of July, so that means we wave goodbye to our month long celebration of Wrigley Field shows. In this episode we'll tell stories about our listener;s experience being at these events. They range anywhere from ridiculous to emotional. We'll even get to hear from a few people who had a direct connection with the performance where you may have even remembered Eddie mention their names.

    We had 40 or so people write in to us! Wow! That's a lot of stories to tell! Which means we're going to extend Wrigley Month by one extra day. On Wednesday we'll cover the Night 2 2018 show and Thursday we'll be releasing a part 2 from our mailbag. If your story wasn't told in this episode, we PROMISE you'll hear us tell it on the next episode!

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    Episode 89: Wrigley Field Night 1 - 8/18/18

    Episode 89: Wrigley Field Night 1 - 8/18/18

    There's only two shows left to cover in our Wrigley Month as we've crossed off 2013 and 2016 and we're now onward to the most recent year the band has been on tour. This episode will cover the 2018 Night 1 show where the band had a lot to follow up on. They had to follow up on a massive Seattle performance only a week prior that everyone was still raving about, and they had to follow a 2016 performance at Wrigley that was one for the ages. The stakes were high, but did they meet expectations?

    We'll invite a panel of our Patreon members onto this episode to discuss a few topics including the performances of Missing and I Won't Back Down and the infamous incident where a fan ran onto the field and stole home during RITFW. The first two moments being two of the absolute most memorable from this night and included Ed playing on Tom Petty's guitar with the fireflies lighting up in the darkness. Missing was an incredibly emotional, albeit subtle, tribute to Chris Cornell without any official dedication.

    Other moments from this show that we'll talk about are how the band performed some of the early set tracks such as Breakerfall, Getaway and Leavin' Here in alternate tuning. It was a strange vibe that didn't sit very well with us, but there are plenty of other moments in this set to get excited about including Wash as the opener, Present Tense, a combo of Footsteps/SOLAT/Breath and one of the oldest songs in the catalog Alone.

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