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Building a business is hard work and all encompassing. There’s no one size fits all, and no perfect way of doing things.  She Talks Business dives into all aspects  of what makes a business work—strategy, marketing, finance, operations and more.

Many entrepreneurs fantasize about building a 7-figure business. But reaching that elusive milestone of success can seem unattainable. She Talks Business is a podcast that shares the strategies that are necessary to start and scale your business beyond 7 figures…and keep it there.

Host Lisa Larter, is a serial entrepreneur who has built her own 7-figure business (twice), delves into the nitty-gritty with other business owners, experts, and some of her own clients to help you build a business  that lasts—and one that can afford to pay you. 

If you’re a driven entrepreneur aiming to scale your business to the next level, this podcast is for you.

She Talks Business Lisa Larter

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Building a business is hard work and all encompassing. There’s no one size fits all, and no perfect way of doing things.  She Talks Business dives into all aspects  of what makes a business work—strategy, marketing, finance, operations and more.

Many entrepreneurs fantasize about building a 7-figure business. But reaching that elusive milestone of success can seem unattainable. She Talks Business is a podcast that shares the strategies that are necessary to start and scale your business beyond 7 figures…and keep it there.

Host Lisa Larter, is a serial entrepreneur who has built her own 7-figure business (twice), delves into the nitty-gritty with other business owners, experts, and some of her own clients to help you build a business  that lasts—and one that can afford to pay you. 

If you’re a driven entrepreneur aiming to scale your business to the next level, this podcast is for you.

    Ep. 124 - The Path to Wealth with Jackie Porter

    Ep. 124 - The Path to Wealth with Jackie Porter

    Building a Solid Financial Foundation  
    There's a new series starting this week on She Talks Business, the Advisor Series, where I bring you insider wisdom from experts in the world of business. Today, I am beyond thrilled to kickstart this series by sitting down with the extraordinary Jackie Porter, a true champion when it comes to helping entrepreneurs protect their hard-earned money.
    A Powerhouse in Finance Jackie Porter is an absolute powerhouse in the world of finance. Not only is she an award-winning financial planner, but she's also a bestselling author, mentor, and captivating speaker who has positively impacted the lives of countless clients. Jackie's journey to success started from really humble beginnings. Raised by a single mother and hustling through multiple jobs during high school and university, she knows the true value of hard work. Later she had a pivotal moment when a trusted friend suggested she seek the guidance of a financial planner, setting Jackie on a transformative path to greatness.
    Strategies for Financial Independence In this era of the influential FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement, which has ignited the passions of countless individuals striving for financial freedom, there's an importance of creating multiple income streams and implementing contingency plans and risk management strategies in your business ventures.
    Strategic Tax Planning My conversation with Jackie left me with one crucial takeaway: strategic tax planning is the secret for business owners. When you anticipate income and tax implications, you'll see things shift, which is why collaborating with a dedicated advisory team or a trusted financial planner is an absolute must. If you're on a mission to build generational wealth that stands the test of time, you cannot afford to overlook financial planning.

    Finding Your Perfect Financial Advisor Now, let's talk about finding your own financial advisor—one who aligns perfectly with your vision and goals. This is the move that will set you on the path to incredible success. Take the time to seek out referrals, verify credentials, and most importantly, rely on your instincts. Remember, this is a partnership that can reshape your financial future.
    My discussion with Jackie left me filled with inspiration as we discussed the exhilarating journey toward entrepreneurial wealth and the immense value of finding the right financial planner. When you tap into the power of money, diversify your income streams, and seek guidance from a seasoned financial planner like Jackie, you're well on your way to unlocking lasting financial security.
    What’s In This Episode Wealth as a choice and the importance of saving and spending money wisely
    Importance of proper tax planning for business owners
    Building wealth using your business and the importance of multiple streams of income
    Tips for selecting an advisor based on credentials and gut instinct
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    Ep. 123 - Choosing the Right Business Advisors

    Ep. 123 - Choosing the Right Business Advisors

    Find Your Key Players for Success  
    It's the start of a new season of She Talks Business, where you can learn all about entrepreneurship and business success. This season is focused on the crucial role that advisors play in setting you up for success. Join in as I bring in a lineup of experts who have personally helped transform my business and can do the same for you.
    Having the Right Advisors Having the right advisors in your corner can make all the difference in your entrepreneurial journey. They provide guidance, support, and expertise that can save you both time and money in the long run. With the right advisors, you can make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of running a business.
    Who Shouldn't Be Your Advisors? While seeking advice is necessary, it's equally important to choose the right advisors. When choosing advisors, avoid those who haven't achieved your goals and advisors unrelated to your field. Seek mentors who've accomplished your goals, align with your values, and research advisors' track records.
    Finding the Right Advisors To find the right advisors for your business, consider the following:
    Seek mentors who have already achieved the goals you aspire to reach. Learn from their experiences and leverage their expertise.
    Research the track records and qualifications of potential advisors. Look for a history of successful outcomes and a deep understanding of your industry.
    Align with advisors who share your values and vision for your business. This ensures a strong connection and collaborative partnership.
    Different Types of Advisors to Consider Throughout this season, you'll have the chance to explore the expertise of various advisors. You’ll hear insights from financial planners, business coaches, tax attorneys, accountants, and so much more!
    Choosing the right advisors is critical to your business success. When you select advisors who have the expertise, experience, and alignment with your goals, you can access valuable guidance and support as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey. Remember, having the right advisors can transform your business and set you up for long-term success.

    What’s In This Episode The importance of having the right advisors.
    Exploring the value of having advisors in business.
    Highlighting the benefits of seeking advice from knowledgeable professionals.
    Discussing the cost-saving potential of having the right advisors.
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    Ep. 122 - Marketing Realities

    Ep. 122 - Marketing Realities

    Uncovering Needs and Building Value  
    In this episode, you'll learn about essential topics: marketing, understanding customer needs, and the pervasive myth of passive income.
    Uncovering Needs in Marketing In business, it is imperative to know what your customers genuinely require, rather than simply providing what they want. I once worked with a client who believed they needed assistance with their podcast. Looking closer, it was evident that their need was actually related to lead generation. This is just one example of how important it is to have a team of diverse perspectives working with you to identify your needs and help you make informed purchasing decisions.
    The Power of Asking "Why" When you dive deep into customer needs and can understand their underlying motive, you can create more empathetic and meaningful solutions. In my book, Masterful Marketing, co-written by Alan Weiss, I share the necessity of engaging in open-ended questioning in order to gain an enhanced understanding of your customer base. The act of asking "why" leads to a more comprehensive grasp of their requirements, allowing your business to offer tailored and impactful solutions.
    The Myth of Passive Income I want to address the misconception around passive income and get-rich-quick schemes. The notion that passive income requires no effort or investment is a misperception. Whether you're considering real estate investments or creating sales funnels, these ventures demand dedicated effort. Approach these proposals with a critical mind and withhold from subscribing to the misconception of effortless income. The path to sustainable success requires you to have a profound understanding of your business and an acknowledgment of the effort required.
    Success in marketing and business growth depends on your deep understanding of your customer's needs, asking the right questions, and your ability to critically look at propositions that come your way. 
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    What’s In This Episode Importance of understanding that what people want may not be what they need
    The power of asking why questions in understanding buyer's needs
    The value of gathering information behind buyers' needs to present relevant solutions
    The misconception surrounding passive income
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    Ep. 121 - Books as Business Tools with Alan Weiss

    Ep. 121 - Books as Business Tools with Alan Weiss

    Leverage Your Writing to Grow Your Brand  
    In this episode, you'll learn the importance of marketing and monetization in business and how books can establish you as a thought leader. There are authors out there who write books solely to make money and have found a lot of success in the book-selling business; that's not my primary focus. I view books as a means to an end. They are indicators of thought leadership, expertise, and success that help to improve business.
    Symbolism of Books as Thought Leaders Books hold a special place in the world of thought leadership. They serve as indicators of expertise, establishing you as a leader in your field. Successful authors like Dan Pink and Malcolm Gladwell have not only made a name for themselves but also generated significant income from their book sales.
    Books as a Means to an End Books serve as a means to improve both your business and personal life. They provide valuable insights, strategies, and knowledge that you can implement to achieve success. Thought leaders have written extensively, using their books to enhance their businesses and impact more lives.
    Books as Marketing Tools Books have a unique ability to attract people to you and your business. When readers enjoy a book, they often become evangelists, sharing it with others. This word-of-mouth marketing can have a significant impact on your reach and influence. The endorsement of readers who have experienced transformation through a book is invaluable.
    Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing While self-publishing has gained popularity in recent years, traditional publishing still has undeniable credibility. Working with a commercial publisher signifies that someone has already invested in an author's work and validated its quality. Self-publishing might be suitable for niche markets, but for broader subjects like leadership or strategy, a traditional publisher can bring greater visibility.
    Books are powerful marketing tools that not only establish you as a thought leader but also attract readers to your business. While there are exceptions to every rule, traditional publishing generally offers you greater credibility, where self-publishing requires a stronger personal brand and marketing network. Regardless of your publishing route, you need to focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with your readers and leaves a lasting impact.
    So, what's your publishing strategy?
    What’s In This Episode Books as indicators of thought leaders, experts, and icons
    Writing books as a means to improve business and help more people
    Comparing self-publishing, hybrid publishing, and traditional publishing
    Relationships and networking through book readers and evangelists
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    Ep. 120 - Mastering Book Marketing with Alan Weiss

    Ep. 120 - Mastering Book Marketing with Alan Weiss

    Start Early for Success  
    Are you an author who wants to have a successful book?
    If so, you need to start marketing early. In this episode of She Talks Business, Alan Weiss and I discuss the importance of early planning and marketing for a successful book launch.
    The Timeliness of Book Marketing
    Many authors leave book marketing until the last minute. Book reading and sales are on the rise, which makes early planning crucial for success. Starting early allows you as an author to build momentum and leverage the growing interest in books.
    Building a Marketing Plan
    Creating a strategic book marketing plan involves several key steps. You must pay attention to book cover design, ensuring it resonates with the target audience. Additionally, creating a compelling landing page with bonuses and incentives encourages your readers to pre-purchase the book. Organizing events, such as Fireside chats and summits, will engage your audience and increase book visibility.
    Time and Effort Investment
    There is a parallel between book marketing and successful business marketing. Many people only focus on marketing when they need business, instead of approaching it as a long-term endeavor. You must understand that book promotion requires proactive planning and execution, just like marketing a business.
    Expanding Your Presence
    Traditional book tours are no longer the primary means of marketing. Marketing through online platforms and social media has gained prominence. You should prioritize obtaining verified reviews, as they hold more weight than testimonials. Maintaining authenticity and originality in promotion helps complement your unique voice.
    Mastering book marketing requires early planning, consistent effort, and proactive execution. These lessons can be applied to business marketing as well. I encourage you to start early, create a solid marketing plan, and invest time and effort into your book or business endeavors. Remember, success comes to those who embrace the long game and approach marketing strategically.
    What's In This Episode Importance of starting book marketing well in advance
    Parallel between marketing a book and marketing a business
    Importance of applying the same effort and talent to promote a book as to create it
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    Ep. 119 - Value-Driven Revenue with Alan Weiss

    Ep. 119 - Value-Driven Revenue with Alan Weiss

    Achieving Long-Term Success  
    In business, being adaptable and strategic is key. The global pandemic really pushed us to rethink our strategies and stay agile. In this episode, Alan Weiss and I are diving into the idea of transforming disruptions like this into opportunities and how embracing volatility can actually boost revenue. We'll talk about concepts like value-based marketing, building a resilient mindset, and measuring effectiveness. So, tune in to this episode to learn how to navigate change, fine-tune your strategies, and come out on top.
    Adapting to Disruptions:
    The global pandemic forced businesses to reassess their long-term strategies, demonstrating the necessity for agility and quick decision-making. Financial experts foresaw a market turbulence coming, but couldn't predict a global pandemic or its impact. You have to embrace the disruptions and volatility as offensive weapons to maximize your revenue, rather than being caught off guard.
    Value-Based Fees:
    When you charge your value, the clients that get it will make a quick decision. That's how they think, if you gauge what you do based on the improvement of your client and the client sees a ten-to-one return, there's no question about it. You are providing value to your clients that benefits them and creates a long-term partnership.
    Mindset and Self-Worth in Business:
    Realigning your mindset and reevaluating your business role is crucial to gather the necessary insights to effectively assist your clients. Whether you are providing a $2,000 or $2 million improvement, it is a must for providing tailored assistance. You are a peer of the buyer and you have to see yourself this way so that you can build trust and have meaningful conversations.
    Measuring Effectiveness and Demonstrating ROI:
    Some industries like training programs, have a lack of measurement. Regardless, you have to demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) to your clients. I want to stress the significance of guaranteeing your clients a return on their investment through measurable metrics. When you are providing a professional service you have to justify the continued partnership through tangible results.
    Embracing disruption and implementing value-based marketing strategies are key to maximizing your revenue. Learn how to adapt to disruptions, implement value-based fees, and measure your effectiveness by demonstrating an ROI.
    So, are you ready to jump in and provide value for maximum revenue? Remember, success lies in your ability to adapt, leverage opportunities, and prioritize your value in all your business endeavors.
    What's In This Episode Maximizing revenue by taking advantage of disruptions and volatility.
    The importance of gathering necessary information to help clients.
    Emphasizing improvement and measurable metrics in marketing material.
    The importance of guaranteeing ROI and tangible results to clients.
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4.9 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

Laughingdiva ,


I've been listening to Lisa's podcast for several months now and always walk away with value, so much so that I've now started taking notes, listening over again to make sure I'm absorbing every morsel of knowledge. Entertaining, practical and inspiring!

dynamaniak ,


Just WOW! Each episode is jam packed with so much helpful information, which Lisa shares so generously, I’m blown away. I have at least five light bulb moments with each listen, and I have a feeling I’ll be coming back to them over and over again. If you want to learn about business building,this is the place to be!

Deadlyassasin#1 ,

She Talks Business

Every week I get something BIG out of the podcast. I’ve read a number of Lisa’s recommended books and they have also changed the way I do business. I wouldn’t have made those changes or looked deeper into my numbers without Lisa’s voice in my ear once a week! I look forward to the new weekly episodes and find myself looking forward to walking the dog in the rain so I can listen and learn!

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