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Yoga Is Vegan is a podcast focused on raising awareness of the non-harm principles in the yoga community. Each episode, Yoga Is Vegan's founder Holly Skodis, interviews yogis who have chosen the vegan path.

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Yoga Is Vegan is a podcast focused on raising awareness of the non-harm principles in the yoga community. Each episode, Yoga Is Vegan's founder Holly Skodis, interviews yogis who have chosen the vegan path.

    Episode 62-.Boho Beautiful's Juliana & Mark Spicoluk: Creating a Better World Through Our Actions

    Episode 62-.Boho Beautiful's Juliana & Mark Spicoluk: Creating a Better World Through Our Actions

    Boho Beautiful is a yoga lifestyle brand created by Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk that focuses on bringing forward positive content for your body, mind, and the Earth. Their content is centered around Yoga, Travel, Fitness, Vegan Food, Self-Awareness, Conscious Living, and Guided Meditations. Since Boho Beautiful's launch, the brand has grown to over 1.5 million subscribers on Youtube, sold tens of thousands of books & programs online, and have inspired and been inspired by so many wonderful people from all over this beautiful planet.

    In this episode Juliana, Mark Spicoluk & Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis discuss the following:

    Photojournalist, animal rights activist and author Jo-Anne McArthur and the documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine
    Anita Krajnc and the Animal Save Movement after the recording of this episode, beloved pig save activist, Regan Russell was struck and killed by a pig transport truck in front of Fearmans slaughterhouse on Friday, June 19, 2020. Regan attending the vigil to oppose Ontario ag gag Bill 156, which had passed two days prior. Take action to help Regan Russell.
    Buddhism and cognitive dissonance
    Boosting your immunity with food and juice cleansing
    Yoga and daily life during the Coronavirus pandemic in Vancouver Island, Canada
    Sound healing and meditation with Mei-lan Maurits on YouTube
    Connect with Juliana and Mark Spicoluk

    YouTube: Boho Beautiful
    Website: www.bohobeautiful.life

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    Episode 61- Beth Crivelli: Living Consciously

    Episode 61- Beth Crivelli: Living Consciously

    In 2011, disenchanted by her fashion career, Beth Crivelli decided to swap luxury rags for sweaty shorts to become a Bikram yoga teacher. Throughout her years of teaching and practicing different styles of yoga, she realized the magnitude of
    what yoga truly is, a physical, spiritual and ethical practice.

    She has since trained in Yoga Therapy, Jivamukti Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Pre- Post
    natal yoga, Yin , Mat Pilates and taken a number of anatomy and other
    courses. As well as teaching Yoga to the general public, Beth specializes in
    bespoke yoga for the individual. Throughout her years of teaching, she has
    come to realize the extent to which we all have different bodies and different
    life experiences and these create a unique life story for each of us.

    Beth assists her students through movement, breath, meditation and awareness in adapting the practice to their own individual needs- physical, emotional and
    mental. Beth’s public classes are versatile and adaptable but still challenging; She believes there is a pose in each pose for everyone. Beth provides options and layering so that students are encouraged to use their inner teacher and meet their boundaries while respecting their own limits. Through acceptance, we can find growth.

    Whilst leading the teacher trainings (Hot 26/2, Vinyasa and Yin) for Sadhana
    Yoga & Wellbeing Beth encourages trainees to find their own voice and respect the core values of yoga. She teaches the trainings from a place that believes yoga is for everyone and has nothing to with performance and all to do with introspection and working to the best version of ourselves we can be.

    Yoga has stretched, healed, and strengthened her body, belief system, mind, and soul, in unexpected and amazing ways. Yoga continuously challenges
    changes and shapes you. The practice of yoga is a harmonizing self-study,
    which helps to align one with inner and outer peace, as well as the earth and
    all its earthlings.

    In this episode, Beth Crivelli and Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis discuss the following;

    Bikram Yoga and the fall of Bikram Choudhury
    Bikram, Yogi, Guru, Predator Documentary
    Yoga Inc. Documentary
    Henry Winslow YIV episode 30
    Light on Yoga: The Bible of Modern Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar and claims of health remedies
    Coconut oil and the abuse of monkeys
    Find ethical brands at www.ethicalconsumer.org
    Canada Goose and their fur usage
    Anonymous for the Voiceless
    Weaving veganism into yoga classes
    The Game Changers Movie
    Black Fish Movie
    Long Gone Wild Documentary
    Earthlings Documentary

    Connect with Beth Crivelli:
    Instagram: @bethcrivelli
    Facebook: @bethcrivelli.9
    Sadhana Yoga & Well Being

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    Episode 60- James Aspey

    Episode 60- James Aspey

    Motivated to raise greater awareness for the planet’s forgotten victims, in 2014 this passionate, Australian animal rights activist took a 365-day vow of silence.

    After an entire year without uttering a single word, he ended it on Australian national television in an iconic interview that reached millions and inspired countless people to make more conscious and compassionate lifestyle choices.Ranked #3 among the “Top 25 Most Influential Vegans” by Plant Based News, James has gone on to cycle 5000kms across Australia to prove that vegans can be fit & healthy. He got tattooed for 25 hours straight to raise $20,000 for charity.

    He’s been featured in a multitude of prominent mainstream media outlets; given free speeches at countless schools, universities, and conferences; and attended local activism events, slaughterhouse vigils, and street outreach events all across the world.He transparently shares his life and campaigns online to a massive tribe of global followers.

    His speeches have been viewed tens of millions of times and his most popular speech, "This Speech Is Your Wake Up Call", has been viewed over 13 million times. Enthusiastic, relatable and highly skilled behind a podium, James is inspiring a new generation to change how we eat and live in communion with the animals that share this Earth with us.

    In this episode James Aspey and Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis discuss the following:

    James Aspey's journey towards veganism and vipasana meditation
    Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry by Gail Eisnitz
    The treatment of animals in slaughterhouses
    Earthlings Documentary
    Dominion Documentary
    Connect with James:
    Instagram: @Jamesaspey
    Facebook: @Jamesaspeyactivism
    YouTube: James Aspey

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    Episode 59- Mary Barletta: Finding a Home at Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

    Episode 59- Mary Barletta: Finding a Home at Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

    At a very young age, Mary learned that the food on her plate was actually the body of a dead animal. She refused to eat it and declared herself a vegetarian. She grew up never knowing another vegetarian and thinking that she was weird. When she grew older and learned that animals were hurt to produce dairy products and eggs, she went Vegan.

    Yoga showed up many years later. As her practice developed she felt the call to teach but even louder was the call to teach veganism. During her 500-hour teacher training, she was given the task of presenting to the class an aspect of yoga that was “in her pocket." She knew that she had to do a talk on Veganism but in the past any time she started to talk about the animals she’d get a huge lump in her throat and shut down.

    She had just started working with a teacher named Ramana who helped her find her voice. For her talk, she used Sharon Gannon’s book ”Yoga and Vegetarianism” as the blueprint.

    She started teaching for a studio, Breathe Yoga as well as being hired by Dr. Ted Barnett to teach at Rochester Lifestyle Medicine, where she learned the health benefits of a vegan diet from some of the best doctors in the world. She also had the opportunity to teach for Dr. Thomas Campbell in his lifestyle medicine practice.

    Mary was elected Vice President of a local animal rights nonprofit for three years, co-founded Rochester’s wildly popular VegFest, and founded our local chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless, a nonprofit that brings the terrible truth of animal suffering to people on the street.

    One fateful day, Mary came across a news story about a cow who had escaped a slaughterhouse who was now living at a sanctuary in New Jersey. A few months later she traveled to NJ to meet that cow, Freddie and Mike Stura, the man who rescued him.

    Freddie inspired her to design a T-shirt with his image. When she opened the Rochester Vegan Community Center his handsome face was their logo. A couple of years ago Mike asked her to move to Skylands. She did and now helps take care of Freddie and the other kids that live at the sanctuary.

    In this episode, Mary Barletta and Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis discuss the following:

    Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue
    Rescuing dairy cows and the darkness inherent to the industry
    Jaime Surya Episode 46
    Jivamulti Yoga and Sharon Gannon
    Rochester Assisi Institute
    Ramana Maharshi
    Yukio Ramana Radical Healing
    Dr. Ted Barnett & Rochester Lifestyle Medicine
    How to introduce veganism to a yoga class
    Connect with Mary:
    Instagram: @veganarmy269

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    Episode 58- Raise the Barn with Vanessa Van Noy & Holly Skodis

    Episode 58- Raise the Barn with Vanessa Van Noy & Holly Skodis

    Raise the Barn's Virtual Yogafest was New Jersey Yoga Collective's virtual yoga event in May that was offered to help Goats of Anarchy build a new barn. Goats of Anarchy is an award-winning, vegan sanctuary for special needs baby goats (along with other animal friends that they just have to help).

    New Jersey Yoga Collective's Bridget Riepl, organizer extraordinaire raised a total of $8,530 to go towards the $10,000 needed for the barn.

    Vanessa Van Noy and Yoga Is Vegan's creator Holly Skodis had the pleasure to host "What's Next" for a segment of Raise The Barn. Our conversation is about what we have learned from our experiences locking down with Coronavirus and how we can move forward as yogis to create change. Episode 58 is a recording of our conversation.

    Please consider offering a donation to Goats of Anarchy. To donate visit www.goatsofanarchy.com

    Vanessa Van Noy has been both a Featured Yogi and podcast guest for Yoga Is Vegan.

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    Episode 57- Pablo Narayana

    Episode 57- Pablo Narayana

    Pablo Narayana was born in Mexico City in 1985. He studied International Business at Universidad Panamericana, as he was afraid to follow his heart and study a humanistic career which was what he really wanted. He thought it was his duty to make money and wear a tie and jacket every single day. In 2008 he finished university and a big change in his life made his approach to photography as a career.

    In 2011 he took a Yoga class and his life started to change (again), never thinking he would become a yoga teacher he went to a Sivananda Ashram to deepen his own practice. He spent over 3 years in Ashrams to learn from his great teachers. Part of his practice is sharing what he has learned. He has been sober since 2010 and puts all the possible time into working with other addicts.

    Pablo's recent project is Sadhana Now. Sadhana now offers spiritual yoga courses from Advanced Yoga Teachers in both Spanish and English.

    In this episode, Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Pablo Narayana discuss the following:

    Pablo's new yoga offering Sadhana Now
    Sadhana Now's upcoming workshop Yoga Is Vegan https://www.sadhananow.com/yoga-is-vegan.html
    Pablo Herrerias (YIV podcast episode 8)
    Leaving college to study photography
    Sivananda Yoga
    Dharma Yoga
    Hanaman Chalisa chant
    Being accountable for our actions
    Connect with Pablo Narayana:

    Instagram:@sadhananow and @pablo.narayana
    Website: www.sadhananow

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