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Think you know all there is to know about new wave, pop, synthpop, and early electronica from the 80s and 90s? Think again. Groove to a continuous mix of some of the great retro dance club classics, forgotten gems and rarities from one of music's greatest eras. Pop your collar, strap on a Swatch or five and enjoy!

Clearance Rack Classics Retro 80s and 90s Dance Mix by DJ Tintin DJ Tintin

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Think you know all there is to know about new wave, pop, synthpop, and early electronica from the 80s and 90s? Think again. Groove to a continuous mix of some of the great retro dance club classics, forgotten gems and rarities from one of music's greatest eras. Pop your collar, strap on a Swatch or five and enjoy!

    CRC Retro Mix #54

    CRC Retro Mix #54

    1. Idiot Country - Electronic
    2. Rising Sun - The Farm
    3. Patience (Razormaid! Mix) - Celebrate The Nun
    4. Soul On Fire - Anything Box
    5. The Walk (Everything Mix) - The Cure
    6. LSI (Love Sex Intelligence) (Beatmasters 12" Mix) - The Shamen
    7. What Can You Do For Me - Utah Saints
    8. Blue Monday (Hardfloor Mix) - New Order
    9. Channel Z (12" Rock Mix) - The B-52's
    10. Sea Of Sin (Razormaid! Mix) - Depeche Mode
    11. You Think You Know Her (The Deception Mix) - Cause & Effect
    12. One In Ten (UB40 Vocal) - 808 State
    13. Red Hills Road - Candyflip
    14. Give Me Your Hand (Razormaid! Mix) - Red Flag
    15. Tasty Fish (Pascal 12" Mix) - The Other Two

    Notes and other random things:

    I hope everyone is staying busy and safe during the current craziness. I really assumed that lockdowns and stay-at-home-orders early in the spring would be a boon for my podcasting opportunities, but alas it was not. Still, I finally managed to get around to recording this line up of tunes yesterday that I assembled a while ago. So there's that. If you're a 90s dance music fan there is lots to love here, most of which has not appeared in a #CRCRetro podcast prior to today (I'm looking at you Anything Box, Electronic, The B-52's, The Farm, Cause & Effect and Candyflip). One thing that stands out is a full third of the tunes here are album versions and not remixes. Much like the more you learn the more you find out you have yet to learn, the same applies to my music collection. Seems like the more stuff I collect, the more I realize how much I have yet to get. Because I have no desire to repeat things too often in this 'cast, I assume nobody will have issues with hearing album cuts of some songs strategically placed among the mixes. But, it certainly makes mixing more challenging. Thank God for looping!

    A second thing that stands out is that three songs here are from the New Order evolutionary tree. "Idiot Country" (a personal fave of mine) from the super-group Electronic featured Bernard Sumner from New Order, Johnny Marr from The Smiths/The The, and Neil Tennant from Pet Shop Boys. "Tasty Fish", from 1991, is by The Other Two: New Order drummer Stephen Morris and New Order keyboardist Gillian Gilbert. Of course, then there's the 1995 Hardfloor Mix of "Blue Monday", the original of which still sounds cool and futuristic all these years later, and is still the best-selling 12" dance single of all-time. Considering I'm currently reading Peter Hook's book "Substance Inside New Order", which is his take on the phenomenon that was/is New Order I suppose I had them on the brain while assembling this podcast. Nonetheless, there's a lot of good, upbeat vibes in this edition and really we could all use a little more of that these days.

    More to come ...

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    CRC Retro Mix #53

    CRC Retro Mix #53

    1. Animal Magic (Dance Vocal) - Belouis Some
    2. If You Leave (Hot Tracks Mix) - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    3. Obsession (US 12" Mix) - Animotion
    4. Chant No. 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On) (12" Version) - Spandau Ballet
    5. Poison Arrow (US Remix) - ABC
    6. Kiss Me - Tin Tin
    7. It's A Miracle / Miss Me Blind (US 12" Mix) - Culture Club
    8. Love & Pride (USA Summer Mix) - King
    9. Shack Up (Radio Edit) - A Certain Ratio
    10. Change Your Mind (Razormaid! Mix) - Gary Numan
    11. Hold Back The Rain (Remix) - Duran Duran
    12. Can You Hear Me? (Razormaid! Mix) - Visage
    13. But Not Tonight (Extended Remix) - Depeche Mode
    14. Talk Talk (Extended Version) - Talk Talk
    15. Leave Me Alone - New Order

    Notes and other random things:

    I assembled this podcast while selecting songs for my previous podcast and thankfully had time this week to record. So for anyone keeping track that's two new podcasts in roughly a month! Not bad for someone who has been on the quasi-semi-biannual recording schedule for some time. I'll add some notes at some point, though I haven't even finished the notes from my previous 'cast. I figured you all would want the music more than my ramblings anyway. Enjoy!

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    CRC Retro Mix #52

    CRC Retro Mix #52

    1. Lust For Love - Images In Vogue
    2. Shake The Disease (Remixed Extended) - Depeche Mode
    3. Heartbreak Beat (Extended Mix) - The Psychedelic Furs
    4. Burn For You (12" Remix) - INXS
    5. Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
    6. New Religion - Duran Duran
    7. Memorabilia (12" Mix) - Soft Cell
    8. We Came To Dance (12" Version) - Ultravox
    9. Goodbye Seventies - Yaz
    10. Run From Love (Razormaid! Mix) - Bronski Beat
    11. The Love Parade (12" Mix) - The Dream Academy
    12. Love Is A Shield (Extended Mix) - Camouflage
    13. Million Headed Monster (Listen) - I Start Counting
    14. Symmetry (Extended Mix) - The Spoons
    15. Sex (I'm A ...) (Extended Version) - Berlin

    Notes and other random things:

    Happy New Year to everyone! My gift to you: a NEW PODCAST! Ring in 2020 and the new decade in glorious retro style, but please play responsibly. That goes for everything else tonight as well! I'll be back with some tidbits about the bands when I get a chance. In the meantime, Happy Listening!

    Much the same as other "almosts" like B-Movie and The Danse Society, bands whose promising beginnings were marred by disappointing recording sessions at crucial developmental stages, Images In Vogue's trajectory seemed poised to deliver better overall results. After forming in 1981, moderate success found them early with the 1982 release of two EPs: the 3-song "Pre-Release" and 5-song "Educated Man", plus an opening gig for Depeche Mode. Supported by relentless touring and and opening slot for Duran Duran in 1984 the band signed with Warner Canada. Setting to work on their first full-length album, the label execs suggested "Dream Weaver" singer Gary Wright to oversee production. The resulting sessions produced dismal results for the band who decided to shelve the project. The album would eventually be released by the label on the strength of the single "Call It Love" which was getting regular rotation on college radio throughout North America. Touring demands in Toronto prompted a move across country from their home in Vancouver. Ironically, the rigors of travel caused friction among band members. Simultaneously, band member Kevin Crompton (later known professionally as cEvin Key) remained in Vancouver to focus on his bourgeoning side project, Skinny Puppy. Further fracturing caused the band to slowly lose their momentum and Images In Vogue went on official hiatus in 1991. Renewed interest in retro music and fan demand has reunited members for various tours and appearances including a 2012 appearance with the next band I'd like to mention: The Spoons.

    The Spoons formed in Burlington, Ontario Canada in 1979. Taking their name from the famous utensil while eating Alphabet Soup at the home of band member Brett Wickens, the group originally followed a prog rock template, but found more success as pioneers of the Canadian electronic music scene. After recording an early single in 1981, Wickens left the group to focus on design. Originally working with Peter Saville, designer for the Factory Records catalog of bands, he has since carved out an exceptional career in brand identity, having directed work for major companies such as Adobe, Coca-Cola, Sony, Viacom and for all the major Hollywood Studios. He is responsible for designing the Sopranos logo. Without Wickens, the band came to prominence beginning in 1981 with the release of "Stick Figure Neighborhood", one of the earliest new wave albums to be engineered by the great Daniel Lanois. Their next album, "Arias & Symphonies" earned the collective a Most Promising Group Award and saw "Nova Heart", the first single from the album hit the Canadian charts. The b-side to that song was the one here, "Symmetry". A live favorite at early gigs, lead singer Gordon Deppe said of the song, "We went into the studio fully intending it to be our first single release. Little did we know that the lesser known B-side "Nova Heart" would

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    CRC Retro Mix #51

    CRC Retro Mix #51

    1. Regina - The Sugarcubes
    2. Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Club Mix) - U2
    3. Tom's Diner (DNA Mix) - Suzanne Vega
    4. Hippie Chick (Flower Power Mix) - Soho
    5. Space (Funny Mix) - Candyflip
    6. Perpetual Dawn - The Orb
    7. X,Y & Zee (The Intergalactic Mix) - Pop Will Eat Itself
    8. I Want Your (Hands On Me) (Razormaid! Mix) - Sinead O'Connor
    9. Cloud 8 (Future Mix) - Frazier Chorus
    10. King For A Day (Extended Mix) - Thompson Twins
    11. Secret (Original 12" Mix) - OMD
    12. Thieves Like Us - New Order
    13. Nothing (Zip Hop Mix) - Depeche Mode
    14. I Touch Roses (Full Bloom Mix) - Book Of Love
    15. Universal Daddy (Aquarian Dance Mix) - Alphaville

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    CRC Retro Mix #50

    CRC Retro Mix #50

    1. Bag Lady (I Wonder) - Ebn-Ozn
    2. Electric Barbarella (Tee's Club Mix) - Duran Duran
    3. Sub-culture (Razormaid! Mix) - New Order
    4. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Release Mix) - Depeche Mode
    5. Music That You Can Dance To (Razormaid! Mix) - Sparks
    6. Love Glove (Full Version) - Visage
    7. Clear Trails - Shriekback
    8. European Son (12" Version) - Japan
    9. Let's Go To Bed (Extended Version) - The Cure
    10. When Smokey Sings (Detroit Mix) - ABC
    11. No Stars (Unreleased Original Remix) - Figures On A Beach
    12. Blue Savannah (Razormaid! Mix) - Erasure
    13. Disenchanted (12" Version) - Communards
    14. No Gift Refused (Extended Version) - Until December
    15. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Simple Minds

    Notes and other random things:

    50 episodes! Kind of a nice accomplishment, if I may say so. Not sure why 50 is any more important than, say, 47 or 5 or 19. I certainly don't want to be numerically discriminatory or anything like that, but maybe if those other numbers were divisible by something other than themselves and 1 they might get more publicity. So, I'll celebrate reaching the 50-episode milestone because not only is 50 equal to half a hundred, but it is divisible by lots of other cool numbers. On to the bands ...

    The first band I'd like to mention here is the first band in this podcast: Ebn-Ozn. Many of you are probably aware of the excellent "AEIOU Sometimes Y", which also appeared on CRC #28, but most of you may not be aware of their tune "Bag Lady", which was a Top 40 Club hit and minor radio hit. Both songs appeared on the group's only full-length album called "Feeling Cavalier", which is notable for being the first album to be recorded entirely on a Fairlight CMI sampling keyboard. That makes Ebn-Ozn one of the true pioneers of the sampling culture which was just starting to take hold in the early 80s. If you haven't seen the video to "Bag Lady", it featured one Imogene Coca, better known as Aunt Edna in National Lampoon's Vacation movie. Go take a look. I'll wait ...

    Okay, we're back live.

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    CRC Retro Mix #49

    CRC Retro Mix #49

    1. Heartbeat City - The Cars
    2. All Roads Lead To Rome - The Stranglers
    3. I Die: You Die - Gary Numan
    4. Auto Music (Razormaid! Mix) - Our Daughter's Wedding
    5. To Cut A Long Story Short (12" Version) - Spandau Ballet
    6. Fun City (12" Mix) - Soft Cell
    7. 8:15 To Nowhere - Vicious Pink
    8. Telecommunication - A Flock Of Seagulls
    9. New Life (Remix) - Depeche Mode
    10. Devil Inside (12" Remix) - INXS
    11. Still Angry - Book Of Love
    12. Today (Extended Version) - Talk Talk
    13. A Forest (Tree Mix) - The Cure
    14. The Metro (Extended Version) - Berlin
    15. Take On Me (Tony Mansfield 12" Version) - A-ha

    Notes and other random things:

    So, hello again! Nice to make your acquaintance. Good to finally carve out an evening to record another podcast. I swear, these days I blink and three or four months go by. I suppose, relatively speaking, the same could be said for this episode as it is officially the shortest podcast in CRC history, clocking in at just under one hour. "So, Mr. DJ Tintin," I'm sure you're saying to yourself, "for all my patience waiting for you to give me some new tunes you reward me with LESS music???" It seems that way. You still get the requisite 15 songs, but many of these were single or album versions as opposed to remixes. That's the only defense I have. BUT, look at this artist and track list! Those of you looking for some stuff you haven't heard before may have just hit the mother lode. The Stranglers? Our Daughter's Wedding? Not exactly household names. "Fun City", "Heartbeat City", "Still Angry"? Not exactly the songs anyone would recall off the top of their heads by Soft Cell, The Cars or Book Of Love, respectively. But enough justification. On to the bands ...

    So, why were the 80s so great? A loaded question to be sure. But ask yourself how many bands in recent memory could have a member, who owned a hair salon, rent out a space above said hair salon, form a band, get discovered by Bill Nelson of Be Bop Deluxe fame, decide upon wearing women's clothes for a video shot in three days on a shoestring budget and become superstars thanks in some part to a fledgling music network called MTV and a now-famous hairstyle? Such was the fate of A Flock of Seagulls, a band that certainly helped alter my musical trajectory and, with the song I Ran (So Far Away), created one of the most iconic and lasting songs of the decade. THAT is the greatness of the 80s - the fact that music was not yet paint-by-number. There was room for experimentation. Sure, you had to be marketable, but the definition of marketable was fluid. And the rules were fluid. As long as someone in the know heard something they liked or saw a creative spark it was sometimes enough for a label to take a chance on you. Spoken like someone who thinks the music they grew up with is the best, I know. But I ask again: could that backstory exist today? Perhaps, but I just don't see it. As for the song in this podcast, "Telecommunication", it is sort of a cult hit at this point and probably an accidental one at that. "(It's Not Me) Talking" was the first single release by AFOS in 1981, but it was the futuristic lyrics and "wall of sound" energy, later praised by uber-producer Phil Spector, that propelled "Telecommunication" into the clubs and into hearts of new wavers. The tune still sounds cool and futuristic even today and reminds me of a moment in time when musical possibilities were still limitless.

    "No sequencers were used" reads the liner notes of Our Daughters Wedding's first EP, "Digital Cowboy". Layne Rico (electronic percussion / synth), Keith Silva (vocals / synth) and Scott Simon (synth / saxophone) wanted everyone to know that their electronic wizardry and sleight of hand was due entirely to coordination and skill and not programming and triggers like many of their contemporaries such as Depeche Mode and OMD, two groups to which ODW was often compa

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2 Bewertungen

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