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Podcast by KANN

    KANNMIX 45 | Onetake

    KANNMIX 45 | Onetake

    Forgive me for asking @onetake again a while ago to mix another hour (3rd i guess) for the archive - this time will be all floating Drumfunk with a shot of jungle sweetness to end the year.


    KANNMIX 45 - DJ Onetake - 58min

    • 58 Min.
    KANNMIX 44 | DJ Uludag

    KANNMIX 44 | DJ Uludag

    Another rhythmik session from ours to you - by the wild but gently boy called Uludag (@ulu_deezy or Berni) - he and his @wb0341 fam made serious impact over the last couple of years in leipzig beginning with open air parties (where we came in touch first) to 24h+ sessions at @distillery-leipzig and recently producing original music as well. Actually not really sure what´s the current state with Waldbrand but here comes a 60 minute mixery which just can be saved as reference if you have a crush on groovy tech-house.


    KANNMIX 44 - DJ Uludag - 60min

    • 1 Std.
    KANNMIX 43 | Windy

    KANNMIX 43 | Windy

    An absolute summer sprinkler that blends sweet brazilian music with smile & groove over a span of 60 minutes mixed by a veteran leipzig DJ and record / discogs shop trader. Grande!


    KANNMIX 43 - Windy - 60min

    • 1 Std.
    KANNMIX 42 | Bunny Tsukino b2b DJ YumYum

    KANNMIX 42 | Bunny Tsukino b2b DJ YumYum

    It´s quite impressing how passionated and fast @BUNNY_TSUKINO shaped her musical taste and skills as DJ during the last two years. She´s got a foot in projects like @blade-lpz and the Conne Island Halftime crew and is an example for the new generation of fearless selectors (and probably soon to be producers) who bring a wave of creativity into modern electronic club music which may not catch all - but is unstoppable. At her side as partner for this high pace episode is @DJYUM-YUM, who can not be less tipped as shooting star of the scene with a release coming up on @ph17music soon. Start your week right with this beast of a KANNMIX.


    Yre Den - Soilstretch
    Duswunder - Loccc
    New Fwar & LMN3 - Orsus
    Nphonix - Destroyd
    Lost Armor - Blow to Consciousness
    Gonner - The Ancients
    Glimmerman - Slip
    Nic as Well - Morcego
    Mayflo - Get This
    Too Late Productions - Broke City
    Nikki Nair - Justtryingto (Hermeth Remix)
    Sharpson - 4 Ur Ma (feat. Wax White)
    Cnámha - Faith, Skin and Pleasure (Syn Remix)
    Re:drum - Electro Is Dead
    Addison Groove - Brand New Drop (Nikki Nair Remix)
    The Chronics - Centaure OG
    Ansome - Pedal To The Metal
    ABADIR - Anti
    Nova Cheq - Blow Up
    Fracture & Sam Binga - On Right Now
    DJ YumYum - upcoming PH17
    Ani Klang - Call The Doctor
    Maté - Hess
    Neve & Samurai Breaks - Lion's House
    Slick Shoota - Qualia
    Kessler - Moonlight Branches
    Otik - Seasonal FX


    KANNMIX 42 - Bunny Tsukino b2b DJ YumYum - 107min

    Foto: Cihan Cakmak

    • 1 Std. 46 Min.
    KANNMIX 41 | Anna Malysz

    KANNMIX 41 | Anna Malysz

    What a luck for our little town to call this creative woman – behind and in front of the scenes – a resident. Really glad to know her and be able to provide a further flawless kannmix episode today – @itsannamalysz in the mix folks!


    KANNMIX 41 - Anna Malysz - 64min

    • 1 Std. 4 Min.
    KANNMIX 40 | Albina

    KANNMIX 40 | Albina

    After last month dancey episode, we´re going to take you on a different trip this time. Spanning over 60 minutes @albinamalina mixes tracks that have been conjured up by seductive songwriters and musicians from around the world – making it an admirable sad soundtrack for today or tomorrow.


    Mariya Saakyan - mayak [excerpts]
    Akira Rabelais - in a cadence of vanishing
    Piotr Kurek - interval
    Ana Roxanne - slowness
    Laila Sakini & Lucy Van - those who see
    Kirschstein - entre algues et les algues
    K. Leimer - bump in the night
    Ich / Peter Lieske - tod
    19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma - pāri upei
    Roy Montgomery - cowboy mouth (for sam shepard)
    哀秘謡 - 夜と朝のあいだに (between night and morning)
    Make Boys Cry - glass cannon
    Alison Cotton - only darkness now
    Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet - SOR
    Lucrecia Dalt - tar
    Ela Orleans - walkingman (2019 remaster)
    Chicaloyoh - psychophonie pour les oiseaux disparus
    Black Merlin - time in motion
    Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - un regard chlair (obscur)


    KANNMIX 40 - Albina - 60min

    • 59 Min.


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2 Bewertungen

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