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music outlet rooted in leipzig
founded by a couple of people around 2008
now you´re here too


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music outlet rooted in leipzig
founded by a couple of people around 2008
now you´re here too

    KANNMIX 53 | Pretty Sneaky

    KANNMIX 53 | Pretty Sneaky

    First heard through some mystical stamped white-label 12"s only Hardwax can offer – Pretty Sneaky slipped into our ears a while ago with their enchanting take on dub music. Well respected platforms like @crackmagazine, @Meakusma or Honest Jons London felt this too and released following EP´s and a full length 2 years ago. This heady things aside, Pretty Sneaky is a passionate record collector and great party DJ – as we proof today with this excellent summer ready 77min long mixage.

    KANNMIX 53 - Pretty Sneaky - 77min

    download enabled

    • 1 Std. 17 Min.
    KANNMIX 52 | Eves120

    KANNMIX 52 | Eves120

    Keep your feet moving with a brand new blend in the series.
    @eves120 – also based in the vibrant city of Leipzig and only a few years in the scene feeds both our body and progressive souls in the next hour.

    subscribe: apple.co/3dDbgOv


    Soundbwoy Killah - Abra cadabra
    Guy Contact - Euphoria Simulator
    Reflex Blue - Trip Sit ( Elevate Mix )
    Maruwa - Ultraworld
    Guy Contact - 90 Mile Straight (Nullabor mix)
    Ex-Terrestrial - Mojave Skyline ( ANF Virtual Music Mix )
    Adam Pits - Solar Wave
    Maruwa - Tricky Question
    Logic1000 - Her
    Josh Baker & Alfie Jack - Conquest of time
    Nathan Pinder - Good Times Ahead
    Priori - Creative Lizard
    Eversines - Companionship

    KANNMIX 52 - Eves120 - 67min

    • 1 Std. 6 Min.
    KANNMIX 51 | PMN

    KANNMIX 51 | PMN

    Welcome to the second contribution and annual mixtape from @mzinmusic – we friends - we fans.

    Music by Sam Prekop, Oval, The Detroit Escalator, Spriritualized, Stefan Schneider / Katharina Grosse, Cosmic Treads, Klaus Schulze, Hanno Leichtmann and others.

    subscribe: apple.co/3dDbgOv

    KANNMIX 51 - PMN pres. SHOP IN STORE - 72min

    • 1 Std. 12 Min.
    KANNMIX 50 | Manamana (Escape To Olganitz)

    KANNMIX 50 | Manamana (Escape To Olganitz)

    hi5 to the @nachtdigital fam ❤

    subscribe: apple.co/3dDbgOv

    Fotografie: Christian Rothe

    KANNMIX 50 - Manamana - 221min

    download enabled

    • 3 Std 41 Min.
    KANNMIX 49 | enelRAM

    KANNMIX 49 | enelRAM

    Little more, little more, just a little more
    thank you @enelramm



    Cleo Sol – Sunshine
    Secret Night Gang – The Sun
    Augustus Pablo – Point Blank
    Pierro Umiliani – Cinque Bambole
    Trio – Ein Typ Wie Du
    T-Power - Mutant Jazz
    Altin Gün - Oḡlan
    Biig Piig – Oh No
    H.E.R. - Bloody Waters
    Mara TK – Highly Medicated
    Gabriels – Blame
    Jenny Hval – Year of Love
    Ancient Astronauts feat. Akua Naru – Last Night
    Alabama 3 – Woke Up This Morning
    Little Simz – I Love You, I Hate You
    Sofa Surfers – Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)
    Fred Owusu – Freedom
    Stereo MC’s – Sketch
    Nu Genea feat. Celia Kameni – Marechia
    Inkswel &The Snaglepuss feat. Kylie Auldist & N’fa Jones - New Day Sylvia – Pillow Talk
    Simone – Mabsouta
    Matias Aguayo feat. Ana Helder - Stop Wasting Your Time
    Rhode & Brown feat. DJ City - Memory Place (Felice Remix) Automatic – Skyscraper
    Ali feat. Transistorcake - Pari Pari
    Rosin Murphy – Overpowered
    Yaya Bey feat. DJ Nativesun – Pour Up
    Warpaint – Champion
    LUMP feat. Laura Marling, Mike Lindsay - Animal
    Chris Irmler – Movies
    Damien Jurado - Silver Timothy
    Hollie Cook – 99
    Björk – Venus as a Boy
    Air feat. Gordon Tracks – Playground Love
    Space Ghost feat. Teddy Bryant - Heaven Sent
    Tocotronic - Drama
    13 & God - Perfect Speed
    Daft Punk – Something About Us
    Jack J – Only You Know Why
    Conny Frischauf – Roulette
    Vomit Heat feat. International Music - Heute

    KANNMIX 49 - enelRAM - 163min

    • 2 Std 42 Min.
    KANNMIX 48 | ttyfal

    KANNMIX 48 | ttyfal

    Overall pleasure here in the room to let out this leg moving beast from a Leipzig living power force at her rise – journalist, promoter, growing producer (listen her remix for FOOOL together with @chocolategrinder via KANN45 as example) and of course hi-end DJ. Proggy, breaky, housey – all in here finely sewed by @ttyfal heading your ear now. Zieh´s dir nei!



    04 - Terra Utopia
    Sadie’s Cenotes - Eve Defy
    Hand it Over - Guava & Breaka
    Disappear - Eversines
    Morsing - Monophonik & Riva
    Back and Forth - Nathan Melja
    In-best - Mr. Ho
    Housche (Sansibar Tekkimix) - emkay
    This Is A Dream, Grandma - Matisa
    Going All The Way Up - Maara
    Damn Frogs - Kosh
    Hanging Gardens - SeKa
    Make It Myself - Salomo
    Mr. Lazar - J. Onstott
    Carid - Adam Strömstedt

    KANNMIX 48 - ttyfal - 65min

    • 1 Std. 5 Min.


5,0 von 5
4 Bewertungen

4 Bewertungen

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