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    Talking Aussie Books with Kyra Geddes

    Talking Aussie Books with Kyra Geddes

    Few of us who have a keen interest in history and literature - particularly  Australian history and literature - will not have heard of Henry Lawson and his short story - 'The Drover’s Wife'.

    First published in 1892, Lawson’s story centres on an unnamed woman living in the outback, in an isolated hut, with her four children while her husband is away droving.


    One day, she and the children spot a snake disappearing under the house.  To keep her children safe, she puts them to bed on top of the table and with her faithful snake-dog ‘Alligator’, keeps vigil, waiting for  the snake to re-appear so she can kill it. 

    During the long dark hours of night, she reflects on her life in the time since her marriage to the drover - giving us a glimpse into the hardships endured by women like her; fighting against the elements, loneliness and other dangers in order to protect her family and home while her husband is away. 

    It’s a story that’s inspired several adaptations - including 'The Story Thief' by debut novelist Kyra Geddes.

    Published this year by Affirm Press 'The Story Thief' is a poignant, clever story that explores the space between fact and fiction through Lillian Taylor: a woman born in the very year Lawson published his much-celebrated story. 

    I was delighted to have the chance to chat with Kyra about her novel on the podcast recently.

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    Talking Aussie Books with Troy Hunter

    Talking Aussie Books with Troy Hunter

    The best kind of YA novels are the ones that appeal to a broad audience.  Ones that teenagers, younger and older adults alike can relate to on a multitude of levels.

    In my time as a podcaster I’ve been fortunate to encounter some truly engaging, highly relevant YA stories that offer a glimpse into the lives of young adults and the issues they face making their way out into the world. 

    So when I heard about Troy Hunter’s novel, ‘Gus and the Missing Boy’, a part-detective, part coming of age story, I was intrigued. And I knew I wanted to learn more. 

    Troy is a Melbourne-based writer of both adult and YA fiction.  His work has appeared in a variety of publications which include Visible Ink, Nocturnal Submissions and Outrage Magazine. 

    'Gus and the Missing Boy' (published by Wakefield Press) is Troy’s debut novel. 

    I was thrilled to have the chance to speak with him on the podcast recently. 

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    Talking Aussie Books with Sandie Docker

    Talking Aussie Books with Sandie Docker

    Sandie’s sixth novel, 'The Lyrebird Lake Ladies Choir' (Penguin) is a moving and empowering story about three women set between 1973 and the present day. 

    It explores deeply emotional and confronting issues in a heartfelt, sensitive and hopeful way - in true Sandie Docker style. 

    Sandie’s debut novel 'The Kookaburra Creek Cafe' was published back in 2018, closely followed by 'The Cottage at Rosella Cove', 'The Banksia Bay Beach Shack', 'The Wattle Island Book Club' and then 'The Red Gum River Retreat' last year. 

    Spotlighting the joys and challenges of living in small communities as well as little known or overlooked historical events, Sandie’s novels weave past and present timelines to create charming, compelling stories that leave their emotional imprint long after you’ve finished reading - making her one of Australia’s bestselling and much-loved authors. 

    Someone, I’m lucky enough to call friend. 

    And on that note, I was more than delighted to welcome Sandie back to the podcast today to chat about ‘The Lyrebird Lake Ladies Choir’.

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    Talking Aussie Books with Nicola Moriarty

    Talking Aussie Books with Nicola Moriarty

    Nicola Moriarty’s brand new novel ‘Every Last Suspect’ has just been released by HarperCollins Australia. And what an absolute cracker it is!!

    For those who are not familiar with Nicola or her writing, she is a Sydney-based novelist and copywriter whose previous works include: 'Those Other Women', 'The Fifth Letter', 'The Ex' and 'You Need to Know'. 

    'Every Last Suspect' is as intriguing and dark as it is compulsive. A book with compelling everyday characters - who may or may not...have a motive to kill. 

    A rollercoaster ride of tension and menace, I would say this is Nicola’s best book yet. 

    And was delighted to welcome Nicola back to the podcast recently to chat about this thrilling new book. 

    • 33 min
    Talking Aussie Books with BM Carroll

    Talking Aussie Books with BM Carroll

    It's been a long five years since I last chatted with BM Caroll. In the time since, she has written another four novels - one of which is her newest release 'One of Us is Missing' published by Affirm Press.

    A thoroughly gripping novel that follows the O'Sullivan family after the unimaginable happens: one of them goes missing during a a Cold Play Concert in Sydney.

    Thrilling and terrifying in equal measures, I couldn't put this one down.

    I was delighted to have the chance to welcome Ber back to the podcast recently to chat about her terrific new novel.

    • 41 min
    Talking Aussie Books with Barbara Sumner

    Talking Aussie Books with Barbara Sumner

    Barbara Sumner is a writer and filmmaker from New Zeleand who’s debut novel, The Gallows Bird has just been published by Pantera Press.

    Whilst The Gallows Bird is Barbara’s debut foray into fiction, she  is no stranger to storytelling. 

    Barbara’s career has covered production of three highly acclaimed feature documentaries, stints in journalism and television as well as the publication of her memoir, Tree of Strangers back in 2020.  

    Barbara started writing The Gallows Bird on a trip to Australia almost 20 years ago, feeling a compulsion to look into stories of convicts and their heroic survival - only to realise most of these were men’s stories. 

    It is in the pages of this remarkable novel that Barbara sets out to write Australia’s convict women back into the history of this violent and oppressive time and what it took to survive - not only the journey, but to overcome their pasts and make a new life for themselves far from everything they knew. 

    Set between London and Sydney in the early nineteenth century, this is a remarkable story of the best and worst of humanity; of tenacity and survival against all odds. 

    I was delighted to have the chance to speak with Barbara on the podcast recently.

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