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Autovista Group podcasts bring you discussion on the latest topics affecting the automotive industry, with expert interviews and analysis to keep you informed

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Autovista Group podcasts bring you discussion on the latest topics affecting the automotive industry, with expert interviews and analysis to keep you informed

    How does electric impact residual values and used-car strategies?

    How does electric impact residual values and used-car strategies?

    The Autovista Group Daily Brief team takes a look at some of the biggest automotive trends of the past fortnight. Phil Curry, Neil King and Tom Geggus discuss electrically-chargeable vehicle residual values, electromobility strategies and modular electric platforms.

    Show notes
    Surging demand for new BEVs mounts pressure on residual values

    France invests €100 million in EV-charging infrastructure

    Call for one million public EV chargers in the EU by 2024

    Ford to be zero-emission capable in Europe by 2026

    Jaguar makes BEV and hydrogen changes on path to net zero

    REE maps out UK engineering centre

    Shell to transform into net-zero energy provider by 2050

    • 27 min
    Jumpstarting 2021 - registrations, electromobility and motor shows

    Jumpstarting 2021 - registrations, electromobility and motor shows

    The Autovista Group Daily Brief team takes a look into some of the biggest automotive news stories of the past fortnight. Phil Curry and Tom Geggus discuss January’s new-car registrations, how carmakers like Ford, Hyundai, and Daimler are tackling electromobility, and whether there should be automotive shows this year.

    Show notes
    EU new-car registrations to start recovery in second half of 2021
    Deceptively shaky start to 2021 new-car registrations across Europe
    Germany: new-car registrations down 31% in January
    UK new-car market suffers ‘worst start to the year since 1970’
    EVs make great strides across European markets in 2020
    Ford trebles size of UK EV-charging network
    Hyundai boosts zero-emission mobility
    Daimler to become Mercedes-Benz as it spins off truck business
    Will there be a physical motor show in 2021?

    • 36 min
    The big tech trends of CES 2021

    The big tech trends of CES 2021

    Which automotive technologies stole the spotlight at CES 2021? Autovista Group’s chief economist Dr Christof Engelskirchen, Daily Brief editor Phil Curry, and journalist Tom Geggus review some of the big tech trends at this year’s show.

    They discuss the unveiling of new electric models, batteries and bases. How futuristic concepts like autonomous vehicles and VTOLs are taking off, the growth of infotainment systems and how this year’s digital platform changed CES.

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    CES 2021: The big automotive trends

    CES 2021: Sono Motors unveils second-generation solar car

    CES 2021: Panasonic looks ahead with augmented-reality HUD

    CES 2021: Bosch focuses on sustainability and convergence

    CES 2021: BMW showcases the latest iDrive system

    CES 2021: Mercedes-Benz talks MBUX Hyperscreen

    CES 2021: Indy Autonomous Challenge aims for extreme driverless testing

    CES 2021: Mobileye to increase use of own autonomous technology by 2025

    CES 2021: Magna champions LG venture as a new-entrant enabler

    Five automotive tech advances to look forward to in 2021

    • 34 min
    The engines of the future

    The engines of the future

    As emissions regulations and consumer demand spur manufacturers towards greener mobility, what will power tomorrow’s vehicles? Autovista Group’s chief economist Dr Christof Engelskirchen, Daily Brief editor Phil Curry, and journalist Tom Geggus contemplate the engines of the future.

    The trio ask; how essential are incentives to the purchase of new battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), and what might their value be once used? Are plug-in electric hybrids (PHEVs) an essential stepping stone or a potential hurdle for electrification? Will internal combustion engines (ICEs) be left to rot or might they see a second wind? And is hydrogen a beacon of possibility or a doomed dream?

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    Honda e – taking the ‘retro and cute’ route
    Mini Electric – Premium and powerful
    Launch Report: Mazda MX-30
    VW ID.3 offers TCO and equipment advantage over Golf VIII in Germany
    TCO Dashboard: B-segment BEVs only competitive because of incentives
    How battery health certificates tackle the €92 bn BEV remarketing challenge
    Making waves with EV infrastructure reform
    Is the automotive industry heading for PHEVgate?
    Hydrogen on the road
    BMW promotes hydrogen technology with new model in 2022

    • 51 min
    How might self-driving cars change us?

    How might self-driving cars change us?

    From challenges to breakthroughs and new applications, 2020 has been an important year for autonomous technology. But how might these advances change the relationship between vehicles and people?

    Autovista Group Daily Brief journalist Tom Geggus speaks with Shaun Helman, chief scientist for behavioural and data sciences, and Camilla Fowler, head of automated transport, from the UK Transport Research Laboratory to find out.

    Catch up with some of Autovista Group’s other autonomous vehicle insights from 2020.
    The long road to autonomy
    Facing autonomous disillusionment
    Keeping up with autonomous cars

    • 35 min
    Used cars and ICE bans as manufacturers get smart

    Used cars and ICE bans as manufacturers get smart

    The Autovista Group Daily Brief team discusses the latest used-car figures from around Europe and the implications of internal combustion engine bans, as manufacturers establish smart city projects to develop sustainable infrastructures...

    • 38 min

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