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Here to help salon owners master the skills they need for bigger profits and a fuller life.

Build Your Salon with Phil Jackson Phil Jackson from BuildYourSalon.com

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Here to help salon owners master the skills they need for bigger profits and a fuller life.

    Lessons from Lockdown

    Lessons from Lockdown

    I've spent the last few weeks helping salon owners through one of the most disruptive events in our industry for decades.

    There is opportunity there, for sure, but only if we learn from the experience. In a very different type of podcast from my usual, I share the questions I've been asking salon owners to help them with theor 'lessons from lockdown'. I hope it helps you too!

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    Work On Your Business - with special guest Adam Turner

    Work On Your Business - with special guest Adam Turner

    There's a lot of advice out there.  Some of it great.  Some of it . . . questionable.  And even old adages sometimes fly in the face of common sense or best practice.

    As salon owners we are old again and again to "Work ON your business, not just IN it".

    But what does that actually mean for us?  Do you HAVE to work on your business?  What if you quite like working in it?? And what should the split between to two look like?

    In a change of format, this week I talk to my friend Adam Turner about this and get his thoughts.

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    Dealing With Sabateurs

    Dealing With Sabateurs

    Have you had to deal with an employee who tries and sabotages all your efforts? And no matter what you say, this employee will always find a way to undermine you? Some people on your team might find your decisions as a manager or business owner inconvenient for them. But this is no excuse for anyone to show a lack of commitment and support for your goals. When you suspect team sabotage is happening, that needs addressing now.

    What can you do?
    Imagine having a member of your team who just doesn’t want to perform as they are expected because they did not like one of your decision. Instead of coming to you and talk about their disdain, they will show you a bad working behaviour. Employees like this will make it impossible to run a growing business. A team sabotage, if not dealt with accordingly will surely ruin your chances of growing your business.

    Team sabotage can also be costly when you’re starting out. It can destroy your business reputation, create team politics and make you less profitable.

    There are people who don’t like to play by the rules and make a positive impact on your business. but there are also people who rave about your ideas and are loyal to the business. As they say – it only takes one bad apple! Take a closer look at your employee’s performance and behaviour. Employees who don’t make a positive impact on your team can slowly ruin other employees performance, spirit, and motivation.

    In this video, I’ll talk to you about the different types of employees and how to spot them. In particular I’ll talk about people who may be sabotaging your business and what you can do about them.

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    Pay Yourself Properly

    Pay Yourself Properly

    You've heard this time and again and I'm saying it again now,

    "If you want to build your business, you've got to pay yourself properly".

    I estimate that around 70% of the salon owners I meet could not afford to pay themselves if they followed the same pay structure as the rest of their team.

    Some of you might be thinking that paying yourself more is an odd way to be successful. But it isn't. Giving yourself compensation for the many things you do is what pushes you forward and motivates you in the longer term.

    As business owners, it's only natural to think of ourselves last. We see some kind of prowess in sacrificing our own time and sometimes even our own pay. We are willing to do anything to ensure the success of our business. While this trait may seem admirable, you still need to pay your bills and buy food to eat

    Initially, you may not be able to afford to pay yourself properly and that's perfectly fine. Just as long as you're compensating yourself for the work that you do, even if it's just enough to get by. However, as your business grows, make sure your pay grows with it too. Make sure to give yourself competitive and fair pay.

    As the business decision maker, you have complete control over your finances. You decide how much money to allocate to operations, on marketing and, of course, how much to pay yourself. And with no one to tell you what to do, you may give yourself a hard time seeing the fine line. The line that separates between taking profits to reward yourself and re-investing in your own business.

    You need to pay yourself properly to have the financial motivation to make great business decisions for continued growth. I have here a three-step process to give yourself the proper pay rise. Let's get you started on earning what you're worth!

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    Getting More Done

    Getting More Done

    Busy and overwhelmed is a default state for many of us and it actually hinders us from getting more of the important work done. Have you ever dreamt of doing less work but still winning in life? It is possible and it can happen if you focus only on the real priorities in your life.

    When you're feeling overwhelmed you become unreasonable. Additionally, it makes you deal with stress in an unhealthy way. You yell at your kids, get in a fight with your partner and you get wound up easily. The best way to avoid feeling exhausted and overwhelmed is through self-care. Take time to practice self-care and understand your challenges.

    I'm a small business coach, an entrepreneur, and a father. I don't always get the balance right. There times I feel stressed and pressured too. Feeling this way is perfectly okay and it's normal. But, what you do and how you deal with it is what's important.

    Getting More Done

    Learn to prioritise - Make sure you list things based on their priority. Make time for tasks that can create a bigger dent towards your goal.

    Create small, attainable goals - Break up your goals into tiny ones. Doing so will help you go through them easier and faster than you think.

    Learn to organise - When we're unorganised we become overwhelmed with getting more done. Create a system to help you find things better. It could be a simple system when answering emails or returning phone calls.

    Unplug regularly - Take a mental break from everything. Profound things happen when you take a break. Make time for building relationships and spending time with the people you love.

    There are more ways to help you get more things done. So if you really want to learn how you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, you need to check out the 3 ultimate tips I have in this video.

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    Are your salon services too cheap?

    Are your salon services too cheap?

    What happens when you realise that your charging for services that are just too cheap? A lot of salon businesses have salon pricing that isn't making them enough profit to grow their business.

    Time and again, I've been getting coaching questions on what salon owners can do about their pricing. These salon owners are scared that their customers are price sensitive and will stop doing business with them.

    Most new salon businesses will always have this kind of 'marketing tactic' - to price their services lower than everyone else. They think that customers will instantly flock towards their salon. But this is a very bad idea and you'll definitely have a hard time making ends meet in the long run.

    I've been very clear about my feelings when competing on price. Pricing low against the increasing salon competition is a race to the bottom. Pricing your services properly is one of the trickiest parts of growing any kind of business. If your salon pricing is too high, customers may be hesitant to try your services. On the other hand, if you price is too cheap, they'll think that you're inexperienced or devalue what you do.

    Getting to that sweet spot of salon pricing is challenging but not impossible. If you're not constantly reviewing your pricing strategy, you'll most certainly have problems covering your overheads.

    There is no secret formula to salon pricing. You will find yourself tweaking your service prices every now and then. This goes along with experience and the growth of the market. In this video, I have some tips to help you price your services properly and get the profit you need without necessarily increasing your prices.

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12 Ratings

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